Bluff Check#

A silent alarm rouses you. The ward is a simple one, but also very effective.

Your eyes dart around, looking for whatever tripped your spell. A task somewhat easier in this forest than most, as the tree trunks are thin and ground cover is sparse. After only a moment, you spot a pair of eyes, shining yellow in the darkness, squinted in concentration. From where you lie, you can just make out a reptilian body. A kobold.

It appears to be using some sort of hooked stick to pull your bags away from outside your wards. A clever tactic. Too clever for one of those slimy lizards. You wonder who taught it to them, but that’s a question for later.

You’ve been blessedly far away from kobold territory for several years. However, the threat of scaly little thieves is famous enough that you’ve planned a few countermeasures. The right combination of bluff and intimidation should get you through with minimal hassle.

A few furtive hand movements and the quietest whispers you can manage weave your spells.

“Who dares to steal from me?” The already guttural draconic comes out a booming and layered cacophony. Your mouth sprouts fangs, hands hook into claws, eyes glow red, and scales start to appear on your skin, illuminated by cracking magic energy. You look the very picture of a furious dragonborn. You know this with absolute certainty, as you’ve practiced this in front of a mirror. It was only partially for vanity. You swear. “I will not abide thieves.”

The thief in question snaps towards you and freezes in shock. Their eyes lock onto yours for several seconds before darting to the side as though doing some very quick mental calculations and you hear a few sniffs. Then they widen in a mixture of horror and awe. “Forgives Vizya, o great one,” it tossed aside its stick and threw itself into a low bow on the dirt, prostrating itself before you, “Vizya thinks you was a dumb smoothskin.”

Hook, line, and sinker.

Operation “look like a dragon in disguise, or at least further up the ladder than a kobold” was a success. You idly wonder if it had gotten whiplash from the transition from hostility to worship as you cast about for your bags. The thing had apparently managed to snag a couple of them before messing up and touching the warded zone.

You put on a theatrical scowl, “I do not wish for hollow apologies. I wish for that which is mine to be returned.”

The kobold rose slowly, “Vizya is delighted to be commanded,” and flashed you what seemed to be a sincere smile before rushing off into the night.

After a few minutes, you began to wonder if you had been seen through and the kobold had simply escaped with your things. But just as that thought crossed your mind, a rustling announced their return. “I returns these, great one.” Sure enough, it had your bags. You heave an internal sigh. Thank the gods you didn’t have to go hunting for them in the middle of the night yourself.


After a quick check, nothing seems to be missing. A wave of relief washes over you and you have to hold back a yawn. You can’t break character just yet.

“Very well.” You let your illusions slowly fade as you speak. “I do not wish to be bothered. Leave me,” you order the kobold, “and do not tell any others of me or allow them to approach.” Within a few seconds they have faded completely.

“Vizya obeys.” The would-be thief replies, an edge of disappointment leaking into its voice. You don’t know what it was expecting, but you don’t particularly care. It turns slowly, and then scuttles off.

You spend a few minutes watching and listening for it to come back, but catch neither sight nor sound of it. Now then, it’s time to get back to sleep. You have many days of travel ahead of you.

* * *

Cold light filters through the trees as you awaken. A quick check reveals that your things are unmolested this time.

Breakfast is a short affair and soon you’re making your way through the forest, still snacking on a piece of jerky. Last night’s events have left you on alert, but the forest still gives you a surprising amount of visibility. Though the trees are packed tightly, it has very little in the way of bushes on the ground. Instead there’s a combination of dead leaves, moss, and ivy. Only the occasional boulder and old growth tree are around to provide cover for any animals or assailants. There’s some mist hanging over the ground as well, but it’s thin and isn’t going to obscure anything.

After some time spent quietly trekking through the wood, the hair on the back of your neck begins to prickle. You’re not sure if it’s a premonition, or just that atmosphere of the place. Yes, it’s one of the brighter forests you’ve been in, but your other senses are telling you to be cautious. The air is thick and hangs at a near standstill, clinging to your skin and making it hard to breathe. Whenever there is a slight breeze, the stench of rot rolls in from a bog just outside your vision.

