At work after our pseudo-orgy with Amber, Dwayne, and their spouses, we all seemed to be on the same wavelength. After all, I got eaten out by our COO and receptionist, plus returned the favor on Amber. Her pussy tasted amazing, as did Sarah's! Funny, I never got to touch Dwayne's little dick in any way but I believe that's what a good cuckold could expect from the harem his bull controlled.

Al was his usual confident, professional self. It was crazy how much of a slut I was for his big black cock yet when we were in the office, it was a typical boss and employee relationship. If only other know how I enjoyed his cock and my boyfriend would eat Al's ass, suck his BBC, and consume his semen. It was all so dirty.

Jamal would send me dick pics throughout the week leading up to his visit. He told me to send pussy images which I had Stevie take for my black lover. He asked for comparison picture of Stevie and Lex's dildo which we both dutifully provided. The build up was intense for his visit.

He was as skilled at cuckolding as Al. One of the shows of dominance was how we were to greet him upon his arrival. We were both to be nude and Stevie was to be locked up properly. My Chinese boyfriend was to the one that opened the door and I was to be just inside on my knees. Jamal demanded that I suck his cock right away while Stevie held my hair back. It was to establish his dominance over both of us from the onset.

Stevie and I readily agreed to his terms. We were both aroused beyond belief knowing this was the first time we'd be cuckolded in our own place. Jamal made a point that he would be staying the night in our bed with me. Stevie was allowed to sleep on the floor at the base of the bed. He would be freed from his cage and allowed to masturbate while Jamal fucked me. My pussy and Stevie's thin cock were so submissive to our new bull.

The day finally arrived and we were told to stay naked the whole day. Stevie was to be caged the whole day. My cunt was wet and practically dripping with anticipation of taking Jamal's big black cock.

The bell rang and we both jumped with nerves being so on edge. Like Jamal wanted, we assumed our positions. I kneeled down as my naked and bound Asian boyfriend opened the door. Stevie's eyes bugged out as he saw just how large of a man Jamal was. He big frame took up much of the doorway as he came through, first shaking Stevie's hand and then looking at me already waiting for his dick.

Jamal looked down and openly laughed at Stevie's locked dick. He even flicked it with his fingers in another act of dominance. My boyfriend just flinched and his cock was literally dripping pre-cum. Jamal flashed his Big Dick grin at me and walked to within inches of my face. I could see his impressive dick already getting hard. My pussy ached for his cock.

He just casually opened his fly an pulled out that enormous black penis of his. Reflexively, I reached up and began servicing this man I barely knew yet had been so intimate with a couple of months ago. Stevie stood speechless taking in his slutty Chinese girlfriend worshipping another ebony man's prowess.

"Miss my dick, huh, you little slut?" Jamal asked arrogantly. Not taking his dick out of my mouth, I looked up and nodded in agreement. "Tell your man what you want, bitch." He was firmly in control.

I looked over at Stevie who was still in awe of Jamal's immense dick. For a moment, I pulled my mouth off of his cock and said, "I want his big black cock. Do you want to watch me take all of his big dick, my little Stevie?" Jamal laughed and Stevie's arousal was all over his face. My boyfriend just nodded.

I continued sucking and licking Jamal's penis as he slowly started to get undressed. He was muscular, more so than Al, and I felt so petite, so small next to him. I'm sure Stevie felt the same. My boyfriend looked like a true cuckold being smaller in every fashion along with wearing his cock cage in front of this superior alpha bull. My pussy was on fire with all that was happening, and it was only the beginning.

After several minutes of cock worship, Jamal pulled back and sat down on our couch. I crawled over on my hands and knees without being asked. My wet pussy and ass on display for my faithful boyfriend. Jamal's extremely long and thick dick stood up and out in proud obscene display. "Go get that dildo of that you've been showing me," our new bull ordered Stevie while I continued providing oral services.

Stevie went to the bedroom, his tight little ass moving quickly. He came out of the room with big ol' Lex's dick in hand. His caged cock swaying only slightly with each step. "Unlock your man. Let's see how he compares to that fake black dick." I reluctantly let go of Jamal's penis and did as told. Stevie's thin dick got hard almost right away and I place the dildo next to him. Jamal smiled his Big Dick grin and then told me to compare it to his cock.

I couldn't believe that Jamal was actually slightly longer and thicker than Lex Steele! My pussy was dripping with his show of true dominance over both of us. Stevie's penis was exceptionally hard as I meticulously compared the two black rods.

