They had been on a roll. Charlie and Natasha had come a long way from that first experience in Mexico. After years of thinly veiled innuendo and secret fantasies, they were both clear with what they found sexy and adventurous, and they were loving the new open and honest line of communication. 15 years of marriage, and they had seemingly hit their sexual stride. Then...Covid. Fuck.

Like everyone else, the pandemic hit them with a hard dose of reality and firmly forced the breaks on their newfound adventures. Charlie was now working from home, and Natasha had been laid off from her job a few months into the quarantine. In the interim, she had brushed off her old yoga instructor hat and was teaching yoga classes over Zoom.

The exit of excitement that in the beginning was "temporary," was feeling more and more like the new normal. No vacations. No date nights. Even Chad, the "friendly" neighbor from across the way that they shared a hot summer night with last year had moved out. The new normal was getting to them both, but especially Charlie.

He felt isolated and stuck. A constant weight every day that made the days dull. He was the type that needed a distraction, something to look forward to, if you will. He could not see a current path to a new distraction

"Guess what?" She asked Charlie over breakfast.

"What's up?"

"You know that new client I picked up a few weeks ago? My 5am private lesson?"

"I guess," he replied.

"Well, turns out he is a real estate developer. ...and he has found my lessons so helpful he wants to offer me a large space for my own studio!"

She was very excited.

Charlie took a moment to process her words. Opening her own Yoga studio was always a dream, but he couldn't help but wonder..."what's the catch?"

"He has a huge 2,500 square foot space that is empty. He wants to fill it. No rent for 4 months until I establish a sizable clientele. If this works, it would be a huge income boost for us!"

It did sound great, but the cynic in Charlie still wondered..."What does he get out of it?" Here was his sexy, 5'0" brunette wife with green eyes and 32DD breasts. Quite a perfect package for a wealthy man trying to impress...

She was ready for that question..."It's not like that. He gets a tenant. He gets SOMETHING in that space right now..." she answered. "It's a win-win. What do you think?"

Noticing how excited she seemed, Charlie didn't really see a reason to protest. Especially considering this would really help boost their income.

"Well. I say go for it!"

So she did. She continued to hold her lessons online and started taking a few hours in the afternoon to prepare her new studio.

One day, while she was out, he noticed that she had left her schedule book on the table by the front door. Curiously, he thumbed back toward the beginning and saw the message "New Client - Derek P. 5AM." The most recent week was slightly curious, as all of Derek's entries had little smiley faces next to them.

Curiosity got the best of him. He opened his phone and pulled up FB. He searched Derek P. Once he found the right guy, things started to become clearer. This guy was no run of the mill real estate guy. He seemed to be filthy rich. His pictures were that of hanging in ritzy summer homes, fishing on enormous boats, extravagant trips, etc...and to top it all off, he was quite handsome. Exactly his wife's type she is most attracted to. Older and tall, nice build, defined muscles, and a full head of nice gray hair.

In his photos, he also noticed a woman, seemingly Derek's wife, sitting on the front of a boat in a bikini. She was gorgeous. Dark skin with dark auburn hair and an impeccable body. It made Charlie do a double take...

"Gee...It's good to be the king..." he joked to himself.

Another week or two went by and Charlie didn't bother to bring up Derek. He trusted his wife, and if something were going on between the two of them - he was certain that she would ask him about it first. At this point, any "extra-curricular" activities they partook in were always together, and Charlie had no reason to believe that would change. Natasha knew how excited Charlie got at the prospect of other men being into her, and she would not think of indulging in that without him.

"Proposition for you?" Natasha asked as she came home that day...

"Sure what's up?" Charlie replies

"My new landlord, Derek invited us to his house for dinner Friday night..." she said.

"Okay..., all of us?"

"Yes! He thought we'd like to have dinner with him and his wife, you know, just to get to know each other a little better..."

Charlie thought for a moment. He couldn't remember the last time they went out with other adults. Sure, they were strangers, but he did see it as an opportunity to case this Derek guy out and see what was really going on there.

"Yeah. Sure. Sounds fine."

"Fine?" She asked? "Are you sure? You seem like you don't want to."

"No, it's fine." He replied. "It's just that...we' know you have been on such a roll lately with your business and expanding and meeting new people...I just feel a little...I don't know."

"Stuck?" She asked

"Yeah. Stuck I guess." He answered back. "You know I miss our date nights and our trips..."

"Oh you miss our trips?"...she said knowingly. "Now I get what you're really missing..."

"Well? Don't you miss that? Not having that to look forward to sucks..."

"I feel the same way honey. I really do. Maybe since those opportunities aren't around right now, we're going to have to get creative and make our own..." she reasoned. "What do you think?"

"Deal..." .

