We have had a log day working and sit down to eat. We talk about our day and all the work we had to do. After dinner we go into the living room and sit down to relax. You pull your shirt and pants of and lay them in the floor. I take my pants and shirt of and put them in the floor so we are both stretched out in our underwear relaxing. We watch TV and I close my eyes to rest and I hear you call my name but I just lay back and relax.

A few minutes later I hear you moan lightly and I slowly open my eyes to see what you are doing. I see your hand sliding back and forth on your pussy as you moan lightly. I keep watching you as you push your panties to the side and your fingers slide inside your pussy. Watching you is getting me excited and I pull my erection out of me underwear and slowly start sliding my hand up and down it. I notice you looking at me and smiling as your slide your fingers in and out of your pussy faster. Your moans get louder as you rub your clit and slide your fingers in and out of your pussy. My hand is moving up and down my erection faster and I see you shaking. You tell me that you are cumming as your orgasm moves through your body.

I get up and go into the bathroom to get a shower. You follow me and get in the shower also. Softly you start washing me and you wrap your soapy hand around my erection. You slowly start sliding your hand up and down my erection and my excitement builds. Moving your hand faster I start to shake and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

We finish our shower and get dried off the go into the bedroom and get in the bed. You slide up against me and press your but against me. I softly put my arm over you and reach down to softly rub your pussy. Tenderly I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear. Softly I rub your clit and you start rubbing your butt against my erection. You turn over and we put our arms around each other as we kiss passionately.

I turn onto my back as you get on top of me. You rub your pussy against me as I kiss your breasts. My tongue slides over your nipples and as the get harder I put my lips around them suck them gently. As I suck and kiss your nipples you rock back and forth rubbing your clit against me. I pull you up kissing your stomach as you move your pussy up to my face. Softly I kiss your pussy and slide my tongue up and down your lips. Tracing the edge of your lips I brush my tongue over your clit feeling it get hard and swollen. You move your hips back and forth rubbing your clit against my tongue as I reach down and start stroking my erection. You rub your pussy against my face faster as your moans get louder. You start trembling and shaking and your orgasm rolls through your body.

Weak and trembling you lie down beside me and we kiss passionately. I get between your legs and place my erection against your pussy. Slowly I push inside you as deep as I can. Our passion builds as I slide in and out of you. Your warm soft pussy feels wonderful on my erection as I push into you harder. Turning us over I get you on top of me and you move your hips around rubbing your clit against me. Our excitement is getting stronger as you press against me harder. You move off of me and get in your hands and knees. I move around behind you and slide my erection inside you. Holding your hips I push into you hard as you reach back and rub your clit. Holding your hips I push into you harder. We begin to shake and our bodies tense as we explode in a fantastic orgasm.

Exhausted we lie on the bed to regain our strength. Holding each other we kiss tenderly as our bodies press together. As we settle down we get up and go into the bathroom. You get towels as I start the water in the shower. We get in and let the hot water run over us as we passionately kiss each other. You begin to wash me and as I get covered with soap I pull you close and we rub our bodies together. We slide back and forth as the soap covers you and our desires start to climb.

You wrap your hand around my erection and slide it up and down. I reach down and gently rub your pussy sliding my fingers over your clit. You put your arms around my neck and I pull you up as up wrap you legs around me. My erection is against your pussy as I press you against the wall. I push into you as you hold me tight. Moving in and out of you our passions scream higher. Your clit rubs against me as I press you against the wall and push into you harder. We tremble as our excitement builds higher and our moans get louder. We erupt in a beautiful orgasm with stars streaking through our minds.

Totally exhausted we tremble as we finish our shower. We get dried off and go in the bedroom and get in bed. We slide up close to each other and our bodies softly touch as I put my arm around you. I gently hold your breast as we fall into a deep sleep.

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