She looked deep in my eyes and said, slowly, "I love you more than anything. The only reason I'm considering something like this is because I love you so much. I want to help make your fantasies happen, especially on your birthday. Even your dirtiest ones."

We laid there together while I smothered her with kisses and asked her what she was gonna do. She kept repeating how unattractive he was. I kept reminding her that's why it was so hot.

Amber sighed. "Wait twenty minutes before you come down. Go through the side gate to the back, and hide somewhere quietly. I can't promise you anything will happen. The most I will do is flirt and maybe show him some skin. I still don't know what I'm going to say or how I'm gonna do don't get your hopes up."

I watched my beautiful wife slip from my arms, put her heels back on, and walk out the room, taking one last look before turning around and heading out. The last thing crossing my mind was how amazing her ass looked in that red dress.

It had now been ten minutes since Amber had left. She had told me to wait at least twenty, but I couldn't wait any longer. Slowly, quietly, I made my way downstairs and didn't see or hear anyone.

Making my way around the house I noticed that everyone had either left or was asleep. I finally check the backyard and hear some voices on the back porch. I peek through the window and see Amber sitting on one of the couches outside directly in front of Jack but I couldn't make out what they are saying.

Thinking quickly, I resumed our plan and went out the front door to make my way around to the back yard. There were bushes and small trees alongside the house, so with the barrier as a cover I was able to look into the back without being seen. It was dark aside from the few decorative lights around the porch, and the muted lights shining from the interior of the hot tub. They lent a subdued, naughty vibe to the scene yet I was still somewhat able to see. I heard Jack laugh loudly and then Amber tell him to keep it down.

"So you still haven't told me what are you doing out here this late?" he asked, smirking.

My wife, who actually appeared kind of uncomfortable, replies, "I told you. My husband fell asleep. I wanted to get a headstart cleaning up the house. It's still a mess!"

I watched Jack get up and move to the couch on which she sat. "I don't believe you. I think you came back out here because your husband didn't give you enough dick. So you came to see if I can satisfy your tight pussy."

My wife had an incredulous expression on her face, myself included.

Amber stands right up and points a finger at Jack, "How dare you talk about me and my husband like that! He's more of a man than you'll ever be. I can't believe we have such a repulsive neighbor like you! I think you should leave." Staring right at him with her hands at her hips.

I could tell by the tone of her voice she was repulsed by Jack.

Jack awkwardly stands up while scratching his head, "Didn't mean no harm. Seeing such a beautiful woman like yourself, probably most men couldn't hope to satisfy you."

Amber said nothing but looked the other way, while Jack's eyes roamed her body.

"Come on, you've known me for too long now. It's just the way I was raised to be very blunt. You should take it as a compliment."

Standing right next to her, Jack edged closer before rubbing his back hand on the side of her silk dress, "This dress is perfect for a beautiful woman like yourself."

Maybe due to the non threatening gesture of using his back hand, Amber didn't flinch away and said in an annoyed voice, "Thank was a gift for my husband. Now are you going to leave or what?"

"Yeah in a bit. What is this? Silk?" as Jack continued.

"Ye...Yes.." Amber awkwardly answered.

My wife was feeling so many emotions, you could see it on her face.

Jack surprisingly was smooth. He gently grabbed my wife's hand and brought her down to the couch with him.

"I bet this kind of material would turn on any woman. Especially after being put on display like art at the museum."

Amber started to feel flustered and wasn't sure how to stop him.

Jack continued rubbing his hand on her. Slowly he put his other hand on her soft thigh. He was feeling her luscious legs to the point her dress hiked up almost showing her lingerie.

He whispers, "I knew you were a slut waiting to be unleashed. You pretend to be a good housewife, but all you want is to get dicked down until you cum all over a big cock. Your big ass is made to bounce on my huge dick."

He started kissing her neck.

That snapped her back to reality. Whimpering in disgust, my wife tried pushing him away, "No! I shouldn't be doing this..."

But Amber could still sense me watching somewhere. She pondered for a few moments. What to do... She was already horny; was it only twenty minutes ago that she had been getting pounded by me? Unfortunately I had finished earlier than usual. To top it off, she had been drinking all night, which added to her arousal.

