Gabriella was the next to be invited back to the house for there were still a few days to go before Tiffany's ex returned from his holiday to discover that his house had been covered in piss by the flowing pussy showers of Tiffany and her friends. Of course, Gabriella had thought the whole idea to be an intense wind up until Lizzy, in the front room, had yanked down her work trousers and white panties to reveal the stunning sight of her naked hairless muff to the assembled crowd. Without comment, she had then turned and placed her round, naked bottom at the edge of the leather sofa, spread her legs and promptly started to take a hot wet piss all over the living room carpet.

The other girls giggled at Gabriella's shock, the petite blond gasping at the brazen display. Carrying on as it was the most natural thing in the world to do Lizzy continued her toilet, her long flowing stream of hot urine leaving her pussy slip before pattering down in an ever growing damp puddle on the living room carpet. Her pussy fountain had reached full strength, spraying past her knees before beginning becoming a pattering shower of hot piss over the floor. For Gabriella, this was the naughtiest thing she had ever seen for although she would occasionally pee in a sink she had never yet taken a piss in such a manner as relieving herself over somebody else's carpet.

Lizzy was showing no sign of intending to finish her impromptu wee over the living room floor. She had spread her legs wide allowing all her friends to get a perfect view of her pissing pussy, the deep slit nestled between her legs parted to allow out her hissing piss fountain that was still squirting strong. For the briefest of moments Gabriella fantasised about what it would be like to be on her knees whilst completely naked, her mouth open to catch Lizzy's delicious stream of piss. Even as had such thoughts she felt her nipples hardening inside her bra cups and she wondered if any of the girls would notice her excitement. Rebecca was obviously desperate for a pee too given the way she was squirming, and Gabriella wondered if she was on the verge of wetting herself, her hot golden pee emptying into her pants and panties as she broke down and started to piss. For her own part she wanted to pee but still was not certain if, she could go through with the act of brazenly pissing over somebody's furniture.

Slowly Lizzy's fast flowing stream of hot pee began to droop and wane until with a sign of disappointment she finished her wee. After one last squirt she was truly done. As she stood up, droplets of sent pee around her crotch and thighs, she received a round of applause from the younger Lizzy, Tina and of course Rebecca. They were all dying to have a naughty piss of their own but first they needed to get Gabriella to have a pee in the front room. Lizzy, for her part, was not willing to wait, rushing off to the kitchen for a long drink of water to replenish her bladder ready for her next naughty slash.

Seeing that Gabriella was obviously nervous about having her first pee the girls decided to leave her alone, leaving her along as they rushed to find somewhere else naughty to have a wee. Once they had gone the petite blonde wasted no time by remove her tight-fitting pants and white cotton panties exposing her semi shaven muff to the living room, her round firm buttocks also on full display. Not quite ready to pee Gabriella wandered round the room looking for other signs of naughty peeing. A stain on the wall revealed where one girl had stood and pissed whilst marks on the sofa also gave away a prior toilet location. Gabriella was shocked when she bent down to pick up an empty flower vase whilst contemplating holding it up to her muff so that she could pee into it when she discovered that somebody else had beaten her too it, a wet splashing sound from without a tell-tale indication of another girl's toilet.

Gabriella was getting desperate for a piss but still struggling where to do it when the door creaked open and a semi naked Rebecca entered. She was bottomless her hairy muff not enough to hide her slit from Gabriella's eager gaze. Wet splashes on the other girl's legs revealed that she already let out some of her pee.

'Do you want to pee together?' she asked Gabriella with a big smile on her face.

'Yes, go on,' answered Gabriella expectantly.

'Let's pee on the coffee table then. You go at one end and I'll do the other!'

The girls quickly got into position, both aiming their pussy slits at the glass surface that was just below crotch height, just perfect for having a piss.

'Ready?' giggled Rebecca.

'Ready,' answered Gabriella barely able to believe her luck.

A moment later a loud hiss and patter started to fill the room as Rebecca's pussy began to squirt out a fat stream of flowing piss, arching away from her pee hole before washing all over the glass table. Suddenly the hiss and patter grew and Gabriella joined in, an initial thin stream of pee issuing from her pussy growing into a veritable torrent.

'This is fun!' giggled Rebecca still pissing for all she was worth, purposely aiming her piss fountain up and down the glass. Her gaze was torn between watching her own fountain of piss at work and watching Gabriella as she too pissed over the coffee table. By now their two respective piss puddles had merged, hot pee flooding the table with some of their piss beginning to drip onto the carpet.

'Quick, 'said Rebecca, 'let's finish off with a wee over the floor.'

The two girls just that, quickly stopping their toilets so that they could squat side by side, their nude bums hovering over the carpet they were about to piss all over. Once again, Rebecca was the first to start, Gamma's toilet shower only moments from following. A soft hissing sound emanating from their pussy slits accompanied their joint pee over the carpet, their clear shooting streams of hot pee pattering over the floor between their parted legs.

Gabriella was the first to finish, her fast-flowing stream of bodily warmed pee diminishing before vanishing altogether as her piss slit closed.

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