Catherine looked at her ticket for what must seem like the hundredth time and once again felt the same shiver run down her spine. She reread the information on it once again as if she somehow expected it to change. Sydney to Montreal with a single layover at Hamad international. It seemed like Mistress Ella and her would never get the chance to meet for a while, with Covid running rampant and the borders to almost all countries rigorously checked. But they had persevered and now in a little over a day they would finally be together. The thought had sustained her over the last months of the pandemic and now as the moment of take off drew near she found her heart beating loudly in her chest. She was certain half the airport would be hearing the loud thumping in her chest, but of course it was simply her perception and the sound went unnoticed by all but her.

The boarding call was issued at last and she went through the slow process of boarding. She had to clean her hands and face and her shoes and carry on luggage were thoroughly disinfected. Just another legacy of the pandemic she told herself as she handed her bag to the attendant so it could be taken care of. When her bag was returned and she finally started to walk down the aerobridge to finally board the plane, she felt like her legs were made of spaghetti and would buckle beneath her at any moment. She was happy but had also never felt this nervous in her life.

She finally reached her seat and stuffed her luggage into the overhead compartment. She had carried what she hoped to wear to meet Mistress Ella in the carry on bag she brought with her. Her plan was to get changed before they met and surprise her with a lovely latex outfit. Catherine, or Cathy as her friends called her, had loved latex for a long long time. She was well into her fifties now. A big beautiful woman with lovely curves that screamed of sensuality and passion. She had beautiful hazel eyes, and her gaze could captivate if one was not careful. Her head was kept bald and although it had taken her some getting used to at first, she now loved and absolutely owned the look. Her full figured look which could only be described as unique. She was a bit nervous as to how Mistress Ella would react to seeing her for real for the first time, but the young dominant had assured her that she would be pleased. Her attraction for Catherine was based on so much more than just looks.

She still could not believe that Mistress Ella wished to meet with her. Ella was 25 and had just finished university. She was now working on a research grant and had captured Cathy's heart almost from the moment they had started talking. She was absolutely gorgeous in the older woman's opinion and always there for her. Mistress made her feel safe and like she could do anything. Already she had discovered arousal in things she would never have thought herself capable of. Some things had terrified her but when Mistress spoke of them, they became magical and wonderful. She wanted so badly to do so many things for Ella.

She took her window side seat and looked out over the airfield. The workers below were busy as ants loading and unloading luggage and looking over the last minute preparations. She glanced over as a young man took the seat next to her with a nod. She gave him a smile and tilted her seat back slightly. It was going to be a very long trip.

It was over an hour later when the fasten seatbelt signs came on and they found themselves ready for takeoff. Catherine felt the butterflies return to her stomach. She was really doing it. In a little more than twenty four hours she would be with Mistress Ella. She was used to travelling and had been all around the world but this take off was different. She had not felt this sort of nervous anticipation in years. Cathy felt like she was young again.

She settled down and brought out her laptop. She spent a long time reading over the emails and text exchanges that Ella and her had shared over the last year of knowing one another. She could feel the love and affection grow as she started from their oldest exchanges and worked her way forwards in time towards the most recent. She remembered sharing joys with her young lover as they had first met just as Ella was graduating from university. The tears of frustration as they were trapped in confinement away from all those they loved. Ella lived alone, as did Cathy.

At one point the young man left to go to the bathroom and a flight attendant came up to her with a lovely smile, asking if she could offer Catherine anything. Catherine shook her head and thanked her, The flight attendant turned to leave but then looked back over at Catherine with an even more splendid smile and offered "If I might say miss, you look wonderful today. I mean, you simply radiate happiness. I don't know what your final destination is but I am sure something very special waits for you there."

Cathy laughed and nodded. She was very happy, much more than she had been in years. She returned the flight attendant's smile and told her "I am going to meet someone very special to me. I haven't been this happy in a long long time." She could not help herself from smiling wider still as she told the woman about the reason for her trip. She added mentally to herself that perhaps she would never be back, not quite wanting to voice that hope just yet.

The flight to Hamad was a long one and Cathy settled back onto her travel pillow to try and get some sleep. Visions of Mistress Ella standing before her danced behind closed eyelids. A slight smile played across her lips as she settled down. Fifteen hours was a long time in the air and when she did land she knew she would only be halfway done with her trip. She slept a few hours and then awoke to have her in flight meal. It consisted of what appeared to be chicken, potatoes and carrots. It seemed like the meals on flights had not improved with Covid. She looked back as she realized the young man who had been sitting next to her had never returned and found him sitting in what had been an empty seat a few aisles back. Not that Cathy minded the extra space

She got up and headed to the bathroom and when she exited she was met by the flight attendant who offered her a smile which Cathy returned. The woman leaned forth and whispered in her ear "It is truly lovely to see you, I know the look of a woman in love and I can see it in your eyes." Catherine blushed and smiled as she heard this and nodded, her heart skipping a beat as she was reminded of Ella, the wonderful woman who waited for her at the end of this long journey.

