Kelly was frustrated. Her daughter had unexpectedly come by early Saturday. She had expected to have the whole day alone with Cindy's boyfriend Fred. If she knew Cindy would have been interrupting them Kelly wouldn't have been so slow with her seduction. She would have made the best of her time instead of just flirting and teasing. She had it all planned out. She had greeted him in a bikini top and shorts. She had asked for his help in the yard. She had even convinced him to take off his shirt since he was so hot- er, since it was so hot out. She was just about to get out the sunscreen and convince him she help with his back. That was when Cindy showed up to spoil the fun.

She could still watch, but all day Cindy was like glue on her boyfriend. Kelly could not blame her. After dinner they quickly retreated to Cindy's room and Kelly didn't need to guess why.

Now she was in her room, sulking and shlicking herself to the muffled sounds of her daughter and Fred trying to quietly fuck in the other room. These walls were thin and she could hear the groans clearly. The bed rocked with a familiar rhythm. Kelly was naked except for a pair of old panties as she touched herself and humped the sky.

She turned face down, mounted a pillow, and humped against it. "Hmph!" she whimpered into the pillow. She wished so badly for an excuse to get Cindy out of the house for just a few minutes. But it was late at night now. Kelly masturbated a lot. She was into a lot of things too, things she hadn't even told her late husband. But recently, she could only think about Fred cock. She wasn't sure if she could come anymore without at least seeing it. She bit the sheets, remembering when he had roughly fucked her ass back in the woods. Damn that was hot. She reached back as teased her backside with fondness. She remembered back at the motel, with her mouth. She put her other hand to her lips and sucked on her middle and ring fingers with sloppy desire.

It wasn't enough. She huffed and slowed, her body was hot and sexy, but she wanted to at least watch. She was a voyeur at heart, and always had been. Her mind could not picture the man clear enough. She was also wet at the idea of getting caught too. With her late husband, they had been risk takers all the time. They had done it in bushes, in stairwells, and often she would get off masturbating under the table at a restaurant. Those days were over though. At least, she had thought so. For so long she thought she was doomed to a celibate life after he died. But now she could not stop herself from thinking of a life with Fred. She knew i was impossible, but she was so hot at the thought.

She got up with a sigh. She was thirsty for him, but also literally thirsty. She had worked up quite the sweat. She stood up and naughtily decided to walk around without her bathrobe. If her daughter caught her, who cared. If Fred caught her, all the better.

She walked silently through the hallway and heard her daughters lovemaking even louder. To her great fortune she discovered the door was slightly ajar. She gulped and sneaked up close on her way to the kitchen. She peered through and her eyes focused. She held her breasts to her chest as she learned over.

Sure enough, there was her daughter. She was straddled on top of him, and completely naked. Kelly bit her lip with frustration. She tore her hand into her panties in the middle of the hallway and withheld a groan. She could hardly see Fred. She could see her daughters breasts sway and her back arch. But she could not see Fred's face, or his broad shoulders. Her daughter was bouncing on him, riding and grinding like he was a bronco. She bit her finger hard to keep from whimpering. She was humping her hand so hard her chest bounced in the cold, open air.

She could come like this. It would be easy. She could feel it coming on already. It was awkward though. She saw Fred's strong fingers on her hips. She watched her daughter bounce on his cock with envy. She didn't want to come while staring as her daughters ass. But she had done it before in the motel. She had got off despite her daughters presence, in fact, it felt even more naughty. Seeing just an inch of that slick cock pounding in and out was enough. She knew it was wrong. That was enough to bring her to the brink. She withheld a whimper as her body began to tingle.

"Fred-" she heard a whisper, "Hey, wait a second-" Kelly paused as the couple paused. She was so close! "Oh shit, I was right, the condom tore!" She winced, "Well, lets get another one then, I guess."

Fred whispered back, "Your fault for riding me so long!" he teased.

"Your cock is too big!" She giggled, "Anyway, my bag is in the bathroom-" She hopped her naked butt off the bed towards the door. "I think I may take care of a few things too, just to freshen up. It might be just a minute or two..."

Fuck. Kelly wriggled silently away towards the kitchen and just barely turned a corner before her daughter poked her head out of her room, looked both ways and scrambled to the bathroom.

Kelly sighed. There was no way she could sneak into the room, even if Cindy was indisposed. Cindy was right across from Fred. She considered it though for another few seconds. She shook her head and went to the fridge.

She opened the door and took out the milk. She looked around to see if anyone was around before drinking it from the bottle. She had lived alone for long enough for it to be a habit. She wiped her lips with her arm before putting it back and closing the door with a relaxed sigh of relief. He put her forehead to the cool fridge door. What was she doing? She should just find another man. This was insane. Why couldn't she help herself when it came to Fred? She felt her fingers inch into the front of her panties again. She itched under her navel. She was torn between touching herself and taking a cold shower.

