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Before we get started, this tutorial is targeted on Windows machines that run 10 or 11 on a 64-bit processor. You can try this on Linux (must be on the zIntegration channel), a guide on that will come later here. Mac will not work.

This guide is not associated by any of the project's creators.

Optimizing Roblox Player

What you'll need

What's Bloxstrap?

Bloxstrap is a free and open source Roblox bootstrap replacement and it can really, really improve your Roblox gameplay. Bring back the old death sound? Done. Disable the Roblox App menu? Also done.

When Roblox updates every Wednesday, usually Roblox resets your configurations and mods to default. Using Bloxstrap saves your configs and mods for good.

As of September 14th, 2023, development for Bloxstrap has been paused indefinitely.

Is Bloxstrap safe?

Look, I don't want to be some random guy on the internet that says "Yes, this is safe" and it leads to some malicious content. In my case, since Bloxstrap's version 2.3.0 update, it fixes compatibility with Roblox's "Hyperion" anti-cheat, so it should be good, but please, do this at your own risk.

If you want secondary measures, Bloxstrap also removed the traditional FPSUnlocker by axstin in favor of Roblox's FFlag for FPS capping. Roshade is removed because it's considered a "cheat", but it's not really a cheat.

Why Flags and not RCO?

RCO's provided FFlags tend to crash Roblox a lot. In my speculation, it is possibly because one of the FFlags is causing disruptions on the Roblox client.

The new project provides better flags, thus it's not fully finished.

The small portion below involves inappropriate activity, and the bigger reason why RCO is not recommended anymore.

To get the most basic idea, the author of RCO is known for being a pedophile and has exploited a majority of minors to be groomed and forced to look at NSFW images, and sometimes NSFL images in an "unmoderated" Discord channel. The channel was marked NSFW at one point, then it was removed for everyone to see.

Installing Bloxstrap

Download the latest Bloxstrap exe from the releases page, then launch the Bloxstrap file. Click the 'Install' button. Don't change its settings, you'll have to do that next.

Configuring general Roblox performance, integrating Flags file

The checkboxes means what settings needs to be turned on/off.

  • Mods
    • Disable fullscreen optimizations
    • Disable desktop app

Before changing any option the FastFlags tab, save your Bloxstrap changes and close out Bloxstrap.

Save your acquired ClientAppSettings.json file into Modifications > ClientSettings folder. Then, open Bloxstrap back up and proceed to change the rest of the FFlags.

  • FastFlags
    • Framerate limit: It doesn't really matter, I have a 240Hz monitor, so my FPS cap should be set to 240 FPS. (As of v2.5.0, this setting will automatically change for you)
    • Rendering mode: Automatic, but if you're a VR player, see graph below
    • Use alternative graphics quality selector
    • Preserve rendering quality with display scaling (this is if you have a display scale that is over 100% or a 4k resolution monitor)
Renderer VR Supported?
Automatic Yes
Vulkan No (crashes)
D3D11 Yes
D3D10 Yes, but is only viewable from your main monitor
OpenGL No

Customize Roblox appearance (optional)

This step is not needed, it does serve a quality of life.

  • Integrations
    • You can enable these features if you are an active Discord user, a very few games have an official Bloxstrap module that changes your game activity message:
    • Enable activity tracking
    • Show game activity
  • Mods

    • Use old death sound (screw you Tommy and Roblox)
    • Cursors:

      Default Roblox Cursor

      Cartoony (2008)

      Angular (2013)

    • Adding custom sounds or textures by clicking Open Mods Folder
      • If, for example, you are using a custom death sound, name your custom sound to exactly ouch.ogg. Put that sound in the content > sounds folder. Your new sound will override Roblox's default death sound.
    • Preferred emoji type:

  • Appearance
    • Theme: Dark (so you can save your eyes 😎)
    • Style: In order to use dark theme, set your style to Fluent or Progress (~2014). Other styles won't work with dark mode. For a complete black style with funny hahas included, use Fake Byfron (2023)

If you want to learn more about Bloxstrap, read more on the Bloxstrap Wiki: https://github.com/pizzaboxer/bloxstrap/wiki
An official Bloxstrap Discord server was created and you can discover new FFlags and more mods, just be extremely cautious on what "mods" you download (or what you see if it's posted by an RCO moderator): https://discord.gg/nKjV3mGq6R

Optimizing Roblox Studio

What you'll need

  • Roblox Studio Mod Manager Apr 6th change at the time writing.
  • The finalized ClientAppSettings.json file in the Bloxstrap mods ClientSettings folder

What is RSMM?

RSMM can customize the fundamentals and behavior of Roblox Studio. You can change your target version on Roblox Studio, just like you can back on Bloxstrap. You can change the class icons, sounds, you get the idea. Fun fact: Bloxstrap shares the same code with RSMM.

Is RSMM safe?

The developer behind this project has a very high reputation when it comes to Roblox development. This doesn't interfere with cheating or griefing, so yes, it's guaranteed that it's safe to use.

Installing Studio with RSMM

Download the latest release of the RSMM exe file anywhere on your computer (for me, I put it in the Documents folder). Launch it, then click Launch Studio. Then, it will begin to install RSMM's version of Roblox Studio. The version depends on what branch you have selected.

Applying your own Bloxstrap's tweaks to RSMM

Close Studio. Click Open Mod Folder and simply copy your Bloxstrap JSON file over into the ClientSettings folder. Close out the folder and launch Studio again. Then, your tweaks are applied, just make sure your preferred Lighting Technology is set to "Chosen by game" and your Rendering mode is set to "Automatic" too, back on Bloxstrap.

Fun fact: You can use the same mods from Bloxstrap onto RSMM


SensApi.dll fails every time when launching a Roblox game

My theory on the reason why it fails is Roblox thinks that Bloxstrap is a possible cheat because it modifies the client before starting up, this is more of a soft ban than a hard ban. This issue is fairly new, and fortunately, there are some temporary solutions to fix this:

  • Do a system checkup

    • Run a command prompt as admin and paste the following, one at a time:

      sfc /scannow

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth This line will take some patience, so when it gets stuck, leave it alone.

    • Click Play on any Roblox game
    • See if the error goes away
  • Get the SensApi.dll file
    It's probably not a good idea to do this, however it could work on your PC. Do this at your own risk.
    • Search online for the SensApi.dll file
    • Extract the .dll file to anywhere on your computer
    • Move it to C:\Windows\System32. Replace the file if needed.
    • Restart your PC
  • Check for updates
    • Go to your Windows settings and check for any updates
    • Download any updates if any becomes available
    • Restart your PC
  • Clean your disk from cache
    • Either use the Disk Cleanup tool and clean system files, or use Bleachbit if you want secondary measures.
  • Close out some programs
    • Some say that programs like MSI Afterburner triggers Hyperion before launching Roblox. Try closing some programs, then try again a few minutes.
  • Wait it out, then try again (last resort)
    • Usually it would take a few minutes or seconds, it depends, to resolve. So give it time, and then replay any game you want.

Roblox Player crashes when I minimize and open the window back

Is your Bloxstrap rendering mode set to Vulkan? Change it to Automatic (and hopefully it doesn't set to Vulkan as default), Direct3D 11/10, or OpenGL. This is a known Roblox bug.

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