Introduction: All persons in this story are over 18. The older men no longer have wet dreams, but they still dream. Although men may be older, sex still fills their brains. In this story, the older participants get to re-experience sex. Dear Reader, sexual desire doesn't stop just because a man is aged, it just slows down a bit.


You might remember my sister-in-law? A while back she and I pulled off a stunt that if I think about it, still gives me a hard-on. Chartreuse was feeling very horny and in the mood for a lot of sex. This means a lot of men. We ended up in my camper, out at a highway rest stop, where she invited ten or was it eleven, guys to sample her ample body, that is, to gang bang her. Let me refresh your memory in case you never read of our experience.

My brother's wife and I have had our share of sexual adventures. It all started when I was in the middle of fucking her, when the rubber broke. My 8-inch cock was so deep inside her vagina I wasn't even aware that my dick's head had broken free. I was flying high. It just felt so good, I finished in a flurry. Chartreuse's legs were so tightly wrapped around my waist that I couldn't have escaped even if I'd wanted to, so I dropped a few fuckless weeks of cum right up the pussy trail.

When our girl started missing her periods we knew we had a problem. Still, we took advantage of the unplanned pregnancy and gave up using condoms at our weekly fuck-sessions. Chartreuse didn't want to spoil the wedding so three months later she married my brother Mark. Nine months to the day, Delmore Hannibal O'Keeffe was born. Now my son calls me "Uncle."

You probably are thinking, what do you call a guy who is fucking his brother's wife? You can call me "Jerry."

Fucking your brother's wife is more common than you might expect. The kids that result are usually fine. This is not incest, we aren't even related except by marriage.

My older brother Mark always bullied me. He'd give me a kick in the pants when I'd least expect it. When I was a teenager with a girlfriend, he'd sabotage me by telling her nasty stories, or showing goofy pictures of me jerking off with my eyes closed. Usually, he'd end up having sex with my favorites.

Sure, I felt a little guilty about fucking his highly sexed fiancé. Mark had met her when she was a stewardess on a jet flight. He was proud to report they'd had sex an hour later in the plane's tiny bathroom. I've wondered if Mark was the only one she fucked on that flight. She was one hot babe! You could charbroil a hot dog in her vagina. If you saw her you'd understand why no man could say no.

After Chartreuse and I had sex a few times, I warned her that Mark was bisexual. He was still fucking his college roommate each week after they played a round of golf at the Oakhurst Golf Club. When I found Mark's misplaced phone, he had a Tinder account under the name "Fuckums." It wasn't too hard to figure the rest out. The big macho guy was part gay. Nope, not all gay, the dude was still fucking women, he hadn't closed the door on any sexual partners. There was even a message from the lead female singer in the church choir requesting a repeat performance after choir practice.

Mark wasn't gay and he wasn't straight, he was a sexaholic. He was busy screwing everything on two legs. While Chartreuse was busy caring for Delmore during the first year, she was still having occasional sex with her husband. It turned out that occasional just was not enough.

I think Mark married Chartreuse just to please my Mom. But how many asses can you fuck in a week and still have enough jizz leftover for your wife? To help deal with her sexual frustration, Chartreuse and I started fucking again. She was always horny and Mark was always at work or out golfing. We'd leave Delmore with my mom and we'd blow off steam.

We weren't in love, we just liked having sex together. Usually, we'd sixty-nine each other with a strong fucking finish. Frequent fucking brings people closer together. We became good friends. Why not? She was my sister-in-law and my son's mom.

When I voiced trepidation that Mark might discover our trysts, Chartreuse said they'd signed a prenup permitting open sexual relations. It turned out that my sister-in-law knew from the start that Mark was bi-sexual.

"I know he likes men. I know he likes to suck cocks.I know he is a butt bandit. But, we are free to fuck whomever we want too and I don't believe in divorce."

I respect her. I have no problem with women who are promiscuous and admit it. I have trouble with women who cheat and deny it. Ok, enough family stuff.

When Chartreuse was born her Dad exclaimed,

"Her eyes are green, the color of French Chartreuse, we will call her Chartreuse."

My sister-in-law looks like a young Kathleen Turner. In her early films the actress was a gorgeous sexy persona. Then like our favorite athletes, she morphed into a plus-plus size model. Google and take a look at Turner back in the early days.