The rest of the week slogged along and eventually it was Friday night. Charlie and

Natasha were in the car on their way to 'Mr. Landlord's' palatial mansion. Natasha looked fantastic. She wore a loose, short black dress with a deep V neck front and a long silver necklace that complemented her cleavage. Her makeup was suspiciously extravagant. Eyeliner; with a dramatic smoky eye shadow. Normally he would mention the dramatic makeup, but it had been so long since they had been out anywhere that Charlie kept quiet. He loved it. She looked sexy and adventurous. Just how he liked her.

They arrived at the house, which was exactly how Charlie imagined. Beautiful and large. They made their way up the walkway and Natasha took Charlie's hand.

"How are you feeling?" She asked as she rang the doorbell.

"Me? I'm good. Why?"

"I just wanted to make sure you are okay with this..."

"Why? I'm fine. I'm actually really grateful to this guy for giving you this opportunity..."

With that, the door opened and there stood Derek and his wife Julie. As the exchanged

pleasantries, Charlie couldn't help but notice a few things. First, Derek's wife Julie was even hotter in person than in those pictures. She was about 5'3", tan and obviously in incredible shape. She wore a tight navy dress that complimented her curves. Also, there was obviously some sort of a knowing glance exchanged by Natasha and Derek when they entered. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he had known her for 20 years. He sensed it. Something was up, but he wasn't sure yet...

Dinner was set up in a beautiful dining room and was actually delicious. The conversation started off very much about the business and how Derek very much believes that offering a larger space to Natasha will be a win-win for both of them, as he sees her studio really taking off when the restrictions are lifted.

"I have a lot of clients that would be dying to take classes with Natasha...she is quite the talent." Derek said as he was clearing the table.

"She sure is..." agreed Charlie.

"She is." Chimed in Julie, 'I've recently been joining Derek for his lessons. I have never had a yoga instructor like her. She has a beautiful authenticity and an energy and a true passion for her teachings. Quite inspiring."

"Wow!" answered Charlie as he looked over to Natasha. "I'm so proud of you babe. It must feel so good to be valued like that..."

Natasha smiled and looked at Charlie with loving eyes. "It does honey..."

They all shared a chuckle briefly that was broken by Natasha...

"Derek, do you mind if I make a little stop to the restroom before dessert?"

"Sure," he answered. "I'll show you where it is..."

With that, they both got up and left the table. Natasha made her way over to Charlie and gave him a kiss right on the lips. "You okay, honey?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I value YOU..." she whispered in his ear..."more than you realize..."

As she made her way down the hall with Derek, Charlie couldn't help but think how strange that last interaction was. He was definitely sensing that something was going on, but he still couldn't quite place it. Now, he was alone at the table with Julie who was looking at him, smiling.

"Well, I just think that you two are about the cutest couple I've ever seen..." Julie said.


"I mean you can actually sense the love and affection that you two have for each other coming off of you! So sweet...she really loves you."

"That's really nice of you to say..."

"Can't say I blame her. You are a catch. Sweet, thoughtful, sexy...very desirable..."

Charlie locked eyes with Julie. She was definitely giving him a seductive look. Charlie was impressed at how quickly she flipped into seductive mode like that. By now, he realized that Natasha still had not come back from the bathroom. Nor had Derek for that matter. He looked toward the hallway...

"She's fine." Julie said. "Don't worry about her. Derek will help her out...just...enjoy yourself," she sipped her wine as she finished with her advice. And then...

Charlie's phone rang. Not wanting to be rude, he reached into his pocket and tapped the side button to silence it.

"You need to get that?" asked Julie.

"No, I'm sure it's fine."

"I'm going to go help Derek with the desert." She said as she headed toward the kitchen.

Just then, his phone rang again. This time it was the recognizable Face Time ring. Odd, he thought. Who would be face timing me right now? He pulled out his phone. It was Natasha. He was thoroughly confused. He picked it up.

"Hi babe. Is everything okay?" he asked as he saw nothing but her smiling face in the frame.

"Well, that depends on you..."

"What? What's going on? Where the hell are you?"

"I'm making an opportunity. Remember? I'm taking a chance that you will be receptive to a little thing I planned for you..."

With that, she pulled the camera away from her face to reveal her outfit. A black, soft sheer bustier with garters, stockings and heels topped off with a tiny little black G-string.

For Charlie, time froze. What the fuck was going on? Ten minutes ago, they were all sitting finishing dinner. Now he was sitting alone, with his wife calling from the other room of a strangers house in the sexiest outfit he'd ever seen her in.

"Charlie, I have prepared a surprise for you, BUT before you get to see it, you have to agree to roll with whatever it may be...if you don't want to indulge, just say the word and I'll come back out there and we'll all have desert together. Your call. You have 1 minute to decide...clock starts now..."

Charlie could feel his heart beating in his throat, which was now totally dry. Indulge? What did she mean? What did she have planned? He had never been so blindsided by a surprise before. Maybe it was his recent foggy head, but he really didn't see this coming at all.

"Charlie?" She asked...

"I'm in..." He replied...

