He had only two more days left in Seattle and they both tried not to think about having to be apart again. While they knew how to maintain their connection online across thousands of miles, it would still be hard to separate after a week of intense sexual bonding in real life. They planned a night out at one of Seattle's best restaurants. They both dressed up, Sir D in a sharp dark gray suit with a crisp white shirt. Kitten wore a red A line lace dress with red high heels. Underneath she didn't have to tell him that she had on his favorite red bra and pearl g string lace panties, she knew by the smoldering look in his eyes that he was aware of exactly what was underneath. The red complimented her skin tone and dark black hair. She wore her hair down and the curls behaved as well as she could expect. She put on some light eye makeup and red lipstick and around her neck what to any casual observer looked like a necklace was the collar given to her by Sir D. The collar to signify that she was his.

"You look stunning, my kitten," he said.

"You look very handsome my Sir Dude," she said and giggled.

They left for the evening. During the dinner, they kept conversation on general topics like their work and families. They returned to the apartment a few hours later a bit drunk.

When they walked in she said, "Sir, could we slow dance? I'll put on some music."

He said, "Of course, my kitten."

She selected a playlist she had put together of some of her favorite slow songs. She started giggling when the first song started playing, "The Lady In Red" by Chris De Burgh. She shrugged when he laughed. She shrugged, "I couldn't resist. How could I not play this song dressed this way?"

He took her in his arms and held her close as they swayed to the music. As the song ended, he took her by the chin and lifted her face up for his kiss. They kissed deeply and for a long time, he kissed down her neck and held her close.

After a bit of time he broke their embrace and led her to the couch. He said, "I'm going to undress you tonight, my kitten." She could only nod as she watched him get on his knees and lift her leg and remove her red heels one at a time. As he lifted each leg he kissed her ankle and caressed her entire leg slowly and while maintaining eye contact with her. When he was done with her legs he moved closer to the couch and lifted her dress to reveal the pearl and red lace panties she was wearing. He maneuvered them off of her and down her legs. As he looked deep into her eyes he took the pearls into his mouth and he licked them. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips in anticipation. Her pussy was dripping waiting for his attention. He dropped the panties next to her on the couch and lowered his head to her pussy. She dropped her head back onto the couch and spread her legs as wide as she was able. His head was under her dress. She lifted the garment so she could see him as he started to lick and suck her pussy in earnest. She felt him insert at least two fingers, it might have been three. She couldn't tell as her head had fallen back and her eyes closed as all she knew was his mouth on her pussy. His attention was precise and not rushed. He licked, sucked, and made sure she knew how precious she was to him. After a while, she finally couldn't keep from begging, "Please, Sir, Please may I cum."

"Not yet my kitten, not yet." he said.

"Oh God, I can't hold it, please Sir." she pleaded.

"If you cum before I give you permission my kitten I'll have to punish you." he said before returning to licking and sucking.

She tried, she really did, but there was no way on earth she was able to stop the volcanic explosion that occurred in her pussy. She started shaking and held his head to her pussy, "Fuck, Sir please don't stop I can't Please. Fuuuck" She came, very hard. Thankfully, he let her and kept his attention on her until she was spent.

"He brought his mouth to hers, as he usually did after feasting on her and she kissed him and licked her juices from his mouth.

"You know what this means, right kitten?" he asked her.

"Yes, Sir. I need to be punished because I came before you gave me permission." she responded.

"That's right, I will punish you, but first, I need you to take care of me. We're going to do this a bit differently tonight" he said. He went to her bedroom and returned with the handcuffs.

He gestured for her to stand and when she did so, he helped remove her dress, but he had her keep on the red lace bra. "Turn around." he said and he handcuffed her arms behind her. "On your knees kitten." he said.

She lowered herself carefully onto her knees and he took out his cock from his trousers. He looked down at her and caressed her hair before holding a handful and guiding her mouth to his cock. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She had been giving him blow jobs throughout the week, but never without her hands. She had to keep her leg muscles steady and concentrate on sucking him and keeping her mouth wet and refraining from gagging as he went deeper. He held her head as he slowly pushed into her mouth.

"That's my good little kitten. I'll go slow so you can take it all, you've done it before, just relax." he instructed.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing her muscles and gag reflex, she felt him push all the way in and felt his balls hit her chin as she started to fuck her mouth slowly.

"Fuck kitten, your mouth feels so good." he moaned as he kept her head steady while pulling in and out.

Her eyes started tearing and he could see her make up running on the side of her face. He tried to be as gentle as he could, but as he got closer to exploding he went faster and held her head steady as he fucked her more forcefully.

Her arms were starting to ache but she was determined. She felt him start to explode and with one final thrust he came in her mouth and on her chest. She leaned onto his legs as she steadied her breath. He rubbed her hair and said, "You did so well kitten. Come, I'll get the handcuffs off you."

He helped her stand and removed the handcuffs. He led her to the bedroom where he instructed her to lay on the bed while he removed his clothes. When he was naked, he got into the bed next to her and held her close to his chest. It was only seconds before she was asleep. He spent some time awake stroking her hair and wondering how it happened that destiny brought them together.

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