I manage to reach the Luxor in Las Vegas just before check in the next day. Having made a last minute reservation before meeting Leigh, I was lucky to get a room. I hadn't stopped driving since dropping Leigh off, so I was dead tired. After checking in and taking a shower I decided to get a few hours sleep before doing anything else.

Last time I was in Vegas I was married and spent most of my time playing blackjack or slots, usually with a beer in my hand. The wife was being her usual annoying self and the trip was a bust. No sex, lost around $800 gambling and was out two grand for the actual trip itself. I was determined to have a better time now that I'm single.

Walking around the casino I see a new in house night club has opened up. There's a line of people waiting to get in, all dressed in typical club attire. Me, I'm wearing black pants and a black button up shirt with the top three buttons open to show the white shirt underneath.

I decide not to bother with the club since I'm not really dressed for the occasion, but a woman wearing a bikini made out of what looks like bubbles, stops me. "Hey handsome," she says with her hand on my arm, "aren't you the VIP I was told to keep an eye out for?"

I manage to control my face and not show the surprise I feel. I'm about to tell her the truth, that I'm just some ordinary guy, but I don't. Maybe what happened yesterday has given me some confidence I never had before, I don't know, but I take a chance. "I sure am, darling."

I see there are some angry people in that line as this woman takes me by the arm and leads me straight into the club. I look up at the sign over the door and the woman's outfit finally make sense. In big round letters the sign says Bubble Party.

I had seen places like this on TV and in movies, even heard stories, but I hadn't ever seen it in person before. It's a typical dance club with a few different bars along the walls, and several booths on the second floor overlooking the dance floor. The thing that makes this place so different, instead of a dance floor, there's a pool large enough for a hundred people to occupy. Instead of water, dozens of people dance in bubbles that reach stomach level on the tall ones.

The woman leads me to one of the booths on the second floor. Music drums out loudly from speakers all over the place and I'm lucky to be able to hear my hostess over the noise. She asks if there will be anyone else in my party. I play it off and tell her I don't believe so. Not sure how long this will keep up, I ask for a beer and wait for her to realize I'm not who she thinks I am.

As I watch her walk away I realize I never really understood the concept of a woman walking around in a bikini with 4" heels on until now. The view is just as good coming back as she brings me a Michelob Ultra. I thought she'd go on her way, but she sits close to me and we talk for a little while. She even goes as far to offer a special VIP service for a few hundred an hour. Even if I hadn't just had great car sex yesterday I would've declined the offer. Not only don't I have the money for it, the closest I've ever come to paying for sex was getting married and that so hadn't been worth it. Since I'm not interested she goes on her way.

After a while a waitress in a similar bikini comes by to see if I need anything. Even over the loud music I detect a sultry tone, but just ask for another beer. She seems relieved at my request and happy to oblige. I really begin to wonder about this place and decide this might not be my kind of scene. I see a dozen or so bubble clad women and wonder, 'are they all pros?' Doing some quick math I realize two things. There is one bubble waitress for each booth and they're only on this level.

She bring me my new beer, and holds an ashtray in her other hand. "I forgot to ask if you'd like to smoke."

"It's like you read my mind." She sets the tray in the middle of the table and slides into the booth. I see her eye my open pack and offer her one. Again I see relief on her face as she goes for one, and I light it for her. She eyes my new zippo having never seen anything like it. I tell her I bought it at a smoke shop in Phoenix this morning. The shop owner had quite a few one of a kind Zippos and out of them all, the one with the dragon claw armor wrapped around the base like the creature is actually holding it screamed out to me. I keep to myself how much I spent on it. Even in a place like this, $300 on a lighter might be a bit much.

We talk for a while. Her name is Lucy, and she's only worked here for a few weeks. She's not entirely comfortable with everything in her job description, but she makes more in a weekend here than she would anywhere else in an entire month. I don't know if she's playing me, or not, but I slipped her a C-Note and thank her for spending an hour with me. I pay the tab on top of that which is another fifty. A few beers and a pack of smokes in the VIP area isn't cheap.

As I get up from the table I notice the table next to me is full of people. The man at the center of attention makes me realize who the hostess mistook me for. We both have short dark hair, but his facial hair includes a mustache. The only other big difference between us is our necklaces. While my Yin Yang is made of stainless steel and black stone, his is gold and either silver or platinum. With the amount of money I see being spent, I'm willing to bet on platinum.

I catch eyes with a sultry brunette next to my doppelgänger and she smiles at me once she sees the similarities. I could be this guy's Hollywood stunt double we're so similar. I've probably got more pounds on me than him, but still. Not wanting to deal with questions and no one believing me about this being a coincidence, I move to the staircase and exit the VIP lounge.

