Val and Tory are in a lesbian domestic discipline marriage. This story is the third in this series. It takes place on the evening before their wedding.
After Tory signed her contract to follow all of Val's rules, including accepting punishments and maintenance discipline, Val was overwhelmed with joy. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world to have Tory for her own! Val framed the contract and hung it up in their bedroom.
What reason was there to wait to get married when she had everything she had ever wanted in Tory? The next day, Val asked Tory to marry her and gave her an engagement ring. Of course Tory said "Yes," because she loved Val and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Val.
Val was relieved to allow Tory and her mother to plan their wedding ceremony. In the end, about 50 close friends and family members were there to support them. They held the wedding in Tory's parents' huge backyard. Val's parents also attended the wedding.
The night before the wedding, both women stayed with their respective parents so they would not see each other until the wedding the next afternoon. When they were packing their overnight bags, Val told Tory how much she would miss her as they spent the night apart.
Val said, "Tory, I feel complete when I am with you. I know I have found the one woman I can spend the rest of my life with. I know we will always find ways to keep our relationship fresh and exciting. I cannot imagine how I would survive losing you. I am so relieved and ecstatic to make you my wife tomorrow."
Tory was overwhelmed with happiness to hear her fiance express such strong feelings for her. Usually, she found Val exciting, strong, and spontaneous, but not as likely to share her true feelings. It only made Tory love Val more.
"Can I hug you please?" Tory asked.
Val grabbed Tory and pulled her into her lap, touching her face and telling Tory how much she loved her. Tory responded by telling Val she loved her and could not wait to marry her tomorrow. Val kissed Tory firmly on the lips and held her tightly. Tory hugged Val and felt the electricity between them growing.
Val continued to kiss her finance, as she touched Tory's breasts over her blouse and stroked them, carefully avoiding her nipples. She was excited to realize that her fiance had followed her instructions not to wear a bra over her 36 C breasts. Val felt Tory squirming on her lap and knew she was getting aroused. She continued touching Tory's beautiful breasts and finally unbuttoned her blouse and began pulling at her hard nipples, encouraged by Tory's moans.
Val stopped touching Tory while she whispered in her ear, "Do you like it, baby?" Val alternated between tugging at Tory's nipples and rolling them firmly between her thumb and forefinger. "Do you know how much I want you right now?" Val asked.
Tory felt that she would explode with love and desire for her fiance. Flustered, Tory answered, "Please tell me again."
Val loved to see how hot she could get Tory. Val said, "No, no. You have to tell me. I know you want me inside you baby. Be a good girl and tell me what you want."
Val's pinches grew harder on Tory's nipples. She loved to hear Tory's whimpers as they grew higher pitched and louder. As Val increased the pressure on Tory's nipples, Tory's breathing became faster and she began to cry out softly. Val's clit was throbbing, as she enjoyed feeling Tory moving on her lap.
Val knew it was difficult for Tory to answer her question at a time like this. Deciding to stick to closed-ended questions, she asked Tory, "Does it hurt a little, baby, when I pinch your nipples like this?"
Tory whined, "Yes, Ma'am," as she was accustomed to addressing her fiance when she was being submissive.
"Do you want me to stop?" Val quickly asked. "I mean, just tell me if you want me to stop, or use your safeword."
Tory replied, "No, Ma'am, please, please, don't stop."
Val replied, "Ok, I won't stop, but I am reminding you that you are not allowed to come until our wedding night."
Val noticed that giving Tory this news seemed to arouse her even more. Tory kissed Val passionately and reached up to put her hands around her fiance's neck. Val let Tory touch her face and neck for a while before instructing her to place her hands behind her back. Tory obeyed immediately.
Val enjoyed the natural power exchange between the two of them. The way that Tory responded to her made Val feel more satisfied than she had ever felt. She felt so powerful when Tory needed her. The feeling was intoxicating, and she fell more and more in love with Tory each day.
"Tell me what you want, Tory," teased Val. She lightened up on her pinches, to make it easier for Tory to speak.
