"That's what's on your mind?" she smiled. I nodded. "Oh, my. Where to begin? I remember the day I learned I was pregnant with you. I was horrified and shocked. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I didn't know how I would tell my parents."

"Really?" I asked. "Gramma and Grampa have never treated you bad, have they? I mean, didn't they accept the news and support you?"

"Yes, they did, but you were fourteen not long ago. Do ya think you'd have wanted to break that kind of news to your dad and me?"

"Yeah, I see your point," I answered. "So, what happened"

"I learned a great deal about your dad in the next few days. Once I was sure I really was pregnant, I immediately told him. I had him drive me to ... wait, you know this story. You want me to bore you with it again?"

"I've always loved hearing you tell it. Especially since dad ... you know."

She smiled. "I do love talking about him, don't I?" I smiled and nodded. "So, he drove me up to the peak overlooking our small town and I told him. As a young lady, before I ever met your dad, I had imagined getting pregnant by a boy close to my age and having to tell him. In my imagination, he wasn't nice about it. I always imagined any boy who would knock up an underage girl would have no honor when it came to raising the child.

"I was so scared of telling him and even after we arrived where I wanted to tell him, it took him a while to coax it out of me. Your dad was shocked when I told him, but it was a happy shock. He grinned from ear to ear, kissed me, told me he loved me, and never let me have a single doubt that he meant it. God, I was so relieved. That's the night I knew I was in love with the right man, a good man at the ripe old age of sixteen."

She was smiling and suddenly stopped talking. I looked at her as she stared at the ceiling, at nothing. She was lost in her happy memories.

"I hope someday I can find a woman who loves me like you love dad," I said half-heartedly, with all the sincerity I could muster. I knew I would never find a woman like mom.

Continuing to stare into the void, she answered, "You will, honey. Trust me." She turned and kissed my cheek again.

"What was it like being a mom? You were so young. I can't imagine how you managed it."

"I've never wanted anything more in the whole world. When you were born," she said with a far-off smile, "I remember waking up the next morning, asking the nurse to bring you to me, and telling your dad that I couldn't remember life without you in our family. You were one day old and had been a part of us for as long as I could remember."

"Wow. That's amazing, mom. Was it the same when Gayle was born?"

"Of course, it was, silly," she said and elbowed my ribs playfully. "I was so excited. I knew we'd soon have a houseful of noisy, rambunctious children running around, getting into trouble, fighting, arguing, and loving each other. You and Gayle have lived up to every wonderful, horrible expectation."

I loved how mom literally glowed when talking about her family. She smiled and laughed. She was happy in her memories. She looked at me and her smile melted.

"Chance?" She could sense something was still eating at me. She rolled over and cupped my cheeks in her hands. "Alright, buster, spill it. What's going on?"

"Nothing, mom."

"Remember me telling you I know you better than you know yourself?" I nodded. "OUT WITH IT!"

"Mom! It doesn't matter. I'll work through it."

"Honey," she said softly and kissed me lightly, "tell me what's going on."

I couldn't hold back. Tears formed in my eyes. If I can't trust my mom with this, who could I trust?

"Why didn't we have a houseful of noisy, rambunctious kids?" I asked. "I've heard you say that a few different times growing up and you just said it again."

Mom saw right through me. "Is that your REAL question?"

I scowled at her. "Whaddaya mean?"

"Is that the question you really want to ask me, Chance?"

I knew I was busted. I shook my head.

"Go ahead. Ask me what you want to ask."

"Crap, mom, I don't know." I hesitated but she didn't flinch. "I guess I just need to say it. We've been having unprotected sex and I've ... um ... I've ..."

"Cum in me? Is that what you're trying not to say?"

I nodded. "Cum in you many, many times. What if you get pregnant? I know you don't want more kids, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a dad ... especially with my mom."

Now it was mom's turn to scowl at me. "Would you like a do-over?" she asked.


"A do-over? You know, 'Especially with my mom?' Would you care to rephrase that?"

"Oh," I said, finally getting it. "OH!" I exclaimed, really getting it. "NO, MOM! I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry."

She laughed at me. "I know you didn't mean it that way. And it's a valid question. But why would you think I didn't want more kids?"

"Because, mom, you've always talked about a houseful of kids but it's just me and Gayle. Where's the houseful?"

