Let me tell you a story about my wife Rose. She wasn't my wife at the time. We were dating however, and it had started to get very serious. She was 23 year old.

The collision of events seems almost impossible to comprehend, even when I look back at it today. A couple of innocent choices, a few that were somewhat less innocent, a college fraternity dare, and just dumb luck coalesced in such a way that it changed the course of our lives. Certainly my wife was never the same.

The event takes place the summer after we finished college. Rose and I had gotten together part way through. She was a beautiful woman. She had this perfect long brown hair that fell behind a slender upper body. Her breasts were a full B cup that sat above a flat abdomen and long slender legs. Even when we got together, she was fairly innocent.

Now, this is the part of the story where I admit that I'm a bit of a jealous type. Rose had very little experience, but she tended to dress in ways that made her prone to accidental exposure. Nothing too outlandish mind you. She'd sit with her legs uncrossed if she wore a skirt. She'd wear a bra that was just a bit too big with a tank top just a bit too low. I often wondered if she did this on purpose, but I actually suspect not. In truth, very few people had probably seen anything besides the occasional nipple slip or peek at her panties.

Again, most people probably hadn't really seen much of Rose, but these little events did bring out my jealous streak at times. We rarely fought, but her clothes were the usual topic when we did. I admit that I was at times too overbearing, sometimes trying to prevent her from doing things she'd otherwise do if there was a risk of exposure. Then again, maybe I should have been a little more aggressive in retrospect.

A large music festival was coming to our town during the summer in question. It was an all day affair that started first thing in the morning and continued well in to the night. There were a number of bands playing that tended to top both of our play lists. I really wanted to go, but the festival was on a weekday. I had just started my first job out of college, and I really had no way to take time off. Rose on the other hand had been hired as an elementary school teacher, and she didn't start working until August.

When I finally had to break it to her that I couldn't go, she was genuinely disappointed. What she said next however rapidly triggered my jealous streak. "I'm really sad that you aren't going to be able to go," she said. "I'll probably just go with Liz then."

Now, there were two problems with this statement. The first is that the festival in question is known for rowdy behavior. Women flash their breasts. There's a lot drinking (and probably not such a small amount of drug use), and there were even prior years where there were incidents of violence. I didn't expect Rose to seek these things out, but we all know that sometimes the problems in this type of situation find you.

The second problem was Liz. Liz was the opposite of innocent. The two of them were friends in college, but they were very different. Liz was a curvacious flirt with bleach blonde hair and D-cup breasts. She was frequently the life of the party. I'd personally seen her breasts on more than one occasion, as she frequently found an excuse to show them to just about anyone who would look after she'd had a few drinks. Worse, Rose had a tendency to follow along with Liz. Now, I'm not suggesting that she was out flashing her breasts or flirting with other men. Yet, whenever Rose had too much to drink or accidentally flashed her panties to some guy, Liz was frequently involved.

I fully admit I handled the next part poorly. I could have reasoned with her. I could have talked her in to avoiding the festival. Hell, I could have tried to talk her in to going with someone else, maybe even a friend of mine with some capacity to protect her. I did none of these things. Instead, I yelled. I insisted that it wasn't safe. I might have even referred to Liz as a slut or attention whore.

Needless to say, this went very poorly. Rose secured her ticket that day. There was no way I was ever going to talk her out of going now.

The next part of the story of course I learned afterward. A group of guys from one of the local college fraternities was also planning on attending the concert. This really wasn't a surprise, as probably every college student still in the area for the summer was going to be there. Hell, some probably took summer classes just to have an excuse to be there. It was a big deal.

As fraternity groups seem unable to just enjoy anything without doing something stupid, this group also apparently dared three of the youngest members to pull an asinine prank. They were to bring makeshift police uniforms and handcuffs. Before the night was over, they were supposed to each "arrest" someone.

As the group would later claim, this was really just supposed to be a stupid prank. They would need to bring the victim over to the rest of the group, where they would document the arrest in photographs and then let the victims go. How they were ultimately going to get away with it never really seemed to enter their psyches. They were a group of fraternity guys of course.

