Chapter 1

She looked in her closet to find something decent to wear. Today was the big day.

Simple black dress? No... too casual. Dress pants, white blouse, and a blazer? No... trying too hard.

Her manager was the one interviewing her, so she wanted to look nice, but not too desperate. She's always dressed well for work but today really counted. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right? She needs an outfit that will make her manager say, "She deserves this promotion. She is manager material."

God, life would be so much easier as a man. Just throw on some khakis and a button-up shirt and you're golden. Come on... come on... something nice... That's it!

She was filing through her clothes when she found a dress she bought for a blind date her sister set her up last week that ended up being a no-show. It was a short-sleeved black dress cut just a few inches above the knees. It had a pretty, yet elegant wine-colored flower pattern on it with a belt that cinched her waist beautifully. She wasn't the skinniest girl in the world by any stretch of the imagination. She practiced yoga regularly and enjoyed working out but also clearly ate her fair share of ice cream and had some curves to show it. Her boobs weren't that big, barely size Bs. Her butt was nice and round, though. She was happy with how she looked. Being skinny is overrated anyways. She put her makeup on, gave a gentle curl to her red hair, and put on her dress with some nude heels. She took a few minutes in the mirror to answer some pretend job interview questions and walked out the door feeling like she already got the job. She spent the drive to work going over any possible questions she might receive and trying to get her heartbeat to slow down.

"Rebecca? Charlotte is ready for you." She looked up and took a deep breath to compose herself. She pushed her shoulders back and walked confidently - or at least she looked confident - into Charlotte's office.

"Good morning, Rebecca. Take a seat." Charlotte gestured to one of the plush grey chairs in front of her desk.

Oh, to have an office like this, Rebecca thought, I can hold important business meetings and point a finger at people while I tell them how important it is that this project gets done as fast as possible. I'm going to be so...powerful. Wait, what? What is she saying? The weather?

"Horrible weather we are having, huh?" Charlotte looked out the window to what looked like another several inches of snow falling onto the parking lot along with some of the maintenance people running about waving nonsensically at each other. "The plows can hardly keep up."

"Oh... yeah... horrible," Rebecca stammored.

Get it together. Come on, Becky, you've got this.

Charlotte's eyes narrowed, looking at Rebecca as she decidedly shifted to get down to business. "So, Rebecca, you are interviewing to fill Tom's role as he moves on to fill the senior leadership position. I trust you're familiar with his responsibilities?"

Rebecca composed herself and smiled. This was a question that she was prepared to answer. "Yes. I have spent some time with him the past few weeks to work with him in learning about the roles and responsibilities. I have taken the lead on many different projects over the past 3 years I have held my current role, and I believe that I am prepared to take on the additional responsibility overseeing the 8 teams under the UWV contract."

"Oh, you have been working with him? That's great. Okay, we will be moving onto some of the technical questions. While I am your manager and I do know the answer to some of these questions, I do need them on record and to ask you questions just as I would anyone else, okay?"

Rebecca smiled and responded warmly, "Of course. I wouldn't want to receive any special treatment."

No, that's a lie. I would love special treatment. Come on, you're my manager. Why even bother with this interview? We both know I am capable of doing this job. Come on, just get it over with so I don't have to be shaking in my chair trying to come up with the best responses to give you.

Charlotte looked down at her list of questions she prepared on the piece of paper on top of a neat stack in the middle of her desk. "I am going to show you lines of code and you're going to tell me what you would tell a junior level engineer if they came to you with this code. Okay, let's start with this one."

Charlotte placed three pieces of paper in front of Rebecca. Rebecca skimmed through the PowerShell script to find any issues with it, assuming that was the task in front of her. She didn't immediately find anything that would cause the script to fail if it tried to run, so she got increasingly nervous and flicked her eyes up at Charlotte and then back down at the pieces of paper.

"Um," Rebecca nervously stammored, "I don't see anything wrong with it? All of the variables are defined and the logic seems to compile just fine."

Charlotte sensed Rebecca's hesitation and tried to assure her. "Remember, I am a junior engineer that has come to you about anything, and I am showing you this code. There aren't wrong answers. I am just looking for how you would react given a few different scenarios."

