Arriving at the College, Matron directed Pixie (as she now thought of herself) to the main foyer to register.

Pixie looked around. The College, an old theological one, ironically enough, was built in the characteristic grey stone and slate of the region. Its isolation made it ideal for an immersive experience. She looked about, as she was wont to do at the start of conferences, but here there was a very different atmosphere. Usually there was a sense almost of "holiday" spirit -- away from work, relaxing, have a drink or two, maybe some casual sex -- as well as anticipation about the conference itself. Here, however, there was almost a sense of excitement tinged, certainly in her case, with apprehension.

Pixie followed the signs to the seminar room where they were to formally register. As she approached she saw at least two women she knew. Of course, she thought, Abby Burns would be there! Abby had seen herself as Pixie's rival at school. Abby had been the sporty sort, carrying off every sports prize that existed, whilst Pixie (as Cat had been universally known at school) had been the "swot" carrying off almost every academic prize. They were both competitive, and there had been wisdom in the Headmistress' decision to award both of them six of the thirteen prizes on offer, with the odd one out going to Jane Priestley for art; and Jane was the other person standing at the desk talking with Abby. They both smiled and held out their arms, with, of course Abby saying:

"Oh my, if it isn't little Pixie, you too! The old gang's all here." Abby beamed.

With that she pulled Pixie into her capacious bosom, threatening to smother her. Pixie smelt her Chanel no.5 -- some things never changed. Jane kissed her on on both cheeks and said how lovely it was to see her again. Pixie had always like Jane, who, indeed was impossible to dislike. She was a talented artist and had usually finished second to Pixie in academic matters. She had gone to Cambridge where Pixie had gone to Oxford, with Abby going to Loughborough on a sporting scholarship. They had kept vaguely in touch via the old school magazine, so each of them knew the other had gone into teaching. It was clear that they had all done well, or they would not be here.

Looking round, Pixie saw a few faces she recognised, but only from other teacher conferences; but this was one like no other.

Pixie approached the desk:

"Cat Hoff," she began, then correcting herself, "Pixie Hoff."

A pretty young blonde woman who could not have been more than twenty, smiled, looked down the list and handed her a bag with various things in it, plus a metal name badge with her name, "Pixie" written in pink. She noticed that Abby had been wearing a badge with her name written in red, while Jane also had a pink name badge.

Pixie was still pondering the meaning of this when they were ushered into the room and told to sit. She was taken aback when the speaker was none other than Dame Suzie. The College Principal, Miss Rose, a tall, elegant woman with striking red hair, introduced her.

Suzie outlined the purpose of the week, much as she had to Pixie on the wonderful night at the Barbican.

"Now I hope you all filled in those very long 360 degree questionnaires honestly, because your individual programme is based on our assessment of what the answers said about your needs. That was modified by anything your Mentor may have said which contradicted your own answers, but it still played the major part in our plan for you."

She explained about the "immersive experience" and then went on to give more details:

"You will notice that some of you have pink name badges and some red. That signifies whether you are put into the "dominants" scheme or the "submissives" one, and if you don't know which is which, then you are wearing a pink badge!"

There was uneasy laughter. Pixie blushed as she and Jane looked at each other. Abby looked, as always, superior.

"Now one of the many features which makes this a unique programme is that it is linked to one for promising postgraduate teachers just out of uni, for some of whom this is part of their training. Some of you here will have been on it, if you were, you are wearing a red badge."

Again Abby looked superior.

"That means each of you will have as your in-house partner, one of the young teachers who will work with you and with your tutors to give you a bespoke experience within the common programme. The rules will be explained, and they are in your conference pack for later study. And now, ladies, best of luck."

They all clapped.

Miss Rose went to the lectern and said that they should go to the back of the lecture hall to meet their "ihp" -- as "in house partners" were known.

Pixie, as she now thought of herself, went with the others and found her ihp was the attractive blonde who had taken her registration. She towered over Pixie, and must have been all of five foot ten -- a whole foot taller than Pixie. She was wearing the uniform the others were wearing, white school blouse, pleated skirt, tie and blazer, but filled them out well. She was wearing tights or stockings rather than socks. Her red name bade read: "Penny."

"Hi, Pixie", she said brightly, "come with me and we will get you ready for induction."

Pixie followed meekly.

Penny showed her into a nurse's room in the Sanatorium where Matron Winnie was waiting with none other than Miss Rose herself.

"Pixie, undress for us."

Just like that? Pixie did not hesitate, she would prove herself worthy of Dame Suzie and, as she had at school, do her best to be the best.

Off came the long blue dress as she undid the front tie. The three women watched. She saw Miss Rose and Penny raise eyebrows as they looked at her naked tits. She lowered her pale blue knickers with efficiency and took off her shoes. She had already taken off her rings, necklace and earrings, and handed the bag containing them, and her watch, to Miss Rose, earning a nod and something that might have been a smile.

"Well done, Pixie, I like a girl who thinks ahead. We will keep these, and the other outfits you brought until you leave. But before we dress you, we need a medical check, so I will ask Matron."

"Now, Pixie, one of the first things we have to do is to accustom you to the loss of your adult autonomy. You are now a schoolgirl so will do as you are told or suffer the consequences. Do you understand, dear?"

Nodding, Pixie confirmed it with a "yes Miss Rose."

"Now we need to do a health check, and because, alas, some applicants have attempted to circumvent our rules, we need to make it thorough. You will obey at once without question. Do you understand, Pixie?"

"Yes Miss," was the correct response.

"Now, part your legs until they are level with your shoulders and put your hands on your head and open your mouth and stick your tongue out."

