Phantom thief Blue Rose with the given name Eve had never stolen anything from the imperial palace despite her almost decade-long career at the imperial capital. So it was about the time for her to correct that oversight.

So tonight Eve was crouching on the roof of the main palace. She had painstakingly investigated for months where the Imperial Dragon Scepter had been stored. It was above the main royal hall in a remote room based on all the stories she had collected about it. Normally the only path that would lead to it would go through most of the palace's internal guard points.

Eve wore her black and almost skin-tight bodysuit with many utility pockets. She even had a mask helmet that hid her tightly tied silky blue hair. As a moon elf, she had natural agility most other races were not able to match but that was not even her ace card. She was also an expert in magic lines and locks. There had never been any lock or puzzle she had not been able to solve in time.

"One more minute... soon. Oh gods... this rush feels so good," Eve panted almost silently while she waited with crossed legs. There was nothing she got more aroused by than penetrating a complex magical protection system without being caught.

"Ten percent success chance they told me. I'm going to show them... and enjoy every second," Eve mouthed before she was forced to do a heavy swallow. The thrill of using the supposedly most powerful magical protection grid in the empire to spy on the contents of the place that it was supposed to protect was almost making her reach a climax.

"No extra variables. Simple route. Only two dead guards needed to make sure they know who did it," Eve mused in absolute silence before licking her soft lips. Then she did her best to focus and enter into her peak performance mode while doing the last check to make sure there was no sign of alarm inside or outside the magic grid.

Before Eve disconnected from the system, she made sure it no longer considered her hostile with a simple lifting of a roof tile. A tilted smile spread on her lips as it was clear she was just an admin ranked utility worker doing her thing to the grid and nothing else even as she had no profile.

Eve suppressed yet another wave of jubilation over just how easily she had done what she had wanted and headed for the edge of the roof. From there she silently dropped to a balcony and entered through a window she had unlocked while infiltrating the protection system.

The room she wanted to enter had a single door and no windows. On the door were two imperial magic-tech knights in full battle armor at all times. There was no way of knowing if they were awake or not inside their red plated protections as they stood still with their large metal spears that could crush most living things with one swing. Though it did not matter to Eve. She had brought with her four special knives despite only needing two of them. One for each throat of these knights.

Even if Eve was hidden from the defense grid the magical sensors on the helmet's of the knights would still be able to detect her if she was not careful enough. So she made sure she approached them glued to the wall until at the last moment she leaned forward to send two silver knives flying. For a moment it looked like both of them were going to miss but then they tilted controlled by Eve's magic to perfectly slide through the magic-tech armors to puncture their throats. Even if the high-class plates were impressive they still were no match for specially made phase blades that slid through inanimate matter like butter.

With a tilted smile Eve walked in the middle of the corridor to inspect the two magi-tech knights that kept standing even as knives had penetrated both of their throats with such surprising speed that neither one had had the time to even think what had happened. Though the alarms on both of their helmets began flaring but it only took seconds for Eve to silence them. Not that they would summon anybody in time as she had also made sure the defense grid would not detect them in this area.

Eve saluted the two guards and reached to grab one of the knives whose hilt still was outside the armor. On it was the blue rose she used as her symbol. In a moment of artistic inspiration, she decided to leave the knives where they were as marks of her heist. Even if she usually left the killing tools with her marks on the crime scene these were way more expensive than her usual tools. But since it was a special occasion she decided to let her artistic vision win and left the knives where they were placed. So instead she spread her hands to the door that opened with them. After all the protection saw her just as an admin coming through.

Inside the windowless room was a simple altar. On it was the golden Imperial Dragon Scepter. There was nothing really special about its almost ancient design and even its magical power was lacking in the current era. It was simply the original symbol of the imperial Dragon Throne. So if Eve was going to acquire something from the imperial family, this definitely was the thing that most suited her tastes.

