"Hey Kim and Lisa, do you girls like gummy's?" I asked, pulling them out.

"Ruby says you got fireweed?" Kim spoke.

Oh, are these weed gummy's. Are these even strong?" Lisa with disbelief.

Squinting my eyes, I felt offended by Lisa's comment. What the heck does this kid know about edibles.

"I feel like you can't hang, Kim," I said in a challenging voice.

"Hand me 8." Lisa spat out.

Making fun of Kim, "oh, your so badass." I said in a high pitched voice.

"Fine!" Kim snatched the bag out of my hand. She grabbed a hand full, even dropping gummies on the floor.

"Hey, you're wasting them," I said, getting upset. Kim stuffed the gummies In her mouth.

"ohhh ella está jodida." Lisa spoke in Spanish. Lisa stated that Kim had signed her death certificate by taking that much. I told Lisa that Kim would be OK. She will be super high and sleepy. Lisa started eating them too.

Focus my attention back on Kim. "I see you can fit a lot in there," I said, winking to her; Kim was still chewing the gummy's. I started laughing. Finally finishing the adhesive's she had stuffed in her mouth.

"I can do a lot more with my mouth. I am eighteen." Kim said, winking at me.

"I'll pass; I'm waiting for something else." Kim rolled her eyes at me and grabbed the rest of the gummy's from Lisa, and both the girls ate from the bag. I knew it was terrible, but they would be fine in 24-48 hours. That was a lot of gummy's they are eating.

"That something you're waiting, is it a certain girl?" Kim spat with a bit jealously. "If I guess right can I get a night with you?" Kim giggled like crazy.

I let out a huff and turned to face Kim.

"Jealousy isn't cute on a girl." I spat out. Kim kicked the dirty in front of me. Vanessa and ruby have arrived back. We all stayed there and laughed and jokes; both girls were high, and Vanessa didn't notice, but Ruby notice. Ruby had a grin on her face. I see that Kim and Lisa could barely keep their eyes open. It's been two hours since they are the gummies.

"Hey ladies, are you two, OK?" Vanessa asked. Just then, a car pulled up next to the Camper. We all look back. It was Tyrone, the excitement that flashed on Vanessa's face. Kissing her husband

"Baby, who is watching Quinn?" Vanessa asked.

"Your parents showed up and said that they would watch him for the night until we get back in tomorrow."

"Why would they do that?" Vanessa said, sounding suspicious about our parents babysitting. Tyrone must have whispered something because they got quiet.

"Listen, ladies, and it's time for bed. Kim and Lisa, you two can barley can keep your eyes open. Let's get you guys in a sleeping bag. Ruby camper since you won the little game. Dakota, you better behave." Vanessa spoke.

I watched ruby enter the Camper. I had a smile on my face. Looking at Tyrone, I gave him a wink; he came though, as he said. When I told him, I might be interested in a cute black girl, but the problem is she is Vanessa's student. He asked if she was 18; I told him, yes, and she is graduating next week.

"Say no more, fam; I'm on my way. Suppose this shorty got you looking at sisters. I'm willing to help." Tyrone chirped.

Vanessa and Tyrone helped the girls into their tents and disappeared as well. I started to walk towards the Camper. When I got in, I saw my bedroom door was closed. I removed my clothes and did a quick shower stepping out. I wore only gray sweat pants.

When I walked in, ruby was only wearing a long white Illinois State sweatshirt that appeared to stop at her delicious thick thighs. Our eyes met; it seemed to go on forever. We both smiled; regaining her composure, Ruby brushed the hair away out of her face; before pulling some of the shirt down a bit.

"I thought you would sleep out on the couches."

"I never said where I would sleep, but this looks like a comfortable spot. Closing the gap between us, I walked right up to her.

"Miss P will walk in," Ruby said softly.

"She's busy."

"Kim and Lisa, they might come In."

"Nah, they're too high function."

"Did you plan this?" Ruby asked.

"Sort of, are you weird out by this old man."

"You're not that old," Ruby said.

"Do you think you can handle me?" I had asked Ruby.

"Stop; you don't even like me like that," she spoke softly.