Mom chuckled a bit and nodded her head. "I see. I didn't understand what you meant," she said. "I guess I've never told you and Gayle why you have no other siblings, have I?"

"I don't remember you saying anything."

"I've always felt ashamed for this, Chance. I've always believed God has been punishing Glen and me for following our lust and forcing shame on ourselves and our families."

"Punishing? Punishing what?"

The happiness that had engulfed her turned to sadness. Tears formed in her eyes as she began. "It was only a few months after Gayle was born that I started getting sick. It started out seemingly simple as gas and indigestion, but within a few weeks, I was cramping and bleeding."

"I've never heard this, mom."

"Until right now, only your dad and my parents knew this. We kept it from everyone. I couldn't keep it from my mom ... ya know, that mom thing of knowing their own kids."

"You don't have to tell me, mom," I said and hugged her.

"No, I do need to tell you. I should've told you and Gayle a long time ago. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. Your dad and I had always wanted several kids. That's why I've felt like God has punished me."

"That's not how God works, mom."

"I know. But for a seventeen-year-old girl, it made sense to blame my bad judgment on someone - or something else. God, in this case, was a convenient scapegoat."

"So, I guess I can't get you pregnant then," I asked, relieved.

Mom laughed. "You could if God would stop punishing me. But I expect you to try often," I laughed.

I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.

* Mom *

"I love you, Chance, and I would've loved several more of you running under my feet."

"I love you, mom. I hope I didn't offend you with my questions."

"Never. I want you to always believe you can talk to me about anything, okay?"

"Okay. And the same for you," he answered.

"Now that we've got that out of the way, how about you come over here and prove how much you love me. Let's see if you can get me pregnant."

I smiled. "With pleasure."

For the next two hours, my son pleasured me in ways I didn't think possible. He was gentle, aggressive, soft, hard, passionate, and loving. When he exploded inside me for the second time, I knew it was time for our day, and our new love, to end. But I couldn't end it.

As we lie in each other's arms, I was troubled by our arrangement. Chance seemed content and fell asleep. My mind was filled with images of him fucking me, eating me, taking me by surprise at random times. I pictured myself sucking his glorious cock, swallowing his cum, riding him, pushing my tits in his face, having his cum fill me. All the while, I could see Gayle's look of disgust, anger, and disappointment in both of us. My dreams were haunted by the images.

I felt a strange sensation growing inside. I was in the middle of a nightmare in which I couldn't awaken, but the strange sensation continued growing, and it felt wonderful. When my mind couldn't take anymore, I opened my eyes.

Chance was hovering over me. "Hi mom," he said with a smile.

I moaned and felt my body explode in an orgasm. "OH, MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK" I shrieked and reached for the center of my pleasure. My hand met Chance's. "FUCK, SON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I said as another orgasm swept through me.

"You like?" he asked.


Three or four more orgasms flowed like a river through me, wave after wave of pleasure, intense pleasure until I couldn't bear more. I pushed his hand away.

"I need you inside me, honey," I said desperately. I tried pulling him on top of me. He didn't budge.

"No, mom, I can't. I wanted to give you one last moment to end our day. I need to go to my room now."

"No, baby. I need you to fuck me."

"Sorry, mom. If I fuck you again, I'll never leave, and I know you may not have the strength to make me go."

"No, son, please don't go," I begged him. "We can find a different way to make this work."

He put a finger over my lips to hush me. Should I feel guilty that I licked his finger and tasted my musky flavor on him?

"If I were dad, what would I do?"

He had me. "Of all the times to conjure the honor of your dad, you pick this one?"

"G'night, mom. I love you," he said as he leaned in and kissed me, first on the lips, and then on the nose. I tried to put my arms around him to keep him here with me. He held my hands down. He knew me more than I knew myself. And then, he was gone.

My heart was full and broken at the same time. I sobbed as I lie there thinking about the wonderful day I had with my son. I was filled with love - yet felt empty - at the same time.

* Chance *

I hated myself as I walked to my room, but I walked out with pride, my head held high. I've always lived my life to make my dad proud of me. I knew he would be proud of me for walking away, and the irony wasn't lost on me that I was walking away from fucking his wife and my mother.