"Great." She continued through the phone, "Now...I have noticed that you have seemed so down's been making me feel bad. I know you, and I know you probably need something exciting to cheer you up a bit..."

Charlie could feel his throat getting dry. His thoughts were spinning..."well you DO know me," he said

"Right," she answered, "and I also know the kind of things that excite you..."

She looked into the phone and gave a smirk.

"Now look," she said, "I really went out on a limb here. I have no idea if you are going to like this or be horrified. If you are at all uncomfortable, just say it?"

Charlie shook his head yes.

"Okay, so long story short - it turns out that Derek and Julie are swingers. I found this out through a conversation with Julie about 3 weeks ago. She mentioned to me that I was Derek's type... BUT being the awesome wife I am, I said that I was only interested in something if you were a part of it."

Charlie couldn't even muster a response...

"Ooo...speechless...okay so here's the deal. ..."

As she said that, she seemed to hand the phone off to someone else, because it started to pull back to reveal Derek, in his boxer briefs, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I'm going to start by teasing Derek and see if you enjoy it."

With that, she did another spin reminding Charlie what the whole package looked like in this outfit. She turned facing Derek with her ass toward the camera and gently slipped her hands down to Derek's knees and slowly spread his legs apart. She then did another turn to face the camera and slowly started sliding her perfectly shaped ass up and down on his lap. She kept her eyes looking into the camera the whole time. After a moment or two, Derrick's hands slid around to her stomach and started their way up to her breasts. She quickly grabbed and pulled them down.

"Ah, ah, ah." she said. "Before any of that, we have to tell Charlie about the next part. "Charlie," she said as she took a few steps closer and looked right into the camera. "For this next part, if you're cool with it, anything that I let Derek do to me, Julie can do to you."

With that, Derek looked up in the doorway and saw Julie standing there in nothing but a tiny red G-string. Her toned body, perfect tan and beautiful tits were right there on full display.

"Sound good?" Natasha asked from the phone.

Charlie was officially overwhelmed. First of all, he was completely caught off guard by all of this. Never in his wildest dreams did he think she would be plotting a sexy plan of this magnitude. Mostly for his enjoyment.

He still hadn't answered her, but Julie had now made her way to Charlie. She turned around and slightly bent over giving him the perfect view of her beautifully toned ass. Then she asked...

"Charlie? Sound good?"

"Sounds good..." he finally answered back.

Derek must have been waiting for the go ahead, because as soon as Charlie answered, Derek stood up grabbed Natasha and spun her around planting a huge sensual kiss on her. He then threw her on the bed, and immediately started sucking on her nipples. With all of the discussion of swinging and planning this night, Derek had to have been waiting weeks to finally get his hands on her. And why wouldn't he? She exudes sexiness. Her dark hair, green eyes, perfect frame and amazing ass were enough to drive any man wild.

He quickly licked his way down to her pussy. On the phone, Charlie could see Derek stop and take a moment to marvel at his wife's perfect pussy. He then buried his face in between her legs and started to run his tongue up and down her pussy lips.

As this was unfolding on the phone, Julie had taken a seat on the leather chair next to the doorway. Her one leg was up on the edge of the chair as she started to massage herself with her two fingers.

"Well, Charlie," she asked, "are you going to jump in?"

Charlie slowly stood up. His heart was racing. He stared at Julie as she lightly played with her pussy. He had not been with another woman in over 20 years. He was so enamored with his wife that he rarely thought of another woman. That said, the rules were clearly laid out by Natasha, and far be it from him to protest. He took one last look at the phone and saw his wife, filling her head back on the edge of the bed as she shuddered and moaned. Whatever Derek was doing with his mouth was working.

Charlie slowly made his way to Julie and knelt in front of her. She smelt amazing. He made his way to her pussy with his lips. As he spread her lips with his fingers, he slid his tongue into her opening.

At this point, he had transcended into a sensory overload. All he could hear, aside from his pulse racing in his head, were the sounds of his wife and Julie both moaning as they were tended to by each man. He felt Julie's hands grab ahold of his hair and push his face into her with an impressive force. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter and his cock getting harder. Natasha's moans grew louder and turned into slightly more of a scream...

"Oh GOD..."

He could hear his wife over the phone.

"Oh god, how the fuck do you do that with your mouth?..."

Charlie was curious. He knew his wife's orgasm moan. That was it. He couldn't believe that Derek was bringing her to orgasm so quickly with his mouth. He figured he had to up his game. He focused hard on pleasuring Julie and trying to get her moans to match his wife's.

Then, in a second...Natasha's moans stopped. He heard l what sounded like a smacking sound. He stopped for a second and turned his head to check in with the other room. He could see Derek sitting on the bed with Natasha on her knees in front of him. She was now returning the favor to Derek. Her ass had a huge red handprint on it. Charlie was transfixed.

"It is so sweet." He heard Julie say, "it is so sweet that even with all of this you can't take your eyes off of your wife. What you two have is special..."


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