"That is not what I said; I said something stupid and insensitive; you're beautiful, period," I said, placing my finger under her chin. I could smell her delicious perfume; She smelt like vanilla and strawberries. I was looking directly into her eyes and planted a kiss on her full lips. My mind was starting to race. Who is this girl and where has she been my whole life. I didn't want to overthink it; I didn't want to lose this moment. One kiss wasn't enough, I thought; I wanted more. Without thinking, I leaned back in and began kissing her again. The intensity of our kiss escalated; she slowly parted my lips with her tongue, grazed the inside of my mouth. Wanting more, I placed my hand below the hem of her shirt and pulled it overhead. Ruby didn't wear a bra, and she only had panties on under her sweatshirt. Feeling on her breasts made my heart beat faster and faster. Pushing Ruby back against the small bed, I took off her panties, exposing her trimmed pussy. Taking a moment to marvel at the site. Without missing a beat, Ruby pulled herself back up and stood in front of me naked. Ruby and used her hand, pulled my sweat pants open, and slowly crept her hand down toward my dick; but before she could reach it, I stopped her.

"You sure? I don't want to force you into or feel obligated to do something. If you wanna stop, we can." I said while kissing her lips.

"I know it's fast, but I don't go to college a virgin. If you don't..." Before she could finish, I kissed her passionately. She was pulling my sweats all the down, giving her a glimpse of my dick. I was 8in of uncircumcised and shaven thickness. I wasn't sure how she felt about that. We both naked, and she was looking me up and down.

"Does it look weird or something?" I asked, getting agitated.

"I've seen a penis before; I sucked my ex's dick all the time. It's just you're big. I'm just scared of it." Ruby spoke.

"I like it rough, but I'll go slow since this is your first time." I chuckled.

"I doubt you will go slow," Ruby said, rolling her eye. Pulling Ruby in close and give her kisses on her neck and mouth, I grabbed her ass and hurt our bodies together, and started to grind on her.

"Your body is incredible," i said I. Ruby's ear. "I want to eat every last inch of it." Ruby let out a moan. Placing Ruby back on the bed, I got on top of her. I reached down and started to rub Ruby's clit. Her mouth parted, and she sighs as I slide my finger down toward her pussy. Reaching for my hand, Ruby grabbed it.

"Relax, I gotta get you wet if you don't want it to hurt," I said, cooing her.

I was sliding my fingers up and down strokes along her lips. Moaning, i dare further to slide two fingers inside her pussy, letting her juices guide my fingers towards an excellent release for her. Pumping into her pussy harder and faster, thrusts faster and rubbing at her clit simultaneously. Ruby's moaning we getting louder and louder; I would have to quiet her down;m, but it would work. Covering her mouth with my hand and thrusting even hard with my fingers. Rubys moaning grew to load that i had to cover her cries under my hands, and when I felt her climaxes and convulsed under my hand. I slowly pulled my fingers out from her soaking pussy. Using her forearm to hold her up. I looked at Ruby and showed her my fingers. How wet and sticky she got. Hovering over Ruby, I let my mouth trail down her collarbone and onto her nipple, licking and sucking it as I cupped her breasts. My dick was just inches from her pussy.

"Do you think we should use a condom?" Ruby asked.

"No," I said. "It will feel better this way, and I'll pull out. Furthermore, since I'm your first, promise me something." Ruby nodded her head. "You will never wear a condom with me, OK, anytime I ask; I can always have you; remember that," I said, kissing her. I still probably should have stopped; I always kept condoms on me; I just wanted to feel everything about her. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit, making her squirm under me. Ruby tried pulling me on top of her, but it didn't work. I kept on teasing her, making her pussy even wetter.

"Stop teasing me and put it in!" Ruby said to me.

I smiled at her. "Why are you rushing it?"

"What if Mrs. P comes back, and you are taking your time," Ruby grunted.

"Trust me; we won't see her until tomorrow," I said while I continued to tease Ruby for a while before I gently pushed into her. Looking straight down into Ruby's eyes as i pulled in and out. I wanted to start it off nice and slow, so ruby had time to adjust to my size. Ruby would let out a painful grunt every time I entered. I wasn't sure if she was enjoying it or she was in too much pain. I knew Diane, my ex, would complain about my dick, and how big it was, how sex with me wasn't right.

"Is it too big for you?" I had asked. Ruby bit her lips and responded by shaking her head from side to side, saying no. I went back to thrusting in and out of her. I went a bit harder, making her moan each time I went in. It didn't take long her. I felt her whole body convulse underneath me. She felt even wetter after she had cum. Pulling out of Ruby, she hissed.

"You feel better?" I had asked, planing soft kisses on her.

"Yes," Ruby said hoarsely.

"We're not done. You think you can keep going?" Shaking her head up and down, yes.

"Good girl, but since your lube up. I can go a bit harder." Kissing her lips, I pushed back into Ruby. The more Ruby relaxed, the more I was able to slide in and out of her pussy.

