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We'd holidayed at the lake for years; it felt like a second home to me. It was owned by my grandad and all the family took turns staying there a couple weeks a year. Last year, I was there with my folks, my three sisters and older brother for the first week, and for the second week my mum's sister joined us with her husband and four kids.
The house was tucked away inside the wood and it was only about a ten minute walk through the forest to get to the lake. The lake was massive and had dozens of beaches around its edge, all mostly inaccessible from the road.
So, one morning I woke up and saw it was a beautiful day. I pulled on my trunks and threw my towel over my shoulders and started the walk through the wood, the early morning sun twinkling through the leaves as the birds sung.
When I came upon our private little beach, the lake was dazzling with the early morning sun. I walked right up to the water's edge and let the water wash over my toes. It was cold but refreshing. I decided to go out for a swim and find a beach of my own; I didn't feel like being surrounded by family today.
I tied my towel around my waist and waded out into the cold, still lake. As soon as my head went under, I had a burst of energy and swam way out into the lake. Eventually, I got tired and lay on my back in the middle of the lake and let the breeze gently blow me to shore. I swam the last few metres and reached the beach as the day was starting to heat up.
I looked up and down the beach but could see no one. I wasn't familiar with this beach but it must be private as I couldn't see any trail coming from the wood. So, I walked to the edge of the wood and took my towel from my waist and hung it up on a branch so it could dry. I turned and faced the lake and smiled; a bit of peace and quiet, at last.
As I stood there I could feel the sun drying my skin, but my trunks were still drenched and dripping. After one last look around I quickly pulled them off and hung them up in the tree next to my towel. I lay down in the warm sand and looked down at my cold, shriveled cock sticking up at a right angle from my body. I smiled at my small, shrunken cock and lay my head back with my eyes closed.

I woke up to a terrifying sound - the revving of an engine. The moment I awoke I wasn't quite sure where I was, but then I saw my towel swinging in the tree above me and remembered. Damn. How long had I been asleep? And where was that engine coming from? I turned and looked into the forest and could just make out a car as it sped off. That was close, I wonder if they saw me?
I turned back around to face the lake and then saw, to my horror, a couple lying back and rubbing sun lotion onto each other to my left on the edge of the wood,. They were only 20 feet away and must have seen me naked! I looked down at my naked body and was happy to see that my shrunken cock had warmed up and was now lying down by my balls between my legs. Maybe they hadn't seen.
I glanced to my right and fuck! Four more people! They were throwing a football around. By the way they threw, it looked like three boys and a girl. But they were a little farther away, maybe 50 feet. They surely hadn't noticed. I looked up at my towel and wished it would fall down onto me so I wouldn't have to stand up butt naked on the beach in front of all these people.
And then with horror I realised that my swimming trunks weren't up in the tree. For a brief second I was elated - that must mean they've fallen and I can grab them without having to get up - but I soon realised they were nowhere in sight. Fuck. They must have blown away in the wind.
Just then there was a soft crashing sound in the sand next to me, and I looked around to see the American football in the sand around 5 feet away from me. I looked up in horror to see one of the four friends running toward me; it was the girl. Fuck! She was getting closer and I could see she was relatively young, maybe 20, wearing a skimpy white bikini, and her huge tits were jumping and swaying as she ran through the sand. She started to slow as she approached the ball, putting her hands on her hips, leaning back and breathing deeply, her huge chest heaving.
She was within ten feet now and finally noticed me. I watched her smile turn into a frown as her eyes worked their way down from my face to my groin. I froze in horror as her eyes stayed glued to my groin as she continued to get closer and closer. This was humiliating. She stood just five feet away from me, her eyes still on my cock. She slowly bent down to pick up the ball, her huge tits falling forward to give me a perfect view. She stood up straight again and looked me in the face and smiled. She turned around and started to run back to her friends. Turning back and laughing at me periodically.
Well, that was humiliating, and before things got any worse I was determined to stand up and get the towel. But just before I could, I saw something move in the water. The midday sun was right over the lake now and I struggled to make anything out. I could see ripples and what appeared to be a slender figure emerging from the water.
