That’s all I could say after seeing them together – Michelle, my best friend, and Cass, my 22-year-old daughter.

Although we never talked about it, I was fully aware of Cass’s sexual preferences – she’s into girls. I’d known her to have a boyfriend or two, but she’ll take pussy over dick any day. Hell, I’ll even admit that I’ve been with a woman or two (my ex and I were members of a local swing club before she was born).

I’ve had my suspicions about Michelle, too. I’d always had the feeling that she may have had a little crush on me back in school. I’ll also admit that I kind of liked it and may have given her a “little taste” (we sometimes practiced kissing with each other), but nothing serious ever came of it.

But no way in HELL would I have imagined that the two of them would hook up...

Michelle had come over to hang out one Friday night. We’d started calling it “cheap wine Fridays.” Cass would hang with us, too. I was surprised that she wanted to chill with some “old babes,” but she appeared to always enjoy herself. Neither of them gave any indication that there was anything more to it.

This time wasn’t any different. We talked about work, our ex’s, and, of course, we started reminiscing about our school days. It was late and we’d polished off two bottles. Michelle (“little Miss Lite-Weight”) was laughing at everything and slurring her words, so we knew she’d be spending the night. It was now a routine; the sheets in the guest room had been changed and I’d purchased fresh pillows. I wasn’t even surprised when Cass already had a nightshirt on hand for her to change into.

I said my “good nights” and went up to my room. The last I saw of them was Cass helping Michelle to navigate the hallway.

After drinking, I’m usually down until morning, but this time I woke up about an hour later. I was still fully dressed, and laying on top of the covers. I stripped down to my panties and put on my robe. I was still a little groggy, but I noticed that Cass wasn’t in her room, which is directly across from mine. The lamp was on and the bed was still made.

I thought she might be in the living room watching TV.

I went downstairs to grab a Coke from the fridge. When I passed through the living room, the TV was off and no sign of Cass. Maybe she was in the office watching porn on the computer (again); I’d walked in on her more than a few times.

I started towards the kitchen when I heard someone – a woman – moaning. It was coming from the direction of the office, next to the guest room.

“Oh shit… yeah baby… oh shit!”

“Cass… watching her lez-porn again…” I figured. I just hoped she wasn’t masturbating this time.

I didn’t really care. Hell, I had watched some of her favorites and gotten off a few times myself. My real issue was the volume – if I could hear it in the kitchen, she was probably gonna wake Michelle. I turned that way to tell her to close the door or at least use the headphones. As I got closer I realized that those moans were coming from the guest room. The light was on and the door was open.

I stopped just shy of the door and listened. The moans and cursing was definitely Michelle, and she was obviously fucking. And some GOOD fucking too!

I kept listening. Whoever she was with was working her over pretty hard.

“Who the fuck did Michelle bring up in my house?” I wondered.

I started to get a little pissed! I hadn’t had sex in several months, my friend crashes at my crib and scores? That took some nerve. And where the hell was Cass while Michelle was fucking? Nothing was clear or making sense.

I at least had to see who this fella was, so I crept closer to the doorway and peeked in.


Michelle was completely naked in bed on her elbows and knees, grabbing handfuls of bed-sheets and pillow. Her hips were raised and her ass and legs were spread. Her hair was wild and matted from sweat and sex. The expression on her face told me everything – she was in heaven.

Cass knelt behind her between Michelle’s legs. She was also sweaty, and only wearing a thong. Her nipples were rock-hard, her left hand had a firm grip on Michelle’s ass-cheek and her right hand was hard at work somewhere in Michelle’s pussy or ass.


I was shocked, I was mad, I was confused… and I couldn’t stop watching. They were both so involved in each other that neither of them ever looked up to notice me. I couldn’t move or speak. I just stood there in the hallway and watched.

“You like that, baby? Hmmm?” Cass asked and instructed. “Tell me! Tell me what I wanna hear.”

“Yes, oh shit, I love it…” Michelle moaned and wailed. “It’s yours Cass… baby, it’s all yours.”

