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All our products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human or animal consumption.
Must be 21+ years old to order.
We will not ship to states where a research material is scheduled. Do not order products banned in your state.
When testing these research materials, you must use proper safety and lab equipment and take all prudent precautions.

We reserve the right to limit sales or not sell product to any potentially unqualified customer.
If you give us the feeling in any way that you are purchasing these research materials for human consumption
or any unlawful purpose you will be blacklisted, and we will not do business with you.

By placing an order, you acknowledge the above and agree to these terms and conditions.

Minimum Order is $160 - no exceptions - ($150 of product + $10 shipping = $160)#
$10 Shipping Fee Per Order - all orders sent USPS Priority Mail - No Overnight#
BITCOIN ONLY - don't ask for another method#


NEW PRODUCTS - Diclazepam, Norflurazepam, 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, and A-PCYP#



$260 - 10 grams A-PCYP ($26/gram)#

$100 - 10 tabs IP-LSD ($10/tab)#

$200 - 10 tabs ETH-LAD ($20/tab)#

$210 - 3 grams DICLAZEPAM ($70/gram)#


PLUS, ONE FREE GRAM OF 4F-MPH, 3F-PCP or A-PCYP for Orders Over $425#

(Let us know on your order which of the 3 listed free products you desire)#




. $875 - 25 grams ($35/gram)
. $400 - 10 grams ($40/gram)
. $225 - 5 grams ($45/gram)
. $165 - 3 grams ($55/gram)
. $120 - 2 grams ($60/gram)
. $70 - 1 gram ($70/gram)

1P-LSD 100mcg Blotters - NEW PRODUCT
. $500 - 50 tabs ($10/tab)
. $300 - 25 tabs ($12/tab)
. $100 - 10 tabs ($10/tab) - SPECIAL PRICE, WILL END SOON!!
. $85 - 5 tabs ($17/tab)

ETH-LAD 100mcg Blotters - NEW PRODUCT
. $1,000 - 50 tabs ($20/tab)
. $550 - 25 tabs ($22/tab)
. $200 - 10 tabs ($20/tab) - SPECIAL PRICE, WILL END SOON!!
. $150 - 5 tabs ($30/tab)

. $270 - 10 grams ($27/gram) - SPECIAL PRICE, WILL END SOON!
. $200 - 5 grams ($40/gram)
. $150 - 3 grams ($50/gram)
. $110 - 2 grams ($55/gram)
. $60 - 1 gram ($60/gram)

. $500 - 10 grams ($50/gram)
. $275 – 5 grams ($55/gram)
. $195 - 3 grams ($65/gram)
. $140 - 2 grams ($70/gram)
. $80 - 1 gram ($80/gram)

. $500 - 10 grams ($50/gram)
. $275 – 5 grams ($55/gram)
. $195 - 3 grams ($65/gram)
. $140 - 2 grams ($70/gram)
. $80 - 1 gram ($80/gram)

. $110 - 2 grams ($55/gram)
. $65 - 1 gram ($65/gram)

5-Br-DMT - OUT OF STOCK - More Coming Soon
. $400 - 5 grams ($80/gram)
. $270 - 3 grams ($90/gram)
. $210 - 2 grams ($105/gram)
. $120 - 1 gram ($120/gram)

2-FDCK - Production Banned in China, LIMITED SUPPLY
. $90 - 1 gram ($90/gram)

. $450 - 10 grams ($45/gram)
. $275 - 5 grams ($55/gram)
. $195 - 3 grams ($65/gram)
. $140 - 2 grams ($70/gram)
. $75 - 1 gram ($75/gram)

. $400 - 5 grams ($80/gram)
. $210 - 3 grams ($70/gram) - SPECIAL PRICE, WILL END SOON!!
. $180 - 2 grams ($90/gram)
. $95 - 1 gram ($95/gram)

. $65 - 5mg/ml, 30mg bottle, 150mg total
. $65 - 5mg/ml, 15mg bottles, 75mg each (comes in 2 bottle pack, so total 150mg)
. $95 - 10mg/ml, 30ml bottle, 300mg total

To Place Your Order#

  1. When you are ready to order and have payment ready, the fastest way to order is as follows. Create an order formatted as follows and email it to RapidResearch@protonmail.com

    Best Order Format

    • Contact Email
    • Shipping Name and Address (write this as you want it on the mailing label, we prefer full name vs. initials, use a real apt. #)
    • Product(s) you are ordering, price for each, and total including shipping
    • Payment method (bitcoin)
    • Notes/Comments

    Example Order


    Rebecca Smith
    1725 Main Street, Apt. 17
    Dallas, TX 37423

    5g 2-fdck - $225
    8g 4f-mph - $200
    1g 3f-pcp - $0 (Code “Over375 -1g free”)
    Shipping $10
    Total $435

    Thanks for the speed on my last order! Note I am using a different address this time. Also, I hope that special for free 3f is still going?

  2. When we receive your order, we will check it to ensure we have the product, that prices are right and that we have all your shipping info. Once we know we can ship your order, we will email you back to confirm it and provide you a bitcoin wallet to send your payment to.
  3. You should send your payment to this wallet within 24 hrs. If your payment is not received within 48 hours of us sending a btc wallet to you, the product and prices may not be available anymore. After you send your btc payment, you should email us back saying you have sent it and telling us the exact btc amount you sent so we can quickly ship your order.
  4. Once you have told us you have paid, we will confirm your payment. Confirming btc payments can take an hour or two after you have sent, so don't freak out. Also, don't expect an immediate response in the middle of the night. Once we have confirmed your payment, we will email you to tell you payment is confirmed and that we are packing your order. We typically ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, but it might take up to 48 hours.
  5. Once your order has shipped, we will email you and provide you the USPS estimated delivery date.
  6. Give USPS time. If you have not received your order by the end of the DAY AFTER your estimated USPS delivery date, then contact us and we will check tracking and solve the issue with you. Rarely do things get to this point.
  7. If for some reason, you have not received your order 10 days after payment, and we have been unable to resolve the issue, we will provide you your tracking # or refund your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions#

How will my order be shipped? Will I get a tracking number?

We ship all orders via US Postal Service Priority Mail. A $10 fee is added to each order for shipping.
We do not provide tracking # to customers unless order not received 7 days after payment. We get tracking and will let you know your expected day of delivery once an order has been shipped. If your order does not arrive the day AFTER USPS estimated date, we will check tracking and work to resolve any issues. If you have not received order 7 days after payment and we have not been able to resolve the issue, we will provide you the tracking # or refund your payment. We have established a reputation for reliability, so trust us, this is in the best interest of us all.
We do not do overnight shipping.
There are no exceptions to any of these shipping procedures.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most orders are delivered to customers within 2-4 days of payment. Things are a little slower due to the pandemic, but still going thru.
However, if there are issues with the payment, your address, or depending where you live in the US, it may take up to 5 days total after payment. Processing orders on weekends may also slower.
We will let you know if we anticipate delays on your order.

Can I order quantities different from those listed above? Custom Orders? Discounts?

We sell the products in the quantities listed above, for those listed prices. Prices are not negotiable. Please don't try to haggle with us.
If product is listed, we have it. We only sell what we have in stock. We do not do pre-orders.
We do not sell lesser amounts, and we do not do custom solutions.
For bulk orders of some products we may provide a discount in the form of additional product, feel free to inquire about bulk purchases.

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