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Rob was excited to finally get to introduce his wife Alice to his best friend Jack. It was their first real vacation since they got married and Rob insisted on visiting Hawaii where Jack recently moved to. Rob and Jack used to do a ton of extreme outdoor activities together when they were roommates back in California. Alice was also active but leaned more into sports like beach volleyball and tennis. Rob figured they'd have a lot in common.

Rob and Alice arrived at Jack's house just before sunset. The house was a little aways from the major towns in the area and it was walking distance from the beach. He parked on Jack's driveway. When they got out of the car, Jack came out of the front door with a huge smile and waved. "Hey! Long time no see."

Rob grinned, "Yeah, man. It's great to see you!"

Jack turned to Alice and stared for a few seconds before introducing himself.. "You must be Alice! How did Rob land such a looker?"

Alice, ignoring the flattering question, replied, "Yes, I'm Alice. Rob has told me all of your crazy stories together when you guys were in California and now I get to match the name to the face." And body, too, she thought to herself.

"I hope he didn't tell you all of them," Jack laughed, "Let's get everything settled inside and I'll fire up the grill."

They all went in and put away the bags. Jack and Rob started setting up the pull out bed in the living room and Alice took the opportunity to use the bathroom, Jack pulled Rob aside and said, "Seriously dude, you lucked out massively."

Rob smiled, "You aren't doing so bad yourself. This is a nice place. Your living room is huge. I'm sure millionaires would be happy to retire in a place like this, surfing the days away."

"Ha! I still have to go to work, gotta teach dumb tourists how to not kill themselves on a surfboard. This place is kind of dumpy, no millionaire would want to live here. Heck, I can't even find a girl to settle down with me here," Jack sighed.

Rob rolled his eyes, "Yeah, right. Back in California, you had no end of women throwing themselves at you. You just love the single life."

They heard the bathroom door open. Jack said, "OK, Alice's ready. Let's go eat!".

Jack quickly grilled up some thick steaks and they settled down on a table outside to eat. As they enjoyed the meal, Rob and Jack started to reminisce about the "good 'ol days".

Alice enjoyed the conversation, but really wanted to ask Jack's point of view on some of the stories Rob told her. She said, "Hey Jack, I've been meaning to ask, what really happened on that Half Dome trip you went with Rob?"

Rob spoke up and said, "I already told you that one, he saved my life."

Jack shook his head, "No, it wasn't that dramatic. We were on the final stretch of the trail going up those cables on the steep part of the hike. There were tons of other people around causing a traffic jam. Since we were young and stupid and thought we were hotshots, we went on the outside of the two cables and tried to bypass all the slowpokes."

Jack continued, "And all that happened was that Rob accidentally pulled out one of the poles holding the cables out and slipped, but recovered himself by hugging the rock along the slope."

Rob interjected, "Dude, I slipped, but I didn't recover myself. You literally took your hands off the cable, hugged the rock and grabbed my wrist. You fucking saved my ass there, I would have fallen 1,000 feet down that cliff."

Jack put his hands up. "Come on, you grabbed the rock yourself and would have been fine without me. I helped you after you settled down. It was nothing you wouldn't have done for me, or anyone else for that matter."

Jack quickly changed the topic to complain about his surfing instructor job and they continued on from there. As the evening wound down, Jack's phone rang. He looked at it and said "Shit, one of my students is calling, probably to reschedule... again. I have to take this."

Jack went inside and closed the sliding door. Rob and Alice were now alone for the first time since they arrived.

Rob looked at Alice and smirked, "Jack has absolutely no shame. He was undressing you with his eyes the second you stepped out of the car."

Alice held up her hands and sighed, "Whatever." She then leaned forward to take a hard look at Rob. "So that Half Dome thing, that was pretty serious, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, if it wasn't for Jack, I wouldn't be here. He was completely downplaying it, trying to be humble for some strange reason."

Alice leaned back in her chair. "Wow. How could you ever thank someone enough for doing something like that? He saved your life."

Rob looked uneasy. "Yeah, I never properly thanked him, because I never thought of anything I could do or say would hold a candle to what he did for me."

Alice thought very carefully before saying the next few words. "How about a gift?"

"A gift?" Rob laughed. He then grinned and waggled his eyebrows, "What? Are you offering?"