Pixie complied immediately.

"She really is a good girl, isn't she Penny?" Miss Rose was beaming.

"Gosh Miss Rose, she is, I am so lucky to be her ihp."

Pixie liked the way Penny smiled at her. She liked the way Penny looked. In short, she liked Penny.

"Feel her breasts, Penny," Matron ordered.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Penny stepped forward and began to feel her boobs.

"What do you make of them?"

Matron sounded amused.

"Well," said Penny, " I have never come across a pair of tits this small on a grown woman, but they fit perfectly with the role designed for her."

A shiver passed down Pixie's spine at hearing both the denigration of her boobage, and the knowledge that a "role" had been crafted for her. She felt wetness leak between her thighs.

"Her nipples seem very firm, are they?" Miss Rose seemed almost to be licking her lips.

To hear herself talked about in such tones and terms as though she was not there made Pixie even wetter. The desire to be a good girl, which had governed her all her life ran strongly through her sex life, and to be treated like this was almost too good; a dream come true. She knew better than to wriggle, so she didn't.

"Oh Miss Rose, they are a delight, small but firm. Why don't you feel?"

The tall red-head smiled and stepped forward to tease Pixie's left nipple, pulling it out while looking down at the docile head teacher.

"Do you know the purpose of this, Pixie?"

"Please Miss, I think so Miss."

Miss Rose smiled at her and at Penny.

"Do tell us then, this can be your first grading assignment."

"Yes Miss, thank you Miss." Pixie used all her self-control to stop herself moaning as Penny rolled one nipple between her finger and thumb while Miss Rose squeezed and pulled on the other. She could feel her clit tingling. She loved having her nipples played with, she'd even orgasmed from it. She hoped she would not do so now.

"To teach me, Miss, that as a schoolgirl my wishes are not relevant and that I have to be a good girl and do as I am told. You, Miss Penny and the Matron know what I need better than I do."

Penny smiled at hearing herself referred to as "Miss"; she was going to enjoy this.

Miss Rose smiled.

"Five stars, little Pixie, four for getting the answer right and the fifth for not squirming."

With that, she stopped pulling, and Penny stopped her ministrations.

"Now Pixie, I want you to stay still while Miss Penny examines your kitty."

Pixie shivered. The feelings coursing through her threatened to overwhelm her. She had to retain control over herself, just had to.

Penny cupped Pixie's pussy, running her finger along her slit.

"God, Miss Rose, she's soaking, come and feel."

At Penny's touch, no "Miss" Penny's touch, Pixie felt herself grow even wetter. She so wanted to moan and to tell the young blonde to fuck her hard. But she was no longer the head teacher, no longer in charge of anything, least of all her own body, and so with an immense effort of will abstracted her mind and tried to detach herself from what was happening.

Miss Rose responded to the invitation with pleasure, pushing a little further between Pixie's thin, wet folds, and running her finger up until she brushed her clit. Taking her finger, she put it to Pixie's lips.

"Suck it clean."

Without a moment's hesitation, Pixie did as she had been told. The taste of her own juices were familiar to her, and she shivered at sucking them off Miss Rose's fingers in front of Miss Penny and Matron.

Miss Rose complimented her.

"She is such a good girl, isn't she, Penny? I think she's ideal for your training."

Pixie dimly heard what was being said, but let it go. She had to abstract her mind, She could not think of what the words might mean.

"She's ideal, thank you and Dame Suzie so much for letting me have her."

"Now Pixie, a final test. Amazingly, some of our candidates think they can bring their bad habits here with them and hide their drugs in a place they think we shan't look. For your second assignment, Pixie, can you tell us where that might be?"

Pixie heard, she needed to hear Miss Rose when she instructed her. She answered straight away.

"Please Miss, yes Miss, in their bottom."

"Good girl, Pixie," Miss Rose replied.

"Can you guess what you have to do next my little sweetheart?"

"Yes Miss, bend over and have a cavity search."

"Do it!" Miss Rose commanded.

Pixie bent at the waist, clutching her ankles and stretching her little legs as wide as she could.

"Matron," Miss Rose looked over at Winnie, who was donning latex gloves.

"Penny, hold her cheeks open for Matron."

Feeling Miss Penny's hands on her arse cheeks made Pixie even wetter. She felt Matron's finger lubricating her dark star hole and braced herself for the invasion. As Matron pushed through her muscle, Pixie grunted but stayed steady as Matron moved it about searching her anal cavity.

"She's empty ... and clean," said Matron, looking at her finger.

"You are such a good girl, Pixie," said Miss Rose. "Penny, give her her uniform. You may dress her."

Penny smiled, and helped Pixie into her regulation navy blue school knickers. She pulled them up tight, making Pixie sigh.

"Now your blouse little one."

She helped Pixie into it and buttoned it up, before pulling her school skirt up her thighs and fastening it, tucking the blouse in.

"Now socks."

Pixie was helped into her white socks and the Mary Janes before finally, Penny helped tie her tie and got her into her blazer.

"Oh she looks perfect!" Miss Rose was clearly pleased.

"Can I make a suggestion, Miss Rose?" Penny was smiling.

"Of course Penny, she's your project from here in."

"I think she'd look adorable in pig tails, can I do her hair?"

"Of course."

Pixie sat down by the dressing table while Penny plaited her hair into pig-tails, tying them with a ribbon in the school colours. As she gazed at herself in the mirror, even Pixie could not recognised her adult self. If the first stage was designed to immerse her in her Pixie persona, it had succeeded.

But Miss Rose and Penny had known it would. They had seen her answers to the questionnaire. Thus far, so good. Now for the next stage.

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