I just had a vision of me meeting up with you at a bar we were talking having a good time and out of the blue I kissed you. Started as a slow hopeful peck and quickly turned passionate. The bartender jokingly says get a room and with all the alcohol in us we look at her and say good idea. we go to a nice hotel.

Barely make it in the room as I kiss down your neck as you stand in front of the door. I slide the key card in behind your back while kissing you. I hold you tight as you kind of fall back from me opening the door. We leave a trail of jackets and shoes as we stay lip locked all the way to the bed. Kissing passionately yet softly I kiss down your neck down to your shoulder and back up to slowly nibble on your ear softly. I undo your dress slowly as I kiss over every inch of your shoulder pausing only to kiss you on the lips so often. I slowly let your dress fall to your waste. Exposing your beautiful breasts wrapped in a sexy bra. I kiss down your cleavage up to your shoulder strap which I lift up with my tongue just enough that if falls down your arm.

I kiss across your chest to the other side going back up in the middle to kiss your tasty lips again then kiss down your neck to the other bra strap and again lifting it with my tongue and letting it fall down your arm I slowly suck softly on your neck as not to leave a hickey while I undo your bra clasp. As your bra fall my tongue and lips gently glide down to your perky aroused nipples I take my tongue and draw a heart around your nipples just to tease you a little you arch back to make my mouth dead on as I suck them very softly then more aggressively. I move back and forth between both of your exceptional breasts as I make my way down to your waste where your dress still sits. I kiss a line across your belly as I trace my fingers along the edge of the fabric.

You raise your hips as I get to the side to let me know you are ready to remove the clothing. I take only the dress leaving your wet panties still on as I get to your feet I kiss and suck on your toes and back up to your inner thigh bouncing between each leg to give each equal worship. I marvel at the goddess before me as I slowly trace my tongue along the bottom of your panties teasing you ever so slowly. I kiss up your wet panties your taste is driving me wild but I have to tease some more so I lick them from bottom to top grabbing the top with my teeth and my hands on your side I slowly bring your panties to the floor and kiss my way up your body once again kiss your lower lips but just with small pecks. then I lightly lick separating them my tongue slowly probes for the clit and when I find it I focus on it for a couple seconds teasing it with short strokes when your start reacting I dig my face in to you beautiful blossom as I like more vigorously lick your clit and with alternating movements I lick you to your first of many orgasms you will experience that night.

When you send the sweet orgasm juices in my mouth I kiss my way up your body and hold you close as I caress your breast and kiss you and your neck and whisper how beautiful you are in your ear as you slowly rest. I rub my finger along your thigh to test when you're ready for my real treat. I feel you're ready and I kiss you while pulling you on top I take off my top as you slowly put your hands down my pants and quickly get a well-deserved standing cock. You like what you feel and want it inside you pull down my pants and lick and suck till you think it is lubed enough to go inside you. You lay back on the bed and I get you more wet as well and slowly probe my large head into your pussy I hear you moan with a slight pain followed by great pleasure. I began to pump slowly in you sucking on your breasts and kissing all over your body.

I began to probe harder as I feel you open up; I ask if you're ready and you scream yes please yes. I drive the full ten inches of cock down your pussy and you begin to moan as I pump harder and harder. Our bodies are moving at a great pace as we match each other. It is almost like we want the same things as we go harder and harder. You dig your nails into my back and I love it. I probe harder but I'm not feeling it is enough so I tell you to grab my ass. cause that always puts the extra fire into me I began pumping harder holding my orgasm till I can feel and hear you climaxing. I feel the twitch down below that is tell me, you're getting close. I tell you that I'm almost there and that drives you even closer. I tell you god you are a goddess. I could make love to you every night of the rest of my life. you are so beautiful and the complements keep pouring and as you arc with the feeling of explosion in you. I too release making us orgasm at the same time. I don't pull out I continue kissing soon I am hard again and we go for round two.

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