Alice turned bright red and looked away.

Rob sat up straight. "Wait... Are you serious? You would do that?"

Rob and Alice had a very healthy sex life which occasionally involved fantasy roleplay of including other partners. They both were of the understanding it was just fantasy and pure make-believe and they'd never actually do anything that crazy. Until now, that is.

Alice was unable to meet Rob's eyes and looked down at his feet. "Only if you are okay with it." She then looked up. "I'm willing to be your gift."

Rob leaned back and his head spun. Part of him was fiercely possessive and another part was strangely aroused. He was always proud of the fact that he was able to put a ring on Alice. She was not only stunningly beautiful, but she was intelligent and they connected really well. They were so compatible and comfortable with each other that he didn't even worry about potentially losing her to any other guy.

Rob made up his mind. "I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't affect our relationship. And I want you to have full control and back out whenever you don't feel comfortable".

Alice looked down again. "Okay."

Rob got up and peered into the house, Jack was sitting down on a sofa chair still on the phone.

Rob said, "Are you ready? It looks like Jack is finishing up."

Alice all of a sudden had cold feet. "Wait. Are we doing this now?"

Rob smiled and got up. "We might as well. Before we lose our nerve." He reached his hand down to help her up. She needed it since as she got up, her head started to spin. He looked deep into her eyes and caressed her shoulder. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Alice looked down, paused for a second and said "Yes." She raised her eyes back up to Rob. "And again, are you okay with... Jack having me?"

Rob smiled, "Absolutely."

Rob walked into the living room as Jack finished up his call. Jack let out a sigh and complained, "Customers, they always call and reschedule all the time."

Rob decided to not beat around the bush. "Jack, I've never properly thanked you for saving my life back then."

"Oh, come on, we've gone through this. You would have done the same for me."

"No, it really means a lot to me," Rob said. "This time, I brought you a gift to show my appreciation."

Jack raised his hands and shook his head. "Really, you don't have to do this."

"No. I do," spoke Rob firmly, "Alice, can you bring the gift over here?"

Alice upon hearing Rob, swallowed hard and slowly walked into the center of the living room, looking straight at Jack.

Jack said, "Uhm, I don't see any present, what did you get?"

Rob walked over behind Alice and said, "Here, let me unwrap it for you."

Alicia wore a simple casual dress that zipped up the back and clung to her body showing off her curves. The only thing holding it on her was the zipper. Rob reached up behind Alice grabbing the tab. He pulled it slowly downward. Alice took in a sharp breath, but kept her eyes steady on Jack. Jack finally realized what was about to happen and completely froze, not knowing what to say or do.

The zipper reached the bottom and Rob moved his hands up to help the dress off her shoulders, bringing it down her arms. Inch by inch, her glowing skin was revealed. The tops of her breasts were first uncovered, then her bra. Rob kept pulling the dress down past her waist and over her the flare of her hips. As the dress went past her hips, it quickly dropped to the floor, revealing Alice's body to Jack's eyes.

Alice was now only wearing her bra and panties. She lifted her feet and let Rob pull the dress completely away. Jack was still stunned, but his eyes were moving up and down trying to soak in every detail of her amazing body. It was lithe and well toned, owing to her active lifestyle and good genes. She had a flat stomach, with a slight indentation in down the center giving a hint of her developed abs. Her breasts were the perfect size, not too large and not too small, definitely Jack's type. Her legs were long and slender, but they also radiated the strength and power of an athlete.

Alice was flattered by Jack's intense study of her body, "Do you like your gift?"

Jack pulled himself out of his stupor, "Yes. This is amazing, but this is too much. I can't do this to you guys."

Rob shook his head. "It's fine. It was Alice's idea and it is up to her on how far she lets this go. Let her properly thank you for me."

Rob then stepped closer to Alice, put his fingers on her bra clasp and whispered, "Last chance. Remember, you can back out anytime you want."

She turned her head to the side briefly to nod to Rob and then he undid the clasp, pulling the bra away and revealing her breasts in full glory. They sat high and firm on her body with no sag. Jack could tell she was very aroused by how hard and erect her nipples were. He was completely mesmerized.