This area is so different than upstairs. The music seems louder, but that might have to do with the high amount of people. I can't even stand still without touching three complete strangers. Thankfully most of the occupants are good looking women.

As I make my way through I get turned around and instead of getting to the exit, I'm on the opposite side of the club. I move to make it back through the crowd, but a petite blonde in a tight white dress with an undiscernible pattern on it wraps her arms around me. Her eyes are sparkly and dilated, before I can react she leans into me and says, "I love you," into my ear and kisses me like I'm a tall drink of water and she's just come in from the desert. It reminds me of my good bye kiss with Leigh.

When I'm the only occupant of my mouth again I say, "I don't even know you." I've heard stories about ecstasy making people fall in love, but I didn't think it works like this.

She smiles at me, "I'm Belle," as if that says it all, and to her it does.

Deciding we've talked enough, she wraps her arms around me again and starts moving to the music. I've never been one for dancing, but this isn't so much dancing as it is pantomiming sex with our clothes on. With her grinding her most intimate part against my thigh and pressing her petite breasts into my chest, I figure, 'what the hell, it's only dancing.' When you're a guy like me and a pretty hot little thing comes up to you and starts grinding on you, you go with it and don't complain.

Even with my aversion to blondes, I'd be an idiot to stop this. Yeah, she's on drugs, but this was her choice. If it wasn't me it'd be some other guy.

It doesn't take long for this grinding to get my dick hard and since I'm wearing slacks, it's more noticeable than if I was wearing jeans. I use Belle's body to maneuver my erection from pointing straight out to pointing straight up. It takes some doing, I've never tried this without using hands, and manage to poke her a few suggestive times.

With each poke her body jolts, but she holds on tighter and moans in my ear. When I finally have myself pointed up she decides to change up the dance. Turning around Belle manages to put my shaft pressed up between her cheeks. I know this was on purpose because she presses harder into me, and starts moving her ass up and down. I grab hold of her hips and start pumping my cock between those sweet cheeks, feeling my pants straining against me. It feels so good that I throw my head back and groan loudly, knowing no one around me can hear it over the loud music.

All these people so close, pressing against me as I basically fuck this strange woman's ass has a rush of endorphins and emotions flooding my brain. I've never felt this before, this new level of bliss is a heady thing. Opening my eyes with my face still pointed skyward I freeze in sudden shock. Sitting at the edge of a booth in the VIP lounge, the sultry brunette from my doppelgänger's party is looking down at me, locking eyes with me. She's been watching me, enjoying the display of my dance with Belle.

In her eyes I see the challenge she's presenting, anticipation in her licking lips. I don't even think about it, I just act. Grabbing Belle I press her back against my chest, one hand goes to her breast and the other to her inner thigh for a squeeze. I can feel a wetness there and I realize that Belle has already cum. The brunette gives me a wicked smile and suddenly I want to pull my cock out and side it inside the pale blonde plastered to my front.

As if she could read my mind, Belle reaches a hand back and grabs my throbbing dick. Her other hand is on top of my hand on her thigh and moves me closer. Surprised I didn't realize it before, my fingers find her wet folds and no panties. Guiding my fingers, Belle places me right on her swollen nub and writhes against me as I start rubbing. Her hand at my crotch manages to pull my zipper down and she snakes her hand inside. Fingers wrap around my cock, I moan with her as she jerks me off and I rub her pussy. Looking up I see the sultry Vixen watching with approval, her lips parted as she looks at us with longing.

Time is an unknown concept at this point, and I can't tell how long we've been at it. Slipping two fingers inside Belle's opening I feel her begin to move forward, pulling me with her. Since we're moving now I can't keep playing with her and I wonder where we're going. If how I feel is anywhere where she's at, using hands has brought us to the point of needing it all. Belle leads me through the crowd until it ends and I see the bubble pit before us. She removes her hand from inside my pants and pushes me to the hand rails leading inside the pit. Trying not to act too eager I go down the ladder and feel the coolness of the bubbles as they take me up to my lower chest.

Belle descends the ladder and I stare up her short dress at her bare pussy. Lightning bolts of excitement run through me as I help her off the ladder. Without touching the ground she manages to wrap her arms and legs around me, her wet pussy pressed against my stomach.

Moving further into the pit I hold her bare ass to support her. Deciding we've gone far enough in the pit, her ass just below the bubbles, I reach past her to my open zipper. Looking around at the people in the bubbles, the people around the pit, I see many people looking at us. No looks of disgust, no one calling foul. Everyone knows what goes on in the bubbles, it's why they're here.