Oh, okay so there doesn't have to be something wrong with it. Okay. I am guessing this is supposed to be me approving some code for a new build or something. Tom did say he did that from time to time if the script was used for a particularly hot contract. Alright.

Rebecca smiled and looked up at Charlotte, "All of the variables are well defined with unique definitions and the logic looks to me like it would compile successfully. Well Done! How can I help you finish this task?"

Charlotte smiled. "Fantastic. You offered positive affirmations with specific details so that they know you didn't just skim it but you actually did take a good look at it which can mean a lot to someone who is looking for guidance from management. In addition, you offered help and left it open-ended to give them a chance to ask you for more if they need it. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Rebecca."

The interview continued and at the conclusion, Rebecca shook Charlotte's hand and walked out feeling pretty good about the interview. It went really well, but she was hoping that Charlotte would overlook her answer for the first technical question.

Tom's office was all the way on the other side of the building, but he told Rebecca to come visit him immediately after the interview was over to tell him how it went. Rebecca walked up to Tom's office door and took a big deep breath, fantasizing about the day that maybe this would be her own office. The door was slightly ajar, so she walked in, but Tom wasn't there yet. He was probably in some sort of meeting. Tom complained about all these meetings and how boring they were but Rebecca couldn't wait for her day to be filled with all sorts of important meetings with people to see and things to do. She sat at his desk and pulled out her laptop to do some work while she waited for him to return from his meeting when she noticed his laptop was still at his desk. He usually brings his laptop to meetings, though, so that was weird. Then she noticed what was on the screen.

"New You: Chapter 7" Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD. Tom... is... Is this what I think it is? "You will flash your breasts at the next man you see." Oh my. Yep. This is... wow. Holy fuck.

There was a knock on the door and Rebecca basically screamed.

"Oh, hello Ms. Taylor, have I startled you? I know you are so busy but I had something I needed you for," Tom walked in, chuckling. Tom was quietly attractive. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was average height and weight. But, there was just something about him. The way that he talked to you, it made you feel special. The way he interacted with you drew you into him. He had a contagious smile.

"I... er... sorry... I just figured I'd work for a bit while I waited for you to return from your meeting. I hope you don't mind." Rebecca was so embarrassed. She quickly stood up and moved to one of the chairs on the other side of the desk.

"Oh no, of course not. However, I was just in the bathroom. Super short meeting. I see you've made yourself at home in your future office." Tom winked and sat down in his chair. He looked at the screen and a look of startled panic flashed across his face. Rebecca tried to pretend like nothing happened and that she didn't see what was on his screen. She crossed her legs, smiled, and tried her best to act normal.

"I see. And, well, I was only here for a minute. I've got to say, it's a nice office. I hope I can move in here one day."

"How did the interview go? Wait, no, don't answer that. I am sure it went well. Just give me a couple days to move my books before you take over, alright?" Tom smiled and pointed at the book case behind him. "I know you millennials don't like physical books with all of your technology and all that crap but hey, you look smarter if you have books back there. So, fill it up."

Yeah, I'll look super smart. What if I put copies of your books on my shelves, hm? Would I still look smart? My god, I can't believe you are Nova. THE NOVA.

He winked and continued, "So what are you doing tonight?"

A whole lot of reading your erotica and re-thinking my whole life knowing that my boss is the one who wrote the shit I get myself off to every night. Yeah, just casual. No big deal.

Rebecca cleared her throat. "Tonight? Erm, I don't think I have any plans."

"Fantastic. Because we are going out for drinks after work to celebrate your new job."

"Tom, I haven't gotten it yet." Rebecca rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on. Yes you have. There's nobody else I'd want filling this position than you. You've got it."

I'd like you to fill me in any position you want, please. Oh my god, Becky, snap out of it, you're going to turn as red as a tomato. Keep it together. He doesn't actually have mind control powers. Or does he?

"Well thank you, I appreciate it. Sure, let's go out for drinks. But, by 'drinks' I hope you mean one drink. Unless you want to pay for my Uber."

"Right, then. We'll get you an Uber. You can't celebrate with only one drink, Rebecca."

Rebecca rolled her eyes again. "I told you to call me Becky. Rebecca is sooooooo formal. And I can celebrate with one drink! I have plenty of fun with one drink."

