Emacs Error XClip#

Garbled emacs screen

Trouble in emacs-land... it started out of the blue. Emacs started to give errors in the terminal. Not really critical erros, but the screen output was completely destroyed by those. The error messages were written over the emacs screen and made it unusable (see picture).

Theme parsing error: gtk.css:166:34: The :insensitive pseudo-class is deprecated. Use :disabled instead.

That was a real pain. After some serious searching, I spotted the culprit. XClip was the cause, which I installed via the emacs package manager. As soon as I deleted the lines in .emacs config, everything was back to normal. Except without XClip.

The error occured if you marked text in a terminal emacs session and used M-w to copy it.

I'm happy everything is back to normal now.

Pub: May 15 2021 10:25 UTC
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