I was apprehensively getting ready for work the morning of the concert when I heard a knock at the door of our apartment. When I answered, there stood Liz. Rose came down the stairs. She was wearing a tight tank top and a pair of jean shorts. Hey, the tank top did not dip, I recognized a bra that fit properly by the straps, and the shorts were of sufficient length to avoid any likely exposure. Her belly was exposed, but that never really bothered me. This was in stark contrast to Liz who had on a white singlet that allowed her ass cheeks to poke out the bottom when she walked. You could tell she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her breast bounced even as she walked in the door. The only thing the two women had in common was the choice of flip flops as footwear.

I was glad Rose was dressed the way she was. Liz was going to bring them both quite a bit of attention, and at least Rose wouldn't likely steal the show in a way I wouldn't like. That's what I thought anyway.

I kissed Rose as she walked out the door. She returned it, but still stared daggers at me. She was still a bit mad about our fight. That being said, I suspect that her choice of outfits was probably made with at least the thought of keeping me happy in mind.

Before I go further, I should probably clarify a couple of things. This is not a small music festival. It had completely taken over the fair grounds. There were multiple stages. Nearly every music reporter in the business was there. All the local news channels were there. There was a livestream that one could access from anywhere in the world. I was planning on watching myself after work. There were likely to be 100,000 people there on top of all of this.

As I learned afterward, the day had started out pretty fun. The ladies had to park far away of course due to the crowd, but Rose said the walk was probably about 20 minutes from the car. It was a warm day with an exuberant crowd.

Now, Rose doesn't normally drink very much. Liz on the other hand was a bit of a professional. Rose later admitted to me that they had started drinking very early. Food was also expensive, so they found themselves a bit tipsy later in the day. Of course, if Liz was tipsy, I suspect that Rose was just drunk. I'm not sure either had figured out how they were planning to drive back home, but I was told that they started early with the plan of sobering up before things were over. That's rarely a good plan.

I'll plan to skip the rest of the boring details of the daytime. The concert sounded fun. The bands played well. The weather was excellent. I was told that a few women did flash their breasts, and a couple of mosh pits developed in the front of the crowd, but neither Liz nor Rose were near any of it.

As the sun went down, both ladies really needed to pee. They were looking forward to seeing the next band, and eagerly moved toward the portable toilets that were available. Of course, the lines for a toilet were astronomically long. They were out of the way however, and they'd been set up across from an outbuilding on the edge of the fair grounds.

It is at this moment that the stunning convergence of unfortunate events began. A few of the people left the lines for the toilets and headed toward that outbuilding before disappearing behind it. Liz apparently mentioned to Rose that perhaps there was a place to pee back there. When they headed behind the outbuilding, there about a dozen people peeing. A couple of women were squatting down, and the rest were men peeing on to the back of the building.

Now, Rose knows that this situation would have made me pretty upset. There was no way for her to pee without exposing just about everything. I'd have not liked this decision in mixed company. Worse, Liz's singlet would essentially have to be removed to allow her to pee, meaning the two were likely to get some attention.

What I came to learn was that the two of them were still pretty tipsy. Rose figured that if anyone did see anything, she'd probably never see that person again. Liz was certain to flash everyone, but Rose also figured she actually wanted to do that. You know, knowing Liz.

If you recall earlier in this story, I mentioned that there were a bunch of morons from a college fraternity that were looking to engage in a stupid prank. Well, in their drunken states, the fraternity group was starting to egg on the junior members. They were all standing around group of flag poles that were in the center of the crowd near the main stage. The bet was expanded to include that the victims needed to be handcuffed to the flag pole. The three junior fraternity brothers had actually just gone to the toilets to change in to their "police uniforms." You might begin to see where this is going.

