Jack had done a lot of research after Claire had left. There were two options, they could rent them to a In-house Film Company, they would be paid one thousand pounds for the film, then they would be paid ten pounds per view after the Company had got their thousand pounds back or after one hundred views. The Company would keep the film in the system for a minimum of six months, depending on its popularity. There were over seven hundred hotel bedrooms in the UK. Jack felt that this could be a good earner.

The other option was to set up a Premium Mature Film Channel online. It had to be subscription only. The Film Company would not show any films that were offered free on the Internet. Jack believed if he set up the website properly, no one could copy or download his films, even his subscribers couldn't, but that didn't matter as they would be paying ten pounds per month. Jack was impressed with Claire's Villa, the gardens were beautiful, the driveway was over one hundred and fifty yards long. The main entrance was impressive, with a beautiful oak door. He rang the door bell.

Claire opened the door five seconds later, she looked stunning, she took Jack in her arms, they kissed and cuddled for several minutes after Claire had closed the door. Claire then led Jack into a gorgeous lounge, the fittings and furniture were exquisite, there were so many Antiques. Claire had a bottle of Champagne in an Ice bucket, she asked Jack to open it for her. They then sat on a beautiful Red Leather Chesterfield sofa. Claire was beautiful dressed, her outfit showed her curves, her skirt came to just above the knee, she looked gorgeous. They sat chatting for several minutes then Claire said, "Jack, let me show you around the house."

Jack was impressed, the place was vast, there was just so much space. Every room was huge. Claire's bedroom was amazing, the ensuite bathroom had everything in it. There was also an indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath. It was now twenty-five past seven. They walked to the restaurant arm in arm. As they walked, Claire said, "I've a friend, her name is Pat, she's worked in Television for years. She's now semi-retired, she does the occasional big film or documentary. Initially she was in make-up and clothing. She has directed so many films. She's an expert with cameras and lighting. I have known her a long time. She is over sixty now, but still looks amazing. She has a wonderful body. She'd be interested in doing our camera work. I didn't know this but she does a lot of portrait photography. Mostly for women wanting good pictures of themselves. A lot of women nowadays want this as they are on dating sites."

"I've phoned her, she will film us one day when we're making love. She told me that she's done quite a lot of porn work, but got fed up with it as it was mostly third rate films that were being rushed out. She also said, that a lot of the women that came to her for portrait photography would be interested in porn work. What do you think about that Jack?"

"That's interesting, I've a lot to tell you over dinner."

Just before they arrived at the restaurant, Claire gave Jack two hundred pounds, she said, "Use this to pay for the dinner, if the service and meal are good, then give them a good tip."

Over dinner, Jack told Claire about the two options, Claire wanted to do both, then said, "We need at least a dozen videos of us fucking. I asked Pat, how long should the video be? She told me the Ideal time is just over ten minutes. That could take two hours of filming and cutting. Pat said the majority of porn films were too long. A survey had been done in the USA and ten minutes was the ideal time, but it must not be boring in the ten minutes."

The meal was good, Jack was enjoying being with Claire. They got back to Claire's and went straight to bed. Nothing was rushed, they got into a position that allowed them to 69. Jack sucked Claire's huge clit as he finger fucked her. She came in his mouth, it was lovely. Then they cum kissed for several minutes. The kisses were tender and affectionate, there was something special between the two of them. Claire then went on top of Jack in the cowgirl position. Their lovemaking was incredible, they were both giving the other so much pleasure.

The next two weeks flew in. Pat, was at the Villa everyday. They shot over twenty videos, the majority were with Jack and Claire. Jack filmed a couple with Claire and Pat, Pat was a very sexy woman, her body was amazing for her age. Claire then filmed a couple with Jack and Pat, Claire was so aroused after this, that night she was so horny in bed with Jack. The good thing was that now Pat was doing all the interviews. This helped Jack a lot as his University work was piling up. The adverts in the supermarkets had dried up. There had been over ten applicants but not one of them were suitable. Any videos would have been a flop with any of these women in them.

