After having some rest my energy was restored and I got down from the bed. Shobha was cooking on the other side of the room as she didn't have a separate kitchen. I looked towards her in the low powered bulb of the room. Her dark skin was beautiful. I came down from the bed and moved towards her, her sweaty body odour attracting me even more. Shobha looked towards me and said, "Hey babe you could have rested a little more. I would have called you during dinner time."

Without saying anything I embraced her from behind. I kissed her hair, it's fragrance was different but good. I fondled her boobs from behind and kissed her neck, drawing a soft moan from her. I kissed on her shoulder and then ran my lips on her arms. Shobha sighed and said, "Oh honey how can I work if you do this to me? Ummmm."

I turned her towards myself and raising one of her arms put my mouth on her armpit. During to the hot and steamy sex session earlier she was soaked in sweat and her armpits were sweaty and sticky. I first smelt her sweaty odour and then started to lick. Shobha moaned as she felt my tongue moving in her armpit. With one hand she pressed my head so that I didn't even dare to withdraw my face from her armpit. I sucked at her armpit, thereby pulling out a few hair in my mouth. Oh I really loved her smell.

As I licked her other armpit Shobha suddenly remembered about the food she was cooking and she pushed me away. She grinned and said, "Oh God Shreya you would have spoilt the food. What would you have eaten then?"

I replied, "All I want to eat is you dear."

Shobha smiled and said, "You are very naughty Shreya. Now let me cook please."

Shobha was cooking again and I without leaving the place was kissing her spine. Shobha said, "Hey won't you let me cook?"

I, while busy kissing her waist said, "You are cooking, not I. So I am just enjoying myself."

Shobha giggled at my answer and kept cooking as I kissed her asscheeks. I sniffed her ass for some time, and then again kissed on the asscheeks. I came kissing on the back of her thighs to the feet and went up again, kissing all the way. Shobha was sighing and moaning while cooking and I was tasting her entire behind to my heart's content.

Soon Shobha's cooking was over and she said that we could have food then. We, fully nude, sat on the floor. Shobha had brought only one plate so that we could share from one plate. As Shobha mixed the smashed potato with the rice I kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulders. Shobha giggled as I tickled her ear with my tongue, and said, "Hey I can't concentrate on mixing the food."

I readily kissed her lips and Shobha gave away. She responded to my wet kisses and soon I had laid on top of her, kissing her intensely. I came down on her body, my lips touching her dark skin continuously. Shobha was moaning as my lips travelled from her belly to the thighs and then to her feet. I licked below her feet and then turning her on her belly, kissed all the way up again. As I kissed the back of her black thighs I could feel her shivering in excitement. Soon I reached her buttocks.

I decided to play a game and took some of the potato mixed rice, and smeared it on Shobha's asscheeks. Then I closed my mouth on the ass, sucking the rice into my mouth from her ass. The food tasted heavenly for me, even better than the food served in five star restaurants! I sucked at her ass for some more time and then after separating her asscheeks smeared some more rice in her asshole. Then I slid in my tongue in her asshole and licked all the rice that I had put in. Long after I had finished the entire rice I kept licking her asshole. I was just an asslicking freak!

After sometime I finished my licking and brought some water to clean the leftover rice particles from her ass. Shobha said to me, "You are an absolutely crazy ass lover my babe."

I smiled and said, "Yes I am darling. Only for you. I can spend hours serving not only your ass but your entire body."

On hearing this Shobha took some rice in her mouth and kissed my lips. We opened our mouths and Shobha slid in some rice from her mouth to me. I tasted the rice as well as her saliva while kissing her non-stop. I too repeated the same and fed her from my mouth. Every moment that we were passing was getting wilder with time. Even after we had consumed the entire rice we kept kissing each other madly on the floor.

After some time both of us went out and washed ourselves. I hadn't brought my towel with me and so used Shobha's towel to dry myself. As Shobha started to dry herself I kissed her spine, her waist and her thighs again. She said, "Oh God you can't even stop for a second can you?"

I said, "How can I when my goddess is before me? I just want to kiss you all the time."

Shobha laughed as I continued kissing her and then took her to the bed. Shobha slept on top of me and we kissed each other. It was 10 PM and we wanted to enjoy some more. We also had to keep in mind that Shobha had morning duty of sweeping the streets at 5 PM and during that moment I was to remain alone here. We had to be very careful at that time.

As Shobha was kissing my belly I while stroking her hair said, "Darling may I say something?"

Shobha just managed to say, "Umm." She was too busy kissing my navel then.

I said, "I think the roleplay that we had earlier was perfect for us. I think you would be a good dom for me while I would be a sub to you. I will do whatever you wish."

Shobha stopped kissing me and looked towards me. She was silent, probably trying to figure out what I meant to say. Then a smile of approval came on her dark face and she kissed my lips. She whispered in my ear, "So you must get ready for the next session then."

I kissed her back and said, "I always am. Just tell me your wish."

Shobha said, "Ok then let's play the story of the second video that you told me about."

I understood what she was talking about. It was a bondage lesbian act. I readily agreed to her proposal. After kissing my lips for some time, Shobha brought an old saree of her and used it to tie my hands behind my back. She actually took good care that the binding was strong enough. She took one of my nipples in her mouth and sucked at it slowly. I was feeling heavenly as her mouth closed on my tits and also softly biting it.