It excites me so much, people seeing, knowing what I'm gonna do, but so many more are clueless. I free myself and Belle lowers, my cock finding an unyielding hole. She leans down to whisper in my ear, "Not on the first date, love." Realizing what I've done I reposition while looking up past her. The dark haired Vixen is watching still, her suntanned legs slightly apart, and one hand under her dress.

I don't need any more encouragement. Finding her hot wet lips, I slide my throbbing head along her slit until I come to that pulsing opening. Lowering her onto my pole I thrust my hips as she gasps, I don't start off slow. As soon as I reach as far inside her as I can manage at this angle, I start fucking her hard.

Her moans drown the music out of my ear and the world fades away. We look into each other's eyes and begin to kiss as we fuck in the middle of the club. Belle locks her hands behind my neck and arches her back so she can move her hips more franticly. She's so tight and dripping wet, I move one hand from her ass to her back to better support her. Those slick pussy walls are quivering all over my cock, strangling me in the most blissful way as the orgasm rakes her entire body.

Our movements stop as she tries to catch her breath, but she suddenly jumps up in my grasp. I'm caught off guard because the sheer ecstasy of our bodies writhing made me blind to our surroundings, I don't even feel the cool bubbles anymore. Another blonde woman snuck up behind Belle and spanked her bare ass hard enough that when she jolted, I fell out of her.

Confused I watch as Belle turns to see the woman, and our newcomer starts kissing her. My eyes grow wide as she climbs off me, and turns to fully embrace the new blonde. For a moment I think she's forgotten about me in her drug induced state, but a hand on my cock pulls me closer. I'm not sure who's hand that is, but I don't care.

I'm guided back to Belle's pussy, and I slam back into her from behind. Belle and the new blonde continue making out as I pound my cock in and out of her, my piston fueled with the glances I get of people inside the bubbles. I see a couple a few yards away from us doing what I suspect to be quite similar to what I'm doing to Belle. Another group is dancing and drinking from a champagne bottle.

Orgasms for Belle make her entire body quiver, the only reason she's not on the ground is because she sandwiched between me and the blonde. While she's writhing uncontrollably, I feel a hand brush against my shaft, and I realized the woman has been rubbing Belle's clit while I fuck her. All her squirming and squeezing has me close to the edge, I won't last much longer.

I must have said something out loud because Belle is suddenly gone from view. Before I can register what happened, small strong hands trap my arms at my side. A tongue touches the underside of my cock and I groan at the sensation of my hard rod disappearing down a mouth. The blonde in front of me is holding Belle's head, guiding her as she takes my cock in her mouth.

I'm drunk with the sensation, the feel of my head reaching the back of her throat, the blonde forcing her head further down me. So close, I can feel it threatening to take me away. I barely notice as the blonde slips behind me, molds her front to my back, and pushes me with her hips. Her hand is on the back of Belle's head and she uses my body to fuck her face. She takes me so far down she gags, and that's it for me.

The blonde at my back wraps her arms around me, and they both hold me tight as the orgasm takes me, making me spasm as thick ropes of cum explode from my cock still buried in Belle's mouth. She continues to suck and the orgasm keeps going, so much cum I didn't think it was possible.

My eyes refocus and I see the Vixen above me at the booth. As my body quiets down I see her talking with Lucy, hands her a card and points to me. I'm not sure what to make of it when I feel the women remove themselves from my body. They kiss deeply of each other as the blonde takes my semen from Belle's mouth. They roll the taste around each other's mouths and swallow it all down. Turning to me, they kiss me on the cheeks and whisper in my ear, "We love you." I'm so stunned at their mirrored actions I begin to wonder how many times they've done this, and they disappear into the bubbles.

Not all sure what to make of that I put my softening member back in my pants and zip up. Untucking my shirt I hope it hides any mess that may be evident on my pants, I get out of the bubble pit.

As exhilarating an experience as that was, my body is exhausted. I only got a few hours of sleep before coming here and I feel like I need a full night's worth. Making my way to the front door I see Lucy standing at the entrance of the VIP lounge. As soon as she sees me she rushes over to me before I get the chance to leave.

"A woman asked me to give you this," and she hands me a card. It's a business card, but the only thing printed on it is an address. On the bottom is '10:00 p.m. Tomorrow' written by hand.

"Who asked you to give me this?" I know it was the Vixen, but I don't know who she is.

"I didn't catch her name, but she's real friendly," Lucy says with a laugh. I notice her lipstick is smeared and she's a bit dazed, like she's dealing with a similar afterglow like I am. Putting the card in my shirt pocket, the only pocket on me not wet, I wonder 'was she playing me earlier, or does she just prefer women?' I'm too high to really care. I thank her for the card, and leave the club.

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