The flight attendant had a magnetic personality. Catherine was torn between the desire to tell this woman all, to share her happiness. and the knowledge that sometimes a lifestyle like Mistress Ella and her had chosen was not something that was for everyone.

In the end she could not contain her excitement and she found herself talking to the flight attendant who stood next to her seat in the aisle. Cathy emptied her heart, telling of how she had met Ella online, and the deep connection they shared. Of how she had opened her heart to Ella, and how she was ready to share things she never expected to be able to share. How she had chosen to embrace things which had once terrified her and found herself liberated in a way she had not expected but welcomed with open arms now.

The young pretty flight attendant would return to Cathy's side time and again during the flight. She would listen with a gentle smile as Cathy talked to her about her hopes and dreams for herself and Mistress Ella. She simply smiled when the older woman told her about the uniqueness of her relationship. She did not even bat an eyelash when Catherine mentioned how Mistress Ella was her Dominant. A flight attendant can sometimes be a confidant and she had heard many things over the years.

Catherine turned back and looked through the plane , noticing the young man who had sat next to her had moved to an empty seat further back. She was glad, as it gave her space and she also had the chance to talk to the flight attendant which helped pass the time in what was otherwise a tedious and seemingly endless flight.

They eventually landed in Hamad and ensued a frantic rush through the airport to recover her baggage, get to the new gate and board the next plane. Finally, this last step and she would be in Montreal, with Mistress Ella. She looked around this new plane as she took her seat. It was slightly smaller than the one she had been on from Sidney to here and seemed to only be at about half capacity. Cathy found her seat and was happy for the extra space. She was even more happy to see that the same flight attendant was on this plane as well. At the same time she felt bad for her, seeing how she was forced to work the whole time on a 24 hour trip.

Cathy studied the woman for what was really the first time. She was young, probably not yet thirty and had beautiful long flowing black hair, to go with a piercing clear blue gaze. Her smile came easy and Cathy often found herself smiling along with her. Her body was petite but shapely, with lovely curves and a shapely yes small bust which seemed much larger on her small frame The flight was not very busy and they soon found themselves chatting quite a bit. Cathy found herself opening up much more than she intended. She felt like she was talking to an old friend.

The words and smiles came easy and Cathy was quite intrigued by this woman but also very nervous about what she intended. Mistress Ella had tasked her with something very special to do on her trip and Catherine found herself trembling at the prospect. She had asked for the panties of a woman to be delivered to her. It was not an obligation but Cathy was suddenly very excited at the thought of offering them to her. It was a wonderful act of submission, the flight attendant was most beautiful and Cathy's skin tingled at the thought of offering them to Mistress when they finally met.

The girl was named Jessica and the furtive glances that she would throw Catherine's way had tipper her off to the attraction. The fact that she always found her way back to talk to her and the way the young woman hung on Cathy's every word had convinced her off it. The girl was captivated. Perhaps it was not so much Cathy herself as the things she shared with the girl. The acts of submission and domination, of surrender, of control and of trust shared with Mistress Ella.

The young woman came and passed by, offering a dazzling smile to Catherine, who returned it. Her eyes followed the young lady as she moved about the fuselage serving the passengers who were spread out through the seats. One by one the passengers reclined their seats and nodded off, trying to settle in and get a bit of sleep before reaching their Transatlantic destination.

Catherine gathered her courage and watched as the flight attendant approached her. She smiled seductively and stood taking Jessical's hand and leading her back towards the bathroom. The young woman flushed and followed without a word, hardly believing this was happening She was not the only one as Cathy could barely contain herself. Her heart seemed to be beating at a thousand paces a minute and she was fairly trembling as she led the girl towards the lavatories.

They reached them and Cathy almost pushed the pretty girl inside , sliding in behind her. She shivered with arousal as their mouths met. Catherine was kissing Mistress Ella in her mind. It was her Mistress that danced through her head driving her wild with excitement, urging her on in this act which was so contrary to her normally reserved nature. She felt the other girl's tongue brush against her lips and opened her mouth to the kiss. She could taste Mistress Ella in the needy passionate kiss the young woman gave her.

Catherine's hand grasped her ass and squeezed it , holding her this way as Jessica surrendered fully to the passion. The guilt she might have felt for using the girl this way was dwarfed by the need to obey Mistress Ella. Her Mistress and love had set her libido on fire and Catherine found that even when she was not present, she could refuse nothing to the woman she was crossing the world to serve. This was an act of surrender to Miss Ella and Cathy shivered as she realized what a deep hold Mistress already had on her.

Her hand moved around the girl and between her legs , lifting her skirt and caressing her mound beneath the damp cotton panties the girl was wearing. She pulled on the waistband of Jessica's panties and slit a hand inside, teasing her pussy lips as the pretty flight attendant moaned into her mouth. She deepened the kiss, her mouth pressed against Jessica's while her mind was thousands of miles away, kissing Mistress Ella with all this passion. The young girls shook in arousal at her touch and moaned into her mouth, her warm breath arousing Cathy to even deeper passion.