Perhaps because of this thick air, you hear very little as well. Your footsteps make no noise on the soft moss, and only the occasional snap of a twig underfoot or singular animal call is there to break the oppressive silence. You’ve been in cheerier graveyards.

As you’re musing on this a sudden voice rings out from behind you.

“Vizya is back to serve, great one.”

It takes many years of discipline and practice not to start. “O-“ you clear your throat, “oh? Is that so?” The line just barely manages to sound pompous enough as you turn to face last night’s thief. As it comes in to sight your voice catches in your throat.

Two things have become immediately clear: Firstly, this kobold is female. You couldn’t see well in the dark last night, but one glance at her thin shoulders and broad hips, joined by a small waist and complimented by large thighs made her gender apparent. She had obviously been eating well too, since the ridges on her head and snout, and bony joints usually found on kobolds were softened by a layer of fat. She even managed to have a noticeable swelling in her chest! You had seen this a handful of times before with ‘bolds who could behave themselves enough to live in the city, but ones out this far almost always fit the usual image of bony, knobbly things whose women were as flat as the men.

Secondly, she was absolutely filthy.

“Eugh, you reek.” The words come out before you can even think about them.

With no other factors, this kobold may have qualified as cute. However, she was covered in head to tail in black filth. You hope it was intended as camouflage, and it certainly worked well last night, but she had apparently rolled in the bog you had been catching whiffs of all morning. Literally being on opposite ends of a ten foot pole had made it bearable before, but with the lizardfolk sidling up right next to you, the smell was overpowering.

She had been starting to say something, but at your words she looked down at herself, then covered herself in embarrassment. “V-Vizya apologizes. Vizya brings shame to great one with her appearance.”

You weren’t in the mood to deal with her in the first place, and you were damned if you were going to going to spend another moment next to this walking sewer.

“If you understand that, then leave.” Your words are curt.

The kobold nodded. “Vizya obeys.” And practically sprinted off.

Looks like she was genuinely embarrassed after all. With any luck, that will be the last you see of the pest. Though you pick up your pace a bit to help things along.

* * *

Barely two hours later you hear footsteps coming up behind you. Of course there were. A little peace and quiet is far too much to ask the gods for. One mustn’t be greedy. You stifle a sigh for the umpteenth time today and turn to face your new stalker.

She bounds up to you, beaming. “Vizya is now properly ready to attend great one. Command Vizya as great one wishes.”

“So that is your natural scale color.” You remark. “The color of fetid shit suits you.”

Unfazed, the little lizard bows and then twirls, as though to let you get a better look at her. “Vizya thanks great one. None else in tribe can match Vizya’s beauty.” The smile turns slightly sardonic, but doesn’t leave her face.

Harsh though your words were, you would believe her statement. Not that the bar was particularly high, you had to appreciate that this girl had some very fine, smooth scales. Far from looking like “fetid shit” her slate grey coloring was the nicest you’d ever seen on someone of her race, and the contrast between those scales and her yellow eyes that glowed slightly in anything less than full sunlight was, admittedly, very pleasing to the eye.

Beyond revealing the quality of her scales, washing up had also uncovered several tattoos. A pair of broad, horizontal stripes sat below her right eye. There was also a similarly broad band around her left ankle, with several dots placed above it at even intervals. All her tattoos were white, but the one around her ankle was slightly puffy and tinged with red at the corners.

More than washing up she had also changed outfits. Gone were the rags she had been dressed in before and replaced with a clean, white loincloth trimmed in blue and a sash of similar quality crossed over her chest where it bumped out. By kobold standards, this was obviously finery of the highest degree. A nuisance though she may be, this little lizard had definitely cleaned up nicely.

You carefully kept your admiration to yourself. Letting the vile thing catch any indication of it would only end in an even bigger headache.

“I see you’ve put on the nicest clothes you could find. They’re a perfect fit for any brothel.” Hopefully enough insults would make her go away.