They were starting to make money, the first film they had sent to the Hotel Film Company, in the first week had over fifteen thousand views. Initially they had concerns about the length, but Claire was so good that it had proved to be very popular. They had created the Lulu brand, Pat had done Claire's makeup, she also wore glasses while filming. Jack wore a mask covering his eyes. Pat's makeup made him unrecognisable. Both their voices were adjusted digitally, they both had American accents.

Jack had moved all his camera equipment into the Villa. Pat had moved her equipment there too. Pat was doing her portrait photography there, if she saw someone suitable for the porn side of the business then she would approach them. Pat, through Social Media, had built up a steady business. She had got three new ladies, all three were excellent. They were all in their fifties, educated, full bodied and they all loved sex. May, a widowed doctor, she made sure that everyone was healthy. Jo and Jill were excellent too. Jill was also a widow, she was a dentist with her own practice. Jo was married to an older man, he was wealthy but sadly he had Alzheimer's, he didn't know what day of the week it was.

The website had taken off, after it's first month, it had over ten thousand subscribers, it was bringing in over one hundred thousand pounds a month, every day there were more subscribers. Pat was amazing, with every new addition, she would video their casting. Then she would apply makeup, changing their appearance completely. Then she would get them to do a five minute advert introducing themselves to the website subscribers. They all talked dirty as they played with themselves. It was a wonderful marketing exercise. These adverts attracted a lot of viewers, it also made them more human to the viewers.

May's advert was unbelievable good, Jack was sure that anyone watching and listening to her would cum in the five minutes, then they would want more of her when her videos came out. Jack did a video with them all. He also did a threesome with Claire and one of them. The threesome videos were always better when Claire was part of it. Jack was lucky, they were all wonderful rides, they all new what they were doing in bed. The lesbian videos were gaining a lot of popularity. Claire did them but didn't enjoy doing them. Pat loved doing them, she had a big following. Slowly but surely, the business was growing.

Jack had wanted to ask his mum about the tax situation, she was an accountant. Claire had a wonderful accountant, the business was registered offshore, they used offshore bank accounts, they were paying no tax. Claire, who was very wealthy in her own right, assured him, that the scheme that they were using was bomb proof. Claire and Jack were making the most. Pat was making so much that she turned down two television programmes. As May, Jill and Jo got involved, they were all so happy with the money they were making.

Jack enjoyed having sex with all of them, they were all characters, but every night, it was always Claire that was in his bed. Jack was hardly ever in his own apartment. His mum had visited a couple of times and left a note, Jack hadn't seen them as he hadn't been there. His mum was worried about and phoned him. He told her that he had a new girlfriend and was spending a lot of time in her flat. Jack's mum was his provider, he felt so guilty about this. He was now earning fortunes, but couldn't tell her anything about it. His mum worked hard, she was a good accountant, she had twelve colleagues working with her in her office. Jack's dad had died in his first year at University. He was an accountant too, he had died in a boating accident, it was very tragic, he had been hit with rough weather. His boat had capsized, he had drowned.

Dot, his mum, had been his rock of strength. Her aunt had owned the flat Jack was living in. It was so close to the University. A year after his father had died, Jack had moved in. Both he and his mum worked hard. One would phone the other once a week. They always met on their birthdays and at Christmas. Jack was very fond of his mum, he regretted not telling her about his business venture. He was now to embarrassed to tell her. He had always seen his mum as a pillar of society, she did a lot of charity work. She was a tall attractive woman, Jack also wondered why she had never remarried. Her birthday was coming up soon, he wondered what he could buy her?

They were getting a lot of new videos out, Jack felt that they hadn't made a bad one, but every new one they were making was getting better. At the end of the second month they now had over twenty-five thousand subscribers, the money was flying in. A couple of younger women had applied for positions, Pat had rejected them both. She said that they had a winning team. Their videos were so popular. She also said the average career life of young porn stars was between six and nine months. Claire, May, Jo and Jill agreed with Pat. Jack had never been with a younger woman, apart from a kiss and a feel, he wondered what it would be like. It didn't bother him, he was so happy with the older women he had around him.

