Our parents had decided to eat the traditional huge holiday meal for Christmas Eve around 2 pm. We ate ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, sweet potatoes, and followed it up for dessert with my mother's family recipe chocolate cake. Everyone ate too much, like always, and then plopped down in front of the television in the living room to watch a Christmas movie or two.

My sister and I sat apart from each other, she on the red velvet couch at the right-hand corner of the room, myself on the brown recliner lined up flush with the massive television screen. If it had been up to us, she would have been sitting in my lap, with her tongue in my mouth.

"Patience, patience." I thought to myself. I suspected she was thinking the same way. I'd discovered that it didn't take much for her to lubricate, especially when she was sucking my cock. I fantasized that she had me in her mouth as I rocked back and forth. I snuck a peek at her from across the room and produced a half-smile that was full of lust but quite deliberately muted. We couldn't be too obvious in front of our parents.

They suspected nothing. Conversation was pleasant and mostly centered around the riots in the Pacific Northwest and California, where my sister lived now. She was a nurse in a hospital and grateful for the time away from the front lines. Shortly before leaving, she'd been among the first to take the vaccine, which put my soon-to-be elderly parents at ease. I would be among the last to get it, but at forty, without any major underlying health conditions, had never been deathly afraid of the virus in the first place.

My parents retired to their bedroom to take a food coma nap. I'd pursued a million dreams with my sister. In my masturbatory reveries, we'd done everything possible and more. Now in reality, we were finding our primary fantasies mostly fulfilled, not that a repeat was unwelcome. I came across the idea of giving her a deep tissue massage. I'd taken a few classes here and there at the local community college and was curious to give it a try on her.

She eagerly assented. First, I ran my fingers through her hair, from the top of her head, down her shoulder, to about her mid back. "Yum. I love it when people play with my hair." Having hit upon something she clearly enjoyed, I kept at it for several minutes. Then I massaged her neck with medium force between the fingers of my right hand. She moaned and began to grind her pussy into the mattress of the bed.

Next, I moved down to both shoulders. I placed my right hand on her right shoulder and my left hand on her left shoulder. There was a small knot in both places, which with pressure I managed to get to relax and lie flat. "That's good, big brother. Keep it going."

I had not come unprepared for this visit. What nerve! I'd brought some massage oil with me and proceeded to drizzle it down her naked upper back, down further and further. To test the impact, I was making with her, I paused briefly, noticing without having to enter her cunt how wet she had already grown. The natural lubrication had begun to run down in between her thighs. And she smelled delicious.

I massaged her lower back, then each ass cheek. I paused to apply more massage oil to her legs as I drifted downward, downward, even more still. "Flip over, baby," I implored.

She complied eagerly. I drizzled massage oil across her face and down to her collarbone. I gently massaged the muscles in her forehead and cheeks, then across the front side of her shoulder blades. She was totally limp now, from head to toe. I was tempted to penetrate her immediately but felt it would be best for both of us if I completed the full procedure before going any further.

My hand, unable to resist themselves, cupping her huge breasts in between greedy fingers. I squeezed and she said, "Oh, that feels amazing." I kissed between them, as I had done the night before, before making my way down her stomach. I felt the edge of her pubic hair brushed against my finger as I plunged my fingers into her cunt. As you'll recall, she had such a thick mound that locating her opening was not an easy task at first.

Her clit was smallish but poking outward. Like before, I pushed two fingers into her, fucking much harder and much faster this time. I knew she could take it now. I knew she was quite hardy and strong. I knew she wanted me and trusted me with her whole body. I observed how she was riding my fingers with a kind of crazy energy, pushing me in, pushing me out.

I removed my clothing quickly, though I'd only been wearing a t-shirt and boxers from the outset. With my right hand, I tit fucked my sister as she cupped my cock around her D cups. I had some choices in front of me. I could opt for intercourse if I was a bit more patient, but a part of me wanted to see if I could get myself off with the combination of massage oil and soft mammary gland.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I continued the titty fucking to its ultimate conclusion. It felt amazing, but it wasn't quite stimulating enough to encourage my orgasm. But I kept it up for ten minutes or more. It felt a lot like like masturbating myself just enough to keep myself from cumming, to prolong the sensation. It was a tease, but if I was honest, I craved penetration again.