Jamal told me to put the dildo down and go back to sucking his dick which I did enthusiastically. As I did he started to speak with Stevie. "Tell me, my man, how long have you wanting your hot ass Asian girl to take some big black cock?"

Stevie looked down as his erection and blushed before answering. "Almost from the first time we had sex." His confession caught my attention and I made direct eye contact with him as I blew Jamal.

"Really? Why? And, tell me the truth. I can see your little cock is dripping with cuck excitement." I looked down and giggled at all the pre-cum leaking from my boyfriend's penis.

"Well...I don't know. Well, I do. I...I think it was because I could feel how much more she could take."

"And, that's true too, right? She has taken bigger cock than yours." Jamal's gaze went to Stevie's little penis and then he grasped his own at the base with plenty of room for me to continue sucking. He arrogantly took his cock and slapped my face with it. I never had a dick slap before but it sent electricity through my body and into my aroused cunt. He eyed me, "And, you like big dick, don't ya, you lil' slut?"

"Yes, Jamal. I do." I sensually licked his cock and balls looking for approval. He just smiled.

"You can jerk off, Stevie. Just do it slowly while your bitch sucks my dick so you don't cum." Stevie looked happy as he took his own penis in hand and began to masturbate in front of us. "Now, ask her how my cock compares to yours."

Stevie maintained slow deliberate strokes as he spoke. " does my dick compare to Jamal's." I sucked a little bit thinking about the right answer for all of us. While, I was submission to our bull, I was fully in control as a cuckoldress to my loving boyfriend.

"I do like your penis, sweetie. It's nice." I licked Jamal's big dick. "But, I've definitely become a size queen especially for black cock." I went down deep on our bull's cock. Pulling back out I continued. "You know, once you got that black dildo for me, things never were the same since. My friend Michelle in college was right about taking a big, thick black dick. It's something you can't undo." Stevie was stroking faster. "Ease up, babe. Remember what Jamal said." He slowed down immediately.

Jamal continued his questioning. "How many black cocks have you seen, Stevie?"

My boyfriend didn't answer right away. I knew he had seen Al's before but he seemed to be torn with the answer. "I...I saw many in high school in the locker room." Stevie's cock dripped more pre-cum as he masturbated and confessed more. "After gym class, the black guys would walk around naked to shower." His head lowered.

"Ah! That explains it!" Jamal exclaimed while I continued to worship his large cock. "I bet they were hung, weren't they, Stevie."

"Yes." His fist stroking faster as that thin Chinese penis.

"Stop jerking off for a moment," Jamal commanded and Stevie obeyed. "Bitch, go over to your man and suck him while I ask more questions. I obediently crawled over and savored all of my boyfriend's cum as I easily took his whole dick in my mouth, unlike our bull's BBC. "So, you looked at their big ol' dicks?"

I felt Stevie's cock jumped in my mouth. "Yea...yes. They were so big I thought they were fake at first." Jamal burst out laughing. His enormous dick bouncing.

"Yeah, but they weren't. Were they?" Stevie shook his head no. Hearing all this talk got me so turned on that I started to finger my Asian wet pussy. Jamal continued, "Is that when you realized the power of big black cock?"

"Yes," Stevie said, and I came for the first time with my boyfriend's dirty confession. Jamal laughed again watching this Asian cuckold couple get off. I resumed sucking Stevie as Jamal asked further questions.

"Did those big black cocks turn you on, Stevie? Did you want to suck them? Or, just watch them fuck your woman?"

Stevie didn't hesitate. "Both." And, with that, Stevie came for the first time into my mouth. I enjoyed the familiar taste of my lover's ejaculation but didn't swallow. As he finished spasming, I stood up and gave him a deep kiss exchanging his sperm in our mouths.

When we were done, I looked over at Jamal who was stroking his amazing cock. I still hadn't fucked him and was so ready to be filled by him. He had his Big Dick grin across his face and he motioned for me to come over. Instead of walking, I got on all fours to show my submissiveness and give Stevie another view of my cunt before it was going to be stretched.

I gave Jamal another round of oral sex. His dick was incredibly hard. He broke the silence. "I'm going to fuck your woman just like you want, Stevie. Then, I'm going to have you clean both of us once I'm done. Does that work for you, cuck?"

Amazingly, Stevie's penis was hard again and he simply nodded.

