AdEx - One - Jamie and Lisa's "Adventura Excelente"

The following is a work of fiction, and not terribly realistic fiction at that. Just imagine the concept of someone actually paying real money for the schlock that we write.

All fictional characters are well over eighteen years of age.

(Ding dong.)

Lisa, someone is at the door.

Really, Jamie, I thought that ringing was tinnitus?

Nah, you need to have something in between your ears to hear ringing up there.

Uh-huh, I'll get it

Hi, I'm Jo-ann Halway from Meshugge Films.

Meshugge Films?

Lisa, Hugh sent us an e-mail, he sold some stories.

Yeah, but ... Well, I thought it was a joke. I mean- Ow, why did you elbow me, Jamie?

Utshay upyay

Please come in Ms. Halway.

Jo-ann, please ... Here is my card.

Welcome to our home. (reading card) So you are the 'Junior Associate Co-Assistant to the Senior Content Producer for Meshugge?

For Latin America and the Caribbean.

Welcome, would you like some coffee?

Thank you, that would be nice.

Jamie would be happy to get you some.

Jamie, but you offered.

Why yes, Jamie I would love a cup too.

But ... Oh, nevermind.

Uhmm, you seem to be ...

Lisa Saunders (extending hand).

Yes, but you ...

Jamie is in the kitchen getting us coffee.

You both seem to be naked. Did I come-

Oh, where are my manners? May I take your clothing?

Uh ... well ...

Really, it's no problem.

And it's so much more comfortable.

We can sit on the sofa.

The leather feels great.

Well, okay, when in Rome ...

That's the spirit. So Meshugge Films?

The motion picture studio who had bought the rights to many of your stories.

I'll just hang them right here in the entry closet.

Uh, thanks.

Sorry, here is your coffee.

Thank you.

So a 'big shot' from Meshugge Films sitting right here on our sofa.

Well, I wouldn't say a "big shot."

The assistant big shot then.

So, you two are sisters?

Not biologically.

But we are 'sisters by-choice' which is far more important.

How do you define 'sister-by-choice'?

We finished-up high school together, near Stuttgart in what was then West Germany.

We were Army brats. Our dads were stationed at Panzer Kaserne, Cooke, Echterdingen, and Kelley Barracks.

Our high school was at Patch Barracks.

Jamie, Eva, me, and Lillian ...

The four of you?

It was just the four of us in the beginning. Kristin, Claire, Maria, and Monica would join us later, in Minneapolis and Holguin.

And of course, George, Paul, Hugh, and Ethan.

Wow, four boys and eight girls, how does that all work?

Really well. We mostly all work in the same field, Eva and Kristin take care of us and of course, the girls are all bisexual.

Just the girls?

The guys are ...

It's tough for them, they get judged. Or maybe, it's just that they care about what folks think.

We don't.


Don't care what other people think.

We have "our rules," they work for us and we follow them.

'Our rules,' not 'other people's rules.'


Like with sex, we belive in open access.

What exactly does 'open access' mean to you?

We have sex with any of our lovers whenever they want it.

Not just when it's convenient for us.

It's actually a very old-fashioned concept. Something the Apostle Paul is quoted speaking of in Letter to the Philippians.

That we always are there for 'our other.'

But he was probably talking about couples.

That and polygynous family groups.

Meaning one man and several wives.

You know a 'traditional family.'

'Cause the Bible says: marriage is between one man and one woman ... and her sister, and their two half-sisters, who are slaves.

Uh, okay ...

'Ya know, Jesus himself said that when a man has multiple wives, he must treat them all equally. Including giving each of them 'marital bliss,' which means orgasms.

So each may drink from their own well, and be satisfied at home.

The idea being: we won't stray if we are all happy.

We just made the concept an egalitarian one.

And used the proven concept of economy of scale.

Economy of scale?

When we had our children, they had four dads and eight moms. No matter what, someone was 'good' at whatever they needed.

And one dad and two moms might be at work. So, two moms might watch them while three dads and four moms partied together next door.

Switching back and forth so everybody got equal turns.

I get the feeling that Eva really is a minister, isn't she?

Yes, but it's probably best not to say which body ordained her. Sadly there is a lot of prejudice in organized religion.

