Catching up with the Ex

We'd joked about this for some time, if there was an opportunity for us to be in the same area we'd send a text, "Tag, you're it". I had a rare opportunity to head to Seattle for work, and so I pondered the possibility. Would she really go for it? I honestly didn't know for sure. Part of me wanted her to, part of me was hoping she wouldn't.

We had a past and the chemistry was amazing. I couldn't resist the opportunity so the day before my flight I sent you a text, "Tomorrow". "Tag, you're it".

The plan was if I was in Seattle, I'd stay at Hotel Max. It had the perfect vibe, a small, hip hotel in the downtown area. When I checked in I'd request a second key to be left for you at the desk. Maybe you'd come, maybe you wouldn't be able to get away. The anticipation of not knowing was like an adrenaline shot.

When you got the text, you couldn't believe I actually went through with it. Life had been disrupted for so long because of the virus you never thought this could actually happen. You took some extra time in the shower getting ready before you left the house. Everything had to be perfect. Cute dress, simple but elegant heels, the black lacy thong and bra set that you knew would accentuate your body perfectly.

Everything went smooth when you arrived. They key was there, you were dressed elegant but sexy, your heart raced as you waited for the elevator to take you up. As you entered the room, you knew what was expected. You'd walk in, there would be a blindfold on the dresser. You walk to it, saying nothing as you entered the room, your heart beating so loudly as you put the blindfold on and stood in the middle of the room.

The anticipation of what was about to happen was killing me. I wanted to rip your clothes off and throw you on the bed, but I wanted to take my time. I wanted to pleasure you in every way possible. That was the plan and I wanted to stick to it. I wanted your entire body to feel pleasure and climax in an orgasm that had been building up for a very long time.

I walked around behind you, slowly unzipped your dress and helped you step out of it leaving your heels on. I unhook your bra, sliding my hands around in front of you gently cupping and caressing your breasts. Taking your nipples in each hand and gently applying pressure to each one. Your breath quickens as I remove your bra then hook my thumbs into your thong. You feel my lips and tongue caress your ass as I slide your thong down your legs, helping you step out of them. Guiding you over to the bed I whisper in your ear, "you look amazing. I can't wait to taste your body leaving no part untouched." You gasp and bite your lip in anticipation.

You were nervous of the next step but had agreed to try it with someone you trusted. As i laid you down on the bed face up, I took one hand at a time raising them above your head and put the soft restraints around your wrists. We had discussed this and had a planned safe word in case it became too much for you. I spread your legs and put the restraints around your ankles. Against your smooth skin and the heels, it was breathtaking. I paused to take a photo with your phone for you to admire later.

I remove my robe and put some massage lotion on my hands. Straddling your body I start with your arms, slowly massaging them, my semi-erect penis rubbing against your breasts. I tease your nipples with the head of my penis resisting the urge to bring it up to your lips and slide it into your mouth. This is all about your pleasure, my turn will come later..

I slide down your body as I work my way down to your shoulders, leaning down to kiss your neck. Massaging your breasts I tug on your nipples causing your body to squirm beneath me. As i get up off of you I pause to take each nipple in my mouth, flicking them with my tongue, gently sucking on them. I give them a little tug with my teeth as you gasp and squirm some more.

I glance down at your pussy and can tell you're aroused. Moisture is glistening on your lips and I can smell the sweet scent of your sex. I'm dying to taste you, bury my tongue inside you and pleasure you.

I remove your heels now so I can massage your feet and suck on your toes. One at a time I work my way up each leg, pausing as I reach the top of your thigh. I can't resist anymore. My lips press against your pussy and my tongue flicks inside you. The sweetness of your juices is intoxicating.

You feel me moving off you and whimper "please, don't stop." You feel the cold, smooth surface of something metallic sliding up your leg. You squirm as I rub it against your pussy, getting it lubed up with your juices. The butt plug is small and delicate and as I start to tease the opening of your ass you grind against it, so incredibly aroused both excited and a little nervous as I slide it up inside you.

You hear the hum of the Magic Wand as I turn it on, first against your breasts and nipples. It glides up and down your legs getting so very close to your pussy as your squirming intensifies. "Please, I want it. I need it." You feel it press against your pussy the vibrations making the butt plug vibrate inside you. You gasp, "oh fuck, yessss..." With the wand against your pussy, you grind against it controlling how and where it contacts you the most. It is incredibly beautiful watching your body convulse with pleasure. I can't resist pressing my cock against your lips, you eagerly suck my shaft into your mouth. Feeling your lips around me is amazing as I slide it in and out a few times.

I undo the restraints, the wand still on between your legs. I go back to kissing and sucking on your toes, slowly working my way up your legs. Moving the wand away I replace it with my mouth. Your legs over my shoulders, my hands reaching up to grab your breasts. You pull my head firmly against you, grinding your pussy against my face. You're so close to orgasm you take control as the pleasure intensifies.

Your entire body begins to convulse "oh my god yes I'm cumming!!!: Your juices cover my face as the convulsions begin to slow.

I turn you onto your side. The back of your hair is wet from sweat. I pull the covers up over you and curl up behind you. We say nothing, words aren't necessary. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close, slowly bringing you down from ecstasy. Your warm body pressed against mine we doze off as one.

Holding you again feels amazing. It'd been a while since we dozed off and I had no idea what time it was, nor did I care. I could feel your warm, naked body pressing up against me. In the dim glow from the city lights coming in through the curtains I gaze at the outline of your body.

Shifting my body around hoping not to stir you awake, your soft curvy bottom slides back lightly grinding into me. I feel my cock stirring with the contact and it starts to grow hard pressing against your ass. The feeling is amazing and since our earlier session was all focused on you, I was very much turned on and wanted to be inside you.

I pull back slightly, sliding my hard cock between your legs the tip pressing up against your pussy. As I slowly grind against you I can feel your wetness on the tip of my cock making the contact feel more intense. Your butt slowly starts grinding against me. I ache to be inside you, your soft, wet pussy lips gliding along my shaft intensifies that feeling. I shift my hips and press my cock against your opening. Your body instinctively thrusts against me, taking all of me deep inside you. I hold you tight, pausing, taking in the moment, feeling the connection of our bodies together. You whisper "Give it to me. I need to be fucked by you."

Your wish is my command. You know I cannot resist you. You know that I will give in to your sexual desires. I am there to please you.

I grab your breasts as I begin to thrust, slowly but forcefully. The tempo increases. I have only one thing in mind. I want to feel your entire body convulse with orgasm after orgasm. It is my sole purpose. I roll onto my back so you can climb on top of me. I know this will give you the control you desire. I know this will bring you to an orgasm as you grind against me, my hard cock deep inside you. Pulling your body tight to mine, kissing you deeply on the lips then sucking on each of your breasts as you have the first of several orgasms.

I flip you onto your back and enter you, slowly thrusting, the smell of our sex in the air. I kiss your toes, kissing my way up your leg as I continue to slide in and out. I feel your wetness around my cock as I gaze into your eyes. As I increase the tempo I know that I am getting close and I lean down to kiss you and whisper in your ear "I'm cumming" as my cock begins to pulse and fill you up. I kiss you deeply, feeling so connected not wanting to hold onto this moment as long as I can.

Sliding out of you I take you in my arms, gazing into your eyes. Nothing needs to be said. The moment is perfect. Rolling onto my back you curl up against me and we doze off together again.,36277833.html

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