She strikes a seductive pose. “Even smoothskins recognize Vizya. Is good to hear.” Apparently every insult from a ‘great one’ qualified as a compliment in her mind.

“I have no use for a two-copper whore. Leave me.” You brusquely turn away and begin walking again.

The nuisance doesn’t miss a beat and jogs to your side before matching your pace.

“A test of faith and knowledge? Vizya will pass it.”

What? No.

“Great one is right to be wary. But Vizya has fixed all mistakes from before. See?” She grabs her ankle and thrusts it towards you, now hopping to keep pace. On it is the tattoo you noticed before.

“Vizya is marked as great one’s attendant. Just as great one asked.” She wears a proud look on her face. Like a schoolchild giving a correct answer to their teacher.

This was starting to look bad. “I don’t remember asking for any attendants.”

The kobold lets her ankle go and you catch a brief glimpse of pink slit as her loincloth flutters back down. You don’t have any time to dwell on it as the look on her face gets even more annoying. “Great one asked for possessions to be returned to great one. All unclaimed kobolds in great one’s sight belong to great one. Vizya returns to great one as asked,” she declares, then smiles at you expectantly.


Not taking a hint from your lack of reply she continues talking. “Vizya was sad when great one said not to bring tribe. But…” she touched her cheek and laughed bashfully. “Kekeke. Only Vizya being chosen makes Vizya happy.”

The sheer stupidity of it all made your mind go blank. You have never encountered a dumber creature in your entire life, and you’d had a (brief) conversation with a concussed troll.

Now she was giggling to herself. Gross.

So the kobold wanted to prove her loyalty? Fine.

“Small one.”

“What is great one’s demand?”

“Cut off your dominant hand and present it to me.”

“Vizya would be less useful without it.”

“I didn’t ask your opinion on the matter.”

She paused. Good. Even this moron couldn’t ignore the consequences of a lost hand.

Hesitant hands reached into a pouch at her side and pulled out a stone dagger. She passed it from her right to her left hand and cast her eyes about the forest.

Unsure steps took her to a flat-ish rock nearby and she laid her right wrist across it.

She was now trembling as she raised the stone dagger. Her eyes closed and she sat motionless for a minute. Her grip on the dagger slackened.

That’s it. Just give up and leave.

Then her eyes snapped open with a fierce determination and she tightened her grip on the dagger. Sharpened stone plummeted towards her right wrist- then halted suddenly. Her left hand caught in yours.

Okay. She had been a nuisance, but that alone wasn’t reason enough to cripple her for life, gods damn it. Other kobolds had made things easy. They just attacked, or stole and ran. Killing them was a no-brainer.

The stone knife clattered to the ground and the kobold girl turned to face you. “Great one.” She choked out your ‘title’ and moved her ands to clasp yours.

Okay. Yes. You had just made things worse, but there had to be another way to get rid of her.

She basked in relief for about a minute before breaking into a pout. “Great one’s tests are cruel. Vizya was scared.” Then her expression softened once more. “But, Vizya has heard stories. Other great ones demand flesh and then leave useless little ones to die. Vizya is glad to belong to a gentle great one.”

At this point, you’re pretty sure those dragons were trying for the exact same thing you were. It’s kind-of comforting to know there’s someone else out there who had gone through that same annoyance that you are right now.

“Too gentle, it seems.” You summon your pompous voice again. “Mayhaps I just threw away my chance for some quiet.”

The kobold pouted slightly. “Vizya is quiet.”

“You haven’t been quiet since the moment we met.”

For the first time, your tagalong looked genuinely offended. “Vizya was quiet at night. Even great one took time to notice.”

“Going unnoticed by someone who is asleep isn’t exactly an achievement. And you still got caught.“

The bog lizard’s voice was getting more impassioned. “Great ones are always alert. Vizya best hunter.”

“Hunter?” You ask mockingly. “I think you mean thief.” You know that replying is the wrong thing to do.

“Goraah.” She made an annoyed growl. “Hunter is hunter. Vizya’s beauty is proof of skill.”