Tory felt relief, but also longing. She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was aching for Val to bend her over the bed and have her way with her! She hoped Val would at least put one finger into her aching cunt, to warm her up for the hard fucking she was sure to get tomorrow after the wedding.
Tory loved the way Val teased her and made her wait. She didn't mind that sometimes Val teased her and then did not fuck her. Although she was frustrated during those times when she waited days for Val's attentions, Tory tried not to complain or sulk.
Tory considered it a test of her submission to Val to continue pampering her under these circumstances. Tory once prepared three of Val's favorite meals for her even when she was so sexually frustrated that she could barely function.
She didn't even mind when Val stopped fucking her before making her come. These frustrations were worth it to Tory because she loved to give Val control over her body. Giving herself to Val in this way freed Tory sexually to feel a deeper desire. Tory craved the way Val made her feel. Pleasing Val was Tory's ultimate turn-on.
Val whispered, "Do you want me to fuck you?"
"Yes, please, Mistress!" begged Tory. With her heart racing, Tory pleaded with Val to fuck her. She explained how much she needed her lover inside her.
Teasing her fiance further, Val responded, "I see, but do you need me to spank you first?"
Without hesitation, Tory exclaimed, "Yes, Mistress, please spank me first!"
Val looked at her watch and realized they were each expected for dinner with their respective parents soon. She instructed Tory to prepare for her spanking quickly.
Val grew more excited as she thought about her wedding night with Tory tomorrow. She wanted Tory to feel her behind still on fire as she walked down the aisle. The only way she could accomplish this was to spank her good and hard now so that Tory would feel it until tomorrow.
As Val walked to the sex toys drawer, Tory scrambled to strip naked and to get into position, bent over the bed, with her ass up high and her head on the bed between her arms. Val wished she had time to restrain Tory, but knew she had trained Tory well on remaining in her position. Val loved the sight of her submissive wife bent over the bed with her sexy, round ass practically begging for attention!
Val brought over a small butt plug and a bottle of lubricant from the drawer. She grabbed her belt off its hook on the wall. Val laid the belt across Tory's back to remind her of what was coming. She stroked Tory's rounded bottom and began to give instructions.
"Baby, since tomorrow is a special day, I have something I want you to wear for the first time," said Val. She placed lubricant on the butt plug and began rubbing it on Tory's tiny anal opening.
Tory panicked and cried out, "No, it hurts!" thinking she was about to be fucked in the ass for the first time!
Val reminded Tory that she had signed her contract, agreeing to follow Val's rules. "You agreed to trust me to know what is best for you and to follow my rules at all times. You can use your safe word, "lavender," if you need to, but I need to know that you will not question me, Tory."
Val lectured her young fiance, "Listen to me closely. I can only marry you if I am satisfied that you will abide by all the rules in your contract."
Maintaining her position and ready to be spanked, Tory hurried to convince her, "I'm sorry! I will follow the rules, Mistress. My top priority is to please you. Please accept my apologies!"
Val showed Tory the plug and told her, "Tory, this is a tiny butt plug. It will not hurt you and it will stay in place until it is removed. It is very important to me that you wear this butt plug during the wedding tomorrow. That way I will know that you are following my instructions even if you don't necessarily like the idea.
"This will show me your obedience and I will feel comfortable marrying you. I will pack a small bottle of lubricant in your suitcase to help you get it in place tomorrow morning."
Tory wanted to do as her fiance asked. However, she had never worn a butt plug before, so she was very nervous! And she definitely did not like the idea of wearing it during the wedding! Tory was embarrassed to think she would be wearing a sex toy while walking down the aisle on the most important day of her life! However, she knew she had no choice. Tory knew she would do anything to marry Val tomorrow.
Val rubbed circles on each of Tory's ass cheeks before commencing to slap her hard on her behind. She aimed for her fiance's butt and the backs of her thighs while listening to Tory moan and feeling her try to grind her pussy into the bed.
Just then Tory felt Val pushing at the entrance of her anal passage. She held her breath and tensed up. Val gently pushed the butt plug in about an inch, but Tory cried as though she had taken six inches of a hard dildo up the butt!
