Elaine woke on Sunday morning still slightly in a daze from the night before, her bottom was sore, and the very warm feeling she got when she touched it made her horny. She decided not to rub this morning after what happened yesterday morning, and thought she would save it for later. She got up and walked downstairs to make some tea, she had not even finished boiling the kettle when Ellie appeared, her youngest daughter was not the best sleeper, and often was the first to rise in the house.

'Make me some breakfast please mum,' she said as she slumped down in a chair at the table.

Elaine did not even have to ask what, and grabbed some bacon from the fridge and put it on to cook, then moved to get some bread and the butter.

Ellie was talking about the films they had watched yesterday, but Elaine's mind was elsewhere, as she buttered the bread, the plug vibrated, stronger than it had on any of the previous occasions, and Elaine's legs buckled and she had to hold on to the kitchen top to stop herself falling on the floor. It had caught her off-guard, and the new intensity meant that it had an unexpected effect on her, her mind back last night tied over that tree. She knew she was wet, and thought it would not take much for her to cum.

Elaine was snapped back into reality, 'Mum, are you OK?' Ellie sounded worried.

'Yes, yes, fine,' Elaine replied, 'stubbed my toe.' She hoped the lie, would work, but the next line told her it hadn't.

'I wish I looked like I was about to orgasm when I stubbed my toe,' Ellie said laughing.

Elaine shot around to look at her daughter, where did that comment come from, and what was she supposed to say now.

Before she could say anything, Ellie responded to look that must have been an open book on her face.

'Chill mum, I am 14, I know all about Orgasms...sex ed...and a 17 year old sister,' Ellie said, 'and I was joking, is your toe OK?'

'My toe is fine, just shocked me a little,' Elaine said, thinking she needed to have words with Beth, corrupting her sister. The thought was cut off by the plug vibrating again, and it took all her concentration to remain standing with a neutral look on her face.

As soon as the buzzing stopped, she made her tea and turned the bacon, buttered the bread, she needed to make this quick before it happened again, more words were exchanged with Ellie on films, but she did not even recall what they were as they came out of her mouth.

Her phone buzzed, and she looked at the message from Alan, 'Hope you liked my wake up call,' was all it said.

She replied, 'not really, I am making breakfast with my daughter.'

Before she had put the phone down a reply buzzed in, and she went back to look.

'Message me when you are done and go back to bed.'

Elaine took a mouthful of tea, and looked at the bacon, it was at least a minute from being ready, and that time for it to crisp extended forever.

Once it was cooked, she put it quickly in the bread and cut the sandwich, moved it to a plate and walked over to Ellie. 'Thank you,' said her daughter as she turned to go and get her tea.

Ellie stood almost immediately, picked up her plate and headed back to her room. Elaine walked back to hers took another mouthful of tea, and shut the door behind her.

'OK, back in my room,' she sent to Alan.

'I want to watch you masturbate,' came the response, 'get ready and then video call me.'

Elaine did not argue, she knew there was no point, and part of her wanted to let him watch what she already had planned. She grabbed her purple vibe that had two lengths, one to go inside and one for the clit. She took off her gown, and laid on the bed, she tried the phone in a couple of positions before she found one that was show her body well, she popped in her ear pods and facetimed Alan.

'Well good morning,' he said as his face popped onto the screen.

Elaine placed the phone where she had just decided it would go as she said, 'Good morning, master.'

'I don't want to interfere, just watch,' Alan said, 'so you crack on.'

The idea of him watching turned Elaine on, and as she placed a hand on her pussy it was as wet as she expected, she played with the moisture, as she stroked her tit with the other hand, then slowly started to massage her clit. See closed her eyes, and thought of last night, the helpless feeling she had tied to that tree, the excitement of cumming with that couple walking past, the lovely pain of the strap. The hand that was on her nipple moved down and stroked across her arse, feeling the welts from that strap, they were sore, and heat burned as she touched them, but that pain drove her onwards, the warmth spreading between her legs, she could feel the first part of her orgasm rising. She very gently slapped the welts and the explosion of pain that caused sent her mind back to the moment she started to cum last night from being spanked. The orgasm inside her spilled over and she cam shuddering.

She was not done though, and picked up the vibe, the long thin part slid into her with ease, what she would not give for that to be Alan's cock. Elaine pushed the other end onto her clit and pressed the button to make the whole thing vibrate, after no more than 2 seconds she cam again, and she knew she could do this five or six times, the shudders running through her as the delight of the climax rolled across her body.

As she felt herself relax, she pressed the button again, and let the vibrations drive her over the edge a third time. Elaine repeated this twice before, relaxing into the last orgasm, her mind away, she was being spanked, with the bully in her arse.

She came back to reality to Alan saying, 'That was hot, you really know how to pleasure yourself, very useful information.'

'Glad you liked it Master,' Elaine replied.

'You like Italian?' he asked.

'Yes, love it,' Elaine said, she did, but it didn't love her, she always put on weight after eating Pizza.

'Great,' said Alan, 'I will book Antonio's for 7pm on Tuesday, she you there, and wear what you did on Friday'

'Perfect,' she replied, 'see you then.'

The call cut off, but moments later the plug vibrated, she relaxed into that and quickly pushed the vibe back into her clit, and rode it to another climax.

