Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

My small cock was always a source of embarrassment of course was noticed and pointed out many times.

It all made me feel submissive and humiliated. But, somehow I loved it. I actually liked being the subject of ridicule and humiliation.

That made me feel submission to guys with superior cock. Once in college I had a cock sucking experience that I found very exciting.

I lost a game of strip poker to my roommate at college and ended up sucking his cock. I lost many times over the semester and sucked him many times. The next semester he transferred. And that stopped that. But I wasn't queer so, I didn't pursue anything with anyone else. I was always excited and jerked off many times thinking about cock.

I found myself thinking of cock over and over.

All that lead to this experience.

About 30 years ago I was working in the automotive supply business, which had many up and down cycles all the time. Get a job, work a few years until the next dip down and ride it out and then lots of jobs available.

Well this time I had ended up in a spring manufacturing company. The manager told me of my secure future.

The general manager told me, "We want you to go out and generate business that isn't dependent on the auto companies."

"Then the next downturn, we'll be able to continue and not have to lay off people."

Well it sounded good. I was assigned to work out of the special order department. Between sales calls I was to help with special orders and catch up on old, cost accounting job paper work. When I wasn't out getting new accounts.

As part of my introduction around the company, I was to visit all the departments. Meet the supervisors and see how they formed the workflow.

The first day all went well. Seemed like pretty good group of men. On the second day, just after noon I went to the office of the general plant manager of production. A man named Bill Wallace, or as I would know him; Mister Wallace, or Sir. A man about 55, tall, thin, waive steely gray hair, and nice thin mustache.

As I went into his office, he was seated at his desk. There were a couple of straight back chars next to the wall. The chairs were set so it would feel uncomfortable to sit in one. Whoever sat in one would have to sit a little bit hunched over and twist to talk to someone at the desk. I took, a chair and moved it out about 3 feet from the wall, and started to sit down in it,

Then Mr. Wallace said, "Don't pull it out from the wall."

Then for some reason, instead of just laughing it off, I pushed the chair back, and sat in it, and said what was to seal my fate.

"Sorry Sir"


Where did that come from? But that gave him the upper hand which he seized! I could see a smile come across his face. OR maybe it was a sneer. It felt very uncomfortable, sitting so upright, having to bend to see him.

"Yes! Right! Call me Sir. For you, That fits."

I kind of felt like a fool, but, then my submissive feelings started to grab me, I felt submissive to this man. And my cock jumped! He asked me a few questions about my experience, then started asking some personal questions. Was I married, was I sexually active, do I go out at night looking for partners? For some reason, I answered them, and felt a hot sensation in my gut, and my cock was getting hard. "Ok, your dismissed. I want you to report back here tonight at 5:00."

An odd time, we only worked until 4:30. So hanging around longer would be a little weird. . I got up and tried to walk so my hard on wouldn't be noticeable.

As the day ended, I sat at my desk, pushing some papers around. 5:00 I knocked on Mr. Wallace's door. I could see him inside but he made no sign for me to enter. I waited, 5 minutes, 10 minutes,15 minutes. I felt like a fool, standing there waiting. Then, he waved me in. "Lock the door, and pull the shade down. I want privacy."

I did so, and walked over to his desk. Mr Wallace waved me around to the side of desk. I stood there where he could get a good full look at me. My cock was getting hard.

Then he swiveled his chair so he was facing me with his legs splayed wide.

My cock was straining in my pants and I was wondering if he could tell. Then I looked down at his splayed crotch. I could see the outline of his cock, running down his leg and starting to lift his pants. His cock was no doubt a nice cock, about 8 inches.

I was getting a feeling I would be having a much better look at it soon.

"Take off your shirt and tie." I did.

I looked for some place to set them down.

"Just toss them on floor." I threw my shirt and tie on the floor.

"Loose the undershirt too." It joined my other stuff.

After looking me over, "Now your, pants."

I kicked off my shoes, and my pants were next on the floor. I stood before him with my little four inch cock tenting out my underpants.