Prejudice that is without any scriptural basis.

We get why some people don't care for us mentioning the Bible.

It's been appropriated by those who haven't read it and misquoted to those who don't.

Sort of like the flag has been, by some people of a particular political belief.

We don't plan on just surrendering it to them.

Well, it's easier to thump on the book than to actually read it.

Lot's of big words ...

That annoyingly, don't always mesh with their agenda.

Like the so-called prohibition against homosexuality ... Nope, not in there.

Guys who grew up when the boys did were taught that being gay was the worst thing they could possibly be, right up there with being a Russian spy.

A guy who sucked cock was a woman, or worse than a woman.

Which is offensive to us in so many ways. "Pussy," "wuss," and "cunt" are still used as pejoratives.

But we each know four guys and seven girls who love our cunts. There are a lot more who love pussies in general.

I for one love to suck on cocks, or have them jammed forcefully into my throat.

Lisa even talks to penises.

What? How do you-

I stroke them and kiss them and tell them how much I am going to enjoy them. How good they taste and how they make me feel when they are inside of me.

The penises seem to enjoy all the attention.

Yeah, I bet they do.

I love giving head and getting face-fucked. It's the act of delivering pleasure to someone you care for.

Being "used," being fucked like a wild-animal is liberating. It is saying that I am an animal, that I have animalistic needs, and wild desires. That I am going to satisfy them ...

We are 'higher animals' with the ability to reason and to create.

But in the end we are animals, biological organisms ruled by neurochemicals.

We allow our lovers free rein to satisfy themselves, to 'use' us whenever they need or want to because they do the same for us.

There is something beautiful in having your lover's dick down deep inside you, working away in your throat, blocking your windpipe, and having him pause and then withdraw so you can breathe before he starts up face-fucking you again.

It doesn't worry you that he might go too far.

No we know our lovers and they know us. Lisa has a "Corvette" analogy.

In sex I am a 'thing,' and I am cool with that. Being used for my owner's pleasure can be very satisfying. But I'm a very valuable thing, let's say a very fast, very expensive sports car.

Okay ... A very fast, very expensive sports car.

Smartass ...

Better a smartass than a dumbass.

You know, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

A smart person doesn't get a new sports car and wrap it around the first or the twenty-first tree he sees.

Or get tons of rock chips in the seventeen layers of pearl red lacquer racing down a gravel road. His 'Vette is loads of fun and it takes him places, just any ole car can't. So, he treasures it, and he preserves its value.

But it's a red 'Vette, it's not a black Trans Am. He drives it. He's in charge, it doesn't tell him where to go.

Interesting concept ...

So this whole gay/bisexual thing is just so silly to us.

You don't have a preference?

We prefer our lovers, both male and female.

We love penises and we love pussies. More than that we love the people who have the penises and the pussies. We fuck each other silly, but the boys would never dream of fucking each other.

Which pragmatically just means more penis for us. But it's a weird double standard.

An advantage to us girls not counting.

Not counting?

Biblically speaking, women are hardly mentioned at all. Other than it's a huge no-no to be a pagan temple prostitute.

They used different terminology but "Alpha males" are expected to set up big family households with multiple wives and lots of kids.

Be fruitful, multiply, subdue the wilderness, and of course, build the tribe's power.

What first-century theologians call "the prime directive."

The act that is forbidden is not following the directive.

Meaning: not raising a family. Sex as practice was not forbidden so long as you eventually "played."

But don't be like the Greeks.

The Greeks?

in ancient Greece, warriors took in young men, sort of like medieval squires, and taught them the martial arts in exchange for their service.

Including their sexual services. Living in a society of men.

Not marrying and reproducing until they were old. Of course, being warriors many never made it to old age.

It was a model the Ancient Jews did not wish their sons to emulate.

So the guys are straight and you-

Well, they have plausible deniability.


When two of the guys are having sex with one of the girls. Spit-roasting me or Dp-ing Jamie-

How come you get to get spit-roasted?

Do you want to be spit-roasted?

It would be nice.

Fine ... When Jamie is being spit-roasted and I am getting DP-ed ... Better?

Much ...

