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Martin drove down the deserted streets gliding effortlessly as he let the radio drown out his own thoughts. He was careful not to make the ride too bumpy so that his darling girlfriend Mel could finish getting ready without a hitch. The stunning brunette was riding shotgun focusing on rolling the deep purple lipstick over her plump lips. As they pulled to a stop in front of a large home, Mel looked over to her boyfriend, through a pained smile she asked, "How do I look?" Martin wanted to be a good boyfriend and compliment her, it would have been the easiest thing to do. Mel was a gorgeous girl, whose straight locks fell around a tanned face. Tonight she decided to add more color to her face, decorating it in some expensive makeup he had gotten her for her birthday. Yeah, she was gorgeous, there was no doubt about it.

"You look, great dear," he said shortly while turning his attention back to the road, but not daring to keep going. He didn't mean to be short, but he couldn't help it. His inner rage and ego were screaming at the terrible circumstances he found himself in. Here he was driving his girlfriend to a date, that wasn't even for him. She was in the passenger seat getting dolled up for someone other than him. Gripping the wheel as if it was the neck of a man he hated, he sat there stewing in his own feelings.

"Baby," she said while lightly placing her hand on his arm, lightly gripping it. Martin flinched as her incredible strength forced him to give her his attention.

"Shit Mel," he hissed as he swung his head towards her. Staring back at him was not the usual blue eyes filled with kindness, but golden ones that seemed to stare at him with a mixture of hunger, and lust. Her purple lips were parted in a sorrow-filled frown, as she stared at him. Through the small crack of her lips, he could make out her gleaming fang. His anger disappeared as a new sense of urgency took him over. "It's happening huh?" he asked already knowing the answer.

Mel looked at him through her golden irises and tried to speak, her usual deep voice came out as a harsh growl as she said, "Yes." Martin could tell it took a lot of effort for her to say even that, so he simply kissed her on her cheek as he took her hand in his. Avoiding her sharpened nails, he gave her a look of understanding.

"You look amazing," he whispered as he pressed his lips to hers. Mel returned the kiss with three times the effort and clasped her hand around his. Martin winced but refused to pull away, he wanted her to know that he was there for her. As he dealt with the subtle loss of breath Mel pulled away, her eyes shining as if to tell him something. Martin moved his free hand up and brushed away a strand of her hair, and lightly stroked her cheek. Mel growled pleasantly as she rubbed her cheek against his hand. "Fuck I don't want to do this," he said, "But you need it." Pulling away he left out the car and walked to her side. Opening the door like a gentleman he helped her out of the seat, unbuckling the seatbelt, and lightly guiding her out of the vehicle.

Martin took another moment to look up at his girlfriend. The cream-colored heels gave her a few more inches of height and made her toned legs flex. Every curve of her slim but athletic body was hugged by a red dress, that let her strong feminine arms stay free. The man couldn't fight the conflicting emotions of lust and terror, as she stared down at him outlined by the glow of the house's lights. Martin swallowed as he recognized the slow fade of humanity from her eyes. Taking her hand in his he led her up the stairs to the front of the house. Raising his fist he unleashed a rapid series of knocks onto the ornate door and took a step back. The poor man was still uncomfortable as he wrung his hands together. He wanted so badly for them to hop into his car and turn around, but he knew it wouldn't be worth it. They were in a life and death situation, and he had stupidly chosen life. Mel wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and softly bit at his ear, a symbol of how she wanted to comfort him. Martin closed his eyes and sunk into his girlfriend's embrace.

The two were so focused on each other that they didn't notice the door open, and the sudden new source of light. Martin opened his eyes, slightly blinded by the inside of the house. Blinking once then twice he noticed a woman standing in the doorway. She was blonde who was a bit shorter than him, yet her very essence was that of a giant. Like his girlfriend, she was clad in a dress, but hers was a blue one that showed her shoulders and a considerable amount of her cleavage. On the very soft-looking breasts sat a golden necklace that easily could have cost a month's worth of his salary. The woman coughed lightly, causing her chest to shake and Martin to blush in embarrassment. "Good evening Liza," he said.