Rob then got on his knees behind her and reached for the sides of her panties. Rob could smell the arousal oozing from her sex and heard Alice swallow as she internalized what was about to happen. The fact that a new man was about to see her completely naked. Rob pulled down the panties slowly, teasing both Jack and Alice. Jack's eyes were glued to her crotch as her trimmed pubic hair came into view. Her panties briefly stuck to her vulva, betraying how wet she was. Rob then finally got the panties down to her feet as she stepped out of them.

The entire time she was being laid completely bare, Alice kept her gaze steady on Jack. She swallowed again and said softly, "Do you want to see your gift up a little closer?"

Jack said hoarsely, "Yes, please" and got up from his chair as Alice walked up to him.

Rob watched her perfect behind as she sauntered up to Jack. Rob said "Alice, why don't you turn around and show him all angles of his gift?" As she moved to comply, Rob added, "Raise your arms over behind your head so he can fully appreciate everything in front of him."

Alice brought her arms up and bent her elbows so her hands were brushing the back of her neck. This lifted her breasts slightly and stretched her toned stomach. Jack enjoyed watching the subtle play of muscles under her soft skin as she showed off her frontside to him. With her arms raised, she felt completely exposed and vulnerable which aroused her even more. She turned slowly and made a 360. Rob caught Alice's eyes as she turned. She was completely under a spell with her eyes lidded and her lips slightly parted. Jack appreciated her back side as much as her front side. His eyes traced the indentation of her slightly arched spine to her nicely rounded ass. His eyes continued downwards to her thighs and well-turned calves.

When she finished her 360 and was facing Jack again, Rob told him, "You know, Jack, you can't truly enjoy your gift with all those clothes on." Jack moved to action and Rob never seen anyone undress so quickly before in his life.

Alice looked down and admired Jack's body. Rob was pretty fit and had a great body, but Jack's was a whole nother level. Jack stayed active with his surfing and had washboard abs and well-defined muscles. She definitely noted that Jack's package was slightly larger and thicker than Rob's was and Rob's was no slouch to begin with.

Keeping her arms over her head, Alice spoke to Jack, "Don't you want to touch your gift?"

Jack did not hesitate, bringing his hands first to her hips, slowly moving it up her waist, enjoying the feel of her feminine curves. Alice shuddered as she felt his lightly calloused hands roam her skin. Jack's hands finally reached her breasts. He started to caress her nipples with his thumbs as he savored the feel in his hands. Alice had always gotten turned on when Rob played with her nipples and Jack definitely knew his way around a woman's body.

Alice moaned, "Do you like them?"

Jack replied, "Very much, yes".

Jack then moved his hands back down to her hips and to her surprise, turned her around so she was facing Rob. Rob was now sitting with his pants down and slowly stroking his erection. Alice smirked as she saw Rob pleasuring himself, but then transformed into surprise when Jack roughly grabbed her and pulled her against his powerful chest. She felt Jack's erection against her back as his hands reached around her and continued to explore the front of her body. Jack used his hand to envelop the underside of her left breast as he moved his right hand down her belly. He took her nipple between his thumb and finger and lightly tweaked and stroked it, driving her wild.

Alice gasped when his other hand reached her soaking wetness and stroked his fingers against her lips. She tried to spread her legs as much as she could while still standing up, allowing him easier access to rub her slit. Rob had a front row seat watching Jack's hands play with his wife.

Alice's eyes locked onto Rob. "He's touching my cunt. Your friend's fingers are now inside your wife."

As he continued to stroke her cleft, she felt Jack's head lean forward, placing his lips at her neck. She tilted her neck to give him better access and he started to suck on it. With his hands caressing her nipples, cunt being stroked, and her neck being stimulated, she was in sensory overload. At this stage of arousal, it didn't take much for her to come. Jack noticed from her shallow breaths that she was almost there, so he took her clit between two fingers and started to stroke faster.

"Oh my god! Rob, he's going to make me cum. I'm going to cum on his fingers!" Jack moved his fingers faster and faster. "I'm almost there... Ohhhh!".

Alice's mind exploded as she came. It was sudden and strong and kept on going. She lost control of her legs and she would have collapsed if Jack didn't have his other arm around her chest.

