"My ass," you mumble.

"What's that?" he asks.

"Your cock is up my ass," you say softly.

"Good little sissy. Do you like where my cock is?"

When you don't answer, he makes a deep, hard thrust, causing you to gasp.

"Come on, sweet cheeks. Real men don't dress up in girly clothes, they don't get off on shoving dildos up their butts, and they especially don't enjoy submitting sexually to another man. You do all these things, and we both know that means you're not a real man, you're a sissy slut. And if you're a sissy slut, you must enjoy taking a real man's cock. All that is simple fact. You can't argue with the facts, can you?"

He gives you another deep thrust. "Can you?"

"No," you admit.

He goes back to fucking you steadily. "So the fact is, you enjoy having a cock in your ass, correct?"

"Yes," you whisper, feeling your face turn red.

"So just say it," he commands.

"I ... I enjoy having your cock in my ass," you say. Immediately a wave of hot excitement rushes through your body as you hear your own humiliating confession.

He starts reaming your tailpipe a bit faster. "Ahhh. This is terrific, you're taking my big prick like you're a pornstar or something. You have a wonderful ass on you, sissy, it's definitely made to get fucked. God, think of the years you've wasted chasing women when all along what you really needed was hard man-meat stuffed up your sexy butt. Does realizing the truth now make you feel like a total loser? It should! "

You can't help but feel terribly embarrassed by what he's saying, but at the same time his words are winding up your emotions to a fever pitch. You already believe that everything he is telling you is true.

"Too bad I didn't find out about you years ago," he says. "I would have been pumping my cock in this nice little tail of yours all along if I'd known! Well, we just have to start making up for lost time."

He's driving his cock into your ass steadily, and you find yourself panting and grunting in time to his thrusts, almost musically.

"This is lucky for both of us, you know," he informs you. "See, my wife never lets me stick my cock in her ass. She thinks anal sex is dirty and slutty. So what if it's dirty and slutty, maybe that's why I like it!"

He fondles and mauls your bottom cheeks as he continues to drive his hard cock between them. "But now I have a way to fulfill all my anal cravings, don't I, sweetie? As of today, I've got a dirty, slutty little bitch who is willing to satisfy my special needs. So when I get frustrated and need my balls drained that way, all I'll have to do is come over to see you. It's perfect for both of us!"

Your excitement is mixed with growing despair as you realize that he is serious. This isn't a one-time thing, he intends to make you his bitch permanently. You groan aloud.

He chuckles. "I hope that's a sound of happiness, slut, because this is how it will be for you from now on. There's no turning back now that I've opened you up with my stiff prick. You'll never be able to claim you're a man, not after this, so you might as well forget about dating women from now on. Women can tell. No matter how you try to hide it they'll know you're a sissy, they'll know that you are better at taking male cock than you are at sex with females. I'll bet that from this day forward you will never have sex with a woman ever again."

You groan again, but you can't deny that his cock is making you feel good. Involuntarily your hips are starting to move, to hump back on the hard shaft that is screwing you.

"Yeah, from this day forward any sex you get will be anal intercourse, or to put it bluntly, butt-fucking," he persists. "Meaning that your partner will be the butt-fucker, and you will be the butt-fuckee. That's the only way a cunt like you ought to make love."

"A cunt?" you gasp.

"Sure, you're a cunt. What else could you be with a hard cock stuffed inside you?" he observes. "And you know what happens to cunts. Cunts get fucked."

He emphasizes 'fuck' with a sharp thrust, causing you to gasp.

"Yeah, cunts don't fuck. Cunts get fucked," he insists, continuing to punctuate his words by shoving his cock into you hard. "So from now on you won't fuck, you get fucked. Just like any other fucking cunt."

"No, no," you sob, but still your hips are thrusting back at the hard cock assaulting your rear.

"Don't argue with me, cunt," he growls, but after this last jab he returns to a steady rhythm of screwing your ass. "You just need to understand that your sex organ is now your asshole. Think about it. A sex organ is what a person uses to have sex. By this point it's obvious that your sex organ can't be that useless little pecker between your legs, the one I know you've been jerking on the past few minutes."

You feel totally ashamed because it is true. Despite it all the humiliation you've moved one hand to your penis and are stroking it.

"No, a natural anal slut like you won't be using that little pecker on anyone now that you've discovered what you truly need," he continues. "Therefore, your sex organ must be this tight opening between your ass cheeks, the one I'm enjoying so much. That's where the action will be from now on. So, go ahead and say you're a sissy, and that your asshole is your sex organ."

You sob out loud. The thrusting stops, his cock half-withdrawn.

"Come on, sweet cheeks, it's nothing to be ashamed of," he murmurs, gently caressing your ass with his hands now. "You can't help it, you just happen to be a cock-loving sissy slut. I mean, look at you, you've been humping yourself on my cock and rubbing that pecker of yours like there's no tomorrow. If you'd just admit the truth, you'd feel better."

