I got to the in-law's house just in time. They were lighting the candles on Jessica's eighteenth birthday cake when I walked in carrying the gift Nancy and I had bought for her sister. It was a new laptop for her. She will need something better than her four year old tablet when she starts college next month. It was supposed to be all set p and ready for yesterday but they promised it, absolutely, first thing this morning. They got quite an earful when I showed up this morning and it wasn't ready. They at least got started on it. It was going to take two hours, no more they promised, so I took care of a little extra shopping in the meantime. A more personal gift for Jessica. I picked up the laptop with just enough time to race home, wrap the laptop, and get to the party.
Nancy is visibly relieved when I walk in carrying our gift. I set it with the others just in time to join in the required rendition of song. When it's time to make a wish Jessica secretly wishes that this will be the year she gets a boyfriend and gets laid. She's always been something of a wallflower. A late bloomer some called her. She just needs to lose weight her mom always said. And she's tried. Today, though, she can at least wish it, even if she doesn't really believe in it. She inhales deep and blows out all the candles just in case wishes do come true.
Nancy asks what took so long while they are dishing out the cake and ice cream. "I had to stand there and make them get started on it. The bastards didn't have it ready even though they promised. Then it took three hours. But I made it."
"Thanks. At least it's here for her. I know she'll like it. It's got everything she said she was missing on her tablet."
In many ways Nancy is the complete opposite of her younger sister, the social butterfly type. She's a bit taller at five foot eight and more athletic. Attracting boyfriends was always easy for her. I certainly appreciate her lean shapely figure, her thirty three inch chest with the perfect half moon breasts, her thin waist and deliciously curved hips. Her outgoing personality and jest for life along with it hooked me on her.
Opening the gifts generated the usual assortment of discarded wrapping paper and cousin Effie made sure to insist it better all be recycled to save the planet. The computer was a hit. I could tell she liked it better than most of the clothes she got. "Fat girl" clothes the way I see it. Peasant dresses, poofy, flowing blouses, all designed to hide her body. Which is crazy to me. She a cute girl. Just because she doesn't have a beauty contest figure doesn't mean she doesn't have sex appeal. She does. I know because seeing her always tickles my cock. She's never had a boyfriend because the way her family dresses her hides her femininity.
When the party was breaking up and people were saying their goodbyes and parceling out the excess cake I went out to my car to smuggle in my special gift. Then I pulled Jessica aside in an alcove by the pantry and said, "I have a special gift for you, from just me."
"Oh, that's nice Gary, what is it?"
The gifts her family gives her are about their idea of who she ought to be. I wanted to give her a gift that respects who she really is herself. A few weeks before I made an accidental discovery that gave me an idea for the gift. "Now, I hope you won't get mad at me or think I was spying on you. Or that I'm being creepy. But I saw something, and, well, see, it was last month when your mom was on-line to renew the registration on your car. She needed the registration and you were busy so she asked me to go to your car and..."
"Oh my god!" she cuts me off. "You looked in my glovebox?" She blushes. "Oh. I'm so embarrassed."
I put my hand on her shoulder, "It's OK. I understand. I know it's embarrassing but there is nothing wrong with it. It's natural to have those needs. I didn't know it was in there. And I didn't tell anyone. But I noticed it was broken. So I bought you a new one." I take my hand from behind my back and show her a new dildo. "Kinda like the one you had."
She has a look or horror on her face. It soon turns to confusion. Then she begins a tiny smile. "Well, gee, um. It got run over. Long story. But, well, um, thanks. I guess."
"Now that you are eighteen I can give that to you. I'm surprised more guys don't see what you have to offer, Jess, but until they do a girl has her needs now doesn't she?" I wink at her. She smiles sheepishly then I say, "Now put that thing away before anybody else sees it." Then we join the rest of the commotion. Nancy and I stay and help her mom tidy up and take out the trash. And, of course, properly recycle all that wrapping paper.
My work day overlaps Nancy's. I start at the manufacturing plant at six AM and I'm done by mid-afternoon. Nancy works retail and typically leaves work at six PM or later. That always gives me some free time in the afternoon. About a week after Jessica's birthday party I stopped by the in-law's house on the way home. Her parents were out but Jessica was there. I was hoping for that.
I knock on the door and walk in. Jess is in the den watching TV. "Oh, hi Gary. I didn't know you were coming over.'
"I just decided to drop in on the way home from work."
"Mom and dad aren't here," she says.
"That's OK. I really came to see you. I wanted to ask, I've been wondering and I know it's a secret and I hope you don't mind me asking, but, did you try that gift out yet?"