"You will have plenty more fun with more than one drink. Don't worry, I'll carry you to your Uber. So, when do you get off work? We can leave here around 6 if that works for you?"

"Sure, works for me. I'll meet you out front."

"Sounds like a plan! See you then. Leave my door open when you leave. I've got a meeting in about 10 minutes." Tom smiled.

"Okay, see you then!" Rebecca gathered her things and walked out, desperately trying to hide how giddy she was.

Is this a date? No, they've gone out so many times. He's not actually interested in her. She's like 10 years younger than he is anyways. Not to mention, he's her boss. Actually, he's her boss's boss. Not a good idea, Becky. He's so hot, though. Ugh. It would be so fun to just sit and wait for him under that big wooden desk and unbuckle his pants and suck his cock when he got back from a meeting. Or... even more fun if she could do that while he was in a meeting. His cock twitching in her mouth, having to mute his call to let out a moan when she sucked all of him down her throat. His big strong hands guiding her neck, rubbing gently while she worked at him. Would he cum down her throat? Oh, I bet his cum tastes good.

Oh, no. No. Stop it, Becky. Think with your brain, not your clit. He's your boss. Compose yourself. Alright, let's try to focus on getting this Test Procedure written by the end of the day.

Rebecca was busy at work until she looked at the time and all of a sudden it was 5:55.

Holy shit. Time flies.

Rebecca ran to the bathroom to try to fix her makeup and make sure her dress still looked nice. She tried brushing her hair using her fingers and it kind of looked good. She wished she brought her brush, but oh well, this was going to have to do. She walked briskly to the front of the building to meet Tom.

"Hope the rest of your day went well and wasn't too bogged down with meetings," Rebecca said as she approached him.

"No, it was alright. Glad it's Friday, though. You're a few minutes late, Miss Rebecca. Thought you might have stood me up."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "You know how it is. I got all sucked into my work and time just flew past me. I'll get the first round of drinks to make up for it."

"No, I don't know how it is. It's Friday. Everyone is counting down the hours to go home. Well, everyone except for you. You are a special breed, Rebecca. And no, you keep your wallet to yourself tonight. I am bringing you out. You don't get to pay."

"Oh, whatever. We'll see. Meet you at Cardiff's?"

Tom nodded. "Yep! Best margaritas in town. Drive safe."

It was only a mile up the road. Rebecca beat him there and walked in to grab a seat at the bar. She ordered the first round of drinks and paid for them before Tom walked in.

"Hey there, slowpoke. I got us the first round." Rebecca winked and sat up straight, proud of herself.

"I told you to drive safe. You didn't listen. What do you mean you got us the first round? I told you you're not allowed to pay. Bad girl."

Mmmmm bad girl? Maybe you should spank me, Daddy.

Rebecca cleared her throat and tried to keep herself from blushing. "I am not very good at following rules. You should know this."

As the bartender brought them their drinks, Tom looked at him sternly and pointed at Rebecca. "This one's not allowed to pay the rest of the night, okay? Start a new tab for me." The bartender nodded.

Rebecca giggled. "That's a scary glare. I promise he's harmless, Sir. Don't worry. If I happen to pay for a round, no harm will come to you or your family."

Tom narrowed his eyes at Rebecca and then back at the bartender. "Don't listen to her. I assure you, I am very scary. Don't let her pay."

The bartender laughed. "Yes, Sir." He winked at Rebecca. "Sorry, Ma'am. Your money is no longer good here."

Rebecca took a sip of her margarita. "I'll enjoy this one extra much then, knowing I paid for it."

Tom raised an eyebrow at her. "Extra much? Did you already have a few margaritas before I got here?"

"Oh shush, you. I don't need to be drunk to be bad at words. I am an engineer, not a writer." Rebecca winked at him.

"You write code, don't you?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "That's totally different, and you know that."

"You better stop rolling your eyes at me." Tom gave her a stern, serious look.

"Yeah? Or what?" Rebecca rolled her eyes again, grinning at her deviance.

"Tequila shots," Tom said through his giant grin.

"Oh, no. You wouldn't. I'm already feeling it and I've only had one!"

"Shots for every occurance from now on you roll your eyes."

Rebecca giggled and rolled her eyes again, just to test him.