Then just like in the video Shobha started to bite my boobs harder and with bound hands I was just squealing and arching my body in painful pleasure. She was biting my boobs for quite some time and was leaving a teeth mark everywhere. I was helplessly lying on the bed, unable to do anything. I was at the mercy of my dom. My pussy had become wet in the process, as I actually enjoyed being sexually dominated. I was a natural submissive and it was showing. Shobha took care that she had sucked and bit both my boobs everywhere. She then said, "I am going to bite your belly, thighs and ass as well."

She was acting like a genuine dominant woman. I was impressed. In my submissive avatar I replied, "No, no, no please don't bite me anymore. I can't take it. I am sure we can work out something. I will do anything for you."

Shobha with a grin on her face said, "Anything? Alright. For the next fifteen minutes your tongue should remain in my pussy and asshole."

She helped me down from the bed and herself knelt on all fours. I knelt behind her with much difficulty as my hands were tied, and then pushed my tongue in her dripping wet pussy. Since I entered her from behind, my nose seemed to find a way in her asshole. As I began a to and fro movement, my tongue pushed into her cunt, while my nose invaded her asshole. I was smelling and tasting the sweeper woman's privates together and she was moaning loudly.

I licked up and down, my tongue travelling from the pussy to the asshole in one go, and Shobha was shivering in pleasure. In her moans she was praising my work and I was getting more excited. The more I was licking the more tastier the pussy and asshole was getting. Shobha suddenly started to move forward and I had to follow her. But with tied hands I couldn't do so and as a result my tongue got removed from her pussy. Fifteen minutes had not passed yet.

Shobha sternly looked at me and said, "You couldn't keep your tongue in my pussy for the allotted time. That accounts for two infractions for you."

I looked at her with timid eyes and said, "I am really sorry."

Shobha replied, "Your apologies won't counter your actions. Now bring your ass here."

She untied my hands from behind, only to tie them again, this time to a nail on the wall. I was bound with my hands above my head. Shobha stood behind me and was fondling my asscheeks. Suddenly with a whacking sound the palm of her hand hit my left asscheek. It was so sudden that the cry I generated was more of a shock than of pain. Shobha used her left palm to close my mouth and muffled my cries. One by one her right hand planted ten spanks on both my asscheeks and I was groaning in her hand, my own hands also paining being bound for such long. With lots of discomfort and pain I was also enjoying the role play being a total sub. My pussy was on absolute fire at that moment and I was feeling very horny.

Shobha then came to my front and said, "That was one infraction for the naughty girl. Before I give you the second set I am giving you some treat in the break."

Saying so she lifted her right hand and pushed her sweaty underarm to my mouth. I readily started to lick her sweat from the dark, hairy patch on her underarm. Shoba was rubbing her underarm on my mouth, and I was smelling and tasting her at the same time. She changed her arm after some time and I licked her other underarm too. A continuous supply of sweaty odour was driving me crazy and my tongue felt as if it was born only to taste underarm, pussy and ass. My mind was blanking out by this time and I didn't know what was the energy that was providing me strength to continuously lick the sweeper woman's sweat.

After what felt like an eternity Shobha was satisfied and she untied my arms. I couldn't feel my hands for some time and only after a few massages the blood circulation was restored. Shobha made me lie on the floor and said, "Time for your second infraction. From now on you will be my ever binding submissive slave. Everything I say would be your command. Now I will show you that even your existence depends on me. I am going to control your breathing now. You only breathe when I allow you."

Her words sounded more of a serious note than roleplay to me. I guessed Shobha was actually liking to dominate me so much that she was transforming into a dom in real life and that I was to serve her always and not just in roleplay. And frankly speaking I was willing to be her slave for always. Everything else was secondary to me now, I just wished to serve Shobha.

As I was engulfed in my thoughts Shobha stood over me with both feet on the floor on either side of my face. She placed her right foot on my mouth such that my nose was between the gap of her thumb and index finger of the toe. "Kiss my foot and pledge your obedience to me and my body." Shobha said in a husky voice.

I kissed the below of her foot and uttered, "I pledge my obedience to you, your every wish is my command. My mere existence depends on you. I love every part of your body and will serve it anytime possible."

The dark sweeper lady was pleased with my response. I could sense a drastic change in her behavior in the last few minutes. She was a lover of course but a dominating one, I was just her love-slave now. She had made it very clear that her sexual urges were to be the priority in our relationship and not mine. I was not to complain though, as I had always wanted to serve her. More of love or lustful infatuation, I in the core of my heart had always wanted to be a submissive lover to Shobha, a lady well below my social status but one who almost owned me now.

Suddenly I felt a pressure on my nose, Shobha's thumb and index toes were pressing on both sides of the nose, thereby cutting off the flow of air to my nostrils. Soon the discomfort of not being allowed to breathe made my body arch, I tried to sway my face to escape but Shobha's grip was firm enough. Besides her foot was on my mouth which also made it difficult to breathe from my mouth.

"Lick below my foot." She ordered me without loosening her toe grip on my nose. I took out my tongue and slowly traced it below her foot. Licking without being able to breathe freely was very difficult for me, but I was not in a position to complain. I had submitted myself to her long ago. As I licked with increasing speed my lungs seemed to be crying for oxygen and my mind seemed to be blanked out. As soon as I felt that I would pass out Shobha loosened her toe grip and fresh air ran into my nostrils. Oh what a relief I felt! I licked her entire foot in gratitude and also sucked her toes. Shobha then put her other foot on my mouth and made me lick it too.

It was about 4 AM in the morning and Shobha had to get ready before going out for her sweeping work. She made me lick her pussy one final time and cum on my mouth. She ordered me to wait for her till she returned, saying that some new tasks would be assigned to me. As she put on her clothes and left with her stick broom I fell asleep on the bed.

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