The Gift:

Husband gives his wife the gift of a fantasy fulfilled.

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Marion left the weekly production meeting feeling frustrated. It was always the same - last minute items stretching Fridays out to the max! She was in the 8-4-time slot, however, being a senior manager meant that she couldn't leave until the inevitable fires had been put out, or at least attended to, which meant that she seldom left before 5, or later, especially on a Friday!

She opened her cell and noted a text from hubby.

"Marriott after work!" Which was followed by an emoticon of a party smiley face. She giggled and opened her emoticons and sent a reply of a party smiley face and a big kiss. There was no immediate response and she figured he was busy.

John was a newly promoted junior VP in a company that dealt with computer hardware and specialty programs for various other companies, large and small. His being a newly promoted VP meant more time on the road both for consultations with larger companies and representing his company at the bigger conventions.

This current convention, at least, was being held in their own hometown. That didn't mean she saw him any more frequently though. He was partly responsible for putting together the convention and had been out until late each night over the last month. As they had no time in the mornings for sex, it meant he was only in bed to cuddle up late at night over the last two weeks. She didn't mind having him there, but she would be happier once the convention ended tomorrow and they had more time for sex!

This being the last real working day for the show, she figured hubby might have scored an empty suite. She smiled at the thought of some possible make-up sex tonight.

Truth be told, their sex life had exploded now that they were empty-nesters, their youngest now in his second term at university. Over the last year, their sex had become decidedly kinkier. Over the last six months it had included more frequent fantasy sex that had, so far, remained just fantasy.

Once in her office it became apparent that she would be delayed. She sent a "Broken Arrow" emoticon to indicate that she would be late. She knew John would understand the meaning: Cupid's arrow missing its mark, his and hers.

Working swiftly, she managed to get all the fires at least under control and get herself ready to leave by 5:30. She left the car in the company garage (perks of her position), advising security that due the multiple conventions at the Marriott, there would be no place to park and she didn't want to imbibe and drive.

The day was chilly, but the sun was warm on her back, so she chose to walk the fifteen minutes to the centre. Halfway there her cell buzzed, and she noted that John had initiated the "Finder" app, which would lead her directly to him. She briefly debated not acknowledging and just showing up suddenly but, deciding against that, flicked the acknowledge button. He would now be able to see where she was.

She followed the app into the restaurant and found her husband at a table with two glasses of wine. He had already ordered, and their food arrived shortly after she did. They ate, catching up on the day's events. She added another glass of wine.

After dinner, John dragged her over to the bar where a DJ was in full swing. They danced together and had a couple of more drinks. The alcohol made Marion feel good, giving her a light buzz. She was surprised at how crowded the place was this early in the evening but then remembered that this was the last working evening for two major conventions at the centre.

John eventually led her back to their table in the corner. He pulled out his tablet and opened it showing her six camera views of a bedroom.

Marion gave her husband a sultry smile. They had played this game several times before were they pretended to share her. She especially enjoyed it when he put a blindfold on her or tied her up and used her with no regard to her own pleasures, not that she hadn't gotten a great deal of pleasure out of that!

Last month he had blindfolded her and, acting as a stranger, had his way with her while he recorded the whole event turning it into a porn video for her to watch later. His only comment had been that the video would have been better if they had had a third person to run the cameras rather than using the automated tracking, focus and zoom functions. She had laughed at that, but she had gotten so excited at seeing herself being used in the video that they had fucked like bunnies for the next two weeks!

John slid a key card toward her on the table. "Room 12818," he told her showing her different images of the room. "It's a corner suit with two views from the bedroom. You have an hour to use the toilette, shower, put your hair up in a braid, complete your makeup and dress in the items on the bed." he said showing her a close-up on the bed of what she realized was the same outfit she had been wearing the last time they had played this game.

"At eight o'clock," he continued, "I will send him up to you. I will call you to be sure you are ready, though I will be able to watch you as you will he," her husband said with a rather lewd leer.

He slipped condoms across the table to her. With a smile and a shake of her head, she pushed it back. The pill caused her problems, and she was still fertile, so they used the rhythm method. Five days a month, they used condoms to be safe; she was quite regular so knew exactly when to have him wrapped. Her current fertile period was several days past. John smiled knowing what it meant. He shared a hungry kiss with her and sent her up to the room.

Marion rode up the elevator in quiet reverie. She wondered what he would do this time, how he would set things up. This game was still new for them. Though they had been talking about sharing her for a while now, each time had been a different and exciting fantasy. This was the first time out of their home, which brought a flutter to her stomach.

The first time he had used her roughly, calling her a "whore" and a "bitch", had been after their first discussion of sharing. Then, a week later, they had gone out to a bar and entered separately. She had flirted outrageously while he watched until she had become so horny that she had found him and dragged him home to be fucked. Though nothing had come of it, the evening had given them fodder for their fantasies for several months.