The woman stared at the couple, her disdain growing by the minute. She shared the same sentiments about the evening that Martin did, but she was going to do her best to try and be cordial, "Guys just don't stand there, get in here." She moved to the side and allowed the couple to enter, noticing just how far gone Mel was. Closing the door Liza sighed and guided her guests towards a room in the back of her house.

As they passed the various antiques of the elaborate mansion Martin felt it was his obligation to say something to break the rough tension. "You have a lovely home," he said regretting immediately.

Just before they made it to a door Liza turned around and started to address the man. "Look Martin, I know that this is awkward, but we can skip the pleasantries. I know that you're faking it anyway, so let's get this over with," she told the man. Mel growled, acknowledging the tension, but refusing to allow her mate to be disrespected. Martin tensed up and tried to step in front of Mel, he did not need her attempting to rip Liza apart.

A condescending giggle escaped Liza's lips, "Oh so you've already started losing control." It was a statement of truth, and nowhere deserving of the question tone she said it with.

Martin in a rare display stuck up for Mel, "She's in control! You can see that she's waiting there patiently!" Mel was taken aback by Martin's raised voice, she had never seen him like this. Her cute nose flexed as she took in his scent, a usually flowery aroma that was being dampened by hints of his stress. She reached out slightly and brought him into her body, licking at his earlobe, growling in her own unique way to calm him.

Liza rolled her eyes and stared through Martin, "Don't decide now that you want to get all alpha with me. I already have one, and he's waiting for us." Martin nodded, his heart racing as his mind reconciled with the thinly veiled threat. Liza turned around and pushed the door inward, revealing steps that led deep into the basement. Descending down he heard the constant clattering of metal, a sound that was neither warm nor inviting. It was here that he paused and turned to look back at Mel. In the dark of the tunnel, her golden eyes shined with soft remorse, but her hand on his shoulder was reassuring. The two shared a moment as unspoken words passed back and forth. Both of them shared the same sentiment and nervousness, two feelings that brought up the idea of them turning the hell around. As the unanswered question hung in the air Liza's voice rang out in her distinct annoyed tone, "Get done here!" At the command from the woman, both knew they had to go. Finishing the downward climb, the two found themselves in front of the other half of their host couple.

It had been years since the last time that Martin had seen Erik, and he was every bit as monstrous as he remembered. The man's dark black skin blended almost perfectly with the somber atmosphere of the basement, while his eyes stood out against it. Those golden orbs matched Mel's and told him that he was dealing with someone more animal than human. Erik moved one of his clawed hands out in a sign of decency. Flashing his sharpened teeth he grunted out a small, "Evening." Martin took his hand and noticed the strength behind it. Swallowing he realized he better keep his attitude in check, lest this beast tear into him. Erik turned and looked at Mel, this time drinking in her curvy form. "Beautiful," he said again his voice deep and almost inhuman. Mel shifted fighting her instincts to take the compliment while also wanting to remain respectful of her boyfriend. Unleashing a soft whimper she nodded towards the man but returned to looking at her boyfriend. Martin himself clenched his fists but dug them into his pockets for fear of starting something he couldn't finish.

"Yeah, she is," Liza spat. The trio turned and found her sitting there with a tray of drinks. "Here, something to make this a little easier," she said while everyone took a glass. Martin sipped the drink and allowed the burning liquid to glide down easily into his gut. He kept drinking, doing his best to drown his feelings. He thought that he had a grip, but seeing Erik in his flesh destroyed that notion. Once again Mel sensed his distress and wrapped her arms around him, the low growls of his girlfriend bounced into his ear. This time with the liquor in her system she nipped at him, drawing blood and causing him to flinch. In the time that they had been in the house, he didn't notice that her teeth had sharped to an almost dangerous point...and did her arms feel more solid? Martin polished off the rest of his drink as he tried his best to ignore the flashes of pain from his girlfriend's clawed embrace. Liza spoke up again when she saw that he was done, "Okay follow us."