For a moment Eve felt nothing out of the place but then she sensed something strange. An odd sensation that felt stronger and stronger until she was sure it definitely was not normal. There was no reaction on the defense grid but something was definitely trying to attack her. Pressure built all-around Eve's body and she tried to back away but she stumbled her steps and fell into darkness.

Eve opened her eyes surrounded by bright lights and a buzz of distant talking. Even before her eyes adjusted she realized she was tightly locked to sit naked on a hard surface chair.

"May I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous phantom thief Blue Rose. The very one who has terrorized the fine nobility of our imperial capital for over a decade now," a loud male announcer boomed while Eve began picking up faces in a crowd in front of her. Most were human but there were some dwarfs, orcs and elves among them. Their main unifying factor was their ridiculously fancy clothes only the richest beings in the empire used on the fanciest occasions.

"As you can see, she is very much alive despite the announcement of her execution two weeks ago after she dared to attempt intruding into the imperial palace," the announcer kept talking even as Eve tried to struggle like a reflex. She was so tightly locked into the chair to spread her legs to the audience that the part of her body that moved the most were her twitching pointed ears. Even her tongue was tightly pressured in her mouth with a gag that almost pushed into her throat while spreading her jaw apart.

"This is a certification by his imperial majesty of her authenticity that will be provided with the purchase. Though I have to say just by looking at her, the value she can provide just with her body alone should be sufficient to justify our starting price," the announcer declared. Eve suddenly calmed down as her mind overtook the initial shock. The thing she was in was an escape scenario brought to the next level. There was no lock she would not be able to open and puzzle to solve. In fact, the situation she was in was simply the greatest challenge ever provided to her. A chance for her to truly prove just how capable she was and how she deserved her reputation.

"But unfortunately she is not a virgin but her tight moon elf pussy can be guaranteed to feel better than any human virgin for even after years of constant use. In fact, the auction house is so confident in the quality of her pussy that we are willing to offer a ten percent refund for the first year as long as there aren't any signs of permanent damage. As we all know immortal elves can't be damaged even in normal cum-toilet use," the announcer voiced. He kept empathizing certain words like he was doing a pre-written marketing speech to drive up the price of the merchandise. In fact, he almost sounded bored to Eve as she focused to listen to his tone for a moment. Though the crowd looked almost the opposite of him. All their eyes were locked on Eve and there were many varieties of emotions, all the way from hatred to lust. She even recognized some of them as her past heist targets.

"Just look at her perfectly sized perky elven breasts and flawless skin. Even an orc could dig their fingers into those mounds, were it her ass or breasts," was announced and a wave of amazement washed the crowd as they looked behind Eve. Even if she was not able to see it she could have guessed magic was being used to project something on the wall. On it was a series of pictures of Eve's body being tied to different bondage devices in poses that made it look like she was posing with closed eyes. All of them tried to empathize different aspects of her body and some had hands grabbing her ass or breasts to show just how big of a handful she was despite her athletically toned body.

Eve closed her eyes and focused while there was a distraction away from her. The things that bound her were not magical and as she reached towards them she realized there were not even locks in them. It was clear a mage had shaped them to fit her perfectly. Even the material was some strange metal she had never really encountered before. As her magic relied on either enhancing her own body or other objects, this realization definitely added to the challenge.

Though even in the current situation, there were many options for Eve. Many that were dumb and desperate and most likely something even an amateur security mage would have prepared for. So she discarded those as fast as she came up with them as something not suited for her style. If she was going to perform in front of this big of a famous crowd her escape had to be special. Even if she could have succeeded in simply overpowering the metal which even she doubted, it would have been a highly inelegant way of escaping for someone with her reputation.

"Unfortunately we won't be providing any use tests since we are confident that her identity will be more than enough to prove her value despite the liability contract for her any future crimes," came the announcement once the crowd had had some time to look at the projections. None of them showed penetration as even nobles preferred to think their new slaves were unused by others.

"So I should remind you all. This is a very dangerous magic-using criminal that is most suited to be kept... unconscious for your own safety whoever the buyer might be. Also, the imperial archmages have explored her mind thoroughly enough to make sure everything she knew of value has been investigated and confiscated," the announcer declared.

