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Many hoomans fell for Mumei due in part to the scuff in her early streams, and a big part of the experience was watching her grow and improve over time. Here's a list of the most recommended streams to watch in order to fully appreciate the evolution of Mumei. You can click on the thumbnails to access the stream.

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Her debut


Single streams

Construction Simulator 2015

Go back to the TOC Scuff, bird noises, digging a hole for an hour or so and Pete. Has a follow-up stream a year later that is also a reboot.

Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2021-08-27 【CONSTRUCTION SIMULATOR 2015】What am I doing
2022-08-27 【CONSTRUCTION SIMULATOR 2015】Vacations Over!!
Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Go back to the TOC Legendary meme status of being recommended everywhere by the YouTube algorithm, Sana's comeback and sudden collab provided some really cute moments and part of the mythical Sugar Rush

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2021-11-12 【ACNH】Home is where the HEART is!
Big Brain Academy

Go back to the TOC Forgor's first death also the first time we saw a tryhard Mumei.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2021-12-11 【Big Brain Academy】i'm bad at math

Go back to the TOC What is featured on this recommendation list was her longest stream at the time before being beaten by the 'Pokemon breeding' stream. Described as possibly one of the most entertaining MC stream from Mumei's POV in multiple aspects and most particularly interactions with Sana and Kronii. Slow second half, but still worth the watch.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2021-12-18 【Minecraft】berry lovers only
Jump King

Go back to the TOC Most recent longest stream, clocking at 6:13:43. The other reasons why the stream is featured in the rentry are the VChat interactions with Bae and Kronii and the last 30 minutes of perseverance on Mumei's part to get done with her in-game objectives.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2022-02-12 【JUMP KING】Owl Learns to JUMP! ft. maybe friends

Streams with multiple parts


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Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2021-08-24 【JOURNEY】Where are we going?
2021-08-31 【JOURNEY】Finale.. right?
Passpartout series

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Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2021-09-04 【PASSPARTOUT】 I am a painter, you see!
2021-09-08 【PASSPARTOUT】 I have PASSION
2021-09-20 【PASSPARTOUT】 Hungry Hungry Owl
The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

Go back to the TOC BotW was her longest running series so far and as far as gaming goes. /who/'s most recommended stream would be the Zora's Domain one (Part 6 - BEASTS!) - on the sole context that it was the very first 4 hour+ stream on her channel and was the very first stream of the Sugar Rush week.

Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2021-10-05 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】Remember Mumei... #1
2021-10-12 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】APPLE! #2
2021-10-19 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】Swords and Apples #3
2021-10-26 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】I Like Exploring #4
2021-10-29 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】I Am Playing The Legend of Zelda: BOTW #5
2021-11-07 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】BEAST
2021-11-11 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】A Peaceful Evening Playing The Legend of Zelda: BOTW
2021-11-19 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】Remember Who You Are Link
2021-12-06 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】Gerudo Zerudo
2021-12-31 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】What Is Our Purpose
2022-06-19 【The Legend of Zelda: BOTW】I Forgot About The Princess

Go back to the TOC Another saga (just like HoloCure arc) but just as more addictive for Mumei. Seems to be the perfect game fitting her tastes: basically Minecraft with guns, multiple targets to shoot at, wild tangents and situations leading to multiples interactions with her JP/ID senpais and kouhais - most of the streams listed so far happened during the 2nd season with the exception of the collab with Gura and Fauna, which happened a few days before the server wipe.

Her 3rd stream called 'shhhhhhh' is the one being the most recommended by the thread due to the in-media-res interactions with Moona and Kaela (kickstarted when Mumei killed Kaela before the start of her own stream) and the gambling sequence. It was mostly a solo stream with mundane tasks despite the large cast of protagonists in these events: Subaru, Moona, Kaela & Zeta (Luna & IRyS were also in the surroundings, without being seen on Mumei's stream). Here's the link to the RUST Annex - everything from Mumei's POVs, the Alt POVs and the M.E.S. timestamps will be archived in the chronological order.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail Other participants & Alt POVs
2021-08-17 【RUST】 shhhhhhh Subaru, Moona, Zeta & Kaela[1],[2]


Go back to the TOC See the Music (Songs & Karaokes) rentry. The most recommended would be the following :

Date Title Magnet & Thumbnails
2021-11-12 Guerilla Unarchived Karaoke #3 - So this is sugar ooowooowowowoo
2021-12-15 Guerilla Unarchived Karaoke #6: HOWDY
2022-01-16 Unarchived karaoke #10 : Unarchived Caffeine Crash Karaoke
2022-01-22 Unarchived Karaoke #11 : 500K Karaoke
2022-02-15 Unarchived karaoke #14 - Valentine's Day Songs!
2022-03-10 Unarchived karaoke #15 - not karaoke
2022-08-03 Unarchived Karaoke #26 (Public #21) - Early Birthday Tunes !!!
2022-09-26 Unarchived Karaoke #31 (Public #23) - I don't think my voice is strained now

The members ones ('Member's Unarchived Karaoke' and 'Acapella') are also heavily recommended.
The off collab karaokes that happened on Ame's channels are also recommended by the thread. The first link is the archived part of the offcollab while the second is the unarchived part. We'll note for the sake on being an anecdote that all the members of that off-collab were all drawn during the very first episode of the 'Mumei draws HololiveEN' series. It was a subject of a (joke) controversy on /who/ whenever this thing was unintentional or rigged.

Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2022-02-26 [Off-Collab Karaoke] EN MEETUP! ft. Ina, Fauna, Kronii, Mumei
2022-02-26 Unarchived off-collab Karaoke on Ame's channel (Off-Collab IKZ!)

Solo - Variety

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Drawing Reine (as a Peacock)

Known as the Peacock drawing, serving as a response to Reine's initial drawing of Mumei.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2022-08-31 【DRAWING】BIRBS .

This entry is the very first Twitter Space. See the Various pieces of media rentry for future entries.

Date Title Link
2022-01-12 Kitchen Time https://cloudup.com/cBt6Q3x1RSv + Transcript

Paper shuffling and random bird noises.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2021-11-02 【ASMR】 Study with Me?
Mumei Zatsudan & Rants

Sources of wild and wilder tengents. Also not laughing in the case of the Mumei Rants. Worth to note that the original 'Mumei Rants' stream from January 2022 had a follow-up a few months later.

Date Title Link & Thumbnails
2021-12-07 I went to the dentist
2022-01-15 Mumei Rants
Memei Meme Review

This is what her sense of humor is like. Also 'I expected better from you' as she says. On the side note and it's an opinion shared by Mumei herself and /who/ : The 'i forgor' meme needs to die! Her ideal source-material for memes have to be mainly based on streams or any different interactions whenever it's twitter or chat interactions as long as memes used prior to her debut aren't overused, seem forced or is irrelevant to her character.

Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2022-01-09 Mumei Meme Review


Date Title Link & Thumbnail
2022-05-07 Nanashi Mumei Ch. hololive-EN Live Stream


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Date Title Link & Thumbnails Participants & Altenative POVs
2021-08-25 【DON'T STARVE TOGETHER】 Surviving in the wilderness with Mumei! Fauna
2021-09-07 【Minecraft】Don't mined me! #holoCouncil Gura (unofficially since the streams happened during the collab ban)
2021-09-11 【MAD-LIB THEATRE】Hoo-Haa! Theatre! ft. @Hakos Baelz Ch. hololive-EN Bae
2021-09-12 【COUNCIL MEETING】Are We Dumber Than A 5th Grader? HoloCouncil
2021-09-17 【We Were Here Together】Trying To Survive With @Nanashi Mumei Ch. hololive-EN Kronii
2021-10-06 【Minecraft】The Grim Adventures of Mumei and Kronii! Kronii, Gura, Sora & Polka
2021-10-09 【Dead By Daylight COLLAB】I Am Running (Killer run timestamp - Entire stream) Gura, Mori, Kronii & IRyS - these are all timestamps for the killer run - refer to this page for all the alt POVs and timestamps
2021-10-10 ≪COUNCIL COLLAB≫ IT'S BEEN A WHILE! ASSEMBLE! on Pico Park HoloCouncil
2021-10-28 【DEVOUR】nutrients Gura, Kronii & Fauna
2021-11-04 A Way Out Part 1 - 【A Way Out】ESCAPE! ft. @Hakos Baelz Ch. hololive-EN #holoCouncil Bae
2021-11-06 【MARIO PARTY SUPERSTARS】Sportsfes Hangover Included! Kiara, Gura & Amelia
2021-11-25 A Way Out Part 2 - ≪A Way Out≫ WE ESCAPED ft. @Nanashi Mumei Ch. hololive-EN Bae
2022-02-13 Minecraft EN Server tour with HoloX Bae, Chloe & Lui
2022-03-28 【ROOM REVIEW】Moomba Goomba Roomba Gura
2022-04-21 【DEVOUR】Spooky with GURA, FAUNA, KRONII Gura, Kronii & Fauna
2022-07-18 ANATOMY REVIEW with Calli + Sana + Mumei Mori & Sana
2022-07-27 【MINECRAFT】ID Server? Bae, Risu, Zeta & Kaela
2022-08-31 【TWILIGHT WATCHALONG】 hold on tight, spider monkey with MUMEI Fauna - has a follow-up and might be made into a series with a possible offcollab (watchalongs+ Twilight karaoke).
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