Martin nodded as the two followed their hosts to the other side of the room, passing a number of intimidating yet sleek-looking devices. Eventually, they arrived at one that looked like it was better suited for a prison than a residential house. The steel frame created a box-like structure where an awkwardly shaped bench came out of the floor. It reminded Martin of a "w-shape" and he couldn't stop his mind from imagining all of it's uses. The rest of the structure was unimpressive, just simple steel and the occasional set of straps. Martin looked over and sat Erik fiddling with the bench, angling it as Liza gave out curt instructions.

"So Uhm, what is that for??" he asked nervously.

Liza turned to him and started to explain, "It's for your safety Martin."

"My safety?" Martin stammered, he was absolutely confused and not liking the devolving situation.

Liza placed her arm on the confused man, she didn't like this portion of the process. Mel growled seeing the gesture, a threatening sound that made Martin's blood run cold. Liza who was much smaller, and definitely weaker than the bestial woman looked up secure in the fact that her own lover was there. Making her confidence tangible Erik unleashed his own low threat as he zeroed in on the woman. Mel faltered, and let out another whimper as she shook in her heels. Liza looked up at Martin and started to explain, "Yes your safety. We are going to make sure that Mel can't kill you."

Martin lost it at that sentence, "She wouldn't!" He was animated as he wanted to defend his girlfriend.

Liza's eyes softened, a lot of people couldn't deal with the harsh reality. "Look I know she would never willingly do it, but she could. She's a wolf who is much stronger and deadlier than you are. At any given time, in the throes of passion, she could lose herself. The animal could take over and you could be torn to shreds," she said with a lot of sincerity.

Martin swallowed as he looked at Mel, the words had hit her like a truck. Through her eyes, he could see her accepting the harsh reality that came with her new state. Turning around Martin had to interrogate the woman before him, "Obviously that didn't happen to you."

Liza was growing irritated at how thick Martin was being, but it was to be expected. Sighing she gave the reasoning as to why she didn't have anything to fear, "I know magic. Several calming spells, restraint spells, and well Erick doesn't mind being tied up." At that moment Eric bent down and gave Liza a peck on the cheek. Martin had to admit that it was a sweet gesture, contrasting with the devilish form he had taken.

"Teach me those spells then," Martin demanded. A piercing glare made Martin give an added, "Please."

Liza laughed as she focused on the man, "No time to teach you the basics. Look either you let us help or you take your chances." Martin sat looking, hating the fact that these choices even needed to be made. He was so conflicted until he felt Mel try to grab at his hand, she was careful not to cut him again. Martin allowed her to grab onto his hand and used that to make the decision easy. No way would he let her be the monster.

"Alright, how do we start?" he asked.

Liza grinned at him and started giving out instructions, "Mel please go lay across the bench. Make sure that you're firmly in it please." The remaining members of the group turned and watched her strut towards the mechanism. Her rounded ass swaying as her dress rode up revealing the lacy purple thong. Bending down and laying across the soft leather of the bench. Liza snapped her fingers and the bench snapped shut, with a magical lock appearing from thin air. Mel started to growl, realizing that she was trapped but Erik's own deep warning caused her to stop. "Martin there's some leather cuffs on the corners of the frame, grab them and strap her in please," Liza directed. Martin followed the orders, grabbing the first of the leather shackles. As he held them in his hands he noted how heavy and sturdy they were.

Liza answered the unasked question, "Construction grade steel wrapped in Italian leather. Strong and elegant."

Martin's disgust pooled in his gut as the image of his girlfriend strapped into some magical restraint hit him. There was the love of his life growling as she shifted uncomfortably, all her efforts doing nothing but exposing her loins to the world. Swallowing he raised his voice of concern once again, "How does her being in that and pissed off help?"

Liza was growing bothered by his constant questions and unease, so she decided to explain things nice and slow for him. "Look that device makes it easier on all of us. While she's in that Erik doesn't have to hold her down while he tames her."

At hearing the PC way the act was described he snorted, "Tame? You mean fucks her right?"

"No fucking is what he is going to do to me after he's done. Taming is just him tiring her out just enough for you to take over and her animal side to be subdued," Liza said while she lit some odd-looking candles. As the flames ignited Martin smelled a scent that seemed familiar. "It's Aconitum aka Wold's Bane...used to soothe wolf's," she said reading his mind.