"You're making me sore," you whine.

"Here." He pulls all the way out. Suddenly you feel cold lube squirting on you ... and into you. You blush, realizing that his big cock has gaped your ass. You're wide open, that's how the gel is entering your back passage so easily.

Slowly, gently, he reinserts his prick into your newly lubed hole. You sigh, feeling him sink slowly into your depths.

"There, does that feel better, sweet stuff?" he murmurs.

"Yes," you admit.

"You do enjoy having my cock up there?"

You hesitate.

"Do you want me to take it back out, then?"

"N-noo, don't take it out," you protest softly.

"So, you want my cock in there. Does that mean it's your sex organ, hmm?"

"I ... suppose so," you say faintly, and shiver.

"Then say what you are. Come on, sweet cheeks, it will make you feel better."

"I'm ... I'm a sissy. A sissy ... slut," you stammer.

"What have I made you? What are you to me?"

"Ah ... your bitch."

"That's right, and what else are you? Rhymes with door."

"Your whore," you say, and blush hotly.

"And what is this between your cute bottom cheeks, the hole my cock is filling?"

"It's my ... sex organ. I love having anal sex!" you finish passionately.

He starts pumping away at you again. You moan long and loud.

"I'm truly impressed with you, my sweet sissy slut," he tells you fondly. "You've fallen into your new role as a cock-slave so quickly and so completely after I started nailing you. You really must love having my fat cock skewering your bunghole. I suppose I truly have made you my bitch, and we both know all bitches love being fucked. Yes, this may be the first time we make love like this, but you can bet your ass that it won't be the last time."

He's speeding up now, pumping your rear faster and harder, and you respond by pounding your ass back at his plundering cock. You're panting and grunting again with each new thrust.

"That's right, ride that cock, slut. Ride it like you mean it," he growls. "You know what you're going to get if you keep doing that, don't you? You're going to get a nice hot load of cum right up your ass."

You moan and start to hump back at him harder, slapping your rump against his pounding hips.

"Oh, that sounds good to you, does it? You must want my sweet cream pumped up your tail. You want a big load of a real man's semen planted deep inside your sissy rear end," he asserts. "Well, don't worry, you're going to take my seed, you slut. You're going to get every drop. And this is just be the first load, there's plenty more where that came from and you'll be getting it on a regular basis from now on."

Now the pleasure and the excitement has grown too great and you're moaning like a girl, continuously as the hard cock continues to piston in and out of your hole. Your new sex-hole.

"Louder, slut," he commands, and slaps your ass. "I want you to make so much noise that your neighbors hear it and realize what's happening. We need to make sure everybody around knows how good you're getting fucked by me!"

You can't help yourself. You get louder, yelling out your eager acceptance of his degrading use of you, all in time with his vigorous screwing of your ass. You've become a bitch in heat, incapable of disobeying your new master.

"It's going to happen soon, slut," he grunts as he works away at your rear. "I'm going to shoot off in your hot whore asshole. And you know what? As you feel my dick start to spurt you're going to cum too."

"Oh, god, oh, god, oh god," you gasp, excited out of your mind by his words. You're pulling at your pecker, trying to make sure his promise comes true.

"That's right, the moment you feel my cock pulse and squirt your slutty ass is going to start clamping down on my shaft and suck the sperm right out of it," he asserts as he pumps you harder and faster than before. "You're going to reach climax at the same time as I bust a nut in your backside. That will be the final proof to both of us that you're not a man. You're going to cum like a bitch from me fucking you up the butt!"

You're wailing now, a wordless howl of lust as you push back at the thick man-meat plundering your ass. And then it happens.

He crams his cock in as far as it will go and stops moving; and as you feel his penis swell and spasm in preparation for spilling its load inside you, your own orgasm crashes into you. You can't help but cry out, in fact you scream like a woman in climax as your ass muscles clench repeatedly and you helplessly milk the swollen invader for the semen it promises. A moment later you feel his pole pulse and spurt, just as he predicted you can feel his hot male seed being discharged deep into your rump.

You both freeze in place as his potent sperm gushes into your depths and thoroughly impregnates you, not with child but with the inescapable knowledge that submitting to this degrading act has made you less of a man than ever. As if to confirm this your own pointless emissions continue to leak out of your stiffie, spattering the towel below you to produce nothing more than a mess you'll have to clean up.

You know for certain what just happened was the strongest, most fantastic orgasm you've have ever had. It was far better than any experience you've been with a women.

After a long moment of stasis you collapse, sliding off his cock to crumple on the floor, right into the puddle of your own spooge. Then you just lie there, panting and shuddering, your mind awhirl with what has just happened. You'd gotten another man off by letting him fuck you, and in the process he'd gotten you off as well.

He sighs deeply in satisfaction. "Well, bitch, that was a good first effort. Give me a half hour and we can start on the second round. Lucky you, with the edge off I'll be able to last a lot longer!"


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