I thought I'd share a story about a meet that happened recently. I've met quite a few tgirls but it's not something I do too often. Mainly, I like genetic girls but I find it is something exciting to do on occasion. The build up and rush of meeting tgirls is something that I love.

I had been talking to this girl for a few days and it was finally time to meet. As arranged she showed up at my apartment and I watched from the balcony as she entered the building. The door was open and she came straight up to the 6th floor as instructed. Luckily, she hadn't been see by anyone else in the building.

She was a Vietnamese girl who wore high heels, a brown jacket, trousers and appeared to be a business woman (dressed discreetly as promised). She was in her mid 30s but was in great shape and had clearly had had some work done. She had huge pouting lips, long black hair, a small nose and tasteful make up applied. Overall, she looked incredibly feminine.

I welcomed her in and after we greeted each other she went to the bathroom to get ready. I sat on the sofa nervously, waiting with a racing heart as she prepared herself. After about 10 minutes the door opened. Wow.

She had changed into high heels and black fishnet stockings with black panties. She had a matching black top on that left her perky breasts fully exposed. They were obviously fake but not too big and looked amazing against her slim well toned body. She looked great and I couldn't take my eyes off her feminine, well shaped ass and legs.

She looked me up and down and walked over to me. I held her by the waist and instantly we started to kiss. Her big, full lips where covered in bright red lipstick and as we made out we explored each other's bodies. I kissed her neck, sucked her breasts and ran my hands over her fish net stockings. I stroked her perky little bum and stared to caressed her hole with my fingers causing her to moan.

Within a few mins she had me totally undressed and she began teasing my cock. Slowly she kissed and licked it until fully taking me fully in her mouth and sucking deeply. To this day it might have been one of the best blow jobs I've experienced. Eventually, I couldn't take much more and needed her to stop! I laid her down, spread her stocking clad legs apart and slowly licked her thighs and around her crotch until I finally took her little black panties off.

Based on her bulge I didn't know how big she would be. Often Asian tgirls are smaller and tgirls don't always have hard cocks if they've had hormone treatment. She had hidden it well and I was met by a nice semi erect dick. I immediately started to lick and suck her cock and balls. Soon it grew to it's full length, maybe about 6 inches but it was extremely hard. She whimpered loudly as I sucked and played with her.

Next, she suggested a 69. I loved this as one of my main turn ons rimming tgirls. As she sucked me, her hard cock and little hole were positioned over my face. I dove into her ass and licked her cute hole as deeply as I could, savouring every second. Next, she positioned her self back into my mouth, fucking my throat with her full length. I gagged loudly and she was clearly enjoying herself.

She finally got off, moved onto her knees and repeatedly edged me near climax. She caressed my tender balls with her finger nails, stroking me carefully. She had me on edge teasing my balls and asshole for what felt like ages. I was crying out for relief.

Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. We moved to the bed; her on her back and me over her. I sucked her some more and she started to masturbate the two of ours cocks together furiously. After letting out a huge moan she exploded onto her stomach. There was a good amount of thick white cum which shot onto her toned body. I arrived several seconds later, releasing huge ropes of cum which put hers to shame. After being edged for so long I covered her body from her cock up to parts of her face. She lay there drenched in both our cum and I collapsed next to her, exhausted.

After cleaning up, she showered and got changed back into her discreet clothing. We kissed and said goodbye.

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