This story contains non-consensual/ reluctant sexual situations. All characters are over 18.

"Another pint of Ferewaldian black!" Cries a patron of the tavern I'm currently dining at. I glance over my shoulder and see the barkeep pouring the dark beverage into a tall mug. He then hands it off to a barmaid to deliver to the already very drunk woman who ordered it. The barmaid was fairly attractive I supposed. Her brunette hair was tied up out of her pretty, but unremarkable face. I didn't spend much time looking at her face though. Her more prominent features were her large breasts and rear, which my gaze lingers on.

I briefly think about spending the night at the tavern and trying to seduce the barmaid, but quickly dismiss that idea. It's only noon and I need to keep traveling until nightfall if I want to reach the port city of Sarhasia before winter sets in and the ports freeze over. It's too risky to stay in this country any longer. I can't afford to be caught, because if I'm caught, any chance of a happy life will fade before my eyes. The reason for this is because I am the crown prince of Elthoria.

Two years ago, when I was sixteen, I fled the royal palace of Elthoria. While many people would kill for a chance to be king, as crown prince, I know what an awful job it really is. Sleepless nights, rampant corruption, constant assassinations, and every decision resting on my shoulders, are just some of the reasons why I don't want to be a part of the toxic environment that is known as court life. All these factors are made worse due to the fact that I am the only heir remaining of the royal family. I can't abdicate the throne because there's no one to abdicate to. The only way out of my predicament was to run away and hide among the common folk. I do feel guilty that I have caused the country's next succession crisis, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.

After I finish eating, I stand up and drop a few coins on the bar to pay for my meal. I exit the tavern door and squint in the sunlight for a moment before a bag is thrown over my head and all light is blocked. I cry out and swing my fists, trying to find contact with my attacker but I am kicked to my hands and knees. I try to kick out behind me as I struggle to remove the bag from my head, but it won't budge. As I continue to fight, I hear strange words being muttered and then suddenly, my arms are crossed over my chest and my legs snap straight together. I try to continue to fight but I cannot move any part of my body. A paralysis spell has been cast on me.

I try to fight it but it's no use. I can hear some people talking as I lie on the ground but I'm too panicked to make out the conversation. Suddenly I am lifted off the ground and carried away by a pair of arms as if I'm a bundle of firewood. I concentrate and try to move my fingers just a little bit, but I fail at even that and give up. However, during that process, I realize that I still have control over my diaphragm. At least I can still breathe, even if it's only through my nose as my mouth is completely paralyzed. Wait, that's not completely true. My tongue and throat muscles are also functional. Presumably so I can swallow so my mouth doesn't fill with saliva. After some more experimenting, I discovered that my eyes and eyelids are also under my control.

After listening to muffled voices and footsteps, I have determined that there are three other individuals walking with the person who is carrying me. There is no doubt in my mind that they have captured me in order to return me to my mother, the queen. I start to think of escape plans, but nothing is coming to mind. The pair of arms then suddenly drop me unceremoniously onto a wooden surface that I can only assume is the floor of a wagon. I hear people climbing onto the wagon, the crack of a whip, and feel a lurch that signifies that the wagon had started moving. With no warning, the bag comes flying off my head and I see a bright blue sky and a face smiling at me.

"You've been very difficult to track down, boy." says the smiling face.

After my eyes adjust to the daylight. I can make out the face's features. The handsome face belongs to a man who looks to be in his early thirties. His blonde hair is tied up in a short ponytail and a layer of stubble is growing on his face.

"We've been looking for you for about a year and a half. Me and the gang, that is." he says gesturing to my other captors.

"My name is Jakir, and these fellows here are Trudan, Iraza, and Enída."

Trudan looked to be around Jakir's age, maybe younger. His hair was a combination between ginger and brown and it was much shorter than Jakir's. Only about an inch in length. His face was also covered with stubble He had thick eyebrows and large ears. Iraza looked like he was around my age. His dark hair was slightly curled and was tousled like he'd just gotten out of bed. Enída was driving the wagon so I couldn't see what he looked like.

"I wasn't sure we were going to find you before you got to Sarhasia." said Jakir. "That is where you were headed right?" I couldn't give any kind of answer even if I wanted to, but Jakir didn't seem to need one anyway because he continued.

"If you had gotten on a ship, I doubt even we could have found you before your mum kicked it. Speaking of your mum, do you know how much she's paying us to bring you to her? 500,000 gold pieces! Do you know how much that kind of money can buy? Well, I suppose you do being a prince and all. Anyway, we're going to split the prize, me and the gang, that is. Oh, by the way do you know what the...

Jakir continued to ramble for who knows how long. My other captors would occasionally engage with him in conversations or reply to his jokes, but it was mostly Jakir who did the talking. Eventually, Jakir's ramblings led to his sex life.

