I stood up and peeled off all of my clothes, and once naked, coughed loudly so everyone stopped what they were doing.

"This is tame," I said, looking at Claire and Paul. "The girls are ignoring you, they've stopped taking pictures. You need to up your game."

Everyone started looking at each other, and I approached Claire and Paul. I grabbed a chair from the kitchen, and Paul nodded to put it in line with the sofa. I thought I knew why, but kept quiet. I made him sit on the chair, facing the sofa and wanked his cock to erection. It only took a couple of strokes. Keeping hold of his cock, I made Claire face the sofa too, backed her up, and sat her down, using my hand to guide Paul's cock into her pussy. I didn't even check, I knew her pussy would be more than soaked enough to accommodate him.

Paul groaned as Claire took his entire length, and stopped with it fully embedded in her. I went in front of her, knelt down, and licked at her clit. She cried out with pleasure, and Paul jumped. She started to ride his cock slowly while pulling at her nipples.

"This party seems to have started now, carry on girls," I said, standing up again.

Becky and Beth sat on the sofa next to each other, mutually masturbating while watching Claire and Paul. They were both still clothed except for their discarded knickers, but both of their skirts were up around their waists. They seemed so comfortable together I wondered to myself if they had had previous encounters with each other. Neither of them had mentioned boyfriends either.

Alison had removed all of her clothes now, her breasts swung as she moved around the room, trying to take in as much of the action around her. Suddenly she rushed for the stairs and ran upstairs. I thought she may have started crying so went to follow her. I reached the bottom of the stairs just as she started running back down, the suction dildo in her hands. She moved past me, trying to get as much of the dildo in her mouth. She was struggling.

She placed the suction part onto the laminate floor right in front of Claire and Paul. She rubbed her pussy, getting her fingers as wet as possible, to lube the dildo up. She also used Claire's juices that were running down her legs, brushing both Claire's pussy and Paul's balls as she did so. When she thought both her and the dildo were wet enough, she knelt down and started to slide it into her pussy. She looked behind and saw me staring.

"If Claire is getting the real Paul cock, I want the pretend one," she pleaded.

I responded by walking over to her, kissed her fully on the mouth, and then grabbed her hips to help her accommodate it. It took a while but she eventually could manage the whole length, her pussy was soaked but still so tight. When she had got it all impaled in herself, she looked at me, smiled, and clapped herself. I've never seen anyone so happy with an achievement in my life.

She started to ride the cock, while staring at Paul's cock sliding in and out of Claire. They were still in the same position, Claire still riding slowly like she wanted the experience to continue for as long as possible. Alison leaned forward and tongued Claire's clit. Claire cried out in pleasure and bit her lip. Paul's hands were tweaking at her nipples, and she was fully enjoying herself. I knelt behind Alison, and played with her large breast, massaging them like I was kneading bread.

I turned to look over my shoulder. Beth was on all fours now, but with her face on the floor, right where Alison had been sitting. Her perfect arse pointed upwards. Her tongue was out, trying to lick the juices from the floor. I say trying because Becky was knelt behind her, her massive tits on Beth's back. She was holding an empty wine bottle steady between her thighs, rubbing it on her clit, while thrusting the neck end into Beth's arse. Her other hand was almost invisible, she had all of her fingers inside Beth's pussy. Beth thrust back at her with each stroke, Each time Becky pushed forward her face was pushed through Alison's juices on the floor. There had definitely been some strap on action in the past for that couple.

I went over and fingered Becky from behind for a bit, then went back to Alison. I knelt behind her and whispered into her ear.

"Don't flinch too much, just relax. I'll be really gentle."

She nodded but had no idea what I was about to do. I rubbed my fingers along my pussy, took my middle finger, and started to lube up Alison's arsehole, just around the entrance. She jumped. I apologised for scaring her, and she told me she'd jumped because she liked it so much. I carried on lubing her up, inserting a little more finger each time. She'd stopped moving on the dildo now, concentrating on what I was doing while still trying to lick at Claire. Claire had also stopped riding Paul now, she was fully impaled on Paul's cock while they both watched me intensely.