"You're so fucking tight, Ruby!" Continuing my rhythm of thrusting, I reached down and started to rub on Ruby's clit. "God, you feel so good, Ruby! I want to make you cum again!"

"It feels so fucking.. good!" Ruby moaned.

With all of Ruby's moaning, I couldn't hold it much longer. Within seconds later, i could feel Ruby's build-up, and I was about to cum soon too, pounding even more challenging than before I pulled out and shoot my hot load all over Ruby's stomach and breast.

"Fuck." I said, rubbing my cock between her folds. Getting up, I went and grabbed rub some paper towels from the front of the Camper. When I came back

"Here." Handing her the paper towels. She was moved closer after she finished cleaning. We sat there, awkwardly.

"Umm, do you want to cuddle and go to sleep?" Ruby had asked.

"Nah, I'll pass. I don't need to explain to your teacher slash my sister why her student and I are naked in my Camper." I said, winking at her.

"I'm eighteen; what does it matter." Ruby spat out.

"Listen, I already told my sister I don't like black girls, and I told her that I wouldn't touch you," I said sternly.

"So I'm good enough to smoke with and fuck; but not good enough to tell your sister about" Ruby's voice was getting louder.

"First of all, you were an easy fuck, just like most black girls. Shocked you were a fucking virgin. I thought you were a hooker when I first met you. Secondly, we are nothing, and we had nothing but sex; trust me, you probably will have more one night stands since you're that easy. I snarled. "I never slept with a black girl, and after this conversation, I doubt I ever will. You are clingy, and we just met. If you excuse me, I need to clean up." I said. I grabbed my sweats off the floor and left Ruby in the small bedroom. I went and sat on the couch. I was upset, and I just wanted to sleep.

The next day, I felt like shit. I woke up pretty late. I knew what I said was wrong, and I would apologize before we left. I don't know what my feelings out for Ruby. I didn't need to explain that to anyone. I was knocking on the bedroom door. No one answered; I opened the door and saw ruby made the bed, and the sheets before were balled up in a corner. Ruby must have cleaned up. I went outside to see what the group was doing. Everyone seems backup and ready to go.

"Why didn't anyone wake me," I said coldly.

"I figured you needed to sleep in," Vanessa said.

"I see everyone is a pack; where are the girls," I asked, not seem suspicious.

"Ruby and Lisa are in the car with Tyrone. Kim said she would ride with you. Just only give her a ride Dakota." Vanessa said, slapping my arm.

"Don't worry. Umm, did Ruby say anything to you?" I asked

Raising her, eyebrow, "No, did you say something stereotypical to her?" Vanessa asked.

"No, just wanted to know why she and Lisa switch vehicles."

"I don't know; she said it was because she felt more comfortable with a black man driving." Vanessa said, laughing, "I can't lie; you can't drive that, camper."

"What about Lisa? She thinks my driving is bad too." I asked, annoyed.

"Dakota, I don't know. Ruby just told her to ride with her, and Lisa said fine. Kim was the only one that wanted to ride with you." Vanessa said.

"I know what she wants to ride," I said with a sly smile.

"Disgusting, please don't. Wait until she is out of high school, at least. This way of you does date them. I rarely have to see them again." Vanessa spoke softly.

"I won't let her ride me." Vanessa pinched my nipple, and I shouted.

"I swear I'll just take her home," I said, holding my hurt nipple. Plus, I didn't want to deal with any more of her students. Walking towards the Camper, I run into Ruby.

"Come by for another round," I said with a smile. Walking past me and not saying a word. I grab Ruby's arm.

"Hey, listen about last night," I said, trying to pull her in.

"Nah, you good, you're right, I was easy. So don't worry about it." Ruby said coldly.

"Listen, I'm sorry," I said. Ruby stood there and didn't say a word.

"I have to go." She said, walking towards Tyrone's car.

I knew I fucked up, and I doubt she wanted to hear it. I watch Ruby's big round booty sway out of sight. Tyrone and then started the car once ruby got in, and left. I heard a car horn going off, and I saw Kim; she was waiting for me to go. Walking over to the Camper, I started the car.

"Sorry, let's get this show on the road," I said with a smile.

"We can always go on a ride." She said seductively. Licking my lips, Kim is a cute girl, but I only wanted Ruby and our night back.

"Let me take you home, OK, Kim," I said.

"Fine," she said in a huff.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and sorry for the lame ending. Let me know what you think. I actually have part two ready.

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