She looks puzzled. I start to reply when her mouth opens wide and she blushes just a little. "I did," she says, "and I liked it. It worked." She doesn't dare tell him she was thinking of me the first time she used it. Or that she named it "Gary".
"Good." I say and smile. "I've always been surprised by something, Jess. You're such a sexy girl and yet you don't have any boyfriends. Is there something wrong with the boys you know?"
"Aw, Gary. I know you're just trying to make me feel good but thanks. But I know I'm, well, big, and guys want skinny girls like my sister."
"There are lots of guys who think big is beautiful."
"Only because the skinny girls don't like them and they are desperate."
I look her in the eye and I say, "That's not true. I don't know if anyone has been telling you that but it's wrong. There are guys who like their girls big. And I can see why, I thought you were sexy the very first time I saw you. You were wearing a tee shirt that fit tight and slacks. The way the fabric hugged your tits looked hot. I remember doing a double take. You looked hot. And I've noticed again from time to time."
She is smiling and there is a gleam in her eyes. "Really? You really think I'm sexy?" Her heart is racing. No one has ever said anything like that to her. It feels so good to her to hear it. She feels a little horny. But he's married. To her sister!. She shouldn't feel that way.
"Oh yes. Sometimes I have to look away before I get horny or something." Her smile has turned to a huge grin.
"The clothes you wear hides your sex appeal, Jess. If more guys could see what you have you'd get more attention." I say, "Here, let me show you," I get behind her. "No one can see what knock-out tits you've got under this tent." I put my arms around her under her breasts, feeling her up as I slowly glide my hands toward her back, drawing fabric to pull the front tight. I clench the excess fabric in one hand behind her back and put the other hand around her under her breast again. "See, that's sexier already. And a nice uplift bra to show of these," I say as I gently jiggle one tit, "would make you a real knock out."
She feels pangs of desire at the touching. She's not quite sure if she's getting felt up but she likes it.
I put both of my arms around her under her belly bulge. Jessica feels a shiver of excitement between her legs. I say, "And then the same down here, " as I again glide my hands around drawing the fabric tight. "I'll bet that even makes you feel sexier too, doesn't it."
"It does." she agrees.
Good, I think. I reach one hand around front again under her belly and palm her mound with, my fingers pointed down. I pet her a few times and say, "And your tummy highlights your sexy golden triangle here, if you get my drift." I take my hand off and step back.
She knows for sure I'm feeling her up now. She likes it. She almost wishes I hadn't stopped. Her pussy is tingling and she feels it getting moist.
I step back in front and say, "Oh, dear. We better stop. I might get a hard on."
She looks down and notices the bulge in his pants. She likes the feeling that she could make a guy's dick hard.
"Think about it," I tell her. "Lose the tents to get more gents. Really, you'll find other guys who like you the way you are if you just show them more to like. But now I really should get going. I'm supposed to get the laundry going and your sister will kill me if it's not done."
"OK, Bye, Gary. Thanks for, um, stopping by."
I'm pretty sure I saw her heading for her bed room as I left. Probably for a date with her toy. At least I hope that.
A few weeks had gone by when I got a text message from Jessica right before I got out of work. "Having trouble with the laptop. Can you stop in?"
"Be there in 15." I text back.
Her car is alone in the driveway when I arrive. Good. I knock on the door and go in. I don't see her so I call out, "Jess! Where are you?"
"I'm upstairs in my bedroom. Come on up."
I climb the stairs and find her room.
She is standing next to the bed wearing a blouse and skirt. "I don't really have a problem with my laptop. I wanted you to see the new outfit I bought. Do you like it?" she asks.
The blouse is sleeves cotton camisole style in a pinkish flesh tone that snuggly hugs her full round breasts and luscious curves, even the "spare tire" around her middle. The dark blue skirt is mid-length, just above the knees. It fits tight around her ample waist and flares out over her hips and curvy behind, tapering in slightly with two inch slits on either side,
I give her a wolf whistle. She beaks out into a beaming smile
"You think it's sexy?" she asks expectantly.
I say, "Actually, that outfit does not make you look sexy, Jess. You make IT look sexy." I repeat the wolf whistle. You have sexy legs, too. I've never seen them before.
"No guy ever told me I'm sexy before, you know, when you did last time. I liked it. I mean. mom and dad would tell me I'm pretty, that someday I'd find someone who likes me for who I am. That just didn't seem like enough. I want him to like me for that, too."