So I slid my cock and balls down her greasy stomach to her cunt. To give myself and her one final tease, I rubbed myself up and down against her slit, two or three good times. Then I pushed inside. She was even wetter than last time, and that had been plenty. In two seconds I was balls deep. It was fortunate that we were both in pretty good physical shape. She'd done her extreme sports and I'd been jogging three miles a day for years. We could last for a long time, as long as we could delay the inevitable.

I felt my wet pubes contact with her wet pubes. She'd been strangely silent during most of this latest sex session. Maybe it was all the food currently digesting in her stomach, but in fairness, I hadn't been all that vocal, either. Probably for the same reason. And recall, we had to keep quiet to keep from being discovered.

Unable to stop myself, I pulled out (even though I didn't have to) and shot onto the top of her pubes, right on top of her clit. I'd felt her orgasm shortly before mine and wanted to share the experience, though I could have kept going. "Oh my God," I noted, "you are so slippery, slidey." And it was true. She was absolutely sopping.

Perhaps I needed to give the girl a mercy break. We were certainly going to be running up the gas bill with the amount of hot water needed to shower off sex stink. Like before, she pushed herself naked from the bed, nearly sliding off the futon cover from the combination of massage oil and vaginal secretions.

"Come with me, baby."

"Why?" I was genuinely confused.

"I want you to see me shower. I bet that will give you a nice thrill."

She parted the shower curtains and stepped heavily into the tub. The guest bathroom had a trick to it. You had to adjust the hot and cold water taps just so, otherwise you'd get either ice cold shock or be scalded. She remembered how. I had not. Old plumbing. Remember, this house was ancient.

She had taken a loofa with her and proceeded to fill it with liquid soap. She rubbed down her back first, then from right shoulder, across the elbow, then to right hand. She repeated the motion to her left. Then she dropped down to her knees, scrubbing unshaven leg hair up and down. Next, she rubbed briefly, softly between her legs, mostly for the benefit of her pubes.

She reached behind her for a bottle of liquid shampoo. She massaged, much as I had, a small amount of it into her hair. "Climb in," she implored. "We've got to get you clean, too."

The idea was undeniably hot, but I was skeptical. "Can we both fit in there?"

She smiled. "We can try. And if not, what do we have to lose? Plus, I'd love to soap you up and rinse you off."

And she did.

She began by lightly scratching me up and down my back. She loved it when someone played with her hair. I loved a good back scratch. She soaped up my cock and jerked and tugged me a few times for good measure. Then she soaped across my pubes.

Our bodies were impressive, I had to admit. We were both regular exercisers, and her looking at her toned features was immensely erotic. I hoped that the three miles a day I'd been running had made a similar impression on her. It appeared to do so, as she began the familiar arching of her back. She'd made herself clean. Now I was going to make her very dirty again.

But at least we'd have the benefit of a shower to wash us both clean. She leaned over, her head over the shower head, as I pushed into her from behind. I had to be careful not to thrust too hard and hit her head against the tile. Her hair was totally soaked, which added to my arousal.

I'm glad she remembered how quiet we would both have to be if we were going to sneak around like this. We couldn't help but let out a quiet gasp from time to time, but that could always be excused as normal behavior. I'd become good at knowing how to detect her own orgasm, and I always tried to follow suit when she did.

I pulled out again and shot across her lower back. The semen was immediately washed away by the hot water jets. She reached behind her and soaped up the loofa again, rubbing it hastily between her legs.

She was adamant. "This was a ton of fun, but we really have to wrap this up. We can't wake up Mom and Dad."

I agreed, reached above my head to grab a clean towel from the rack, and stepped out of the tub. Then I began to dry my body. She did the same, except that she grabbed two towels: one for her body and one for her hair. The bathroom was pretty small, and it was obvious she needed it longer than I did, so I vacated first.

It was fortunate how creative the two of us were. But there was one very large problem. We lived 3000 miles apart. This might be a once-in-a-year treat, but keeping it going beyond the holidays was going to be challenge. Maybe I shouldn't have thought about it in those terms. She wasn't the only lover in my life, and far from the last. We could always sext or have phone sex if we were in the mood.

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