Martin looked and could see that Mel had stopped struggling and looked like she was simply swaying to some unheard music. Turning back to the woman he had more questions that needed answers. "If she's stuck in that why can't I fuck her that way? I mean she can't move so aren't I safe?" he asked.

"No, you aren't. One, those chains and set up are a hindrance to a wolf. They are much stronger than you would believe. Two, taming doesn't work like that. Giving you the quick version, taming is subduing the beast so the person can take over mentally. If you can't exhaust the beast, then well you're fucked," Liza told him. Martin was about to keep questioning but a deadly glare from the woman stopped him. "Look I don't want to watch my boyfriend fuck someone else right in front of me, but they're wolves and it's what they do. The faster we get this over, the faster we both can both get our partners to ourselves," Liza told him. He could hear the frustration in her voice and knew instantly that she was drawing no more pleasure from this than he was. "Look if it's worth anything you can go warm her up for a bit," she told him while making her way towards Erik who sat dutifully waiting.

Martin didn't need to be told twice and returned to the front of his girlfriend. Being imprisoned in the shackles made her look like some strung up sex doll, and sadly it was turning him on. Bending his thin frame down, Martin placed a kiss on her lips, which she did her best to return. Drawing back he looked and told her, "This will be over soon." Mel obviously understood as she whimpered and shook her hips, in a burning need. Martin nodded as he went around back, noting that her panties were a deeper shade of purple. "Awesome my girlfriend likes being tied up," he thought. He dipped down to his knees, marveling at the way Mel flex and pumped, rolling her hips any stimulation. "Easy girl," he said as he started to pull the thin garment down.

With her loins exposed to the world, Mel growled in animalistic frustration. Trying to push her ass back just enough to meet mate's mouth. Martin wanted to laugh as he noticed how futile it was, the bind around her torso stopped her from moving more than an inch or two." I got it, I got it," he said while pushing his face forward. In a well-practiced motion, he dragged his tongue up her pussy savoring the taste. Mel growled and grunted as she fought at the bind, aching for more. Martin snuck his tongue in between the lips, licking at her nether regions. Each pass of his tongue caused Mel to jerk and spasm as she fought to claim her mate. The low growls turned into a harsh roar as she thrashed about fighting the restraints. The steel-structured started to shake as Mel fought. Mel slammed her back against the upper portion of the bind and caused the frame to tilt up before slamming on the floor. Jumping back Martin gasped in shock and surprise. The lock jiggled almost being snapped at the sheer force of the woman. Martin lurched back in shock, at seeing what he was actually warned about.

"Stay," came Erik's harsh growl. Mel stopped dead in her tracks and started to whimper. She looked like a hit puppy who realized she did something bad. Martin felt sympathetic as he looked at her struggling, but he was still shaken from what he had experienced.

"Still think you can tame her?" Liza asked while helping him to his feet. Martin shook his head no as he stood up. "Baby let's start," Liza order. Erik nodded then moved behind the she-beast. No matter how long he lived, Martin would never forget the sight of Erik's transformation. At first, his bones cracked in an inhuman way, jutting out against his skin before resettling. His body now reacted, the muscles growing as hair sprouted out against his flesh. What was happening was equal parts terrifying, and majestic. Erik placed his now elongated hands on her flesh, as his nails grew into sharpened black claws. The man wasn't gentle as he dug the weapons into his girlfriend's flesh, drawing tiny pricks of blood. If Mel was bothered by it she showed no concerns as she hissed and thrust herself back. Rubbing her own pert cheeks against her new alpha she was doing her best to incite him. Martin blinked as he realized Erik was done changing, the stout man was now replaced with a gigantic humanoid wolf. The long dark muzzle parted and gave way to sharpened fangs.

"Shit," Martin said as he watched Mel go through a similar transformation. He saw her muscles bulge slightly, but instead of becoming statuesque, he saw her body become more curvy, ripping the thin material of the dress. Her hands also elongated into claws, while her hair got a bit longer. Her face morphed slightly becoming harsher and giving way to sharpened teeth, which definitely ruled out Martin wanting a blow job. She still looked like his girlfriend, but he knew she was more animal at the moment. Turning to Liza he swallowed nervously, "Is she gonna, ya know change?"

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