Their play times had gradually progressed until the incident the month before. She smiled to herself at the memory. She looked forward to being in his arms tonight, or rather in his hands, and the sex they always enjoyed when they played this game. She liked being blindfolded, the feeling of helplessness that she got from it and the pleasures she received from being used. She enjoyed it even more when John bound her, leaving her helpless before his whims.

While she was the boss at work and an independent woman by day, she was sexually submissive in the bedroom and she and John had learned all her secrets over the years. Especially so over the last two years. Her only regret was that John couldn't be forceful enough with her, always being afraid of hurting her or going beyond what he thought prudent, while secretly she wanted him to bang the living daylights out of her and use her mercilessly.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the elevator arrived at her floor.

The upscale suite had two bedrooms, a master and smaller bedroom. It had large living room with a view overlooking the river, and a kitchenette with small dining area. She opened the fridge to see it stocked with food and an ice bucket with a bottle of good champagne.

The bathroom was large and well-appointed with a large whirlpool tub and a separate shower stall with multiple shower heads easily large enough for three people. She was happy to see her make-up bag on the bathroom vanity. There was a separate door leading to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom had the cameras in it.

Oh my! She thought. There were a lot more than the six cameras he had used last time!!

The cameras were little half circle bubble affairs no more than three inches high, which encased a small but high-quality HD camera and a high-quality microphone. The one-way shaded shields did not allow one to see where the camera in each bubble was pointing. The cameras could swivel 360° in the horizontal or 180° in the vertical within each bubble and could lock on to movement or be directed remotely.

The bubble units sat on three interchangeable mounts that included a magnet, clamp or suction cup that allowed them to be attached to almost any surface. They were designed to be permanently attached to a ceiling or a wall or could be set on any flat surface, as many were now.

The cameras all had built in antennae that could send encrypted imagery a short distance to a central processor unit, which her husband said could store 24hrs worth of video imagery from up to 20 cameras. A quick survey turned up ten cameras spread around the room, though she suspected there might be more. Her husband would be able to record all of their activities from almost any angle. The central processor could also send out selected images to a remote unit, in this case her husband's tablet, via an encoded signal on the Internet. She smiled and waved to her husband, not sure exactly which of the cameras would be trained on her right now but hoping he would get the message anyway.

She turned to look out the windows, which covered a good portion of two walls. The drapes on the ceiling-to-floor-length windows were wide open. Two high-back leather armchairs and a tall leather Ottoman formed a sitting area in the middle of the open space in front of the windows. She blushed as she imagined herself tied naked and helpless over that Ottoman.

She could see the last of the fading sunset over the river through one window, and a view of the hotel's opposite tower through the other. The tower was close enough to clearly see the people there, but not close enough to be able to make out faces. She also noted that she could see about one third of the bed in the rooms opposite hers and was sure they would be able to see the same view of her room.

Marion went to close the curtains and saw a small note signed by her husband attached to the pull, which read simply 'Leave open'. She looked over to one of the cameras and spoke aloud "Really?" knowing that the microphones would catch her words and send them to her watching husband.

As she turned to look toward the king-sized bed, she saw two champagne flutes on top of a chest of draws, sitting side by side at the front of large paper doily meant to soak up moisture from an ice bucket.

She found the remote for the large flat-screen TV and opened a Jazz music channel. Marion moved to the wide empty space between the TV and the bed and then began a little striptease for hubby's cameras. She deliberately put out of her mind the possibility of people in the other tower watching her and made the dance as sexy and entertaining as she could, giggling and blowing hubby kisses throughout the dance.

John watched as his wife slowly stripped, teasing him mercilessly as she did so. The microphones caught every sound she made as well as the music she was dancing to. He thoroughly enjoyed the show, manipulating the high-quality cameras to catch all of the action and the full beauty of his gorgeous wife as she teasingly unwrapped her body. When she was naked at last, she blew a final kiss to the cameras and slipped off into the large bathroom. Thirty minutes later she was finished.

John watched as she stepped into the bedroom and moved to the bottom of the bed. She picked up the Waspy and clasped it tightly around her waist. The shelf bra held her breasts up and pushed them together to provide a little extra cleavage but left most of her breasts, including her nipples, fully exposed. John zoomed in on the hard, thick nipples, which stuck out almost 3/4 of an inch. Garters hung loosely from the bottom of the Waspy in front and behind her.

She picked up and ran the silk stockings through her fingers, showing off the sheer black hose to the camera. She rolled them up and slid them slowly up her legs one at a time. They had control tops so would likely stay in place, but she used the garters to attach them to the Waspy to make sure that they would, and to provide a sexy little side show for her hubby. She turned her ass to the camera and bent over to adjust the angle of the seam of the hose up the back of her legs, winking at the camera when she finished.