"I know. I saw that about you. I said something to Nancy about it once but she didn't get it, thought losing weight would fix everything for you. They all wanted you to change who you are to chase happiness. You look good as yourself. So how does this outfit work for you? Do guys notice you more now?"
She says, "You really like my legs?"
"They're hot'"
"Ooh. OK. Well, I just bought it yesterday. You're the first one I've worn it for."
"I'm the first one to see sexy Jessica? That's so nice of you! Turn around then and let me see the whole look."
She turns slowly, letting me ogle her new look, pleased to be ogled.
"There was something else, from last time. The way you touched me, you know, showing me how to make my dress sexy. It gave me goosebumps. I never had feelings like that before. You were feeling me up weren't you?"
"I was. Did you like it?" I ask her.
"It was a little weird. I thought you might be turning into a perv or something. But it felt good. And you didn't keep doing it, you know, after showing me about my dress. You didn't get fresh about it. It was nice."
"I wanted you to like it but I didn't want it to get creepy. I liked it too. You felt as sexy as you look."
"You know what else? It made me horny. I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I had to use my toy after you left, the one you gave me."
"I want to touch you like that again. And more. Do you want me to?"
She is trembling, almost teary eyed. "Oh, Gary, yes. You make me feel sooo sexy. I didn't know I could feel this way."
I put my arms around her and plant my lips on hers. She lip kisses me back. She feels hot in my arms. Her plush softness feels so feminine. My dick tingles with anticipation. I push my tongue into her mouth. She gets wide eyed and just when I think she's about to stop me I feel hot passion in her as her tongue starts to dance with mine and she squeezes me tight in her arms.
When we break our kiss she sighs, "Ohh, Gary." I slide my hands down her back onto her buttocks and spread my palms on them.
I whisper to her, "You feel so soft and feminine." I pull her closer to me and press my pelvis into hers. She feels my hard on and presses herself against it.
"Ohh, Gary," she purrs. "I've never felt anything like this." Her heart races. Her pussy aches with desire. Knowing that his cock is hard for her makes her feel wanted as a woman and she likes it. I slide one hand up to her front and cup her breast through her blouse. I start to kiss her again but then she gently pushes me away. "Wait. No. Oh. I can't. I mean, we shouldn't. You're married. To my sister. What if..."
I say softly, "It's OK, Jess. I'm not going to tell Nancy, are you? You didn't tell her I gave you that dildo for your birthday. It's our secret. It's not really cheating if it's in the family, is it?. And besides, a girl needs what a girl needs." I take her hand and put her palm on my crotch guiding her to gently rub my erection through my pants. "That's just for you, babe." I kiss her again.
I undo my belt buckle and unfasten my pants. Then I lift up her blouse and fondle her tits through her bra. I feel her hands pulling my fly open. She reaches in and holds my hard dick in her hand through my shorts. It spasms in delight for her. I lift her blouse up and off over her head. Her breasts fill the large cups of her bra with plush round orbs. I wriggle my pants down past my butt and let them fall. She is gently rubbing my cock. "Do you like that?" I ask her.
"Yes," she says softly, "It feels so warm."
"Go ahead. Put your hand right in there and rub it". She let's go and slides her hand in my shorts and takes hold again. "Your hand is so soft and sexy, Jess." I reach behind her and unfasten the waist on her skirt and pull down the zipper. It falls away. Then I slide my hand down the front of her white satin panties and fondle her bush. Her vulva is wet with excitement. I say, "It's even better feeling you up when you feel me up back." She giggles. "Lay on the bed, honey."
She skootches up on the bed and lays on her back. I pull my sorts down and step out of them. I stand facing her, my manhood standing at attention. "Now look what you've done!" I tease her. She is ogling it with lust in her eyes.
"It's so big!"
"Not the biggest I'm sure. I'm glad you like it though." I step up to the bed and I put my hands on the waist band of her panties and start to tug down. "May I, Jessica?"
"Yes!" She hitches her butt up so I can get them past. I pull them down to her knees then stop to admire her naked beauty. Her legs are stretched straight out. Though she's a bit plump her skin is smooth and her flesh firm. My cock jerks in spasms at the sight of her big girl pussy. Her bush is trimmed deliciously short in a perfect delta from her mound down to her very ample labia. Geez, they are twice the size of Nancy's pussy lips! Double the fun. My cock bounces in delight.
"It's even more beautiful and sexy than I've imagined, Jess, honey."
"You've imagined what my pussy is like?" she asks, quite surprised.
"I have. Many times. Almost every time I see you. Is that so shocking? After all you've imagined what my cock is like."