A hand grabbed her mouth from behind. She gave out a muffled squeak as another hand grabbed her ass. Her body tightened and she gasped through her nose.

"Really? Right here?" It was Fred whispering into her ear. "That's pretty brave."

He released her mouth, but not her ass. He was close to her, his naked chest on her bare back. She gasped, "Fred?" she felt his cock hard through their underwear. He was wearing nothing but his boxers. "What are you-" he tugged her panties down under her ass. Her mind said this was wrong. Her lips said, "Oh yes!" and her body complied, pressing her hot chest and face against he cold surface of the fridge as he took her. It was happening so fast. He just slipped it in. His cock fit into her like it had always belonged there. She held her own mouth tight as she sighed with pleasure. He drew out and in like it was nothing. She clenched tight and gasped with an ecstatic smile. "But Cindy-" She stopped herself and then said, a but more concerned, "And, we should use protection-"

He held her mouth closed with his own hand and fucked her like he owned her, his other hand ramming her hips back around him. Her whole body was burning up and she felt his cock cut through her wet slit like a hot knife through butter. He growled low, "I only have a minute or two. So this will have to be fast-" She nodded and he rammed her so hard and so fast she it sounded like hands clapping. The wet slaps of his his hips on her as shook her body as he held her face shut and hammered deep and hard. Any thought of a condom left her mind. She didn't want him to stop for anything.

He took his hand away from her face and held her wrists back. Her back arched and her breasts bounced so hard it almost hurt. "Oh~" he fucked the whimper out of her lungs. He pulled her arms so hard she could not escape even if she tried. He was tugging her around his dick like a sex toy. He bounced her up and down on his lap like he was her daddy.

"Quiet bitch." he heard him growl under his breath.

"Fuck!" she squeaked with each pulse of his cock inside of her. "Fuckfuckfuckfuck!" She had not felt this close this quickly in over a decade.

He cemented his cock in her as he pulled her by the hair over the kitchen counter. She bent over at the waist. Her sweaty face and tits were fucked against the cold marble. She slipped on the smooth surface. He grabbed her ass with a slap and squeezed.

"I'm going to come!" she chirped under her breath. "Give it to me Fred!" she hissed, "Oh fuck I'm coming!" she felt him pull up her face by the hair, "I'm-" She felt orgasm hit her just as she saw Cindy's wide eyed stare just a foot away from her.

Cindy was watching. She was sitting at the counter. She was in a bathrobe. She was silently observing with a blush and tight lips.

"Oh!" Kelly's first orgasmic shudder came with a low whimper. As Cindy blinked and watched Kelly came harder and louder, "Oh Fuck!" She shouted, no longer holding back as Fred refused to slow down. Her legs shook and lifted up up the floor. Her toes curled. "Oh god!" Climax shook her as she saw her daughters judgement upon her. "Oh!" She growled low and long. He was still hard in her, pounding deep and fucking her dumb, "F-Fred," She whimpered, "C-Cindy?" she smiled weakly, "S-Sorry. I'm so sorry." Cindy looked awkward as Kelly trembled and ground against her daughters boyfriends cock. Kelly could not stop coming, even after Fred slowed his thrusts. "Cindy," she said again, "It," She tried to explain, halfway through her orgasm and still grinding her boyfrends cock, "It's was," she felt her eyes roll back for moment, "A-An honest mistake!" She let the final shakes of her climax flow through her. Only when she was no longer rocking the marble counter did Fred take his cock out of her sopping wet pussy. "He, ah," She swallowed hard, looking at her daughter in the eyes. "Th-Though i was you." She tried to continue, but her breathing was too ragged.

Cindy clicked her tongue in thought, "Yea, Fred told me. About both times." She said. Kelly felt humiliated. "I didn't believe him at first. I thought you weren't like this. So I asked for him to show me-" Kelly squirmed away under her daughters eyes.

"Do you hate me?" Kelly covered up her chest and pulled up her panties bashfully.

"I thought I would." She said. "But," She seemed surprised at herself, "I don't." She sighed. "I guess I am just a little disappointment in you mom."

"Sorry honey." Kelly smiled awkwardly. "I'm a terrible mother."

There was a silence as Kelly failed to think of anything else to say in her defense.

"Well?" Cindy looked at her expectantly.

"W-Well?" Kelly asked back.

"Are you done?" Cindy narrowed her eyes aggressively. "Finish the job." Kelly turned Fred's cock was standing at attention.

"Really?" Kelly was tired, but could certainly go another round, "But honey he is your-"

"I know." Cindy nodded. She thought for a moment. "I'll forgive you this time." Cindy said. "For having sex with my boyfriend. Don't let It happen again."

"Thank you honey." Kelly was still so embarrassed.

"But," She continued, "Blowjobs aren't really sex." Cindy shrugged, "and neither is Anal. Right?" Kelly was aghast. "No need to apologize for all that."