The more she thought about how wrong this all felt, the more wet she became. Jack kept trying to kiss her neck while she tries twisting and pushing him away. But after fighting with him for a few minutes, she finally relented. This was what her husband wanted to see. The most she could do is flirt and maybe even make out with this repulsive man then go back inside. She slowly relaxes her arms giving Jack easier access to kiss her neck and chest. All the while his hand feels up her soft thighs. Amber reluctantly leans against him, looking down at him licking and sucking her neck making her whole body shiver. This ugly disrespectful neighbor is having his way with her and her body started to enjoy it even though she didn't.

Watching this from my corner I'm shocked! I didn't think that Jack would seduce her like this. I've never been more turned on in our relationship. Unsure of how far Amber would let it go, I was already content for what she has done. It was extremely naughty and unlike her which drove my lust through the roof.

Jack eventually pulls her up and after struggling to keep her dress on she gives up the fight. Amber steps out of her dress, revealing her lingerie that is meant to be for her husband's eyes only. She was standing in a sexy two piece red lingerie that is basically strings, it made her skin glow. You could see her perfect fit body breathing heavily. She is standing right by one of the lights and I could barely tell her bra is actually see through!

Both Jack and I, suddenly noticed that her bra was so tight against her that you could barely make out the outline of pierced nipples.

Wait, when did she pierce her nipples?!

I was standing in my dark corner with my jaw wide open. I couldn't believe it, her dress was on most of the night so I hadn't noticed. She must have gotten them done recently! No wonder the last few times we had sex she kept her top or bra on.

There she is, standing in her sexiest lingerie in front of Jack while he paws at her tits and ass. He pulls her back down to the couch and sits her right next to him putting her legs right over his lap. He continues to suck her neck and the parts of her tits that were sticking out.

Amber looks uncomfortable and distant while he does it. She couldn't believe she was letting him rub and lick her whole body the way he was doing. Her mind kept

saying how wrong this was, her stomach was about to burst butterflies.

After a bit more pawing, kissing, and sucking Jack stands up and grabs Amber by the hand standing her up with him. "Let's get comfortable in the hot tub. What do you think?" Jack smirks as he cups her bare ass that stuck out from her thong lingerie.

Hot tub? I immediately imagine my wife covered in water in front of this fat prick. There's no way she'll do it. You can tell how repulsed she is by him, I thought.

My wife hesitates and starts to think this is starting to go too far. Amber had her heart racing and deep down she knew that she is slowly getting turned on from the situation she has been put in.

"My damn husband!!" she shouted in her head, my fantasy had her mind all confused! Suddenly she remembers the stories she saw on my computer and one of the main themes is not that the wife is attracted to the man. It's the act of satisfying someone that might not deserve it. The more she pleases Jack, the more her husband's fantasy will be made. To satisfy someone in a way she wouldn't even do with her husband. It is so wrong, so taboo. She loves her husband more than anything. She was his other half. If it turned him on, she wanted it to turn her on.

Quickly Amber's mindset slowly changed and she started trying to embrace the situation more. This isn't for Jack, even though he would benefit immensely. This is for her husband and his twisted fantasy. She wants to please her husband and she knows what he wants to see. To see her submit, to a man they both despise.

Amber standing in her sexy lingerie takes a deep breath and reaches over to grab his hand and leads Jack to the hot tub. I can see her embarrassed expression from the corner I am watching from, but it made her look even more beautiful.

When they get to the hot tub, Jack smiles and quickly removes his shirt and shorts standing in just his boxers. They couldn't have looked more opposite. Jack's overweight body with patches of hair all over him. Amber with her smooth, tanned, and fit body. She gives him a look once over and couldn't believe what she is doing. To be almost naked with this disgusting man while her husband watches is so wrong! But she is becoming more and more turned on due to the situation she is in. She feels herself getting hot and actually thought the water would calm her nerves.

She grabs his hand again and goes in with him. She slowly sits on his lap and immediately feels his cock. Even though he wasn't hard, she could tell he was big.