"Oh, yea, I have."
I get up on the bed, laying on my side next to her. "Jessica, honey, are you ready for making hot love?"
"Oh yes!" I put my hand on her pussy and massage her labia with my fingers. The excitement of touching her pussy brings drops of precum to the tip of my cock. Her whole body shakes and she says, "OH YES!"
She is so horny! I think this is probably the first time she's been touched that way by hands not her own. I pleasure her that way a bit then I work my middle finger down lower between her pussy lips, working down until I feel her wet hole. I circle around it then draw my finger back up to her clit. I stroke her slowly like that a dozen times or so. Then I penetrate her vagina with my finger tip then back out. She gasps with pleasure. My balls tingle and send shivers through my cock. I slowly put my finger tip back in and out again. I feel her excitement rising with each tease. Then I ease my whole finger in, my thumb on her clit. Her pelvis starts to quiver. She's panting, "Oh. Oh. Oh." I realize I'm going to fast for her overly eager and excited state. I slip my finger out and take my hand away. This is supposed to be foreplay!
"OK, hon, we'll go a little slower," I whisper to her. "God this is making me so hot! You are a bundle of sexy delights." I fondle her tits and say, "Lets have some fun with these girls for a while." I kiss her left nipple then suck it and swirl my tongue around it. She moans in delight. I can feel her hot passion everywhere I touch her. I roll over and lay on my back and tell her, "Get on top baby and smother me in those beautiful things."
She straddles my belly and leans in. I cup one in each hand and smack a kiss between them. I draw the fingers of each hand up, then back until my palms pressed against her nipples. As I massaged them I felt her hips begin to move up my belly and down, rubbing her juicy pussy on me. I suckle a nipple while I twirl the other between my fingers. "Move down a bit more and rub it on my cock like that," I suggest. She wiggles her way done lower. Her pussy feels so warm on me. I switch sides on her nipples.
"Unh, ooh. Mmmm," she moans as her vagina feels my meat for the first time. "Oh, Gary. Mmm." She has the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. She looks so cute. Her cheeks get big and round when she smiles. Her eyes are the brightest I've ever seen them. I start rocking my hips with her riding motion. Then she started moving back, rocking herself further down each time until she was straddling my knee. She bent over, guided my cock into her mouth, and started sucking on it not being particularly careful about her teeth.
"Whoa, baby," I tell her. "Lips and tongue only, no teeth. They hurt. You can just lick it and kiss it. You don't need to suck like a straw, honey. Not yet." She starts licking the tip. My cock spasms in delight. "You don't have to keep the tip in your mouth. You can lick up and down the shaft, too". She lets it out of her lips and licks my shaft. She has to be the most eager cocksucker I've ever known. I take her hand and show her how to stroke while she's licking. I let her go for a while and she starts to get the hang of it. Then I say, "OK, your turn now, lay on your back again."
She lays on her back and I get between her legs. Then I go down on her. I lick her mound and the outsides of her labia, sometimes tugging her hairs with my lips. Up, and around, teasing and licking until her pelvis starts to twitch. I flick her clit with my tongue. Her whole body twitches. I kiss her clit and take it in my mouth and twiddle it with my tongue. Her hips rock and she gasps, "OHHH! Oh so good. MMMmmm." I start lapping her clit. Her hips shake violently. She screams, "GARY! OH GOD! Ohhhhh!" My face is dripping wet.
I scramble up on top to mount her. I rub my aching hard pole on her slit to get it wet. Her eyes are wide and she is flushed with excitement. As her pelvic spasms begin to fade I take her hand and put it on my throbbing johnson. "It's all yours, hon. Use it like you use your toy." She rubs the tip up and down in her slit a few times then gently guides it into her eager hole. She takes the tip out and back in a few times then starts pushing further in. I thrust my hips to help her out. Once she has it all the way in I lean forward and lay on her and she lets go with her hand. I pump her slow at first. She sighs a little, "Oh!" with each thrust. Then I let it slip out and I rub it all around her pussy lips, her mound, her inner thighs, her clit. Then finally I push back in and thrust deep. She gasps. I start pumping again, a bit faster. "You are a fucking goddess", I tell her. I start working her vagina faster and harder. She starts rocking her pelvis in time with my strokes. "That's it baby, that's the way." The bed spring starts to bonce in harmony to our action. I go faster. My balls quake. I pull out as the pleasure waves start down my dick. "Oh, Jess, baby!" I use my hand to milk my whole load on to her belly and pussy lips.r"

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