Can we please just talk about this more?

Own it.

Say it proud without feeling like shameful sluts or bad feminists:

Some women like to get pounded.

Some women like to just lie back and take it without any pressure to 'do' or 'act', they just want to receive that sweet thrust and get off on him getting off on giving it to you.

And it's not because they're damaged, or confused, or because they've internalised the patriarchy or have daddy issues. Some women just want to not have to perform or pretend or be romanced or act the seductress or the shrinking violet, they just want it hard, fast, now.

Some guys just like to give you a good pounding. And it's not because he's a sadist who hates women, or because he doesn't care about your pleasure or feelings or because he's watched too much bad porn. It's that synergy where he can just give it to you because that's how you want it and he doesn't have to worry if he's being too much or not attentive, or if his dicks big enough. He can just go at you because that's what you're here for. You just say 'more' and he's only too willing to just give in to that animalistic lust your both unleashing.

Some women like sucking dick. Some women love it because it makes them feel like a fucking bad ass goddess to suck a guy dry. Some women like sucking big dicks, small dicks, dicks in general, multiple dicks, stranger's dicks. And it's not because they have intimacy issues or because their nympho's or have unresolved conflict around an oral fixation or want to be 'degraded', because what's degrading about giving and sharing pleasure with a like minded respectful lover who is loving your teasing and wants to tease you right back? Who worships your body with just as much enthusiasm as you worship his? Some women like the way they taste, the way they feel in their mouths. The power it gives them to have a man so vulnerable, so turned on, so grateful, so fucking horny.

Some women like getting gang banged. The fantasy becoming a reality. The relinquishing of control, the giving over of trust, the naughty, kinky, forbidden fruit of just being a slave to the lust of strangers because it gets you off to be filled, over and over by cock that's begging for release. No names or societal conventions necessary.

Not all porn is exploitative, not every porn star is being victimised or tricked or manipulated. Some women like to watch women getting pounded because some women like getting pounded and its one big positive feedback loop of everyone getting what they want.

So can we please just talk about, own it, say it proud: however you want to fuck or get fucked, who ever you want to suck, whoever you want to spread your legs for, if it's consensual, respectful and you're all on the same horny page of the big thick book of bonking, just fucking get the fuck you need. However hard, heartless, anonymous you might want it. Can we all just decide that there's nothing wrong with getting off on getting it however you want it.

So with all that in mind, get over here and pound me.

I'd let you do just about anything to me. Though I hardly know you. Though I only see you in this context. Though I'm the one paying you to please me, I want to please you more. I want to be your favourite. I want to get you off so completely, you tell me to keep the money, that it's a complete pleasure, that you want more of me because you've never had it so good. Because I'm such a good girl for you, so submissive, so eager to please, so open and wet and ready.

I'm not in love with you. I know this because I'm not miserable or pinning or analysing when I'm not with you. I'm not being a ridiculous fantasist. It's the reality of the way you make me feel that I love. The absolute trust with which I can hand my body over to you, knowing you want nothing more that to make me shake with want, moan in ecstasy and be fully sated. So satisfied that I want to get my mouth round that cock again and worship it in absolute gratitude.

Pound me as hard as you want because I love your dick inside me, begging for release with every thrust. I love being the passive receiver of your uncontrollable urge to fill me with cum. I love seeing you look at my body like you want to fucking devour it. I love the split second feeling of being deprived every time you pull out being instantly burnt up with satisfaction when you thrust it back in. I love your groans and moans and whimpers. I love the expression of absolute ecstasy on your face as you shoot your spunk inside my hungry cunt.

I love that I made you do that.

So just fucking pound me. I love it.

Pub: 22 Feb 2021 07:18 UTC
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