(In case you missed it: Two scientists - Cliff, the caucasian lead, and Shayna, racially mixed, have successfully located the sought after remote village, thanks to the guidance of the dark skinned local, D'andre. Thanks, or ... no thanks, because their quest finds them as sexual playthings of the Amazonians - exceeding tall native women who don the bare minimal apparel that hide their inhumanly large androgynous flesh spears. Despite their servitude, the explorers find themselves ever more addicted to being used the more they are.

At the conclusion of the previous chapter the captives are brought before the authoritative head Amazonian in a naked (not nude) state. Surprisingly, her body appears in stark contrast to those she commands - pudgy, fat assed, wide hipped, squat and mostly striking, both sets of genitalia!)

Our three entraped-ees are unceremoniously cast into the High Priestess' dwelling - a large one room tent draped in native foliage. Despite its humble exterior the Queen's hut interior is decked with a myriad of glittering treasures - all sex toys!

High Priestess (colloquially referred to as "Queenie", "Priestess", etc.) glows at their astounditude, "these are not for you ... yet, not until you prove yourselves deserving. But here is your first chance to do so."

At that the tribeswomen assemble the prisoners in specific positions. Shayna is in a sitting stance, legs widely spread. D'andre is on his knees facing Shayna several feet displaced. Cliff is placed on the soft moss floor face up opposing D'Andre. Queenie, flanked by her immediate second, Oxocca (who is not coincidentally the tallest underling) escorts her hand in hand to a squatting cowgirl position straddling over Cliff. Oxocca obediently kneels and holds Cliff's penis upwards toward the ceiling as Queenie slowly corrals it with her royal cunie.

Her heiny-ness bends completely forward and opens Shayna's petals with her thumbs. From the rear, Queenie appears as a disembodied giant ass perched upon her prey, as if a boulder was crushing Cliff. D'Andre is kept in place by two of the Amazonians plebes in an agonizing spectator-only stance. He longingly beads his eyes at Queenie's ample and jiggling posterior, lusting for her splayed out bung hole which is surrounded by darkened butt skin. Shayna wisely stifles a laugh at the sight of the Queen's tiny penile and barely visible balls, which seem more like a bump.

Quennie, still bending forwards, now begins to post up and down on Cliff's modest staff. Shayna has her head tilted back in ecstasy from Queenie's lingular ministrations of her quim. Priestess flattens her tongue and roughly drags upwards upon Shayna's swollen slit. As Chiefy's rapture grows so does the amplitude of her humming into Shayna. The rising vibrations tease her clit and cause it to fully peak out from its protective cape.

Oxocca gets behind Shayna's back and forces her head to directly face Priestess. She whispers in her ear, "Rare friendly advice - it is considered an insult to remove your gaze from her majesty. She likes her nips to be stretched if you need something to do."

Wisely taking her directive Shayna reaches forward and grips Quenie's nubs with her forefingers and thumbs. She warily pulls them away from their ample owners.

"Not like that slave girl, harder!," Queenie huffs with a breathy gasp, and Shayna responds with a more pronounced yank.

"YES!," Queenie exasperates.

Shayna instantly regrets her mistake by exhibiting a smug grin. Her Majesty pauses her gyrations and frowns angrily at Shayna, grabs a fistful hair and violently pushes their lips together. Shayna is desperate to catch her breath after a long passionate battle of tongues and breaks the suction of their lips to do so. Queenie responds by using both hands at the back of Shayna's head to reclaim their union.

Both women increase their pants to a fevered pitch. Cliff grabs Queenie's butt cheeks with an audible smack, then spreads her cheeks to the limit. D-Andre is besides himself as he sloppily drools and desperately leans forward towards Her Heiny-ness. Oxocca manually signals to his minders that now is the time to pleasure the Queen's back portal.

They released their grip upon him and he is frozen by his own lust, but only for a fleeting moment, for he then squats down behind Queenie. At first he is irate at having difficulty locating his prize. Thankfully he's able to probe with his uncut love stick up and down her crack. At long last he feels the unmistakable inviting warm spot that marks her gape entrance. With a sigh of relief he inserts himself into her. Deep and loud moans are issued by both ladies in tandem.