I stood up and held onto Jamal's cock as I led him to my bedroom that I shared with my boyfriend. He was going to take me on the same bed I sleep with Stevie every night. Jamal turned to him just as we entered the room. "On second thought, my man, why don't you come in and help us out." My boyfriend didn't miss a beat and came right in as Jamal threw me onto the bed and began to eat my wanting sex. His large mouth practically engulfed my Chinese pussy and I came hard all over my bull's face.

I opened my eyes and saw Stevie watching in astonishment as this large, muscular black man gave his Chinese girlfriend an incredible orgasm. Stevie's dick was erect. He was looking at Jamal's body after making eye contact with me.

My cuckoldress side emerged. "Eat his ass," I ordered. Jamal took my cue and spread his legs as he continued to sensually lick my cunt. Stevie obeyed quickly and got on his knees to rim our black bull. Jamal's suction on my sex intensified as my boyfriend performed oral to anal services on him. He must have been really good as Jamal started to moan into my pussy which got me quite excited. "Stroke him," I ordered as the next thing for my cuck to perform.

While, I couldn't see his hand, I could tell from Jamal's repositioning that Stevie was now jerking off our hung black bull. All of us were in a surreal moment of sexual enjoyment that lasted several minutes. I grabbed at my breasts and Jamal tweaked my nipples while happily eating my shaved pussy. He also ate my ass which felt amazing.

Jamal finally broke our dirty connection and laid on his back. "Sit that cunt on my face," he barked. "And, Stevie, take care of my dick." My boyfriend and I did as we were told, assuming our respective positions. I love sitting on men's faces. There's something so dominant yet submissive in this act.

Stevie wasted no time in worshipping Jamal's thick, long cock. He seemed to like it as much as me...or maybe more, lol!! I came again all over my ebony lover. His tongue was the longest I had ever experienced and got me off like no other mouth. After I came, he pushed Stevie away and told me to ride his cock.

I grabbed his big black cock and slowly impaled myself on it. God, was he thick and long. Every inch was so much better than almost any other cock, especially my poor Stevie. I loved my boyfriend to death but there is something that every woman desires, which is a big, girthy dick to fully satisfy her.

I rode my bull with the only intention to satisfy him. I wanted his cum. I needed his cum. And, Jamal didn't disappoint. He was quite excited and soon was blasting his sperm inside my womb. What a wonderful feeling. I bent forward and began to make out with him. As I did, I felt a tongue on my cunt that was still penetrated by Jamal's big dick. Stevie greedily licked both of our genitals while I continued to kiss my lover. My boyfriend was only focused on our pleasure and I loved him so much for that.

I slid up so Jamal's cock would finally exit my pussy. I immediately felt his cum ooze out and Stevie's mouth suction onto my gaping hole to capture and swallow every drop. I was in heaven with my cuck and my bull.

Stevie cleaned me up and without an invitation also cleaned Jamal's cock of our collective juices. I kissed and made out with Jamal during all of this and no words were exchanged.

After a few minutes of Stevie's clean up duties, I rolled off of Jamal completely exhausted.

"Why don't you sleep on the couch and lock yourself up, babe. I'll make it up to you in the morning," I told my cuckold boyfriend. His look of arousal, jealously, and angst said it all. He left the bedroom with a solid erection and shut the door.

Jamal and I had only one night together but we fucked and sucked as much as possible. I was so stretched and open that I wasn't sure I'd ever be tight again. He pumped two more loads into my Asian cunt leaving me sore and leaking by the morning.

He had to leave early and simply kissed me goodbye in the morning. I watched as he left the bedroom naked with his big dick swaying with each step. I begrudgingly got up a few minutes later when I didn't hear him leave. When I entered the room, there was my Chinese boyfriend with his cock cage back on sucking our bull's cock for the last time. Jamal was fully clothed except his BBC was sticking out of his fly. He saw me, grunted hard, and came inside my boyfriend's mouth. Stevie swallowed it all.

I was standing there without any clothes, just like Stevie. Jamal came over to me and gave one final deep french kiss, groped my tits and ass, and then left.

Stevie stood up and asked if he could remove his cage. I nodded and told him to come into the bedroom for release. He was so horny as I laid back and opened my legs for his thin penis to penetrate. I could barely feel his dick as he pumped away at my cunt. I kept telling him how big Jamal was and how small he was. Within a minute or so, Stevie shot his load into my spent sex. We collapsed together and must have slept four more hours given all of the excitement of the last day and night.


I really enjoy telling you guys about my dirty adventures. Please leave a rating and a comment if you'd like me to share more...there are definitely more tales that I think you'd like!

xoxox, FSL

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