"Cindy, are you really-" Kelly started.

"Besides, I don't like that stuff anyway." Cindy said. "And Fred does. So it all works out." She admitted, "But only if you ask my permission, and I get to watch-" She clarified. Kelly smiled. Cindy saw the smile and asked, "What?"

"Nothing. It's just that you are just like your mother."

Cindy got even more red. "J-Just shut up and finish the job!"

"Of course honey." She turned to Fred and put her knees to the floor, "Fred," She smiled up at him, one hand in her panties and the other on his cock, "W-When did you tell her?" She asked.

He put a hand on the back of her head and gently encouraged her. She sucked his cock. It tasted tart, like herself. "After the Motel." he said. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and swirled with her tongue. "I couldn't keep it a secret anymore." He growled as she bobbed her head. "I was expecting her to be angry but-"

"I was angry!" Cindy said quickly. Kelly looked up as she continued with a sly raise of the eyebrow. "I just knew mom was lonely too." She clarified. "If it had been anyone else, I'd have broken up with you." She said strongly. Then she watched her mother stuff her face with a cock that did not belong to her, "But it's just you mom. So I forgive you." her eyes were locked on her Kelly blowing her man. "You really like that mom? How do you stand the taste?"

"Hmph!" She groaned around the cock and quickened the pace around her clit.

"She knows better than to stop sucking." Fred said.

"Oh." Cindy gulped. "Well," She looked frustrated, "She's enjoying herself too much." She stated. "I don't like it."

"Anal?" Fred suggested. Cindy nodded.

Kelly gave a final lick up the shaft before standing up again. She felt Fred manhandle her just the way she liked. Her panties were pulled aside with his thumb and his other hand aimed it in.

It was soaked from her saliva and juices, but it was still a bit dry. "Ah!" She seethed.

"Oh you okay mom?" Cindy asked.

"Some more lube would be nice."

"Right." Cindy stood and fished some from her bag. She went around and personally dabbed it on her boyfriends cock, putting her hand between him and her mother, guiding into her. "Like this?"

"Wonderful dear!" the whole length was whetted as he thrust in and out. Then he slipped deeper and deeper. "Oh!"

Cindy sat in her seat again. She watched her mother get rammed up the ass by her boyfriend. "Oh Cindy!" Kelly bit her lip, half in discomfort and half arousal, "You are such a kind daughter!" She groaned, "T-To share Fred with an old woman like me!" She felt Fred take her by the shoulder and hip and begin to bounce her again. It was smooth as silk now. Her hands were on her breasts and under her panties.

"Are you," Cindy looked confused, and then she smiled and gave a slight giggle, "Really? You are going to come again? From your ass?"

She felt Fred ramp up. He was close. She heard him grunt and groan. She felt her self shiver. Her whole body was filling up with glorious fire. "Oh!" she could not respond to Cindy, "Oh Fred!" he gave a final, thunderous thrust. He came inside her. She shook. "Yes! Inside me!" As he filled her up she felt her body trembled like an earthquake. Her legs wobbled and her fingers clawed the marble for traction. Her knees caved inwards and her ankles splayed as she humped her rump back to milk his cock for as much as she could. She was overflowing by the time they were both done. "Oh Fred! Oh!" She was lightheaded and dizzy. Without the kitchen counter she would have fallen to the floor. "That was wonderful!"

"Well." Cindy seemed to think everything was settled. "Fred, um, back to our room? We can let mom clean up from here."


"So." Kelly put the cap back on the marker with a smile, "I'm so glad you two have decided to stay!" She was giddy as she showed her work on the whiteboard on the fridge.

"Mom, this isn't necessary-"

"These are the chores." She explained, pointing at the calendar, "Cindy, you take the trash on these days, and Fred, I want your help some backyard projects on these days. I'll make dinner at this time-"

"Hey, Fred has backyard help twice on Tuesday!" Cindy pointed.

"Oh, well, the second one is," She seemed bashfull, "Um, My other backyard." She hinted.

"Oh." Cindy nodded, understanding. "Wait, that's a chore!?" She exclaimed.

"Well, I thought it would be best to schedule." She explained. "So we don't fight over him. Now, on Tuesdays, it's backyard duty. Then you have him to yourself on Wednesdays, but I get to watch see, because its "Watching Wednesday". Then on Thursdays I was thinking we could try a threesome-"

"Mooom!" Cindy beat red. "Ew!" She looked to Fred, upset that he wasn't immediately disgusted. "We haven't talked about that at all!" She whined.

"I thought it would be a nice bonding activity." Kelly said feigning innocence, "Besides, it sounds like it fits. You know, Watching Wednesday, Threesome Thursday? I was thinking the day after would be Fellatio Friday, we could also do that together if you want, or take turns. And if you were up to try new things Cindy, I think Fred might enjoy a Sapphic Saturday..."

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