On Saturday afternoon, Jack had gone into the City with Claire as Claire wanted to go shopping. Jack was happy about this as he needed to get his mum something for her birthday, which was on Sunday. He had asked Claire what he should give her. Jack had already told Claire that he received eight hundred pounds a month for living expenses. She paid all the expenses of the apartment. The money he received was to pay for food, clothes and his everyday day expenses. Jack had asked Claire what he should give his mum as a present, he was already going to give her a bunch of flowers and a bottle of Champagne. Claire said, "We are visiting my lingerie shop, we can get her a voucher for one hundred pounds, you're mum will appreciate that as she will know that you have had to make sacrifices to give her that."

Jack did that, then Claire took Jack into a very stylish mens shop and bought him several outfits. They got back to the Villa in the late afternoon. Pat was still there, she had a casting at two that afternoon, it was now nearly six, Pat said, "I had a wonderful lady here today, she's so natural. She's a must have as one of our models. I am just finishing off her advert she did for us. She wants to be known as 'Hot Mum', she's got so much style."

Claire and Jack then put away their shopping, Jack was impressed with the clothes that Claire had bought him, he would do something special with her tonight. They then went into the lounge, Pat ran the advert, there was a beautiful mature woman sitting on the casting couch naked. She had a wonderful body, massive tits, flat stomach, a gorgeous vulva with a perfect sex slit. Her legs were open, she was holding a massive dildo in her hand. She then started talking so dirty, teasing and arousing any viewer with every word. Inviting them to play with their cock and cum on her tits or in her mouth. It was impressive, she acted so naturally, she wasn't cheap, she had a lot of class and style. Claire said, "Pat, you're right, she's a natural. She oozes sex in such an arousing way. Do you have her casting video?"

Pat replied, "Yes I have, give me a minute to find it. She did her advert on the first take, that's amazing."

Jack went and got a bottle of white, he poured three glasses, then Pat ran the video. Twenty seconds into the video, Jack got the shock of his life, the woman on the screen was his mum. Jack said nothing, he gulped his wine and watched the video. The video was impressive, the masturbation scene was excellent. Pat had done an excellent job with the make-up, he hadn't recognised his mum in the advert video. Claire was impressed with the video too, she said, "She's wonderful, how did you leave it with her?"

Pat replied, "I explained how we operate, what sort of money she could expect to make. I told her that we would be in touch with her early next week. She's got a job, she can do filming on weekdays by appointment or any evening. She also available at weekends. I liked her, she's a nice person with a lovely way about her. I can't wait to do a scene with her."

Pat then left, Claire started to prepare dinner. Jack sat in the lounge, he replayed the video and the advert. He couldn't believe it, his cock stiffened watching his mum. Then his phone beeped, he had a message from his mum, it read, "Jack, I was in your area this afternoon, I called at the apartment, I was impressed how neat and tidy it was. I was sorry not to see you. I was thinking, I haven't been out for a meal for ages. You said that you would be here at six tomorrow evening. Can I book a table then we can go out for a meal? Your bed is ready if you want to have some wine with me then you don't need to drive and you can stay here. Let me know what you want to do? I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love mum xx."

Jack replied, "I would love that mum, I haven't eaten out for ages too. Please let it be my treat, I've been careful with my allowance, so I can afford to take you for a meal and a nice bottle of wine. You make the booking, but I'm paying for it. I am doing well at University, my year Lecturer is pleased with me. I've got a new outfit, I got it in a Sale, I like it, I will wear it tomorrow. Will you wear something nice for me? I don't want people saying, look at nice boy taking his mum out. I would rather they say, look at that gorgeous woman with the handsome young man. I love you too, Jack xx."

Jack thought of the tight fitting blouse with a lot of cleavage that mum had worn at the casting. His phone beeped, mum replied, "I've got it, I won't dress as your mum, I'll dress as your date. Please call me Dot, I know what I want to wear, but I'd die of embarrassment if you called me mum. Have we a deal? Love mum xx."

Jack replied, "We have, see you at six tomorrow. Surprise me, I know that you can do it. Love Jack xx."

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