Rose began to have second thoughts as they went behind the outbuilding. She briefly looked back toward the portable toilets, realizing that line had to be 30 minutes long. She'd never make it that long even if she were willing to miss part of the next act. She attempted to push herself against the wall as she dropped her shorts and panties to her ankles and started to pee. Meanwhile, Liz had stripped her singlet down to around her waist as she worked herself in to position to squat down.

Suddenly, Rose said she felt something grab her arms. Before she knew what was happening, she had been pulled up in to a standing position. She couldn't immediately stop her stream, and she peed all over her shorts and underwear. Both hands were pulled behind her back. She felt a pair of metallic cuffs close around her wrists.

The position was bad. She was completely bottomless, with only a pair of urine soaked shorts at her ankles. She immediately saw a couple of other people begin to run away. As she was pulled out from the building, she also saw the large crowd waiting for the toilets. If she could see them, they could probably see her.

She turned around to see what appeared to be a police officer holding her hands behind her. "Please let me go!" she begged.

"Sorry ma'am," came the reply, "public intoxication, public urination, indecent exposure...you're going to have to come with me."

Were she more sober, she might have realized that a real police officer might have attempted to cover her up. She might have realized that he probably wouldn't have grabbed her while she was urinating. She might have noticed that the officer looked awfully young. She might have even noticed that his uniform didn't have the hallmarks of an authentic police uniform. She wasn't more sober however, and she began to shuffle forward with her pussy on display and her shorts around her ankles.

"Step out of those dirty shorts ma'am," said the supposed officer. In the state she was in, she complied.

As they walked, she began to sober up quickly. One man pointed at her and shouted to someone else. Before she knew it, a crowd was facing them. Cameras and cell phones were pointed in her direction. Glancing down, the gravity of what was happening dawned on her. She thought she was being arrested, and everyone was taking pictures of her ass and pussy. With her choice of outfit, nothing was left to the imagination at this point much below her rib cage.

As she glanced behind, she saw Liz with her singlet around her waist, her hands cuffed behind her back, and her large D-cup breasts swinging around freely in the air. There was also a skinny man who was similarly cuffed with about three inches of dick hanging freely out of his fly.

Now, I came to learn that the original prank didn't involve naked people. Yet, when those junior frat brothers came out looking for victims, they figured that anyone behind the outbuilding would be an easier target. When they saw Liz's breasts as they came around the corner, they almost in drunken unison decided that they'd probably be permanent fraternity legends if they could bring those breasts to the main group.

A more intelligent or even sober group might have realized that kidnapping half naked women might get you in to real world trouble. They might have considered just how public their hijinks were likely to be. At the very least, they might have considered a way to conceal their identities. They were not more intelligent or sober.

As Rose and Liz were walked along in the company of the three fraternity brothers and the anonymous skinny man with his dick hanging out, Rose began to panic. She tried to cross her legs, but this is impossible while being pushed in to walking. They rapidly began to pass thousands of people. There were likely thousands of pictures taken.

Then, Rose realized in horror that they were being marched in to the main crowd. The band had just started playing. Everyone was there. People parted almost instantly to let the group walk through. Cameras were everywhere taking pictures.

It is with some horror that I tell you that I didn't need to hear about the next part. Despite my distance, I saw it in high definition with my own eyes. I suppose that's the beauty and curse of our modern digital age.

I admit that I follow a guy who livestreams concerts...maybe illegally. He's a bit of an open secret. I suspect the industry hasn't shut him down, because he's good free advertising. He has a website that streams in high definition. The quality of the videographer is a bit amateurish, but the price is right. I'd considered paying for the official livestream, but being that it was late, and the illegal feed was still pretty good, I figured I'd just log in on my smart TV after work with a beer.

I mentioned before that Rose and I have similar tastes in music. We both liked the band that she'd been eager to see, so I opened the amateur livestream right as they started to play. It was only a couple of minutes in to the set when I saw the camera pan away from the stage and toward the crowd. The shot was taken from a pretty good vantage point, where one could likely zoom in effectively on both the stage and the crowd.