The time to Tuesday night passed so slowly. Elaine was very excited by the time she started to get ready, she shaved in the shower and made sure she looked perfect, before walking out the door.

It was another warm night, and she left in plenty of time to walk to the restaurant, she did not want to arrive hot and sweaty, she wanted that later. Antonio's was not in the centre of town it was in the area across from hers, it was the posh part of town, like a village within the town, the restaurant sat on what could be described as the village square, with a duck pond, a war memorial and a small walled garden, it was a pretty place.

As she walked though between two closes the second of which brought her out onto the main road to the square, she saw Alan's car, it was on the drive of a big house in the close , white rendered double fronted, not a cheap place at all, she supposed it went with his car. There was actually another car besides the SUV on the drive, a little sports car as she got closer she could see it was a Porsche, she did not know the type. She walked slowly as she went passed, but there was no sign of him or anybody else. As she got to the end of the road, and was about to turn right along the main road, there were quick footsteps behind her.

'Good Evening, young lady,' Alan's voice said.

She turned and said, 'Hello, nice to see you.'

'I saw you walking by, and rushed to catch you up. Probably best we go in together, as we are technically not supposed to be meeting,' he had a smile as he said it.

Elaine looked him up and down, he was smart, but it did not look like a rich guy trying to be casual, which always made her laugh. It was smart in a very relaxed way, black jeans, and a short sleeve shirt, with a purple and pink strip on a white background. Smart brown shoes too, polished, brogues most people called them, but that was just the pattern, not the shoe.

They walked to the restaurant chatting about nothing, when they got there, Alan gave his name, and confirmed that they both lived at his address, and they were shown to a table.

Dinner was fab, they talked, laughed, and it was becoming clear they enjoyed each other's company. Before desert, Alan disappeared to the toilet, said the wine was going through him. However, he had been in there less than 10 seconds when the plug vibrated, it was obviously touching the chair, because the sound vibrated around the whole restaurant. Elaine was mortified as she moved to stop it, but everybody that looked over obviously thought it was her phone, she they paid it no mind. Her heart was pounding and that feeling was so nice, she felt her pussy twitch. She never would have believed that would be the case even a week ago.

The vibrations went on for about 90 seconds and she started to get very aroused, she was almost disappointed when they stopped. Alan returned with a smirk on his face.

'Not funny,' she said, trying to sound unhappy but failing.

'Happy to be of service,' he laughed.

When the bill came, she moved to grab her credit card, only fair to split the bill, but he stopped her, 'Masters pay bills, you will pay in other ways.'

They left holding hands, she had not felt this happy in a long time, he walked over to the square and they walked around, the light was starting to fade, but there was more than enough to see as they walked around the pond to the garden. They ducked through one of the small entrances and into the very quiet space, they were alone.

Elaine did not recall being inside here before, the wall was not high, not even quite six feet she thought, but the flower beds were beautiful even in this light, they were broken every six or seven meters by buttresses from the wall, that came out into the garden at an angle sloping from about a foot below the wall, to the ground about 3 meters from the wall. As they came to one of these, Alan spun her around and laid her back onto one of them. He stood with a foot either side of the buttress but she was completely supported by it.

He pushed her hands above her head and leant in to kiss her, a deep French kiss that had warm and feel to it, she looked into his eyes and lost herself for a moment. His free hand stroked down her body, swirling around her breasts with a finger, and dancing across her nipples that were now standing out from her blouse. Then he moved down to her skirt and under it to her exposed pussy. She had followed his instruction to the letter and not worn any knickers, the same as Friday.

He continued to kiss her as he started to play with her pussy, rubbing her clit, she moaned, as she listened to a couple of cars go past on the road, but it was still quiet. She relaxed into his play, and even when he moved the butt plug slipping it out slightly and pushing it back in she loved it and wanted more. He moved his hand away for a moment, then she heard his zip come down, and a bit of fumble, then his dick touched her leg, it felt big and very hard, she moaned at the thought of it.

He guided his dick to her wet pussy, she wanted it inside her, she had not had this for so long and she needed it. In a quick motion he was inside her and his cock moved swiftly up her, she gasped, it felt lovely in her, big and strong. Elaine moaned as he withdrew, then moaned louder as he thrust back in. They moved together, and she was totally lost in his smell, and the moment as she moved towards her climax, his hand stroked as he released her hands to hold her steady as he thrust hard into her, she brought her arms down and held his strong shoulders, as she felt her pussy tighten, the orgasm of fantastic, flowing through and across her, she felt safe, and loved, and the centre of his world, then she felt him pulsing, the cum was coming and she gripped with all her might, straining her pussy, as she felt that seed pump into her, she cam again. They half laid, half stood there together for a moment, revelling in the moment, before he stepped away and helped her up. As he put himself away, Elaine became aware of a couple of the bench the other side of the garden, they had not been there when they came in, so must have slipped in while they were making love. She went to say something, then noticed that they were pleasuring each other.

'We just gave that couple a live porn show,' she said, turned on by the thought.

'Hope they enjoyed it,' Alan replied, 'but they can't see the next bit, you coming back to mine? You need to be punished too.'

'Yes, Master,' she said meekly, but feeling excited.

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