As my eyes adjusted I was able to make out more, and fuck! I thought I could make out the beautiful silhouette of a woman - with no top on. I doubted myself but as she emerged from the water into the beach right in front of me I could clearly see the sun catch her long, hard nipples, their shadow playing across her tight abdomen. She was stunning...and she continued walking directly towards me.
She must have only been 25 or so, slim with small but pert breasts, with perky nipples pointing up towards the sky. Her wet blonde hair tumbled down around her shoulders, her bronzed skin glistening in the sun had me transfixed and I felt the first stirrings from my loins. I was leaning up on my elbows as she approached and stood directly before me, like an angel, with the sun directly behind her.
"So, you're awake?" ,she asked. Before I could respond she had put her fingers under her waistband and slowly slid out of the shorts she was wearing, revealing beautiful slender legs, wide, slightly pointed hips and a barely visible strip of pubes over her pussy. There were no tan lines.
This was unbelievable. I had a beautiful, bronzed, naked beauty in front of me, her skin still wet and shining.
"Thanks for the shorts," she said as she dropped them onto the sand at my feet and stood in front of me. I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering all over her body, she was stunning. "It looks like you're pretty happy to see me?"
Her question brought me back to reality and I suddenly realised that my cock was rapidly becoming hard, now sticking out at a 45 degree angle, pointing almost directly at her face. "Wow. You're certainly a grower. When I borrowed your shorts you weren't any bigger than my fingernail, and now look at you."
I quickly sat up and put my hands down to cover my stiffening cock. "I..I..I'm sorry. I thought it was a private beach. I, it was cold, in the water. It shrinks." I stuttered, my words falling over each other as this naked goddess still looked over me.
"No, don't be embarrassed. I love the naked form. Especially when it looks so big and hard." She knelt down in the sand between my legs and placed her hands on mine, "May I?"
I stole a glance to my right but the four friends were still playing catch further down the beach. Then I remembered the couple behind me on the left. They were still rubbing oil into each they and were stealing glances over at us; they could see and hear almost everything. I looked back down at the Greek goddess between my legs as she softly lifted my hands away from my now rock hard cock. She ran her hands over my six pack before gently running a finger down my shaft, causing my cock to twitch with tension.
"Wow," she said, "it's so beautiful." She now lifted my cock off my belly making me moan, "and so heavy too! My god, I never thought a cock could grow so much. Look, it's bigger than my forearm! Oh my god, it's making me so wet just touching it." She grabbed my cock harder now and started to slowly jerk it. "I can feel the blood pulsing through it! This is what a cock should be like! I want to know how you taste!"
With that she leaned forward and ran her tongue from my balls all the way up my shaft until she got to my head, where she swirled her tongue around and sucked out my first drop of precum. "Fuuck!" I groaned, "that feels so good!"
I'd only had two girlfriends up to this point and neither of them liked giving head. And neither of them commented on my cock size. But this girl was now going at it, her mouth locked on my cock head while her hands sort of twisted my cock as she was wanking me. Her perky tits were bouncing as she stroked and sucked my cock, her big erect nipples catching the sun.
She was sucking hard on my cock now and I was edging nearer to cumming in her mouth. I groaned with pleasure and lay my head back on the sand. When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see the couple that had been watching from behind us now standing directly over me. I cried out in shock and the Greek goddess took her mouth from around my cock and sat up.
The couple were bronzed and oiled, the girl's hand was wrapped around her boyfriend's hard cock. His cock was long but not as thick as mine. The girl's tits were large and hung heavily, her erect nipples sticking out at curious angles. They looked very sexy.
The Greek goddess wiped my precum from around her mouth and smiled, "Well hello, fancy joining the fun?" This girl really was a sex goddess! I'd never even as much as had sex with the light on, let alone have a foursome on a beach in broad daylight.
The couple smiled and nodded, "We'd love to!" said the girl.
"Great!" laughed my goddess. "Look, why don't you sit on his face while I suck his nice big cock?"
The girl stared down at me, "On his face? Is that what you want, lover boy?"