It took me a moment, but I realized that I was looking at someone's bare ass with cuffs on her hands in the crowd. There were three officers, three people who appeared to be under arrest, but only one bare ass. I smirked a bit at first. I of course had no idea who that ass belonged to at a distance. Without thinking, I hit the record function.

I grabbed a beer and returned to the living room. The officers brought the three people to a group of flagpoles in the center of the crowd. Then, for reasons unclear, they rapidly undid their cuffs, pulled their arms behind the poles and recuffed them. I was later told that this was done through the actual ropes for the flags, which prevented them from kneeling down.

The shot suddenly zoomed in to show the group in exquisite detail. On the far left of the screen I rapidly recognized Liz. Truthfully, I recognized both her face and her D-cup tits. With this recognition, I looked in horror to the center of the screen. There was my girlfriend Rose. You could see her brown landing strip going down to her crotch. She desperately held her legs together to protect her modesty. To the far right, again stood a man I didn't recognize. Of course, his dick was still hanging out.

What the hell happened?!? Why was Rose being arrested. Why was she bottomless? Why was with some guy with his dick hanging out? Why did the cops handcuff her completely bottomless in the center of a crowd of 100,000 people?

At first they stood there. It was probably the length of one song, but it felt like a lot longer. I didn't know what to think. I could see that Rose and Liz were both squirming. I later came to learn that in addition to the humiliation, both still really had to pee. They had no chance to finish doing so earlier.

Then I saw it. Rose opened her legs just slightly. That was all she needed to do however, as she was quite slender. Her pussy was very visible on my livestream, which meant that it was visible to anyone in the world who wanted to look at it. She opened her mouth slightly, and a stream of urine appeared. I was now staring at my wife's bare pussy while she took a piss on a concert livestream.

I initially was wondering why the group wasn't just enveloped by the crowd. There were probably hundreds of people watching them instead of the show at this point. Then I realized that there was a group of guys keeping the space around the flagpoles open. I looked over and realized that Liz had also peed herself. In her case, she'd saturated that white singlet.

One of the men then entered the circle around the flagpoles. He was almost staggeringly drunk, and I came to learn that he was also one of the fraternity brothers. He pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the singlet clean off of Liz. She was now standing there in shock, completely naked with her arms cuffed around the flagpole behind her back. While Liz was a bit of an exhibitionist, I realized that I'd never seen her pussy. It was shaved, and her inner labia were essentially invisible.

Then it happened. The same drunken frat brother came and cut off Rose's shirt and bra, leaving her completely naked as well. He did the same to the jeans of the man, leaving him tied to the post.

Now, more drunken decision making was taking place at this point. Shortly, two men entered the circle and began to lick the two women's pussies. At first, they both struggled. Liz stopped struggling quickly however, and I could see a look of ecstasy come across her face. Rose was more resistant, but she eventually stopped struggling. Even more bizarre, a woman came over and began to suck the rapidly hardening dick of the skinny guy.

I watched as Rose started to buck her hips and bite her lower lip. Liz screamed out with an orgasm. The man left, and another took his place, attacking her pussy again with his mouth. Then I watched in horror as Rose also screamed out in orgasm. The man backed away, and I could see her beefy pussy lips with her cum dripping down her leg. I watched this scene repeat three more times. The man lost control and spurted his cum all over the grass.

Finally, the camera backed up. You could see the monitors up around the stage. For a moment, the official live shot was the three victims, with Rose's post orgasmic pussy right at the center of the screen. You could then see security start to move. The supposed cops suddenly opened everyone's cuffs. The man ran one way. Rose and Liz rapidly pulled themselves together and ran the other.

I was no longer able to tell what was happening. I was told the ladies sprinted out in to the parking lot. They ran for their car. Literally thousands of photos of them running naked through the crowd would later surface. I assure you, nothing is left to the imagination. They had a long run through the parking lot to where they had parked. Somehow Liz had the presence of mind to grab her car keys from the useless discarded singlet as the couple ran.

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