The visual from the rear of the lascivious entanglement is heaven on earth so thinks both of the dark man's ex-captors. They are enraptured by the sight of the Queen's wanton solicitation of black dick, and even darker balls. Heiness is held stationary by her twat invader's set of a pale blue veined shaft, pink balls and sweaty hairy asshole. The sandwiching is complete with D'Andre's narrow butt, hairless asshole and the sawing of his way to nirvana in and out of her expansive love gape. Cliff, prominently showing the very hairy underside of his balls, cheeks and asshole, is enthralled by his role as the silent receiver of a sloppy leaky royal pussy sporting an indented vulva.

Upon closer inspection the guards became fixated with how a strip of delicate taint narrowly separated the two alternately plunging battering rams. They watched motionless while a thin ring of skin bounding the entrance to the two portals seemed to urgently grab hold of the marauding cocks. It was as if the Queen's holes were sucking the dick heads for dear life, never wanting to suffer the loss of the love sticks.

Out of nowhere the Queen and Shayna jointly proclaim their roaring peeks of pleasure. This is the sign that the lowly tribal lackies have waited for - the royal announcement of the subsequent carnal free for all.

The twin guards had first dibs on the blackman. One impaled his smooth anus while the other his gullet. The female prisoner was abruptly lifted to her feet and bent forward at the waist while holding fast to a wooden column for dear life. She was tag teamed by three other minions - at the backdoor of her pussy, by a caramel colored cock which she feasted upon, and a pair of puffy lips nibbling on her engorged clit.

Oxocca exercised her rank by ordering the shortest pawn amongst her troupe to straddle over her supine cock. A hand wave by Oxocca brought another underling to straddle behind Shorty and insert herself as a second cock in the same hole. This was a favoured move of Oxocca because not only was she gripped by a tight little asshole, but she was also graced with another cock head to rub upon. She loved the feeling of dominating an asshole while frotting off a cock inferior to her own. The poor monkey in the middle guard also had the gift of double sensation - by feeling twin cocks pistoning in the dark depths of her colon while they expanded her asshole beyond reasonable proportion.

This scene was too much for the remaining two sergeants at arms and they instantly attacked one another. They briefly wrestled before crashing to the ground with a thud. One rolled on top of the other and 69'd their dick making sure that her heavy slurping was heard above the ambient din. The bottom sought to regain her dignity by biting the top's left ass, then speared her asshole with a pointed tongue.

Toppy sought retaliation by squeezing botm's shaft and teasing her prick by ever so lightly grazing bot'm's reddening crown with all her right hand's finger tips. Toppy then ran her index finger slowly under bot'm's cock ridge. It had the desired effect of whipping bot'm into a frenzy of tease, thereby forcing bot'm to relent her oral assault upon Tops. She then reciprocated bot'm's gesture with a conciliatory sucking of bot'm's anxious purple tip.

Toppy then flipped her adversary prone. She summoned her saliva and slowly spit measured drops out through her lips and into bot'm's blooming gape. Accepting her inferiority, bot'm remained still to receive her punishment. Toppy teased one last time and positioned her victorious cock to sink barely enough to cover the mushroom tip. She then oscillated her hips slowly to allow the sensitive ridge of her glans into bot'm then retract, all the while maintaining contact with her tunnel walls. This had the effect of concentrating Toppy's euphoric sensation in her glans. This in turn raised her pleasure greatly in a spiral of bliss. Bot'm was basking in the glow of having her asshole rapidly expanded and contracted to accommodate the blossoming cock.

This lurid display of depravity lasted till all motion ceased, withstanding breathing and perspiring. It was then heard in the wilderness trees being felled and branches cracking. All raised their heads, then their bodies, to investigate. What they saw was a horror. The forest was being rapidly cleared by yellow blazed mechanical monsters plodding their way towards the village.

The Amazonians fearlessly, or foolishly, charged towards the yellow beasts with lance's raised. Shayna followed them, closely trailed by her fellow crew members. She was concerned that the tribe might be plowed under sooner than the trees.

Join us next time when the villagers and sex enslaved confront the Amarillo Machines of Death...

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