Val waited patiently for Tory to adjust to having the plug in her asshole. When Tory calmed down, Val reached between her legs to stroke her clit. Val told her, "Ok Tory, take some deep breaths and try to relax the muscles in your ass!"
Tory took Val's advice and it helped. Val continued massaging Tory's clit and was able to push the butt plug in about halfway, almost to the widest part. "Ok baby," Val explained, "this is the hardest part and you have to push past it. I need you to do this for me. One more push and it will feel better, I promise."
Tory did not understand how pushing the toy in further could possibly make her feel better. It stung her ass and made her want to cry. Yet, pleasing Val was the most important thing to Tory, so she said, "Yes, Ma'am, please put it in me all the way."
Val continued lightly stroking Tory's clit. She said, "Ok Tory, I'm going to count to 3, and then this little plug is going in.
"One, Two, Three," she said, driving it home into her fiancé's virgin asshole. Tory squealed and then quieted down.
"See Tory, I told you it would be fine," Val said reassuringly, as she removed her fingers from Tori's clit.
Val was excited to spank her fiancé for the first time while she was wearing a butt plug! She landed several smacks into Tory's bottom with her hand and then asked her how it felt.
"Good," Tory replied. "I love it when you spank me."
Val asked her fiance why she loved being spanked. Tory explained that it made her belong to Val. Tory felt that each time Val spanked her that she was giving herself a little more to her future wife. Finally, Tory admitted that it made her wet when Val spanked her. Tory told Val that her greatest fantasy was to be spanked first and then fucked by Val.
Val was even more excited to spank Tory after hearing this. She knew how lucky she was to have found the right woman to commit to because with Tory, Val felt stronger than she ever had in her past. Val could not wait until Tory belonged to her legally.
Val wanted to warm her up a bit, so she spanked Tory harder with her hand, stopping after every few slaps to tap and tug at the butt plug. She loved to watch the plug fill her future wife's ass. She spanked her hard on the butt plug and Tory moaned.
"Oh, that's sounding a bit better. I knew you would like it, once you got used to it, baby," encouraged Val.
Val struck Tory's ass as hard as she could with her palm, making sure to land on the butt plug, too. Tory was moaning and moving her ass with each spank.
Val knew she could not make Tory come because she wanted her extra horny for their wedding day. She had not allowed Tory to come for the past few days in preparation for extra special wedding night sex.
Val stopped spanking Tory and ran her fingers down Tory's smooth, waxed slit. "Tory, you are so wet for me right now. I love how wet you get when I spank your bottom! I am so proud of you for taking the butt plug. I hope you are proud to wear it for me.
"Now get ready for a strapping with my belt. I'll have to go a little hard on you, my pet, so you will still feel it tomorrow during the wedding."
Tory sucked her breath in, having a love-and-hate relationship with Val's belt. Val explained that Tory would get 26 lashes with the belt, one for each of her 26 years.
After the 10th strike with the belt, Val paused to rub Tory's bottom. She instructed her fiance to open her legs wider. Val directed her attention to Tory's smooth cunt lips, stroking them before entering her wet pussy with one finger.
When Val began pumping her finger in and out slowly, Tory exclaimed, "Oh, yes Mistress, please fuck me. I love having you inside me!" Tory moaned with pleasure at finally getting Val inside her.
After a few minutes, Val added a second finger, while simultaneously reminding her fiance she did not have permission to come until tomorrow after the wedding.
Val enjoyed the deep sounds Tory was making in her throat, as she continued to fuck her a little longer. When Val removed her fingers, Tory sighed deeply. She knew she would have to wait until tomorrow night, which suddenly seemed like an eternity.
Val gently reminded Tory that she had 16 more strikes left with the belt. She rubbed Tory's pink behind lovingly before grabbing her favorite belt and bringing it back down firmly onto her fiance's round butt cheeks and upper thighs.
Tory was gently sobbing by the time Val counted the 20th strike, but Val continued on until she reached 26 strikes with the belt. Tory's bottom was bright red. Val grabbed her cell phone and took a private picture because she wanted to remember how she spanked Tory on the night before their wedding. She returned the belt to its hook on the wall and sat on the bed to hold her fiancé.