Chartreuse stands about 5'10" in flats but in a six-inch heel, her head may scrape the ceiling. She has gorgeous legs and honey blond hair. After a good fuck her eyes shine like the finest Brazilian emerald. She wears her hair shoulder-length, has large breasts as hot as a radiator, and a narrow waist like Monroe. Her nipples are long, the areolas are dark on her creamy skin, and her ass is super curvy. Soon after she gave birth she recovered her figure.

I've never known a woman so highly sexed. If there is a cock within reach, she'll go for it. I watched her have sex with ten different strangers in my camper and it was like each guy was fucking his lost highschool sweetheart.

Chartreuse said after a few too many drinks she once took on a college fraternity house of horny guys. Chartreuse is a blow job artist. As an airline stew, she'd sucked and fucked more pilots and passengers than she remembers.

"I once got tipsy on some French Champagne and blew twelve guys in first class. They left me a thousand dollar tip. It made me feel like a whore so I used it to buy a sexy pair of Manolo Blahniks."

She had this gangbang fantasy. It sounded exciting. After we talked about it a few times, she said,

"Jerry, let's stop talking about it, let's do it."

That was the story of how she did ten guys in a rest stop. Or was it eleven?

When my brother Mark announced he was going skiing with one of his male fuck buddies. Chartreuse said,

"While Mark is away, I'd like to bring some cheer to the homeless."

I knew what she meant. Another gang bang was in the works!

The day Mark left, we dropped the kid off with my Mom and Chart and I drove north in my 24-foot camper, with a double-sized bed and a tiny bathroom. She was seated next to me in the captain's chair and kept playing with my dick. Finally, I had no choice but to say,

"Chartreuse, either blow me or leave my dick alone."

I pulled over and of course, she blew me. What a relief!

We drove out on Interstate 15, northeast in the direction of Hoover Dam, then Nevada Route 169 leaving the interstate at Crystal. We passed a bunch of closed roadside stores. Most were broken into by vandals and sprayed with graffiti. I pulled behind one building and we rested for a half-hour. I got out to piss and Chartreuse squatted.

We were hungry so we decided to stop at the next fast food place. When we passed a Hamburger joint, I pulled over and bought two burgers and some crispy fries, sodas, and a twelve-pack of beer. Then we drove on to a higher elevation.

"Did you figure out the best place for me to spread my legs and give the homeless some cheer?" said Chartreuse.

"Yes, I've found the perfect place, that's where we are headed. I'd really like to butt fuck you before the other guys get to you."

"Sure Jerry, just pull over. I really need to stretch my ass hole because a lot of guys prefer ass to cunt these days, with all those big assed hip hop entertainers on TV."

I took her advice and pulled over. There was an extra parking lane. You don't want to get stuck on the dirt.

I knew from the small size of her anus, the rear entry might hurt me as much as it hurt her. We hadn't done anal in a long time. I started by putting my pinky in her butt, as her sphincter relaxed I got my second finger in and fingerfucked her a while. Then I squeezed in three fingers. My hand was getting cramped so I put my thumb inside. I thought my thumbnail might be hurting her so went back to three fingers. Her back was arched as she tried to help squeeze my hand inside.

"Try to relax. It will go easier, I'm just trying to break in your butt hole. I'm sure where we are headed you will be getting a lot of anal."

"Sure Jerry, whatever you think, I really want to offer every part of me to the homeless."

She was doing her best as I worked up once more to three fingers. I was thinking I could try for the whole hand or at least five fingers so I added more lube and got all my fingers inside. I kept at it until my whole hand was inside her ass hole.

"You are so flexible, I think you are nicely relaxed. Your ass pussy really opened up like a cactus flower. Let's give it a try with my penis."

I added a little more lube directly on my dick and got ready. I knew I'd stretched the base of her asshole to accommodate my entry, but after the first five inches, it was going to be my cock that had to cut through to the promised land.

"Ok, babe."

I mounted her and slowly entered her butt hole. I lined up my dick head, always firm and hard, and with one fierce shove,

"I got 4 inches in."

She took a deep breath.

"That feels good so far, try to get all eight inches in."

"Oh, I will. Hold on, babe. We are just getting started."

I pulled out and repeated the jam. This time with more lube, some effort and her wiggles, I got 6 inches deep.

"How does it feel?"

"Pretty good Jerry, go for all nine.

"Well all I've got is 8 ½ but I'll get there." and I pushed harder and her ass hole opened up like some magical treasure door in the Arabian nights.