“So you’re just going to gloss over it?” You know it’s just sucking you further into this thing’s vortex of stupidity.

“Kekeke. Vizya sees great one looking.” She puffs out her chest, wearing a forced smirk.

“Are you seriously-“

Without warning the kobold raises her loincloth and your words catch in your throat. Her smirk becomes a real one and she reaches down to her vulva, fingers causing her slit to part faintly.

Later than is convincing, you manage to speak. “So this little slut resorts to sex the second it’s losing an argument?”

Now her expression turns more sultry. “Vizya’s purpose is serving great one. Is no shame in using her body.” She rests one hand on her hip and uses the other to raise her tail slowly. She pivots enticingly and you realize that her loincloth has no back side, instead relying on her tail for modesty. Her tail, which is now raised completely over her head.

The seconds stretch by as you take in her pert butt and search for more hints of pink. As if she could read your mind, the kobold bends forward to give you a full view of her pussy and asshole.

Just as you’re starting to appreciate the finer points of the shape of her lips, the way they part more near the back, the slight wetness upon them, and how fine the scales around her anus are, a tail falls down- blocking your vision.

Her still visible butt sways and you find yourself looking at a loincloth. Finally, your eyes rise to meet a scaly face.

“Vizya will be quiet now.” The kobold announces triumphantly. But you can clearly tell that her cheeks have gotten flushed and her breathing is rougher than it was a few minutes ago.

Maybe you should insult her “hunting” skills once more before you get rid of the thing. You wouldn’t mind another show like that.

* * *

Vizya has definitely tried to keep her word. Success, however, is a different matter.

She only outright talked to you a couple of times, and remembered herself quickly. If that was all, you would have been happy.

She only managed a few minutes of true silence until she stared giggling to herself and humming off-tune. Occasionally she would stop to mutter something quietly, all along the lines of how awesome she is and how cool it is to serve a “great one.”

While it was genuinely endearing for a few minutes, a full hour of it was getting torturous. Sure, you had reminded Vizya to be quiet a few times, but that only bought you another minute at best with miss memory-of-a-goldfish.

On the plus side, she would occasionally be inspired to pull aside various parts of her clothing, or lift her tail slightly and wiggle her butt for a second, which helped you endure. Still, it’s finally getting to be too much.

Just as you’re picking a few choice words, your boot sinks into the ground with a squelch and you nearly fall over. It seems you’ve reached the bog you’ve been smelling. The thinning trees should have tipped you off, but you were distracted.

“Great one is having troubles?” Vizya asks.

“Hmph. I’m not used to having such a small body.” You’re able to pull the excuse out easily since it was part of your original contingency plan. You knew all of the imaginary conversations in the bath would pay off one day.

The kobold runs over and leans your weight on her- wow she’s soft- as she helps pull your leg free.

“How may Vizya aid great one?” There’s a hint of real care in her voice that you didn’t expect.

“Show me a way through this bog that’s convenient for a form without wings.” You cast a simple cantrip to clean off your leg, even though you suspect it won’t stay clean for long.

Vizya bows, looking impressed with the basic magic. “As great one commands.”

* * *

The next few hours give you the quiet you wished for but you’re not sure if wading through a bog is worth it.

For what it’s worth, Vizya is a genuinely a good guide, if sometimes not fully aware of your relative lack of experience in navigating bogs. Kind of shameful for a mercenary, but what can you say? You usually pick jobs that steer clear of places this smelly.

After a few too many falls into the muck for your liking, the trees start to get thicker again and Vizya declares, “ground is goodz now,” and you’re officially out of the swamp.

You heave a sigh of relief, find the nearest clearing, and sit down for a break. Vizya follows along as though it were the most natural thing in the world and hovers by your shoulder.

“You can sit down too.” You indicate a clear patch of ground, then reconsider. “Well, let’s clean you off first.”

After a couple minutes of repeatedly using a cleaning cantrip, Vizya is clean and giggling to herself again at the attention. You decide to ignore it for now. After all, she did just take a couple of days off of your travel through this shithole.