The days were long and turned to weeks. I was torn apart each time I looked at mom. I could see the loneliness in her eyes as well. God help her, she's tried to move forward. She kept her online dating profile active and went out a few times. It was torture for me waiting for her to get home. I was jealous as hell. I wanted to be the one showing her a good time.

For me, I got up each morning, went to school, came home, and said a quick hello to mom before heading to my room to study. I came out only to eat. Mom did the same. We were both miserable. We each knew there was nothing to say that would ease the pain and frustration. Gayle was our priority.

I started hitting Gayle up with personal messages to pass the time. Apparently, mom was too. She wondered why both of us had taken a keen interest in her. I wanted to know if mom was asking about me but knew better than to ask. It was fucking odd that mom and I were in the same house, separated by thin walls and a door, and couldn't talk to one another.

A month or so before Gayle was set to come home, she sent me a message I found odd. Odd, but it opened a door I had no inkling would ever open.

Gayle: What's with mom dating all these weirdos?

Me: She's been lonely and thinking of dad a lot. I set her up to find some guys her age to see if she could find someone to talk to. They've all be assholes, mostly.

Gayle: I think she needs to get laid. What about you?

My mouth went dry. I wanted to answer but had no clue if I'd give myself, and mom, away. After a few minutes, my phone chimed.

Gayle: Cat got your tongue, bro?

Me: I guess. Not sure how to answer.

Gayle: How about yes or no? Think she needs a good long dickin?

Me: Probably wouldn't hurt.

Gayle: You know, mom's quite a pervy woman.

Me: Pervy? How so? And more to the point, how the hell do you know?

Gayle: Dumb fucker. She's a woman. I'm a woman. We talk about shit.

Me: Since when, buttface?

Gayle: Since the bleeding started, dumbass.

Me: What's so pervy about her?

Gayle: HA! Screw off. Like I'd tell you.

Me: You can't tell me that and not spill.

Gayle: Yeah I can. Creeper. What's up with you? You have a mom crush or something?

My only option was denial by truth.

Me: I might now. Tell me.

Gayle: You fuckin creep. I'm gonna tell mom you wanna fuck her. Then you can find out on your own.

Me: Fuck you sis. Where did all this come from? You're supposed to be my innocent little sister.

Gayle: Innocent my ass. College life isn't for the innocent. You'd be amazed by how worldly I am now.

Me: Right. You wouldn't know worldly if it slapped your ass.

Gayle: It has slapped my ass. And licked my ass. And a few other things.

Me: WTF? Why are you telling me this shit? As if it's even true.

Gayle: It's true bro. Your virgin little sissy isn't so virgin anymore. What about you? Maybe you need to get laid too. You getting any?

Me: I've got my share.

Gayle: Fuckin liar. Ever taste a pussy? I have.

Me: As a matter of fact, yes, I've tasted pussy. Whose pussy did you taste? And why you calling me a creep when you're eating pussy?

Gayle: Maybe I'll bring her home for you to eat. I mean MEET. You wanna MEET my friend's pussy? I mean eat.

Me: Shut up.

Gayle: You shut up. I don't think you've dipped your wick yet. You're still a virgin.

Me: Think what you want bitch. Gotta run. Love your stupid ass.

Gayle: Love your stupid bitch ass more.

My cock was throbbing. and I needed some relief. I couldn't get the thought of my sister's face buried in a muff, eating another girl's pussy, out of my mind.

I pulled my pants down, sprawled out on the bed, and jerked myself as I pictured my sister eating mom. Oh, my God. The fantasy I hatched. I came hard.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Gayle's latest messages hatched an idea in my mind. I sat at my desk and started putting it on paper. I thought of everything that needed to be done, went over the list, and gave myself the nod of approval. For the first time in several weeks, I had hope that mom and I could be reunited. I had to be cool and play it out.

* Mom *

I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I didn't realize it would be pure hell. Our beautiful relationship between a mother and her son was shattered by carnal, incestuous pleasure. I couldn't even look at my son in the eyes without giving away my desires. I wanted him inside me, fucking me, making love to me, giving me what no other man can give me.

More than that, I wanted to give him pleasure, to suck his cock, swallow his cum, give myself to him for his sexual satisfaction. But I had to think of Gayle. I've tried to talk to him. It's awkward and uncomfortable. I want him terribly. He wants me. There's no getting beyond that.