"Oh, Jerry, that feels so good, don't stop, please fuck my ass harder."

With a really hard push, I zapped my big dick balls deep into her tiny anus that felt like a tight cock ring. I could feel the lube leak out and cover my balls. I just kept stroking and showed her no mercy. I was trying to prepare her for the homeless guys who would fuck her. She was loving it.

I just jammed my rubric in and out and in and out until I was ready. Then when I couldn't hold it back, I creamed her so deep she'd have to shit it out.

She spent the next half hour laughing and talking sexy.

"You know we really should do more anal, it makes me feel so fem."

"I'm so glad you liked it. I wanted it to be a nice experience for both of us. Since it's been a long time since we did this anal stuff, I didn't want to rip up your tight butthole, that's why I took it slow."

"It was great Jerry, and it should prepare me for the other guys we meet along the way who will be less gentle."

"Chart, I got you a little present, well not so little." I handed her a wrapped gift.

"Oh, what is it?" She ripped it open, "Oh my gosh. It's green."

"It's a fairly large dildo. After I've opened you up, you should insert the dildo in your butt to keep your ass hole from closing. That way if one of the homeless wants a butt burger you can easily offer up that piece of cake."

"Oh yes, you are too funny. I'll go to the bathroom and make sure I am clean and then I'll try to stuff the green rocket home. It's a great idea, I haven't done much butt fucking since our honeymoon. It was easy to take my husband's diminutive cock in my ass, easier than his little brother's."


"Are you sure your mom was still fucking your Dad when she conceived you? Your dick is so much bigger."

"I guess, but with women, you can never bet your piggy bank on who the real Dads are. Pussies are notorious for coupling with a variety of sexual partners. When the hormones are flowing, a woman will open her legs for whoever is near, be it a priest or a garbage man."

"I guess that's true."

"Make sure you use enough lube when you insert it."

"I will Jerry, don't worry."

I drove a few miles when I saw an open field bordered by high trees. While we rested I put some ice on my sore dick, butt fucking her was nice, but breaking in an ass hole, can be painful for both parties. The corona of my cock's head was swollen and unhappy. After a few hours, a plan began to formulate in my mind.

I'd heard there was a sizable hobo camp off the highway about 25 miles ahead. So I started up the Camper and headed there. I figured it would be exactly what Chartreuse had in mind, a sexual kindness giving the homeless some prime pussy and ass for the holiday.

I had loaded up my .44 pistol, just in case I ran into any assholes wanting to steal her. You can never underestimate the possibilities of sex-crazed men.

After about 40 minutes we spotted the hobo or homeless camp off to the right. The camp surrounded a desert cement pad that was once part of a military installation. There were old broken down vans and pickup trucks, their hoods opened as if someone was working on them. The inhabitants were almost exclusively men and a few rough-looking women who kept their distance.

I talked to one of the guys who walked over to the camper to say, "howdy." His name was Andy. I explained that I'd brought them a gift, my sister in law--a bit of a nympho, I said, who wants to fuck a bunch of guys as a holiday gift to them.

"Ah, Ok Mister, we can do that."

I brought Andy into the Camper to see I wasn't bullshitting. Was he retarded or just on the spectrum? Andy was wearing cut-off jeans and a striped red and white sleeveless shirt. Chartreuse was laying on the camper bed completely nude. Andy carefully examined her, running his hands over her tits. He stuck his third finger in his mouth and then stuck it in her pussy.

"She's as real as real can be. I'll be fucked if she doesn't look like, what's her name...Ch-ha-ka-ka Turno?

"Yeah, Kathleen Turner, she just looks like the young Katy."

"Yes, that actress." Well, if she is Katy, then you must be her brother.

"No, Andy. She is my sister-in-law. Her hubby is gay so she doesn't get much cock. She loves dick like a squirrel loves nuts.

"Ok, Ok, she likes squirrel nuts."

"See, we are not celebrities. We are just two people related by marriage. She wants you guys to fuck her. Is that clear?"

"Yeah, I got it. She's that actress, and you're her brother."

"Ok Andy. Thanks a lot." (I think Andy must have seen Turner who always appeared on various talk shows with her brother. He was not a celeb, but very good-looking. Some thought the two of them were incestuous. What was with that?)

"Just one other thing, Andy. Don't bring me any guys who are drooling from their mouths or their penises. She is here to give you guys a great fuck fest gang bang, but not to get infected."