"It's been ages since I've had a good fuck." he complained while clutching his manhood through his trousers. "It must have been a month since Feldenburg where I met that farmer girl. What was her name Enída? You fucked her too right?"

It was Willow." replied Enída. "Or River. Or something like that."

"Yeah, that's right." said Jakir "I wish we could've brought her along; you know. Someone to cozy up to every night." There was silence for several moments.

"Gods, I need to get laid." said Jakir.

"You could always fuck the boy." Said Enída. "He can't do anything about it."

"Yeah." said Jakir slowly. Then suddenly he begins to unfasten his trousers. I looked at him in horror as his fingers untie the knots that were keeping his pants on.

"What are you doing Jakir?" Asked Enída. "Gods Jakir I was joking. You can't fuck the crown prince."

"Why not?" retorted Jakir "We've just got to get him to the queen alive, and I don't hear him objecting to this." Jakir's trousers fell to his ankles and now only a loincloth was covering him.

"Jakir, no one wants to see you having sex. We've all seen enough of you to last a lifetime."

I silently beg Jakir to listen to Enída but that doesn't seem like that's what's going to happen because Jakir is removing his loincloth. He unfastens the final knot and out pops his cock. I am now even more fearful than I was before. His penis must be seven inches long and five inches thick, and it's only at half-mast. Jakir then kneels down by my head and starts slapping my face with his cock.

I look towards Trudan and Iraza for help, but they've whipped out their dicks and are now stroking them to the show they're getting. Jakir is now fully hard. It looks like it's at least eight and a half inches long and six inches around. I can see thick veins protruding, winding up the length of the shaft. Jakir then pulls back his foreskin, exposing a shiny, purple head, and then suddenly, a cock slides into my mouth.

At first, I'm too shocked to register anything. The concept of a dick in my mouth is just so foreign to me that all I can think is that I wish I could control my jaw. I would make Jakir sorry he ever treated me like this. Slowly though, as Jakir thrusts in and out, I begin to notice an unfamiliar taste in my mouth. It's sweet and mild and pleasant and I have no idea what it is. Suddenly it hits me. Jakir's cock is leaking precum. I want to be repulsed by the fact that another man is leaking precum in my mouth, but I find myself enjoying the taste.

I convince myself that this is all Jakir will do. Just a blowjob. That's not so bad, is it? I find myself relaxing and come to the decision that I am going to work at Jakir's cock with my tongue. Whenever He thrusts in, I lick the cock starting at the smooth head when Jakir is at the beginning of a thrust and ending at the base of his shaft when he is at the end of a thrust. My efforts coax grunts and moans from Jakir's mouth which are the only noises he's making. I would have thought with how talkative he is, he would speak more during sex but only sounds of pleasure escape his mouth.

I roll my eyes back to look at Trudan and Iraza who are still jacking themselves off. They too, are grunting and moaning. I continue to work at Jakir's cock, and I must be really enjoying myself because I can feel myself sporting an erection. This goes on for some time before I realize Jakir is about to cum. I find myself a little nervous at the prospect of another man cumming in my mouth, but I am also excited. Jakir begins to thrust his cock in and out of mouth at an increased rate and his grunts become louder.

Suddenly, Jakir's hips buck forward and a guttural yell escapes his lips. The first rope of cum goes straight down my throat and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to taste it. Not to fear though, because another rope quickly follows the first one and this one lands on my tongue. It doesn't taste like precum like I thought it would, but It doesn't taste bad though. It is warm, and salty, with a much stronger flavor than precum. I find myself liking it.

While I analyze the cum's flavor I am so deep in thought, I don't realize that Jakir is still dumping his load into my mouth with accompanying grunts and moans until my mouth is so full that cum starts to leak out of it. This brings me back to my senses and I swallow Jakir's massive load in one gulp, leaving only the taste of cum behind. Jakir sits back down on the wagon's seats and lets out a satisfied breath of air. Beads of sweat cover his forehead.

"That was fucking amazing." he says. "I can't wait to fuck your ass next."

Just like that, my boner is gone, and fear has returned. I thought Jakir would just fuck my mouth and be done with me, but he clearly has other plans. Jakir unfastens my trousers and pulls them down off my legs. Now, only a loincloth is covering my privates but that's not the case for long when Jakir unfastens my loincloth as well and my cock and balls are exposed to the world. They shrink back when the cool spring air hits them.

I instinctively want to cover them with my hands but I'm unable to. He then lifts me up off the wagon floor and props me up on a seat as he lays a blanket on the floor. I am then lowered back onto it, but this time, I'm lying on my front with my bare ass facing up. I'm praying that one of Jakir's friends will stop him, but I hear no one objecting. I try to think of a way out of this but there's nothing I can do.

To be continued.

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