She pushed the girl's panties down , and guided her leg between the raven haired flight attendant's, forcing the girl to step out of the panties as she did so. Jessica did so and leaned back against the small sink, opening up her thighs as Catherine slid a finger between her protruding pussy lips. The girl answered her caress with a deep moan of lustful passion. The older woman slid her other hand along the outside of Jessica's flight attendant uniform and unbuttoned it with urgency , opening it up and revealing the soft pink lace of her bra. Not that Jessica needed one. Even at a quick glance Cathy could see they were full and firm, and the flesh yielded easily to the touch of her roving hand as she pulled one fleshy orb free from the constraints of her bra.

Jessica's hands were busy as well, awkwardly yet eagerly caressing Cathy's back and thighs as her mouth kissed the older woman's cheek, her neck and her shoulders. Catherine plunged a second finger into the girl's wet slit, seeking out her g spot and finding it with confident, practiced hands. The girl threw her flushed head back and moaned. Catherine kissed her deeply, a little worried her vocal outcry would alert someone passing near the washroom.

Her fingers moved with fervent urgency as she felt the young woman's arousal peaking. Her kisses became more urgent and passionate against Catherine's mouth and she was happy to return the kiss, closing her eyes and imagining Mistress Ella's soft blonde locks instead of this girl's midnight dark hair.

Jessica's climax came then. Her knees shook and she grabbed at the small sink , holding onto it for balance as Cathy brought her hand to her own mouth, tasting the pretty young girl's arousal. With a smile Cathy kissed her one last time and then knelt down to pick up the girl's panties and tuck them into her bra. She leaned in and kissed the girl's ear one last time before whispering "I'll keep these as a souvenir, and a gift for Mistress Ella." The girl gasped audibly at the words but did not argue as Catherine opened the door slightly, taking a look outside to make sure no one was around before walking out and heading back to her seat.

She returned to her seat and suddenly felt a deep fatigue and contentment. Catherine laid her head down and was soon sleeping peacefully. She was happy, knowing when she awoke she would be that much closer to Mistress.

She did not see Jessica again until hours later when she stepped off the plane. Cathy collected her luggage and donned her trusty leather coat which she had named Amanda. It had accompanied her on many trips around the world and over the years had become almost like a close friend to the well travelled woman. The young flight attendant was standing by the exit as she walked out into the aerobridge leading into Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. The young woman looked at her and blushed , stammering a bit as she wished her a good day. Catherine just smiled back and thanked her for being so hospitable. She touched her hand to her breast and felt the fabric of the young girl's panties still stuffed in her bra, her secret gift to her Mistress.

Airport security and customs seemed to drag on forever as Catherine could almost sense Mistress Ella. She knew she was so close, moments away really, with all things considered. It had been such a long journey of patience and frustration as Covid had pushed their meeting back months upon endless months.

And then she was through. Suddenly, as if appearing out of a dream, an ephemeral vision which Catherine could not look away from for fear that she would vanish into thin air, Mistress Ella was there. Cathy's plan to change into her latex suit to surprise her was gone, but she did not care. There would be time enough later. Mistress Ella was a bit shorter than Catherine had pictured her in her mind, but it was her nonetheless. A vision of loveliness in her long long grey overcoat and dark black shiny boots, which seemed to have just been cleaned. She smiled and Catherine returned it as they moved forth and embraced spontaneously. Mistress Ella leaned in and kissed her with passion and Cathy felt all the weariness of the long trip fade from her body. She had dreamed of this moment hundreds of times over the last months and she thought instantly that none of them could even begin to compare to the overwhelming emotion of the actual moment.

Cathy dropped to her knees and Mistress Ella leaned forth to bring her soft and tender lips to meet hers. Catherine did not care that she was on her knees in front of the younger smaller woman in the middle of a busy airport. She did not care that all could see her at her most vulnerable. What mattered to her was the overpowering feeling that she was home.

Mistress Ella smiled and looked down at her, a small tear forming in the corner of her own eye as she looked at Catherine. She held out a hand and helped her to her feet. Mistress Ella locked her arm into Catherine's and together they stepped out into the cold Montreal air, Mistress Ella in her elegant grey overcoat and Cathy in her worn and comfortable Amanda. As they walked to the parking to get to Mistress Ella's car, the older submissive reached into her coat and her blouse to pull out the panties she had taken from her encounter with Jessica. Mistress acknowledged her with a nod and a slight smile just as they reached her car.

After Catherine had loaded her luggage into the trunk of the car and sat down next to her Mistress. Their hands found one another's and their fingers intertwined and they shared a deep passionate kiss before driving off in direction of Mistress Ella's countryside home. Both women could not help but feel that finally, everything was as it should be.

To be continued.

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