Our fat neighbor laughs, " I knew you would give in at some point." Kissing her neck as sloppy as he could.

She rolls her eyes and is about to say something about how repulsive he is but then remembers to try to be in the fantasy more. So she wiggles her hips and gets comfortable as she leans back into him while he kisses and sucks her neck all the while his hands roam her smooth body.

I am absolutely shocked at the change and willingness in my wife to actually get in the water with this creep. For the next ten minutes I watch my asshole neighbor feel up, kiss, and lick my beautiful wife.

Eventually he slides his hands down her stomach until he grabs her pussy through her lingerie. She shoos him away so he goes back to rubbing her body before trying again. She smacks his hand away once again. Eventually after a few tries she gives in and lets him feel her pussy. The whole situation is so wrong but it is making her gush fluids all over Jack's hand. Good thing they were submerged in the hot tub, otherwise her embarrassment would even be more immense. The fact a man like Jack is actually turning her on!

Jack is doing it slowly, trying to work her up. Amber starts grinding on his hand a little. He couldn't take it anymore and yanks her thong to the side before putting two fingers in her. My wife opens her mouth but no sound comes out. Jack, not stopping, pushes her bra down and starts sucking on each breast while playing with her pierced nipples.

Amber couldn't believe he actually put his fingers inside her! His pudgy fingers were thick and she felt them clearly going in and out. She wanted to moan out but she was so shocked nothing came out. As much as she wasn't attracted to Jack, she had to admit he knew his way around a woman's body. He was touching her in all the right places and his fingers were at least twice as thick as her husbands. The foreign feeling made her body shiver.. She was just staring at Jack, fingering her body and sucking her breasts while her body writhed against him.

I couldn't believe how this night was turning out. Amber is actually getting fingered by Jack while he keeps sucking on her pierced nipples. This is going on a while until I suddenly realize that he is taking his time with her. Trying to build her up and have her begging him to take her.

Amber was shaking on top of Jack while he played with her. She was so turned on she subconsciously started rubbing his cock. To her shock he still wasn't rock hard like she expected. Deep down somewhere she got offended. Wouldn't most men especially someone like him about to burst from excitement? As if she was put up with a challenge she started rubbing his cock. Also rubbing her body against him even harder, grinding her ass on his lap!

Jack removes his fingers and brings them up to his face licking them clean, "Hmm fucking hell. You taste just like honey." He snickered

"Noo, oh my god. Don't say that...I can't believe you just tasted me. This is so wrong...fuuuuck" Amber flusteredly says.

Soon she is bouncing on his body,grabbing his cock through his boxers as fast and hard as she can. Finally she starts to feel him get hard. Jack gets up and sits on the edge of the hot tub. He takes his dick out while shaking it towards my wife.

At first I wasn't too worried, Jack is overall a short guy who is overweight and I am the taller bigger person. I am comfortable and very confident on how big my cock is and am able to satisfy plenty of women with it over the years. That soon went away after Jack's cock came out. It is a little longer than mine but it is at least twice as thick, maybe three. It reminded me like a monster energy drink. My wife later told me that she was shocked that such an ignorant, fat man like him was bigger than her husband, who she's always been satisfied with.

She breathes quickly as her face is so close to it. Amber knows if it wasn't for her husband she would've never have given this low life the time of day, but that started to fuel her sexual desire even more thinking about what her husband wanted her to do. To please someone who is so arrogant and that her husband didn't like. She can't believe what she is about to do.

"You like that?" He smirks as he shakes his dick near her face again.

"You're gonna like it a lot more when it's buried deep in your pussy."

Looking down she says in a hurried voice,

"I never said I would have sex with you!" Amber then raises her head and meets his eyes. She then continues in a more sexy voice, "But, we can play a little if you keep it between us."

Jack laughs loudly and then in a low whisper says, "What are you gonna do then?"

Amber doesn't say anything but slowly her hand moves and starts stroking his dick while still staring up at him. Her hand looked so tiny compared to his giant dick, she couldn't even fully wrap her fingers around it.

"Hmmm, that feels good. Don't stop...use both hands." Jack ordered.