My daughter trash-talked and finger-fucked my friend to a gushing, screaming orgasm.

Michelle collapsed into the bed, shaking and moaning, while my daughter sat back and admired her work, licking my friend’s cum from her fingers.

“You… you think you got it like that?” Michelle panted. She rolled onto her back to smile at Cass. I hadn’t seen Michelle undressed since we were teenagers. Her breasts were a lot bigger than I remembered.

“Yep.” Cass smiled.

“Fine!” Michelle shot back. “Then you can just get off by yourself this time…”

“I don’t think so…” Cass answered standing and removing her thong. She stood up on the bed, stepped over Michelle and lowered herself down onto my friend’s face. “You owe me.”

Michelle spread Cass’s ass and went to work. I continued to stand there and watch and listen while my friend ate my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh fuck.” A few minutes later, Cass’s head rolled and the muscles in her back and thighs flexed and tensed. She convulsed and shook a few times until her orgasm subsided. She climbed from Michelle’s face and they kissed and held each other.

This was obviously NOT their first time together – they were way too familiar. Michelle had come back into my life about a year earlier. She’d probably stayed at our house more than a dozen times, and Cass had been her physical trainer for a few months. How long had this been going on?

I didn’t even realize that I was walking away until I had reached the stairs. I was still mad and confused, part of me wanted to go scream at them, part of me wanted to grab another bottle of wine, but an even bigger part of me was horny AS FUCK. My nipples were hard and sensitive against the fabric of my robe. My thighs felt weak and sweaty and my pussy was wet and tingling.

I had reached the top of the stairs when I stopped turned and sat down, spread my legs and slipped a hand into my panties. I opened my robe and played with my nipples. Regardless of what I felt about what I’d just witnessed, I just had to get myself off.

I thought about Cass and Michelle – my daughter and my best friend. Both of them naked, sweaty and pleasuring each other. Seeing them like that, in MY house, had pissed me off. I thought about how much I really needed somebody to just fuck ME and how much I wished I had walked into that room and demanded that one of them take care of MY needs.

My breath quickened, and my toes were pointed against the stair. I tossed my head back and I rubbed my clit to an intense wet orgasm.

When I was able to compose myself, I stood and continued to my room, tossed my robe and soaked panties on the floor and crawled under the covers. I fell asleep thinking about my daughter, my friend and what the fuck I was gonna say or do the next morning.

The two of them were already hanging out and laughing in the kitchen when I woke up. I was still mad and a little horny when I made my way down the stairs. They suddenly got quiet when I walked in – they must have been kissing or touching.

I wanted to slap both of them!

“Mornin,” I mumbled and poured myself a cup of coffee. I sat at the far end of the kitchen table so I could watch them.

“You want some eggs, Momma?” Cass offered.

“Please,” I answered, still wanting to slap her.

They continued their conversation and “inside jokes” while I sipped and thought. I couldn’t decide which bothered me more – my best friend fucking my daughter or my daughter fucking my best friend.

I hadn’t seen Michelle act so “flirty” and girlish in a long time. Cass was also a lot more chatty and open – I’d only noticed her like this when she was “into” someone. As I continued watching them, I realized this is what Michelle and I must have looked and sounded like when we were younger. They both seemed happy. I loved both deeply and didn’t want to upset or hurt them, but I wasn’t gonna just let this shit slide either.

I had finished the eggs Cass made for me and was pouring myself a 2nd cup of coffee when I finally spoke up.

“Guess y’all had some FUN last night, huh?” I started.

The sudden silence was deafening. I instantly recognized the “oh shit” expressions on both of their faces and I almost laughed.

“Why so quiet now, Michelle?” I continued, turning on my friend. “You were certainly plenty talkative last night.” I mocked her moans and words from before when Cass was getting her off. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth at hearing her outcries repeated.

“But Momma, it wasn’t…” Cass started to say.

