3 Ways to Create Thought-Provoking Content and How to Use Them
What is thought-provoking content?
Thought-provoking content is content that forces you to think about a topic. It can be anything from a video, article, or even a tweet.
Thought-provoking content is non-traditional, unique and original. It is not just about teaching or enlightening the audience but also engaging them in an emotional way.
There are many ways of creating thought-provoking content - by using various storytelling techniques like suspenseful horror stories, intriguing stories with twists and turns, and even satirical jokes.
What is the different between approachable and thought-provoking?
Different approaches to the topic of approachability and thought-provoking were discussed in this section. They include how we think about it and how it changes over time.
The article also discusses how we can use these ideas to better understand our audience’s needs and what they are looking for in content.
What are the 3 key components of a thought-provoking blog post?

  1. Goal:
  2. Topic:
  3. Strategy:
    The goal of a blog post is to convey a message to the reader that they are going to be interested in reading. The topic is what you want the reader to take away from your post, and the strategy is how you plan on achieving your goal.
Pub: 26 Mar 2022 16:42 UTC
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