You pull a rough wool blanket out of one of your packs and spread it on the ground. “Okay. Now we can sit and relax a bit.”

She looks somewhat apprehensive, but still sits. When offered some jerky, she accepts. “Great one is kind. And his power is impressive.”

“Look. That was one of the most basic spells any smoothskin magic user learns. Anyone past their apprenticeship could use it for hours and not get tired. Using that, letting you sit on a cheap blanket, and chew on some travel rations isn’t anything to be impressed by.”

Vizya looks outright moved by this. “This amount of care is nothing special compared to what great one has planned? Vizya is so happy she follows great one.”

Why did you think you could get through to her?

You think as you rest from your swamp adventure. You’ve kept the disguised dragon act up out of inertia, but that’s probably not going to rid you of your clinger. The most effective thing to do might be to drop it and tell her the truth. If she attacks, then you’ll deal with it. If not, then she’ll get to live another day. Maybe you’ll even give her some supplies or coin for her trouble, even if she did start things off by stealing from you.

After about ten minutes, you make up your mind and speak. “Vizya, was it? Of course it’s Vizya. You’ve said your name a million times now.” You shake your head. “Being a dragon is just an act. I’m a sorcerer who used some illusions because that would be the most convenient way to get my stuff back. You’re not going to get anything out of following me.”

Vizya looks pensive for a moment, then gives you a solemn nod of understanding. “That is story great one tells smoothskins? Vizya will remember it.”

Gods. Damn. This. Kobold. Imbecile.

“No, it’s not a cover story. It’s the truth!”

“Great one’s tests of faith are thorough. But Vizya will remain loyal.”

It takes all you have not to shout. “I can even cast them on you. They’re just spells. See?” You cast both illusions you used earlier, taking care so show off how you’re casting them.

“VIZYA-“ the kobold begins, but then gasps. With the voice modifying spell, it’s deafening. “THIS IS VIZYA’S VOICE?”

“No. It’s a spell. It will wear off in a couple of minutes.”

Vizya ignores you, distracted by the sight of her own hands, now grown into a rougher, more armored look, befitting a dragon. “VIZYA HAS BEGUN HER TRANSFORMATION? GREAT ONE IS AMAZING.”

“It. Is. An. Illusion.” You stood up to shout at her. “Go ahead. Touch it. You can feel that nothing has changed.”

She touches her own hands and then stands up herself to pat the rest of her body. Then stops, seemingly satisfied. “VIZYA UNDERSTANDS. ONE DAY OF SERVICE IS NOT ENOUGH.”

You cancel the spells. “I’ve shown you proof that I was lying. It’s obvious what I had to gain by doing so. Why do you keep insisting that I’m a dragon?”

Vizya looks somewhat disappointed by the end of her pretend transformation, but gets over it. She taps her snout. “Vizya smells the dragon in great one. Vizya’s nose is not fooled.”



“A dragon had its way with one of my ancestors twenty generations ago. It’s not even that rare for ‘smoothskin’ what with how horny those bastards are.”

Your kobold just shakes her head in response. “Vizya can sense dragon essence in great one’s powers.”

“First off, that’s just a theory about how sorcerers get their magic. Second off, there’s no way you can actually sense that. Thirdly, you’re completely ignoring the rest of my explanation.”

“Vizya has seen all the proof she needs and will not falter in great one’s trials.” She closes her eyes and puts on airs like some sort of pompous paladin.

Aaand your plan to spill the truth has failed spectacularly. This idiot is obviously too stupid to change her mind now that it has been made up. The thought that she was wrong would probably make her peanut-sized brain implode.

“Fine. You want a trial, Vizya? Then you’ll get one.”

Now for plan B: act like an asshole until she goes away.

“First,” you command, “tell me how worthless you are.”

You get a sloppy curtsy in response and Vizya lowers her head. “Vizya is completely insignificant next to great one’s radiance. Her life is great one’s to do with as he wishes.”