"But that's illegal," Eve tried to gag in shock unable to say it. She might have spent most things she had ever stolen on various expenses but if they had ransacked her lair it would be annoying, to say the least. All her tools and other gear were there. Not to mention all the other emergency hiding locations she had prepared.

"And now that I have said what I needed to say. Let us proceed into the bidding. It will start from ten imperial gold," came another announcement that shocked Eve. It was so low she thought she had heard it wrong until the first bid at eleven gold came. Though it did rise fast but the initial bid was something so insulting to her she kept going over and over it in her mind trying to think just how it could have been calculated if not just to insult her. There was no legal imperial slave elf in the imperial capital that had been sold under fifty gold due to their durability.

Though when the bids went over a thousand Eve woke up from her calculations around the time she tried to adjust inflation. Maybe they had just known that the prize would go up and made it more exciting by starting low.

Every time the bid rose over the next thousand Eve followed the bid with increasing excitement. When it went over five thousand gold, she felt almost as excited as if she was going to get the money. She was being valued above every other slave she had ever heard being sold. She had more value than smaller manors at the heart of imperial capital.

Eve tried to scream from excitement when the bid rose to over ten thousand. She had completely forgotten that she should be trying to magically reach through the chair to find something she would be able to control or intrude with her magic.

When the bid went over fifteen thousand Eve was almost deafened by her own heartbeat. She was being valued way above anything she had ever even dreamed of. Even her clit was swelling from the rush of blood. The hungry stares from orcs to dwarfs wanted her and they were willing to pay worth of several manors for her. Eve had never felt as wanted in her entire life as she was now. Sure she had often been offered things for sex and other things but never this much.

"And for twenty thousand and five hundred imperial gold, phantom thief Blue Rose has been sold to the renown Elijah Blacktooth, the head of the Labor & Toy corporation," came the final announcement and Eve tried to scream her brains out in pure ecstasy through the gag. She had been valued above the sales value of the things she had managed to steal in her entire life. Sure she had focused on collectibles and other rare artifacts that she had to sell under market value but it still was more than what she had personally gotten through her sales.

"Congratulations to the new owner. You may pick her container up within an hour with an escort that meets the imperial security standards for highly dangerous slaves," the announcer boomed while Eve suddenly felt sleepy and the world went black.

"Nice to meet you, phantom thief Blue Rose. I'm your new owner, Elijah Blacktooth. You might have heard about me in your old profession even if you never personally came after me," were the words Eve heard when her eyes opened to focus through a blur. The first thing her eyes focused on was a mirror that showed her body. She was tied to a wall with silver-colored binds on her wrists, ankles and neck.

On the collar read, "Property of Elijah Blacktooth" with golden text that rotated around it with the bounty prize of thousand gold that Eve was unable to see entirely. Though the moment she saw it her eyes locked on her lower stomach. On it read "Fuck-Doll Blue Rose" in two lines with a faintly glowing blue text that matched her hair. She did not even need to inspect it to know it was a magical lust brand of some kind.

"I see you spotted the mirror. I thought you would want to know as soon as possible what your new attire will look like. I heard you liked silver," Elijah mused while Eve inspected the rest of the details. There was a silver ring in each of her fingers and she felt how they were connected with the rest of her binds with magic. When she tried to speak she realized there was a small pressure around the base of her tongue. It was causing a strange sensation that was stopping her from using her tongue like gagging her with pressure. The final bind she noticed was a simple silver ring that neatly made her blue hair into a ponytail on her shoulder.

After done with herself, Eve looked with suspicion around her. She was in an expensive-looking alchemy lab with several men. The most notable one was a fat looking orc in fancy red clothes. The other notable was a purple-robed person who was holding a blue orb with a golden necklace chain in his gloved hands. The remaining five were clearly armed guards in expensive power armors.