"Ok, off with them. From now on I want you to wear pink panties only." I dropped my underwear, and gulped at the thought of just wearing only pink panties. What if someone else discovered that.?

How do I get around without my wife finding out.

"Yes, you have a tiny cock. That's why you are so submissive."

"I sensed that when I met you. And, from some of the feedback I got from some of the men around here."

That remark made my gut feel funny. "Ok, get down here and get my shoes off."

I knelt down and untied and removed his shoes.

"Leave the soxs on".

He took his shirt off and placed it on his desk.

"Now don't be stupid, get my pants off. Underpants too."

I got his pants and underpants off and his eight inch cock stood up hard and proud. "Ok, take my clothes and hang them up on the hanger over there." I complied.

"Now get back on your knees. How do you like That Cock? "

"It's very nice." I replied. My voice a full octave lower.

My heart was pounding, my little cock was straining so hard it ached.

"Well! Get on it."

I knelt before him, mesmerized by his cock. Then I moved my head forward. Mr. Wallace pushed on the back of my head, then I was opening my mouth and taking his cock into my suck off hole. I sucked on his cock head, and slid my mouth down the shaft. Going deep feeling his cock going into the entrance to my throat. Jamming as deep as I could.

Mr. Wallace said, "yes! That's it! I knew you were an accomplished cocksucker!"

"Yes, it's going to be great having you around here."

The words spurred me on. I starting to slip into a submissive cocksucker trance.

Knowing I was a lowly faggot. Feeling his cock deep in my mouth. Feeling a big cock in my throat!

"Work your throat around my cock. Massage it with your throat."

Wow, that really put me into a cocksucking subspace.

Then I would dive down his cock with real enthusiasm. Each time taking his cock into my throat and working it with my throat. Just lost in the wonderful feeling of being a cocksucking faggot. I worked his cock, sucking and working my tongue on his cock. I was lost in the act, knowing I was meant for such service. After a few more minutes, he started thrusting and holding my head. Working for his maximum enjoyment. Then he held my head and made his final thrusts. His cock exploded in my mouth. "Swallow all of that! Swallow faggot, don't loose a drop."

I gagged and swallowed his jizz.

I reached for my cock, to now get my reward.

My relief. "Arrgggr"god" I cried.

And then...

"Don't touch that tiny clittycock." he told me.

"From now on you will only be allowed to cum, with my permission."

"Ohhh." I cried in total frustration, and submission, and I fell over on the floor forcing my hands away from my "clittycock."

"That's a good boy! No cuming without my permission."

"Now, let's get this straight. You don't cum. Now or ever without my direct permission, and supervision." "You will get your rewards, but I now own you. "

"But what about my wife? How do I keep that with her?" I whimpered.

"That is your problem. You can eat her cunt to keep her calmed down. BUT you don't cum. Now I'm getting hard again. Get here and you can give me a nice long, slow, suck off."

I went between his s splayed, legs and slowly lowered my head and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked cock, bobbing my head and sucking as I knelt there before this arrogant man who was owning me, who, I knew would soon rule my life. I sucked easy and softly, using my tongue to please his cock.

Shame and humiliation filled me, but thrilled me too. My little stiff cock was so hard and leaked pre-cum. It was twitching, and felt great on it's own. Kind of.mini orgasms. I was beaten, taken, owned. I sucked on... I continued, on my knees, Bobbing my head. Sucking his cock, working to please his cock. This arrogant man who I just met today owned me. His cock owned me!

On and off he would thrust into my mouth, but mostly it was me working his shaft. I sucked him for a long while. After his first cum he took his time.

Finally, he held my head and began thrusting into my mouth and throat. Then held me still and shot a load of his spunk into my throat. He held my head as he groaned and finished his cum.

Then Mr. Wilson pulled my head off his cock, and tossed me aside on the floor.

"Give me your undershirt" he told me.

I complied. He used it to wipe off his cock.

"Ok, you can go now. But remember, tomorrow you will have the pink panties. You will report here in the morning and your lunch hour. Also do not cum!"

On the way home, I stopped at a Kmart and bought some pink panties, then drove home...

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