“Don’t give me that servant crap.” You growl. “Tell me what a stupid, useless little bag of scales you are. Tell me how you failed at hunting and got caught and duped by this smoothskin.”

You can see Vizya bristle at having her “hunting” prowess insulted, but it only lasts a moment. “V-Vizya failed at hunting-“

“Is a failure of a hunter.” You correct her.

“Vizya is a failure of a hunter.” You can see her cheeks starting to flush. She’s done her best to curl into a ball while still standing. “Vizya got caughts by a smoothskin.”

“Was so clumsy and loud she got caught by a sleeping smoothskin.” You say.

You can hear her voice start to choke up. “Vizya was such a clumsy failure of a hunter she got caughts by sleeping great one.”

“No, no.” You say in a singsong voice. “You got caught by a sleeping smoothskin.”

“Vizya got caughts by sleeping smoothskin.” She takes each one of your corrections without protest.


“And was so stupids Vizya thinks smoothskin was great one.”

“What did being tricked make you do?” Sure, it’s supposed to make her go away. But this is also letting you work off all your annoyance at the dumb, smelly lizard.

“Vizya gots mark of great one.”

“Vizya tattooed herself as a smoothskin’s property.”

“Vizya marks herself as smoothskin’s property.” She’s now taking deep, shuddering breaths.

You motion for her to continue.

“Vizya wears clothes of great one’s priest for smoothskin’s pleasure.” She was starting to get it.

“You did more than that.” Your voice has turned into a calm whisper.

“Vizya shows baby making place to smoothskin and… and l-lifts her t-tail for smoothskin.” That’s the first thing she’s had trouble saying for a while. It’s probably some great mark of shame. You vaguely remember hearing something like that.

“Did the smoothskin tell Vizya to do that?”

“N-no. Vizya does it on her own. To entice the smoothskin.”

“Sounds like that was hard to admit. What happens to kobolds who lift their tails for smoothskin?”

“Traitors who l-lift tail for smoothskin gets thrown out.” She absentmindedly reaches back and clutches her own.

“What about times when they’re doing it to trick smoothskins so they can steal from them?”

“Lifting tail during hunt iz for desperate times. Clan understands.”

“But Vizya wasn’t in desperate times, was Vizya?” You don’t know if you’re copying her speech patterns to mock her, or for some other reason.


“Would even a kobold whore in a smoothskin town lift her tail while wearing sacred clothing?”

“Traitors are not low enough to disgrace priestz clothes. Vizya is worse than traitor.” The kobold is now looking up at you with moist eyes, but not sad ones.

“Give me an example.”

Vizya starts, not quite expecting this, but tries to recover. “As great one orders.”

“No.” You say. “A great one isn’t ordering you. A smoothskin is.”

Vizya bites her lip, or whatever passes for one for kobolds. “As the smoothskin orders.” She sashays her hips a few times before pivoting around. Then she uses one hand to slowly pull her tail upwards, revealing her slit and butthole again. You can see a faint trail of lubrication starting to slide down her thigh. She’s definitely getting off on this.

“Higher” You command. “I want the tip to touch your horns.”

Vizya’s tail isn’t quite long enough to do that comfortably, so she ends up bending forward and arching her back in order to get it as close as possible. It’s still not enough though.

“You have a free hand. Give this smoothskin a better look inside.”

“Vizya obeys.” She dutifully reaches back with her left hand and pulls her asscheek aside. Her holes start to gape slightly and you can see the insides of her pussy twitch now and then.

You spend a good minute taking the sight in, barely noticing Vizya giving you a heated look over her shoulder.

It’s time to change tact, you decide.

“Drop your tail this instant, you filthy whore.” You bark out.

Vizya probably would have done that at any loud noise but complies nonetheless. She opens her mouth, but can’t seem to form any words.

“Take of those clothes. You don’t deserve them any more.” You take a step closer and shout again.

“As gre- the smoothskin orders.”

“You will refer to me as master. You marked yourself as my property after all.”

