This is the first chapter, setting the stage if you will for the play to come. More explicit play comes in Chapter 2.

Like everyone else on the planet, COVID-19 has seriously crimped my kinky style. A week of quarantine and tests to be able to see Sir makes life very difficult. But somehow we've made it work and can get away for a few days at a time every couple of months. This is a story about our last encounter, being able to role play and explore different power dynamics.

"Hi, great to see you, I'm really looking forward to dinner."

He answered the door, every bit the handsome professor that I was attracted to at the conference. His black turtleneck, blazer, and jeans hinted at an incredible body. I've always had a type, those guys who are sexy because they are so brilliant.

I definitely had a goal going into this dinner...there was something about how he asked a question at the conference - more telling me the facilitator to give him the answer, rather than just asking the question that led me to hope he might be as interested in power exchange play as I am.

Like most women, I don't think I'm particularly stunning or beautiful, but I'm curvy and have an amazing 36DD rack - my tits are by far my favorite feature.

As we sat down for dinner, he hit me with his smile - I could feel my pussy start to drip just thinking about what it would feel like to submit to his gaze, to obey his commands, to...

"Oh I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Yeah - totally got distracted following that train of thought. Got to focus before he thinks I'm a complete bimbo.

"Oh yes, I recently returned from Asia where I got to lead a week long conference. Most of my career is flying around and facilitating - leads to some very interesting experiences. What about you?"

As he shared about the oftentimes boring academic conferences he usually frequented, my mind wandered again. Eating almost mechanically, I found my gaze drawn to his fingers, wondering just how dexterous they were, or to his lips curious if he bites when he kisses, to his hands and how they might feel around my throat.

Oh shit...what did he say...I think he wants me to respond with something?

"Would you be interested in going outside for a drink?"

"Sure, I have some more...probing ask you if you are game?"

"Of course, let's order some more scotch."

Somehow dinner had flown by, I know I shared some stories - but for the life of me I couldn't remember what I talked about. I just hoped that I came across as competent, smart, and attractive to him.

We sat down on the couch outside, scotch in hand while I lit a cigarette.

"So you mentioned you had some "probing questions" to ask me?"

"Yes, you mentioned partners, and getting to play when you are on the road. I was wondering what your agreements are with your husband?"

"Yes, I opened my marriage about 2 years go, when I'm on the road for work, I'm allowed to "play" as you put it."

"May I ask you more intimate questions?"

"Yes..." Oh how I just wanted to add "Sir" to the end of that. Something about how he commands the conversation just makes me want to bestow upon him the honorific.

"Do you have much experience with kink?"

"Not really, I know I've enjoyed letting go, and that there is a bit of a thrill when obeying." Wow girl, understatement of the century. "But it is a dynamic I'm interested in exploring. It's just that my superpower tends to make things interesting to navigate."

"Superpower you say? What does that mean?" He wanted to know, but I still wasn't sure if I was ready to show him.

"Oh, well it's not something that folks tend to believe if I tell them. It's kind of better to show."

I pulled up the sleeve of my couture suite to show him the inside of my wrist and forearm. Looking up into his eyes I suggested, "please run your fingers along the inside of my wrist."

He looked at me with curiosity in his eyes, not really sure where this could be headed.

Then he touched me.

The feel of his fingers on my skin was like an electric spark that connected straight to my already dripping wet pussy. I tried to look in his eyes, but was overwhelmed with the sensation and couldn't help closing my eyes, losing myself momentarily in the orgasm that rippled through my body.

"Oh fuck" he whispered

As I caught my breath I shared, "so my entire body is an erogenous zone. Every inch of my skin can make me cum with even the lightest touch. I can also cum harder and more often than anyone I've ever heard of."

"Kiss me." He commanded with that clear low voice that sent shivers down my spine.

I leaned forward and looked up into his eyes. Knowing he would live up to the honorific.

"Yes, Sir"

I completely melted when he kissed me, especially as his hand started to move towards my throat, and up into my hair. He paused just long enough to ask me, "do you like having your hair pulled?"

"Yes, Sir, I call it my hair trigger." I whispered breathlessly into his mouth waiting with anticipation for that intoxicating mixture of pain and the sensation of control and power from feeling his hands in my hair, guiding my head where he wished.

And then it hit. As he pulled my head back, my body erupted with another full body orgasm, the heat flowing from my hands and feet straight to my pussy which contracted with so much force.

As my head started to clear, and I could see straight again, I looked into his eyes, and saw the smile and awe and knew that he was a Service Dom, someone who would actually appreciate and seek to explore the full extent of my abilities.

As I caught my breath he did the next most sexy thing I could have ever asked for. He paused, "You are incredible. Would you like to play with me?"

"Yes, Sir" I practically panted wanting nothing more than to feel his touch and to see what it would feel like to have him inside me.

"I'm very excited to see what we can do, but it is important that we negotiate consent and for me to understand your boundaries and preferences."

I mean really - is there anything hotter than a man who is proactive about negotiating consent. Fuck I couldn't believe my luck. I had hoped for maybe some kinky sex, but from how he was communicating I dared to hope that this could be more. That this was someone with whom I could experience the divine release of full obedience. Who I could trust to hurt me in all of the right ways. To feel the burn of my skin from him leaving his marks, to feel the burn in my pussy as he draws orgasm after orgasm from my very depths.

"Yes, of course. What would you like to know?"

"Do you know what a safe word is?"

"Yes Sir, mine are Red for stop immediately and end the scene. Yellow to share that I'm at an edge, don't stop, but don't do more. I also use harder and softer when gauging impact you can know exactly how hard you can hit me."

"Well, that answers another question. You enjoy impact play. How would you feel about me leaving stripes on your ass with a cane? Or a flogger across your back? Or my open palm making your ass red and hot?"

Well, that was about all I could take, another orgasm ripped through my body and I melted into him, barely able to breath with the promise of the kiss of his palm on my ass, lighting up my flesh, feeling the warm burn after his forceful caress.

When I came to again, I looked up at his smile.

"I take that as a yes?"

"Yes Sir"

"Do you have any hard limits?"

"Yes, Sir. I don't do any scat or golden shower play. No blood. No marks that will be visible to the general public. No electricity, and honestly orgasm denial is just not something I'm capable of. When using a flogger or other impact toy please don't hit my sides, they are incredibly sensitive and I cannot take being struck there. I do enjoy breath play and my safe actions are to shake my head from side to side three times or to tap with my hand or foot rapidly. I'm also not into humiliation or degradation and do not appreciate humiliation play. I have my test results from earlier this week on my phone and if you have yours as well then I'm happy to do unprotected oral sex."

"Thank you for being so specific, this shows me that you are aware and capable of navigating what can be difficult dynamics. I do by chance have my results as well, and believe I would greatly enjoy the feel of your warm, wet, mouth on my cock. I would like to call you my Pet for this evening, would you like to be my Pet?"

"Yes Sir." -- Oh fuck, at this point I'm pretty sure my mind just checked out and left my body. I'd never been called Pet before, but with him it just fit perfectly. How badly I wanted to earn his praise. All I wanted to do was please him.

He kissed me one more time, as I drifted away.

"Come with me back to my place."

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