A big part of me wanted to say, "FUCK GAYLE!" and take the consequences. But I can't do that to my daughter. Perhaps she could forgive us and accept the love we have. If not, my family would be shattered. I hoped the canyon separating Chance and me could be healed with time. He will find the right girl someday. I can do whatever is necessary to keep my family intact.

* Chance *

The days crawled along like a snail racing a tortoise. My plans were in place and I was confident that mom and I would be able to put any obstacles behind us and have the relationship we wanted. The biggest unknown was still how to deal with Gayle. It would be tricky. Thanksgiving, as always, is on Thursday. Gayle would be home on Tuesday so the schedule would be tight.

* Mom *

"Chance, honey, can you come here for a moment?" I heard his door open and footfalls coming down the stairs.

"What's up, mom?"

"Today is Friday. Your sister is coming home Tuesday and I want to be sure we are on our best behavior." I stated the obvious knowing this could be a difficult conversation.

"Of course, mom. Do you want me to do anything in particular?"

"I ... I don't know, baby. The last few months have been so hard for you. I'm hoping we can put everything behind us for just this next week and start talking again."

"Mom, I'm sorry. I know you've been miserable too," he said. "and I've tried but I can't get you out of my mind. But for Gayle, I'll do my best."

"Thanks, honey," I said with a smile and kissed him on the forehead. I could see his disappointment. "I need to get off to work and you need to get to school. Tomorrow, we need to get the house cleaned up and get ready for your sister and for Thanksgiving. I love you, son." I moved in and kissed his forehead again. "Thanks for being so understanding. I know this is hard."

"It's not the only thing that's hard," he said with a sly smile. "I love you, mom," he said as she squeezed my hand and winked at me.

I smirked my disappointment at him. "That, right there, is what's going to get us in trouble. Don't even joke about it. Understand?"

"We'll be fine. I promise."

As I left for work, I wondered if this was going to go smoothly. Chance wasn't acting normal. Has he got something up his sleeve?

"Thank God it's FRIDAY," I sighed. I worked late and was tired so when I walked into the house and saw a wrapped-up plate of food sitting on the table, I had to smile. All the stress of the day and the past few months faded away. There was a note on the plate.

"Mom, I hope you're feeling good. I'm sorry for everything in the last two months. I hope Gayle coming home next week will be a new beginning for all of us. I have a bottle of your favorite wine chilling in the fridge. Enjoy the meal, get some sleep, and I'll help with the cleaning tomorrow. I have plans with my friends tonight, so don't wait up. Love you, Chance."

"Still my sweet boy," I smiled. My heart was warmed, and my pussy was throbbing. I started to move my hand to rub the tension away. "STOP IT!" I said to myself. "How the hell did my nineteen-year-old son buy wine?" I shrugged it off.

I popped the plate in the microwave and opened the bottle of wine. I sat in semi-darkness and enjoyed a peaceful meal and a bit too much wine.

After eating, I went to my room. My pussy was still throbbing from the note Chance left me. God, I wanted so badly to fuck my son. My friend, Mr. Wand, would have to do.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror and slowly disrobed, caressing my body as each parcel of skin was revealed. When I stood fully naked, I cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples. I closed my eyes and could almost feel Chance's strong, manly hands on me. I moved to my crotch and lightly ran a finger from my anus to my clit. I shuddered as my finger traced a circle around my sensitive bud.

I walked to the bed, ready to lie down. I stopped. I normally sleep naked but tonight ...

"I can't have my son, but I'm feeling special tonight," I said softly. "If he were to come home to me, I'd want to look sexy for him."

I walked to the bureau and opened my lingerie drawer. I knew what I was looking for and quickly found it. Glen had bought me a black, lacy, and very see-through bra, panty, and garter set. I laid each piece out on the bed. I picked up the bra, shook my head, and tossed it to the floor. Panties? Fuck no. I slipped the garter on, then the stockings. Once connected, I moved back to the mirror.

"If Chance found me in this, I don't think I could keep him from fucking my brains out," I said with a Cheshire Cat smile. "I can't have him so this will have to do."

I could feel the juices leaking from my pussy as I walked back to the bed. I found my wand and took my time getting comfortable. I planned to make this last for a good, long time. I fell asleep after several orgasms.

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