I was sliding one finger into Alison's arse with ease now, and she was groaning like mad. She'd sat right down on the dildo now, and she turned back and asked me to insert another finger. I withdrew and added another finger, just a few thrusts with both and she came big time. With my two fingers stuck up her arse, she lifted herself off the dildo and her juices flowed onto the floor as she squirted. It was like a river. She looked like she'd wet herself, the floor was that wet. Her body shook so much I thought she was going to faint. She collapsed on the floor at the side of us, a very happy contented smile on her face.

Becky shouted over and asked if they could have a go with the suction dildo now.

"I knew I should have bought our strap-on with us," she said to Beth. they both turned to look at us four, realising what she'd said.

"Yes, we are a couple. We've only been seeing each other for a month though, so haven't told anyone yet," Beth said.

Alison cheered from the floor where she still lay.

"Yeah, about fucking time, I knew you two would be perfect together!"

I picked up the dildo and took it over to them. Beth took it off me, but instead of sticking it to the floor, lay Becky on her back, got into a 69 position, and thrust the dildo straight up her pussy. She hooked her spare arm around Becky's leg, Becky put the other leg up onto the sofa. Her pussy squelched like mad. Beth looked at me, and asked if I was going to be a spare wheel all night, or could she get some of that anal action?

I knelt behind her and used her juices to lube up her arse, Beth looked over her shoulder and told me to go straight in with all four fingers.

"I can take it, Becky loves fucking me anally with the strap-on," she explained.

I did as she asked and she was right, they slid in very easily. Becky reached her right hand out from beneath Beth and shoved four fingers into my pussy. Her left hand was doing the same to Beth. Beth took the dildo from Becky's pussy, inserted it into her arse, and licked her clit frantically. Beth came first, her juices flowing down her legs. Her arse clamped on my fingers. Becky quickly followed, her juices joining where the remains of Alison's were. They both tipped me over the edge, and my orgasm ripped through me too. We all lay there in a sweaty sticky mess.

I recovered enough to look over at Claire and Paul. Paul was still sat on the chair but Claire had turned around so she was facing him. Paul was licking and biting her nipples, alternating between each one, his hands on both hips, raising her, and slamming her back down onto his cock. Alison had got up and was knelt behind Claire, three fingers of her left hand were thrusting into Claire's arse, her right hand had reached around and was furiously rubbing Claire's clit. Claire looked like she was riding a bucking bronco, her head rolling from side to side as she screamed loudly. Alison rubbed her big nipples across Claire's back, Claire screamed even louder as her orgasm arrived. She rocked a bit until she regained herself, looked at Paul, and kissed him passionately.

"How have you not come yet?" she asked him.

I realised that Paul was the only one that hadn't yet come. I was impressed.

Claire raised herself off him, and Alison made him stand up. She stood herself, and backed onto him 'just so she could say the real thing had been up her'. That was her excuse anyway. She took the whole length in her pussy, thrust back a few times, then called Beth and Becky over. She reluctantly removed herself from Paul, and invited the two girls to 'try him for size'.

They went one better, and both backed onto him, Beth first, both taking him into arses. Both thrust onto him for about a minute only, when Paul tapped my shoulder. He looked straight at Becky's massive tits, and I read his mind. I asked her to kneel directly in front of him, Beth and Claire knelt on either side of her. Alison started to lick his cock, tasting all of our various juices of him, and I told her to carry on blowing him, but he wanted to come on Becky's tits.

She took as much of him in her mouth as possible, while I grabbed her hand and directed it to the base of his shaft. She started to wank him into her mouth, she found this easier than trying to deepthroat him, and soon she pulled away as he started to come. There was loads, I think he was trying to cover all of Becky's 38D tits with one load. Alison had carried on wanking him while he came, his cock was jerking and one lot splattered across Claire's face. Alison instantly leaned over and licked her face clean. Beth had started doing the same to Becky's tits, and Paul came in the back of her hair. I couldn't resist rubbing my clit at the sight in front of me, and I came again too.

I went to sit on the sofa, the others lay sprawled on the floor. There were sticky messes everywhere, the floor would need a serious clean. Beth eventually asked if she could shower before leaving, and I told her where the bedroom was to use the ensuite. She stood up and grabbed Becky's hand, motioning her to join her, to save time apparently. She also grabbed Alison and told her to join them. She looked delighted.

They went upstairs, and Claire looked over at me.

"Can I shower next, and where am I sleeping?" she asked.

Paul and I looked at each other, smiled, and I said "Our bed. You can't shower as we haven't finished with you yet!"

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