Then addressing Chartreuse, who is now being called Katy, Andy said,

"Well, Missy Katy, we're gonna accept your gift and give you a real good fucking here today,"

and he trotted off. As he got a few feet away I could see his jean shorts were ripped, and his suntanned butt cheeks were visible when the wind blew.

That seemed to break the ice." Katy," as she was now christened, remained tits up naked, and her plump vagina looked ready. I told the hobo Andy that he should bring only guys with nice dicks, the bigger the better. I illustrated with my forearm to get the point across. Getting fucked by a small dick is fine if you are married to him, but for a freelance gang bang, I was sure Katy would say the bigger the better. I had a digital camera built into the ceiling above the bed so we could record 6 hours of sex at a time and edit it afterward.

Before a half-hour passed, there was a line of at least ten raucous gang bangers ready to get their holiday gift. Fortunately, the weather was dry and moderately warm. I could hear a few loud farts outside of the crowd.

The first guy in line, naturally, was Andy, who had arranged for other guests. He dropped his dirty drawers and he stunk pretty bad. He was missing most of his teeth. He did seem well organized when it came to sex. He spent a long time chewing her nipples and eating her vagina. He raised up to stuff his dick in her mouth, but I told him to finish fucking her.

So he stuffed his cock in her vag and gave her a decent fuck. Chart laid there as happy as the proverbial "bug in a rug," wiggling her ass and telling him how manly he was. When he finally pulled out, he sprayed her belly with cum juice. She laughed and smiled and thanked Andy while trying to wipe herself off.

Before he left, he pulled up his ripped shorts, and pinched her left tit real hard, saying,

"That's so you don't forget me."

"Oh that stings, I promise I won't forget you, Andy right?"

Guy number two, was a fat man, probably about sixty-five. He was wearing gym pants with a drawstring. The waistband kept slipping. It was either his pubic hair or his ass crack showing, depending on which way he turned. He was mostly bald and had what might be called a pig face; short nose, red lips, squinty slit eyes with rolls of sweaty fat on his neck and forehead.

Fatso introduced himself and said, "It's a very Christian thing you are doing for us."

"Thank you, honey," said Chartreuse, "You just enjoy yourself fucking me."

Fatty was just interested in fucking, not foreplay. He got right to work and laid all his weight into her with every thrust. He grunted like a porker and was sweating profusely by the time he finally came. When with effort, he arose partially, Katy, that's what they all were all calling her, looked fired up and ready to go. Fatso came so much that her cunt was beginning to look like a rain barrel.

Fatty bowed to her when we finally got him up. He pulled up his draws and said,

"Thank-ee, Ma'am. I was afraid the old cannon might not fire. That's why it took a while, but it did. Remember honey, all things come to she who waits. An older man will cum but it may take a little longer. God bless ya hon. You're the best piece of ass I've had in 20 years."

"Thanks, so sweet of you to say that."

The third guy in line, Waldo, was wearing a Chicago Bulls cap. He was about five foot four, built like a fireplug. His thick arms were covered with naval tattoos; mermaids, anchors, Moby Dick. I asked him if he'd been in the Navy and he replied,

"Does the Pope suck cock."

The Navy guy dropped his stained white ducks on the camper floor. None of the men seemed to be wearing underwear. He played with his cock a little while and when it got stiff he used it as a drumstick on her feet, legs and worked his way up to her tits. Chartreuse seemed interested in pleasing him.

"I'm here for your pleasure, Sailor, so when you finished drumming on me, fuck me good."

He took his time and began to suck both her tits. He'd pushed her two large breasts together so he could get both nipples in his mouth at once. He started going down on her, but there was so much cum gurgling up that he gave up on oral and shoved his dick in her well-lubed pussy. Katy (by now it was pointless to argue her name) said,

"Don't stop Admiral, bury that cock anchor deep."

By the time, Navy guy got through screwing her, with a dick wide like a beer can, I noticed her cunt had begun to swell. Katy looked as if someone gave her a hormone shot. "Navy" pulled up his pants, gave a salute and climbed off her, and began singing,

"I'm Popeye the sailor man, yo ho. I'll fuck ya a minute as soon as I'm in it, I'm..." and off he went.

This next homeless guy, Keith, was skinny and boney but no amateur fucker. He was naked when he came in and asked for a rag to wipe out her pussy saying, (he stuttered),

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