"Oh you really shouldn't have done that." Tom waved at the bartender. "Aaron! Four shots and limes, please." The bartender poured the shots and handed them some limes.

Rebecca widened her eyes. "FOUR?"

"I said shots. I didn't tell you how many. Two for you. Two for me. Ready?" Rebecca thought it seemed impossible, but his smile got even bigger. He was quite enjoying torturing her this way.

"No. Not ready. Never ready. Want me to DIE?"

"Oh, don't be so dramatic. Here. Left hand, tequila, right hand, lime. Cheers!" He kissed his shot glass to hers and put it up to his lips. "One. Two. Three. Go." He waited a moment for Rebecca to start taking her shot before he took his. She finished, sucked on the lime, and scrunched her nose. "There it is. Good girl." He handed her the next shot and the next lime. "Cheers! One. Two. Three. Go."

"Ugggghhhhh." Rebecca scrunched her nose up and stuck her tongue out.

Tom chuckled and looked at her. "Don't roll your eyes at me."

"Yeah, I won't be. I've learned my lesson. Let's hope I don't fall off this chair in a bit once I start to feel it." Rebecca shook her head, growing more and more shy at the thought of him seeing her get drunk.

About a half hour passed and Rebecca saw the world around her begin to spin.

"So tell me, what's your wife at home think about you staying out for drinks after work on a Friday night?" Rebecca looked up at him curiously.

"I am in the process of getting divorced. So, who the hell cares what she thinks, honestly." Tom took a big gulp of his margarita.

He's single. Oh my. Can I suck his cock? I should ask him if I can suck his cock. It's going to taste soooooooooooooo good. God, if he fucks anything like his erotica, I'm in for it.

"Oh my god, Tom. I am so sorry. That's horrible."

"No, don't be sorry. It's been a long time coming. We'll both be happier once she's up and gone."

A long time coming? Cumming? Tom's cum? Yum. I need that cock in my mouth. How do I go about this? What's sexy? Can I be sexy to him? Let me try - OH! I remember in his story he tried to get that girl to lick the salt off the rim of his glass. I'm about to make the biggest fool out of myself but I really don't even give a fuck. I just want his cock in my mouth. Pretend this rim is your cock, Tom. I sure will be pretending.

Rebecca grabbed Tom's glass, looked up at him with a smile, and seductively licked at the salt on the rim of the glass and then put it down. Tom raised an eyebrow. "You were done with your drink.. But you left so much salt. Can't let it go to waste." Rebecca winked.

"It would have been a horrible waste of salt. Thank you. Oh wait, looks like you have some left too." Tom picked up Rebecca's glass and licked all around the rim as slowly as a person could lick salt off a glass, looking up at her. "Mmmm. So good. Ready for another?"

"I'm ready, but not for another margarita."

Oh. My. God. Did I just say that out loud?

"Oh? What is it that you're ready for?" Tom was amused.

Rebecca closed her eyes and moaned softly, imagining cum dripping off her lips. "I want... " Your granite hard cock in my mouth. Say it. You can do it. Your granite hard cock in my little slut mouth. Rebecca furrowed her brow as she tried so hard to say it but just couldn't.

Tom chuckled. "Take your time. I'll be waiting for you whenever you want to finish that sentence."

"Tom. I have a very serious question to ask you."

"I'll have a very serious answer for you."

"I want to know if you..." Rebecca paused, composed herself, and tried again, staring right into his eyes. "I would like to know if you are interested in receiving fellatio."

Tom gulped. "Rebecca... fellatio? You mean like...?"

Rebecca nodded and smiled. "Yes, Sir."

Tom gulped again. "Yes, Rebecca. I am... very interested. So, Uber to your place?"

Rebecca grinned bigger. "Yes, please."

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. He said yes. I get to suck his cock. Oh my. This is a bad idea. He's my boss's boss. I don't even care. Damage is done. I want that cock in my mouth.

Tom got the attention of Aaron, the bartender. He paid, and then ordered an Uber on his phone once he got Rebecca's address. Rebecca's liquid courage got the better of her and she stood up and kissed Tom on his cheek, then his neck, and sucked softly on his ear lobe. She moaned softly into his ear and whispered, "I want your rock hard cock in my mouth. I've been wanting it for a very, very long time. Today, even moreso."

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