There were no panties...she smiled saucily at the camera shaking her head slightly but turned and sat quickly on the bed. She spread her legs to show off her freshly shaved labia, running her fingers over her pussy and then, with a naughty grin, snapped her legs closed with an audible slap as they came together.

She stood and slid into her stiletto heels, finding it difficult at first to walk in them in the thick pile of the carpet. She surveyed herself in the full-length mirror by the bed. Her long light-brown hair tied in a tight French Braid, both to keep it out of the way and as a handhold for hubby to use, hung down to the middle of her back. The black Waspy pushed her breasts together heightening her 36C cleavage. Dark areolas centred thick protruding nipples. Her hips flared out from under the Waspy giving evidence to her hourglass feminine form. Her shaved Mons, unhindered by panties, showed the cleft of her Vulva. Her Labia hung down slightly showing her heightened state of arousal.

Her long legs, now encased in sheer black hose, were supple and shapely for a woman of 42. She turned to look over her shoulder at her ass, pushed high by the 5" stiletto heels. Normally 5'5" tall, the stilettos gave her serious height!

Her time in the gym showed in the flat stomach, strong arms and well-formed legs and butt and kept her to a healthy 125lbs. All in all, she was pleased by what she saw reflected in the mirror.

Next, she moved to the bed and put on the ankle and wrist cuffs, which John would use to restrain her. She saw the long straps already pre-positioned in the corners of the bed and several other straps lying loosely. She shivered at the thought of being tied down and helpless.

A butt plug with lube was sitting on the bed. She lubed it up, bent over in front of the cameras and slid it firmly into her anus. She felt the sweet pleasure of being stretched as she pushed it into her ass. She pushed until the felt her anal ring slide down around the base of the plug, locking it in place.

Finally, she picked up the silk blindfold. When she lifted it, she found an elastic sleep mask underneath it. On more than one occasion, the silk blindfold had slipped off her during their gyrations, but John had never gone quite this far before.

Looks like he doesn't want me losing the blindfold tonight, she thought.

Before she could put on either piece, her cell chimed. It was John, of course.

"He's on his way up." He told her. She could hear the excitement in his voice and the sound of elevator music in the background! "He" indeed...

"There are three rules for tonight's events," he continued.

"Rule #1. Once you put it on, you are not to take off the blindfold for any reason until I personally remove it. I will not let him enter the suite until it is firmly in place. Do you understand?" He asked.

"I do." She replied smiling at the camera, her own excitement growing at the thought of him being there shortly.

"Rule #2. You are my gift to him. He may use you in any way that he pleases. He may spank you or pull your hair or restrain you if he wishes. He may have you masturbate him with your hands or your feet or use your cleavage or the cleft your ass for his pleasures. He may choose to come all over your face, or over your breasts, or your belly or crotch. He may choose to flip you over and come all over your back or all over that oh so delectable butt of yours."

She giggled at the thought of him cumming all over her ass and wiggled it saucily at the camera.

"He has been tested," he continued. "So, there is no fear of disease. He is free to use your mouth, or your cunt or your ass for his pleasure in any way that he chooses...including cumming in any hole he chooses; now that you have refused the condoms I offered earlier. You are his to use no matter how gentle or how rough he may be though he may not leave any serious marks on your body. Do you understand?"

Marion felt her cunt dripping at the thought of being used like this. She was getting more aroused and beginning to get into the role. Once again, she replied, "I do."

"Last rule. While you must submit to his desires, I do not want you to be a passive partner in these evening's events. I want you to use all of your sexual skills to please him. I know how good you can be with your hands and your mouth. I know how good you are with that little trick pussy of yours. I know how hard you can squeeze my cock with your ass. I know how much I enjoy fucking you and how much you enjoy getting fucked. So, enjoy this night. When he fucks you, fuck him back. Use your body and your skills to please him and take as much pleasure in giving of yourself to him as in surrendering to him.

"He knows your safety words and he may not hurt you or mark you. I am not far away, and can get to you quickly if need be, so feel free to let loose and do things with him you might not ordinarily do no matter how frightening or kinky it may seem."

Now she was really starting to get excited. Maybe tonight, he will use me the way I've always wanted him to! Her thoughts interrupted him briefly.

"He is younger and fitter than I am, and bigger. He has more stamina and tells me he can deliver four or five large loads of cum in a night. He will likely use you repeatedly.

"The bar doesn't close until 2am, and I suspect he will be with you until at least then...if not all night.

"As you are my gift to him, so too is he my gift to you. So, enjoy yourself with him.

"When this call ends, go to the bottom of the bed. Stand with your back to the door, facing the window. Put on the sleep mask and then the silk blindfold to tie it in place. Stand as I have taught you, head up, legs apart, hands down by your side, and wait for him to enter. I'll not see you until after, though I will be able to watch all that happens. I love you." He said softly and rang off.

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