My heart was thumping in my chest as the goddess continued to finger my throbbing penis. I looked down at the goddess and she arched her eyebrows at me. I looked up at the girl standing over me and nodded my head. She smiled as she turned around and slowly lowered herself over my face. As she got lower, her arse cheeks slowly spread and gave me a perfect view of her freshly shaven and glistening pussy and her little brown arsehole. She lowered herself, slowly, inch by inch, until I could smell her sex, the sun glistening on her pussy juices. Her pussy lips were tight and beautiful, but I could tell her pussy was well used.
Her pussy was now centimetres from my face. I slowly opened my mouth. I could feel the goddess's eyes glued onto me as the girls pussy softly brushed my nose and settled onto my mouth. The girl immediately let out a deep groan as my mouth enveloped her throbbing pussy. My tongue slowly ran the length of her vulva, from her drooling pussy all the way up to her engorged clit. As soon as I made contact with her clit, she let out another cry and her legs buckled underneath her, meaning all her weight fell into my face. I could no longer see anything. All of my senses were enveloped by her pulsating pussy, as my tongue flicked out, licking and sucking, she humped back and forth on my face. I could felt her juices running into my mouth and down my chin onto my neck and chest. I could hardly breath and put my hands up onto her thighs - which were already drenched with her juices - and heaved her up off me just enough so I could steal a breath. As I did so, I caught a peak of the goddess between my legs playing with my cock and licking the head, but her attention was fixed firmly on me sucking and slurping this girls pussy and arsehole.
The girl slammed her weight back onto my face and continued to gyrate on top of me, grinding on top of me harder and faster as I continued to lick and suck at her clit, pussy and arsehole. Just as I was about to lift her off again to grab another breath I felt her thighs tighten their grip around my head, applying immense pressure so I thought my head would explode. Her movements became erratic and twitchy and I knew what was coming. I licked and sucked like a man possessed as I felt her pussy vibrate and her thighs shake. The girl sat on my face seemed to lose all control of herself as I felt her orgasm crash through her. My mouth quickly filled with her juices as shock after shock passed through her quaking body. Finally, I felt her relax on top of me and I was able to push her off me so she was sitting on my chest. I looked up at her flushed face, she looked dazed and confused, and I now saw that her face was covered in thick streams of white cum. Her boyfriend must have cum on her face as she was cumming on mine. I could see that small shocks were still going through her body, her saggy tits shaking.
Directly above me, I saw her boyfriend's cock covered in cum and spit slowly growing limp. Meanwhile, a puddle of pussy juices was forming on my chest and I was pleased when the boyfriend lifted her her off me, her legs still shaky. I was still recovering my breath when the goddess stood up between my legs. She looked down at my face and smiled, "Wow, you look so fucking hot covered in all her pussy juices!" She took a step forward and crouched over me and, leaning forward so her face was over mine, stuck out her tongue and delicately started to lick the pussy juices off my face and neck. "Mmm, you're a lucky boy, she tastes so good!" The goddess then sat up, sitting her round cheeks on my stomach, I could feel her wet pussy pulsating on my belly button. "So, big boy, are you ready?"
I was still in total shock and couldn't really get my head round what was happening. Like a total schmuck I asked her, "Err, for what?" She just smiled down at me like the little boy I was and wiggled her arse further down my body. As soon as I felt her red hot pussy make contact with my bulbous head, I couldn't help but cry out. "Oh! You're so sensitive." She giggled at me as she reached round with her hand and took hold of my cock, angling it towards her pussy. "But you feel so strong and hard,"she gushed as she slowly rubbed my head along her pussy. She gasped. "Are you ready?" I could only nod as I lay frozen, totally mesmerized by this beautiful woman on top of me, her perfect tits hanging down, her hand over my cock, her pussy breathing fire onto me. Her breathing was short and hard. She lined up my cock and slowly lowered herself onto me.
She cried out as if in pain and stopped halfway down my cock. I could not believe the sight of this goddess,this angel, half impaled on my thick, hard cock. Her body started to shake and she looked at me in shock, her eyes and mouth wide open.
"I''re...gonna...make!" Her whole body started to shudder while her hands pinned down my shoulders, her hair falling into my face, I watched in awe as this beauty trembled in ecstasy with my cock half inside of her. Little squeaks escaped from her as the orgasm rocked through her. Her beautiful face twisted and contorted in pleasure and pain. Slowly, she regained her self control and opened her eyes. "Oh my fuck! That's never happened to me before! We didn't even fuck!"