How different is that from just having the guys have sex with each other?

It's plausible deniability. If two penises touch or they rub asses-

Or even if the guys momentarily grab one another's ass or equipment, they aren't being 'gay.'

It's "incidental contact," the referee just picks up the penalty flag, and we continue with play.

Oh, yeah, I can see that distinction.

We all have sex with one another, mostly in a group setting. Even if it doesn't start out that way.

Of course, it's always perfectly fine if we gals have sex with one another.

Especially when the guys watch us.

Yes, they love to watch us, both have sex with each other, and with the other guys.

We are all the same pack, herd, family group, or tribe.

It's pure biology.

Nature is a whore.

Or at least a slut.

Let's say Kristin is in the kitchen making coffee-

Okay, Kristin is in the kitchen making coffee ...

Arrgh. See what I put up with?

She's in the kitchen making coffee and I come in to get some. I give her a big wet kiss and start playing with her nipple studs. She kisses me back and soon we are running our hands all over one another's breasts, under our arms, and over our shoulders. We are biting each other playfully. Nibbling on one another's neck and getting our tongues involved ...

Pushing those nipple studs back and forth with our tongue. Stimulating each other's nipples from the inside as well as from the outside.

Kristin has one hand on my breast playing with the sensitive underside, and one hand between my thighs stroking my wet slit. As she tongue kisses me Paul walks in.

He came into the kitchen for coffee. But the coffee is on a warming plate and it can wait. He walks up behind Jamie and stands tight against her. He wraps his hands around her waist. Biting her neck as he plays with her breasts and her nipple rings. Soon Paul is holding and then kissing Kristin with Jamie trapped in between them.

Kristin is finger fucking me with one hand as she plays with my nipples with the other one. Paul plays with her ass. He is squeezing her big glute muscles, massaging them, and rubbing her lower back with the heel of his hand. I feel their heat and the rhythm of their motion as I am erotically squished between their bodies.

I came into the kitchen for coffee. But before pouring myself a cup, I took Kristin's hands. I gave her a quick kiss then I lowered her down to the cool tile floor. She laid on her back as Paul helped Jamie down, face first. Her nose landed softly in Kristin's crotch.

I kissed Kristin's mound with its wiry little hairs. I dragged my tongue through her wet slit, before setting down to nibble on her greasy outer labia. Pulling gently with my lips on each labia's little barbell stud, stretching each meaty cunt lip out. Darting my tongue inside of her hole like a hummingbird seeking nectar.

I got myself a cup of fresh coffee and sipped it as I watched Jamie get up on her hands and knees and eat Kristin while Paul got on his knees and holding her waist with one hand and balancing himself with the other, he entered her from behind.

His beautiful turgid cock was hard and he took a couple of full-length strokes in my pussy to get it nice and slick before withdrawing and pushing it past my sphincter into my asshole.

I was able to literally watch as the energy flowed from Paul into his penis, then into Jamie's ass as he thrust his body forward. Jamie's body moved forward as he pushed. She gleefully licked and nibbled Kristin. Lapping up the pussy juices that her body was busily manufacturing. Paul pushed Jamie forward into Kristin. Kristin had her hands on the back of Jamie's head.

She was pulling me into her like she could put my head inside of her.

It was a beautiful sight to behold.

As good as it looked it felt even better. Kristin squeezed my head and pushed my nose and lips really hard into her as she came. Then Paul grabbed my waist hard and he shot his load into me. I was already massively aroused and the heat of that shot into me tipped me right over the edge.

Jamie is so cute when she comes.

Whatever ...

Then as Paul got up and off of her I lifted Jamie up from the floor. Setting her onto the kitchen counter, I placed her legs up on my shoulders. She crossed them behind my head. Then as Paul lovingly stroked my head, I began to suck George's savory load out of her.

George, don't you mean Paul?

No, Paul came in my ass.

Jamie had just ridden George 'reverse cow-girl' back in the bedroom before coming out to get coffee.

While you squatted over his face and he munched you.

Uh-huh, he did a great job too.

My, but you two have such a wonderful imagination. It all seemed so vivid.

Nah, we just each have a halfway decent memory.

All of that happened about an hour or so before you got here.

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