Vizya glances down at the tattoo on her ankle. “As master orders.” She then starts to strip, sensually. Obviously trying to get back into the sexy mood from before.

“Don’t give me that horseshit.”

The kobold freezes and stares at you.

“Don’t try to dress it up. You’re a whore who disgraced those sacred clothes and now you’re losing them.” You step forward again and roughly pull the clothes off her. Then you stalk over to the nearest puddle and throw them in, spit on them and grind them into the mud with your heel.

Vizya looks absolutely scandalized.

“That’s not even a fraction of the disgrace you gave to them,” you say. Your voice a calm whisper again. “Am I right?”

She nods in understanding. “Master is right.” At least she catches on decently to being ordered around. Or whatever the fuck this is. You’re not even sure at this point.

“Now tell me: what are you?”

“Vizya is a smoothskin’s property. Vizya exists to serve master.” Her voice is starting to heat up.

“Good.” You say gently. “Now kneel and place your arms behind your back.”

Vizya wordlessly drops to her knees and crosses her wrists just above her tail.

You undo your pants and pull out your erect cock. This wasn’t your plan, you swear. Vizya is the one who started getting off to it first. “This isn’t a dragon’s tool, is it?” you ask her.

“No.” Vizya’s voice is entranced. “Iz a smoothskin’s.”

“But it belongs to your master. So you’re going to worship it like it were a god.”

“Vizya obeys master.”

“Stay still.”

You walk over to Vizya and drape your ballsack over her snout. It twitches as she inhales deeply, and you can see her yellow eyes cross as she tries to look at your cock, but she does manage to stay still enough to satisfy. “Now kiss it.”

The snout moves back and then you feel soft, warm lips on your balls. An order for more tongue later, and you feel it gently lapping at your sack and coiling around it.

“I just let you kiss a god. What do you say?”

“Vizya thanks master for letting Vizya worship his cock.”

“You’re not so worthless when it comes to being a whore for smoothskins.” You can see her shudder in arousal at your words. Now hold completely still, except for where I move you.

Vizya gets her shaking under control and does her best to obey.

You kneel yourself and gently pull her jaw down to let her mouth fall open. You stick two fingers in her mouth and pull Vizya’s tongue out too. Then stand again and position your cock outside it.

You let it sit there for a few moments, letting Vizya stew in anticipation before slowly pressing it in. You feel her tongue and throat contract as she tries to swallow around the dick in her mouth.

“I didn’t give you permission to swallow.” You whisper. “If you have saliva, let it drool out. It’s not like you worry about drooling all over yourself any other time.”

You feel Vizya give a tiny nod and her mouth relaxes even more. You can occasionally feel her start to swallow again, but suppress it. Satisfied, you grab her horns and start to pump your cock in and out of her face.

With your command to not swallow, your cock is lubricated quickly and you pick up the pace and start to shove even deeper. As you facefuck the pliant kobold you idly wonder if their gag reflex is different from the other races. After some musing, you decided that their ability to swallow whole eggs probably means that they have less of one.

Looking back down, you see that tears have started to stream down Vizya’s face and she really has started drooling on herself. That sight almost makes you finish immediately, but you have other plans. You stop moving your hips and withdraw your cock from her mouth. “Good girl.” You say, gently. “You can swallow again.”

The corners of Vizya’s mouth twitch upward into a smile before returning to their previous position. You see her throat move a couple of times.

You place one hand on Vizya’s chest and start slowly pushing her backwards. She rolls back without complaint and once fully lying down her legs “coincidentally” fall open.

You place two fingers in her mouth again and spend some time playing with her tongue, before withdrawing them and moving them down to her lower body. You touch on her slit gently and are rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. Then you remove them and go even further down, placing them at her puckered asshole.

Vizya’s eyes close and she lets out a light moan as you trace your finger around the rim, lubricating it with her own saliva. Then you slowly sink it inside to the first knuckle. You leave it inside for a few seconds then repeat the process with the other finger you had lubricated.