A voice came from behind me, "That was fucking hot!" I looked back and saw the boyfriend slowly stroking his cock, "Damn, I'm rock hard again!"
The goddess smiled down at me. "I've fucked a thousand cocks and never had anything like that. Ok, let's try again." Her face scrunched up again as she slowly tried to lower herself onto my cock. I could see the discomfort on her face and hear her little whimpers of pain, but within a minute she had engulfed all of my cock into her beautiful pussy. She took a deep breath. "There we go! How does that feel?"
I looked up into her eyes, "Absolutely amazing. You are so beautiful, so perfect." She smiled down at me and slowly started to rock back and forth, her tight pussy lips working my cock. As she did so, I saw the oiled up boyfriend step forward with his long, hard cock. My goddess greedily took it in her hand and pulled him towards her. I saw her look up into his eyes as she took the entirety of his cock deep into her throat. He stepped forward and she placed her hands on his thighs as she sucked his cock. Now comfortable, she started to rock back and forth onto my cock, still with her mouth wrapped around his cock, she lifted herself up and slammed down onto my cock.
Soon my heart was pounding as she rose and fell faster and harder. I could hear her pelvis slam into mine as a puddle of her juices gathered at the base of my cock, splashing against both of us. My cock was pulsating now, swelling up inside her as she continued to bounce on my cock. "Oh fuck!" I cried. "You have to stop! Stop or I'm gonna...please! Oh fuck it feels so good. I'm so close! Please stop!" I cried out but she only grinned down at me, her mouth full of cock, and moved her slim hips up and down on my cock harder and faster.
I could contain myself no longer and my whole body spasmed as the first wave of orgasm tore through me. I felt my first jet of cum race through my cock and burst inside her tight warm pussy. I was in pure ecstasy as shot after shot of my cum filled up her pussy. As my orgasm subsided she continued to slowly grind on top of me, my cock and cum still buried deep inside her. She took the cock out of her mouth and smiled down at me, "That felt amazing!"
It was then that I realised the girlfriend was kneeling between my legs, her face buried in the goddess's arse. I could feel the goddess's pussy twitching as the girlfriend's tongue whipped in and out of her arsehole. Eventually, the girl sat up and motioned to her boyfriend, "She's ready!"
The boyfriend smiled and stepped away and behind the goddess, who still sat with my now flaccid cock still buried inside her. He knelt down between my legs and I felt his rock hard cock stroke it's way past my balls and up onto her arse.
"Whoa!" I shouted, "what's going on?!"
But the goddess looked down at me and smiled, "It's okay," she said, "I want it. I want both of you inside me." She smiled again but I could see the hesitation in her eyes. She leaned forward and kissed me when her whole body tensed up. Nothing prepared me for the sensations of feeling another man fucking a girl in the arse with my own cock deep inside her pussy. It was incredible. I could feel the shape of his cock head as it first worked itself slowly inside her arse. She squirmed and squealed on top of me but made no complaints. My cock instantly began to harden as I felt his thick cock head push past mine, deeper and deeper into her arsehole.
She dug her fingernails into my shoulders, hard enough to draw blood, but I couldn't have cared less. The tissue separating my cock from his felt so thin and sensitive. As my cock hardened and grew more sensitive, we found a rhythm and soon the poor, beautiful goddess was being slammed into by two huge rock hard cocks, filling up every inch of her pussy and arse.
She could barely breath as he fucked her arse relentlessly, massaging my cock with his through her as he did so. It felt incredible and when I felt his cock swell and contract I tried to prepare for what was coming next. He shouted in ecstasy and I felt each burst of cum fly out of his dick and deep into her arse, the sensation almost sent me over the edge myself.
After his cock had emptied itself inside her, he slowly slid out of her and I felt his cum roll out of her arse and down onto my cock and balls. He stood up, his cock sill pulsating, and started laughing. "Wow!" he shouted, "That was fucking crazy! Her arsehole was so tight. And man I could feel your cock in her pussy!"
I smiled up at him, "I know, I could feel yours in her arse!"r"

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