"Well, since it is my first story on here I guess I will start out with a real experience first."

The summers were always the best back in the day! We had an awesome crew of friends and stayed so busy camping, boating, hanging around the house and going to the lake. Between my friends, my Brother's Friends, and my little sisters friends it seemed there was always something fun to do. However many times it just ended up us siblings hanging out, stealing a little alcohol and staying up to late after our parents went to bed! Hanging out with each other after hours was the norm around here and many nights it was as if we didn't even have parents! Our nights began after 10 and theirs ended at about 9pm!

I always jumped at any chance I had when I got permission to stay out late and attend a party. Some friends had mentioned there was going to be a big one tonight and I scored the 11pm curfew! Typical young man fashion I had visions of having a few beers and taking my girlfriend to that favorite spot!

The day turned into afternoon and the time came, unfortunately it wasn't going to turn out like I had planned. The early May evening was starting out too perfect 88 degrees and the script that makes you want to crack a cold beer! I was supposed to meet my Girlfriend at the party and then take her home, She was going to ride with her friends. The party was going to be at Ricky's cabin. I mean everyone went to school with a Ricky right? The guy that somehow gets the keys to the family cabin that seems like it was made for one reason. For all of us friends to get together and binge drink beer around a fire and drive home! Yea responsibility was not our number one priority!

I pulled in and cars were parked all the way down the dirt drive a good 200 yards from the cabin. It looked to be a wild one. Walking in there were six guys lined up and one of the local sluts already smashed handing out blowjobs. Honestly it turned me on quite a bit seeing this level of service from such a cute innocent looking girl. However I just took a peek or two handed out a high five or two and kept moving. This time in my life it wasn't much of a turn on to have a girl spread the guy next to me's cum all over my cock with her mouth. I guess college and some good porn changed that in my later years!

I walked up to the crowd and filled my cup from the keg. I saw Katrina who was my girlfriends best buddy.

"Hey Katrina where is Kate?"

"She got stuck babysitting Sandra." Katrina said.

I got that feeling in my gut of disappointment. Not that she didn't call, we kinda had that relationship where we just tried to keep each other's distance and not get too attached. There was no alarm that she didn't want to see me but I did realize my evening wasn't going to end in that early summer bliss like I had hoped for.

The party moved on and I hung out with the guys, had too many beers and maybe a shot or two of whiskey that I didn't need before I drove back. I really noticed that halfway home! Damn it would be nice to be able to see Kate! Half drunk and horny was the mood! I just hope the parents are asleep good!

I passed the curfew a tad. It was 11:15 as I pulled in the driveway, I gained a little speed before I pulled in so I could shut the engine off and coast up to make sure my truck didn't wake anyone. Fumbled for the keys as I opened the door. My parents had turned the house garage into a bedroom that I luckily got to occupy. As you walk in the back door through a little mudroom My bedroom door was to the right but if you look to the left there was a brick stair and step up into the family room. The TV was on! Damn!

So I shake it off hoping its Jayme or James. I step up the step and can see My little newly legal sister laying on the couch. As I walk up she says "Come watch TV with me."

"Alright but I have to go change first," I said. "why are you still up?"

"Oh you know, just bored. I snuck into Mom and Dad's Vodka earlier!" Jayme responded.

"Ok Ill be right back" as I eased back towards my room.

I really didn't want to watch TV but I wasn't ready for bed either. I slid off my jeans and boxer briefs, found some athletic shorts, lost the t-shirt and headed back to the living room. I didn't think anything about it, this was my normal around the house when it was warm.

It was warm in here, the parents obviously having the AC turned down during the evening. She was laying there with her head at the far end of the couch about halfway covered up. I could see she had a pair of those little red almost nothing cheer shorts on and a little tank top not leaving much to the imagination. I laid down opposite from her on the outside of the couch. Ugh damn she was becoming easy to look at. Tall, thin, big bubble butt, small perky tits. Fuck I couldn't believe I was thinking about her like this.

I mean all of these thoughts I suppose have slowly been fueled over the last year or so. The cheer shorts that you can see her panties (sometimes no panties) when she spreads her legs, the extra long hugs, showering and changing with her door cracked. I mean I could recall seven or eight times I have seen her naked in the last three months! I mean a guy likes to look at a hot girl right?

As we lay there watching TV her leg ended up resting on me. It ended up landing right between my legs. I was only wearing those mesh athletic shorts and for some reason was hesitant to move myself. Once I started thinking about that the only thing between our skin was that little thin piece of fabric my "drunk and horny" started to kick in. I started to get hard, very fast!

Part of me wanted to move but the other part just wanted to see if she would notice. In a matter of a few seconds I was full fledged hard on. Her thigh laid right across it and had to feel me. I mean I wasn't super big but I get really hard and Im an easy 7 inches, plenty big to notice. She adjusted several times but her leg always ended up on top of me.

After about ten minutes she sat up pretty fast. I knew she was going to say something, call me a perve, go tell our parents. However she just switched sides of the couch and her wrist replaced her leg draped over my cock.

So here I was cuddled on the couch with my sisters arm on her brothers cock. I was half naked and she wasn't far behind me. What should I do next? I was at a point of total indifference. This wasn't like making moves with my past girlfriends there was this taboo line that I was either going to cross or wasn't going to cross. And just like that she moved her arm.

This time it wasn't her leg or her wrist on my it was her hand almost wrapped fully around me. I was so turned on my cock was pulsing with lust. As she started to feel me up and down the length I grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down.

The TV gave the perfect lighting for me to see my little sister stroking and staring at my cock inches from her face. She was obviously exploring something she had been thinking about for some time. Ill admit I was perfectly fine that my post party plans were altered at this point.

Neither one of us had uttered a single word to each other at this point.

"Go ahead if you want to" I said quietly.

Without any hesitation she eagerly took all of me into her mouth.

How wrong and right was this both at the same time. She needed no coaching and I am not sure where she learned this but she definitely didn't need any advice.

I gently reached my hand between us and slid it up her loose legged shorts. As she propped one knee up it exposed her wet mound as I rubbed her clit. She moaned on me as I slid a finger inside of her.

"fuck me" she whispered in my ear "I wont tell anyone."

Her cheer shorts were so loose around her legs her little smooth pussy was wide open as I rolled over between her legs and raised up on my knees as she pulled her tank top up over her breasts. I looked down and saw hungry stare as I slowly slid my cock past her shorts. She was so wet, tight, warm as I gently fucked her. Her moans were getting louder as she bit my shirt.

I kept fucking her harder and harder little by little as she started to cum on me. As I felt her wetness starting to squirt on me I couldn't hold it anymore and when I pulled my cock out of her she soaked us both as she tried to muffle her squeal.

I collapsed on to her and said "That was loud we need to get in our normal spots, by the way that was AMAZING!"

She just smiled as she pulled her top down over her cum soaked stomach.

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