"Fuck-Doll Blue Rose, I like the ring of that. I will have that as your designation in all the documents from now on," Elijah mused. Eve had never seen an orc that had let himself go as fat as he had. There were no signs of his muscular warrior past and on top of the fancy clothes that looked bloated by his belly he wore a ridiculous amount of gold jewelry.

"Since I heard your real name is Eve with one of those long and weird elven last names, this new one will be a great improvement," Elijah kept voicing and stepped between Eve and the mirror. She had definitely heard of this orc before. He was a very successful businessman in the field of labor slaves and magical sex toys. He employed several talented alchemists that developed revolutionary ways to enforce compliance on slaves and used cutthroat monetization schemes with monthly maintenance schemes on the devices.

The only reason Eve had never bothered to target Elijah despite his immense wealth was his lack of valuable collectibles. Money, business and pleasure slaves seemed to be his only interests. None of them on their own attracted Eve as stealing just money was boring and no self-respecting phantom thief would steal slaves.

"Jacob, did you trim her?" Elijah asked from the cloaked alchemist. He wore a simple wooden mask so Eve was not even sure if he was a human.

"No, she came like that," Jacob replied with a monotone tone.

"Nice, be sure to keep it looking like that," Elijah mused and reached to slide his index finger along the line of silky elven pubes that formed a line from her new stomach mark to her pussy. The touch made the mark pulse and her heart suddenly pumped faster. Eve had not noted it before but now it was clear to her she was not feeling disgusted, like she was unable to even feel it even as she stared at a green fat orc face from a close range while he touched her.

"As you say," came a reply from the hooded man.

"And do let her talk. I'm curious to know what her state of mind is," Elijah instructed and Eve felt the pressure around the base of her tongue lessen. She had never encountered a magical gag like it before. So she focused on it for a moment while she swallowed hard since saliva had also rushed into her mouth from the touch of the orc finger.

"How are you liking the tongue gag? It should reject any contact you try," Jacob mused. He had detected Eve's attempt even as she had only tried to observe it.

"Any chance I could see the schematics? It's not using the imperial magic grid system so I'm a bit curious," Eve voiced with an awkward grin while Elijah slid his hands along her sides.

"As you noticed, I'm only giving you the most expensive and exotic things I can. Top of the line tech for living fuck-dolls who have... special needs," Elijah replied and slid his hands to cup Eve's perky breasts from below. It immediately caused a pulse to make her nipples harden into an erect state. Even her breathing turned ragged while pressure and heat mounted on her lower stomach.

"I did always like exploring new things... and systems," Eve stuttered. The reactions of her body were making her confused even as she knew what was causing them. The harder the orc gripped her breasts the more effort the lust brand was putting to make her body experience sensations usually associated with pleasure. Though as it was overreacting it was causing way more effects all over her body than any breast grab would cause on its own.

"I even considered putting control rings around your bosom but I did not want to constrain these natural beauties," Elijah voiced and leaned in to give quick kisses to both of Eve's nipples with his tusked mouth. The vet sensations made her pant hard.

"Just feeling them like this is more than perfect," Elijah said and hardened his grips on Eve's breasts and gave them some twist. "One more thing, please try to intrude your constraints or the mark."

Eve swallowed hard not sure what the rules of the game were but she indeed was curious. If they were controlled with magic, there always was some way to take them over even if it took time.

"I said, try to intrude. I know you are curious. Just try it," Elijah impatiently instructed and pulled from Eve's breasts hard enough to make her lust brand almost climax her to numb any negative sensations. So she did as she was told and the moment she reached at her lust mark with a direct intrusion she felt a feedback pulse shoot through her body and even beyond it. Transparent juices shot out of her pussy while she gagged saliva on Elijah's fingers. It took almost seconds for her mind to register just how strong the pressure forced climax had been and her eyes blurred like it had almost made her unconscious. Eve had no idea what would have happened to her if she had not immediately stopped her intrusion attempt. Though she would have never done as a direct attempt without being pressured but at least now she knew why she needed to be careful.

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