“Did I say you could talk, ‘Little Miss Cassidy?” I snapped at Cass.
Since she was a child, whenever I addressed her as “Little Miss Cassidy” (her father’s nickname for her), she knew this meant she was NOT going to win. My daughter instantly regressed, like when I was able to put her on “time out.” She also knew to remain silent and avoid eye-contact until I allowed her to speak again.

Cass sat there, looking pitiful and staring at the floor, occasionally looking up at Michelle for a possible rescue.

“Lisa…” Michelle started to say, with tears welling up in her eyes, “I am so sorry…”

“At least you got that much right!” I snarled cutting her off. “You are both ‘Sorry.’ My sorry-ass friend fucking my sorry-ass daughter in MY house!”

Michelle’s tears began to flow freely.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a certified “drama queen” – situations like this are a sport for me. The more I talked the more my anger subsided, but I was caught up in the moment and I had a “captive audience.” The last time I’d had a moment like this was when my ex and I were going through it prior to splitting up.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself. In my mind I had already forgiven them, but I just wasn’t going to let them off that easy. They both probably recognized this as one of my “Lisa Moments” and knew it was best to just let me go with it.

During my little tirade, I was pacing, pointing and flailing my arms. I was still wearing only my thin, cotton robe, which had come open and fallen off of one shoulder. My heart was pumping in my ears, I was a little sweaty and my nipples were rock-hard.

Lisa Coleman was in her zone, horny AS FUCK and feeling a little reckless. I must have also looked crazy.

They were both staring at me, and my exposed breasts and pussy. I felt like touching myself and getting off right there in front of them, so I took things a step further.

“Y’all like what you see?” I said to both, making them aware that I knew they were staring. I held the robe open wide. “Didn’t get enough of each other last night?”

I let the robe fall to the floor and stood there naked, horny and sweaty with my hands on my hips.

“You’ve wanted some of this for a long time, haven’t you?” I said to Michelle, tossing my head back. Her eyes followed my hand that was now touching and teasing my left nipple. The look on her face said she was probably scared and confused, but turned on, too.

“And what about you, Little Miss Cassidy?” I addressed my daughter. “You want some more MILF?”

My other hand was now tracing circles along my thigh, slowly inching closer to my wet and tingling pussy. Cass was looking directly into my eyes now. She was definitely not adverse to what I was proposing.

“Get over here,” I said to either of them.

Michelle didn’t hesitate. Her chair scraped loudly against the tile floor when she rose.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so sorry…” she wrapped her arms around me, her tears still flowing.

“Hush all that.” I held her tightly and wiped the tears from her face. I kissed her, pressing my lips against hers, and then slowly inserting my tongue. She slowly and hungrily kissed me back. I slipped a hand under her nightshirt and felt her naked pussy – she was wet, too.

I wanted to fuck her right then and there!

When we broke the embrace, Cass was standing behind Michelle. I reached and pulled her into the hug with us.

“It’s all right, honey. We’ll work something out.” I smiled at her and gave my daughter a short soft wet kiss.

I took them both by the hand and led them towards the stairs. When we got to my room I climbed onto the bed and watched them undress. I lay back on the pillows and let them take over from there.

Cass climbed in behind me and held me in her arms, softly kissing the back of my neck and teasing my nipples between her fingers.

“I always wanted to do this to you, Mommy” she whispered in my ear. “We're gonna fuck you so good.”

Michelle gave me another long wet kiss, and then spread my legs and immediately began eating me out. By the time she was done, I was thoroughly impressed with my friend’s pussy eating skills.

Only minutes before I was the crazy black woman who might have “killed” them both in her kitchen.

When they were done I was completely spent, so they left me in my room to rest. When I woke later that afternoon, Michelle had left. This gave Cass and me the opportunity to have a very long overdue talk.

She slept with me that night. We talked and fucked, and then talked and fucked some more. I don’t know how or why, but I found it extremely easy to fuck my daughter, like it was supposed to be that way.

Cass and I have been having sex at least twice a week since then. Michelle comes over every Friday night to join us. I’m still not too sure where all this is leading, but it’s working for now.

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