Amber rolled her eyes but still responded to him. Even when using both her hands to stroke his huge dick, there was still a good amount sticking up at Ambers face. She was just staring at it and still couldn't believe how big Jack really was.

"Holy's so fucking big" Amber thought but also accidentally says in a whisper. She becomes extremely embarrassed and looks away from his cock, while still lazily stroking him.

"That's right baby girl. Much bigger than your little hubby I bet. Feel that big's all for you." Jack announces as if trying to claim Amber already as his own.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched my wife still in the hot tub, between Jack's legs jacking him off! He starts to get comfortable and spreads his legs wider and smirks. I suspect that the smirk was him feeling accomplished that he got my beautiful wife to give in to him.

"Come on, don't get shy...squeeze my big nutsack." He says while staring down at his conquest.

She listens to his instructions and drags her hand down his cock to his balls, squeezing them occasionally, while leaning more on her knees and spreading her legs that put an arch in her back. She is now hovering over his dick jacking him off with one hand and massaging his balls with another slowly but steady.

After a few minutes Amber is looking at his cock as if she is studying it. The water was helping her make his fat hog more slick. She knew what would drive her husband crazy but she lacked the courage. So she leans over and lets some saliva slide from her lips to his dick which helped with her jerking him off smoothly.

"Yess, keep doing that you sexy slut. You're so good at this."

Amber didn't know why she felt a tingle between her legs hearing those words. Maybe because she's never done this. Knowing she was doing a good job made her feel a little proud. She responded by letting even more of her saliva drop down to his cock, getting coated with her constant stroking.

After doing that a few times, our fat neighbor blurts out,

"Stuff it in your mouth."

She snaps her head and looks up to him with her big blue eyes.

"Do it!" Jack snaps in an aggressive voice.

She keeps jerking him off and is about to say something about how this is enough, but she looks back at his thick cock. Then she looks around maybe trying to find me but I'm still hidden in the shrubs. Amber not being able to spot me but knowing I am out there, waiting for her to submit. She looks at the impressive dick in front of her. Could she do this? She wondered how it would feel having such a big cock in her mouth. Amber would be lying if she said Jacks cock didn't turn her on. It was simply the biggest she's ever seen. She still couldn't believe it was attached to a man she wouldn't ever give a second glance. And here she was kneeling before him, submitting to his big cock, with her husband's encouragement.

She couldn't believe someone like him would be so well endowed. She remembered the porn videos she watched to get ready for tonight. Even those men weren't as big as Jack. She wanted to blow her husband away and now she is going to please this fat bastard. She is embarrassed due to the fact she's never really given a blowjob. She didn't even know where to start on his big fucking tool. She just keeps stroking him avoiding his stare and that arrogant smile.

My wife closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Jack says again in a louder and more forceful voice.

"Stuff that pretty mouth bitch."

She snaps her eyes open and looks up at him. My wife really couldn't stand looking at his arrogant smile. Staring right into his eyes, Amber leans real close until her lips are almost on his dick. My wife didn't know why but she finally decided. She wanted to drive her husband crazy! She wanted his fantasy to be her fantasy. To give Jack something she always denied her husband. So with her cheeks flushed red she says in her sexiest voice

"Okay. I'm gonna swallow this big cock daddy." Then licks from the base all the way to the tip like she did with me not too long ago!

I can't believe what I am seeing and hearing! As if seeing Amber suck another man's dick I despise isn't enough, that asshole actually called her a bitch! She hates that word, I thought at that moment the fantasy was all over. But not only did she not get furious, she actually responded by calling him daddy!

After a year of me and Amber dating it is always a big turn on for me to have her call me daddy. Unfortunately she thought it was corny and turned her off, so I eventually dropped it. So not only is she giving him her first real blowjob, she actually is calling him daddy too!

I watch my amazing wife lick Jack's cock getting it wet with her saliva. Amber was surprised by the taste thinking it would be awful, but actually it wasn't half as bad as she thought. She felt his cock give off a heat that made her body shiver. She licks from the base all the way to the tip and holds it there while looking up at him. She just swirled her tongue on the tip of his dick not letting go of his gaze.,36004385.html

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