When you stick your fingers back into Vizya’s mouth for more saliva, her lips close around them and she licks them of her own accord, wetting them as much as possible. When they pop out of her mouth you say, “that’s right. A slave should get used to the taste of their own asshole.” You get flushed cheeks and another soft moan in response.

This time you run both fingers around her anus and push them in in unison.

Vizya squirms slightly and an, “ah,” escapes her.

You stir your fingers around gently before withdrawing and using that hand to position the tip of your cock at the entrance of Vizya’s anus. She cranes her neck to look down at the impending penetration and uses her hands to pull her legs back and lift her hips slightly off the ground.

You let the moment drag on. Then slowly start to press your cock in.

The initial penetration takes some time as you tease Vizya’s asshole open and reposition your tip to those openings. Once you get past the widest part, you feel the skin of Vizya’s anus surge over the tip of your penis, pulling it deeper inside. She doesn’t even bother to hold her moans back.

You start to gently pump again, taking care to get everything properly lubricated- with Vizya’s saliva of course. It takes a few minutes before you’re truly able to bottom out in her ass.

At this point, you decide to leave her with one final statement. “This is your lot in life: moaning like a whore as your smoothskin master fucks your ass. Learn it well.”

Then you start pounding.

Over the next ten minutes, you play with Vizya’s body as things strike your fancy. You enjoy the extra contractions as you play with her clit. You smear her own saliva in her face. You wrap both hands around her throat and apply pressure until she starts to wheeze. You let go and stroke her tail, which elicits even more moans than usual, even though your hands are clumsy from the awkward angle.

When you feel yourself getting close, you hook Vizya’s legs over your shoulders and lean forward, bending her in half as you plunge mercilessly into her anus.

Sensing that you’re close Vizya’s moans get louder and you hear her crying out, calling you “master” repeatedly. After a last spurt of furious pumping you ram yourself in to the hilt and feel one of your legs spasm and you spray what must be the biggest load of your life into a kobold’s bowels.

You’re not sure how much time passes as you lay on top of Vizya, savoring her warmth as you start to go limp. Reluctantly, you pull out enjoying the soft noises Vizya makes when you do and shuffle over and line your dick up with her face.

No prompting is needed before she starts dutifully cleaning your cock with her mouth. “That’s a good slut.” You’re not quite sure what you’re saying any more. “Gods above, that’s a fantastic slut.” You stroke her head gently as she finishes up her work.

You barely manage to get your pants back on before the physical and mental exhaustion of the day suddenly find their grip on you and you feel your consciousness fade.

* * *

When you wake up, a blanket from one of your bags is draped over you and Vizya isn’t next to you.

Well, you guess plan B technically worked. Even if it turned into something completely different in the middle.

You feel around for your bags and find a couple of them missing. Oh well. If Vizya took a little something before heading out it’s not the end of the world. She earned something yesterday.

You sit up and stretch, half formed thoughts of the previous day’s encounter drifting around your head when you hear. “Mornings, great-- Master.”

You turn towards the sound and find yourself face to face with Vizya.

“Daghuaah.” You’re too sleepy to even start properly, so it just turns into a stupid half-yell while you stare at the kobold.

“Master is not used to weak form, yes? So Vizya makes food.” She offers you a bowl of something hot. It turns out to be something like rabbit and lentil soup. A bit heavy for the morning, but having hot food delivered to you as soon as you wake up is enough of a luxury to gloss over any imperfections.

A few compliments to the chef has Vizya beaming as you eat breakfast. You wake up enough to notice that she’s wearing the clothes you tossed into the mud last night and lazily cast a few cantrips to clean and repair them.

Though you’re not certain how she feels about last night, Vizya broaches the subject with no hesitation. “Vizya understands great one’s story for smoothskins is important. Learning Vizya’s role was-“ she blushes, “amazing. Vizya hopes Vizya can keep following great one.”

So to her it was all kinky roleplay sex with a dragon? You give up. The little grey idiot can stay. With the perks she brings, you’re willing to put up with a little annoyance.

With a smile on your face, you tell Vizya she passed the tests and begin chatting with her about your plans for the day.

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