Tory climbed into her lap and held onto Val tightly. Val kissed her and wiped her tears away. Tory blurted out, "Thank you for spanking me, Ma'am. I am glad to feel your sting on my bottom, and I know I will feel it until I see you again tomorrow!"
"Yes, that's how I wanted it, baby," said Val, stroking her fiance's hair and beautiful breasts. Val asked Tory how she was feeling. She asked Tory if she wanted some soothing cream on her well-spanked, red ass.
Tory explained that while it hurt quite a bit, she loved to feel sore on her bottom as a reminder of her love for and submission to her fiance. Tory bent over Val's lap, allowing Val to admire her work on Tory's ass up close. Tory wiggled her ass suggestively, hoping to entice Val to fuck her a little more.
Val's own cunt was throbbing with desire. She had difficulty keeping her fingers away from Tory's pussy when she saw and felt the heat radiating from Tory's ass. Val wanted so badly to fuck Tory hard, the way Tory liked it. However, she remembered her resolve and held out for their wedding night.
While Val gently rubbed the soothing creme onto Tory's ass, Tory expressed to Val how much she needed her spanking. Tory said it had relieved much of the stress of anticipating their wedding day. Val told Tory that the spanking had also helped her to feel calmer before the ceremony.
Tory then asked Val if she could give her a proper thank you for her spanking. Tory was accustomed to licking Val's clit and sucking on it after being spanked.
Val responded, "Yes, Tory, thank you for asking. That would please me very much. Get drown on your knees to show your appreciation for my discipline."
Tory hurried down to the floor and assumed her submissive position on her knees between Val's legs. Val enjoyed watching her girlfriend fold her arms behind her back, thrusting her tits forward, as she knew Val liked. Val did not take her eyes off of her beautiful fiance as she stood up to remove her shorts and underwear.
Perched on the edge of the bed with her legs open, Val asked Tory to beg for it. Tory could not take her eyes off of Val's neatly trimmed pussy. Tory told Val how much she wanted to lick and satisfy her Mistress, to thank her for spanking her. Tory told Val that she craved to be reminded of her role to provide service to Val.
Tory addressed Val properly, "Please, Mistress, allow me to show my gratitude for your guidance and discipline on the night before our wedding."
Overcome with desire, Val grabbed her fiance's head, pulling Tory's mouth onto her own wet pussy. As Tory licked Val's hard clit, Val told her, "Good girl, Tory, suck my clit gently to start. I won't touch your pussy again until our wedding night. And you are not to touch yourself either! I want you extra hot for me after you say 'I do!" tomorrow!
"After the wedding, I will enjoy fucking your pussy while you wear this butt plug." Tory moaned her agreement. Val pulled her fiance's head closer and began to fuck her face, shoving her hard clit into Tory's mouth as Tory sucked harder. Val reached down to pinch Tory's nipples roughly, enjoying hearing her fiance's frustrated moans. Val stiffened in a powerful orgasm, coming all over Tory's face.
After Val recovered, she kept Tory in position on her knees. She loved to see Tory's face wet with her juices. She knew Tory would not wipe it off without permission. As she waited for her juices to dry on her fiance's face, Val rolled Tory's hard nipples between each of her thumbs and forefingers, applying firm pressure until Tory gasped. Val alternated between stroking her fiance's nipples and pinching them as hard as she could, teasing her mercilessly. Val loved to keep Tory's pussy dripping even if she wasn't going to fuck her.
"I knew training you on the butt plug would make you hot, Tory," said Val. "I need to know that you are wanting me the entire day while you are getting ready for the wedding. I won't be there to touch you but you'll feel my touch through the butt plug. Do you understand?"
Tory nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."
Val explained that Tory could take it out at bedtime and put it back in before she got dressed for the wedding. "But you better be wearing that in your ass when you walk down the aisle," Val commanded.
"Yes, Ma'am, I will be wearing it under my wedding dress!" Tory replied enthusiastically.
Val said, "Good girl. I will be waiting to see you tomorrow at the ceremony, my love. Thank you in advance for making me the happiest, most proud woman alive by becoming my wife. Now finish packing!"
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