As she came to, she stood up and turned around to face Jack. Jack had a smug smile on his face, knowing that he just completely rocked Alice's world. She said breathlessly, "That was amazing, Jack, thank you. I don't think I ever came so quickly. But I'm not sure if Rob thinks you actually like your gift. Are you really enjoying your gift?"

Jack nodded and smiled like someone who won the lottery.

Alice then turned back to Rob and walked toward him. She bent over by the waist, placed her hands on Rob's shoulders and looked straight into his eyes. "What better way to show appreciation to the person you gave you the gift than to use the gift right in front of him?"

Jack took a look at her ready cunt and stepped forward to line up his cock at her dripping entrance. He placed his hands on both sides of her wide hips which fit his hands perfectly.

Keeping eye contact with Rob, she said, "Rob, your friend is about to fuck me right in front of you."

Alice felt Jack at her entrance, but didn't turn around to look at him. She kept her eyes steady on Rob. As Jack started to move in, Rob could tell the exact moment of penetration as her eyes lost focus and she gasped. With her level of lubrication, it didn't take long before Jack was balls deep inside her. He then started to thrust.

"Oh, Rob, he's fucking me. Your friend is fucking your wife!"

Rob felt each push on his shoulders as Jack fucked Alice. He brought his hands up under her to fondle her breasts. Alice started to put her head down as she was getting lost in her feelings, but then Jack grabbed her hair in one hand and gently pulled it back up so she was facing Rob again. His other hand was on her hip to steady her as he pushed.

"He's so big, he's so deep!" Alice gripped Rob's shoulders tightly as Jack rammed harder into her. She sharply exhaled in rhythm of his thrusts. This kept going on for some time as Alice's moans started to get louder. "I think... ahh... I think I'm going to come again! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ahhhh!"

Alice kept full eye contact with Rob as she went through her second orgasm. That was one of her favorite things to do as she orgasmed since she felt it deep in her soul. Watching her face as she came, Rob almost joined her right then and there, but held back.

As Alice came back down to earth again, Jack started moving again, but then Alice stood up, slipped him out of her and gently pushed him back with her hand lightly on his chest. Jack, thinking fun times were over, looked like a kid who has had their toys taken away.

Alice looked into Jack's eyes and smiled. "I'm not going to leave you hanging, Jack. What kind of gift would that be? It's now time to fully consummate your gift. I want to feel it really deep."

She then walked over to the bed, lay down on her back and lifted her legs straight up over her shoulders. She was very flexible, another thing that Rob enjoyed about her.

"Take me now, Jack. Push it in all the way".

Jack didn't need to be told twice. He got his knees on the bed, placed his cock at her entrance and slid right in. Alice turned her head to the side, facing Rob.

"He's going to take me, Rob. He's going to fuck me and cum deep inside me. This is your gift to him."

Rob briefly worried about the fact that Jack did not have protection. It weirdly turned him on that much more and he started to stroke his cock again as he looked into her lidded eyes. Jack leaned forward, placing his elbows on the bed next to her head, his face inches from hers. Jack's chest was against the back of her legs, folding her in half. He then started to thrust. Hard. And deep.

Alice kept eye contact with Rob as Jack used her. Rob knew that Jack already exercised superhuman control by holding back this long and he must be ready to blow his load. Alice announced, "I think I'm going to cum again. He's so deep inside me." Jack started to grunt while Alice continued describing to Rob how thoroughly she was getting fucked. "I feel it getting bigger. I think he's about to cum inside me."

There was no way Jack could have held back. He started grunting and then froze with his buttocks clenched, pushing his cock even further inside her, his pubic bone grinding against her clit. He let out a long groan.

"Oh! Yes! I feel it spurting inside me! He's giving me his seed now, I feel it. Oh, ohhh I'm cumming!"

Alice let out a loud moan as she experienced her third orgasm of the day. Rob came at that moment as well, making a small mess in front of him. Jack felt as if his whole soul was draining through his cock into Alice as he came. At the same time Alice's orgasm made her pussy contract on his cock multiplying his pleasure tenfold. He saw stars and nearly collapsed on top of Alice.

Jack pulled out and rolled onto his back next to her, with his arm on his brow. Alice brought her legs down but left one of them bent and slightly spread to allow Rob see Jack's cum trickle out of her slit. She felt strangely empowered doing this and knew Rob would perversely enjoy it.

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