The Sims 4 - DLC only

Links are interchangeable. Uploaded by anadius (CS RIN forum) (my website)

Google Drive

encrypted folder link

If GitHub is blocked in your country and this website doesn't load - use some VPN or Tor or I don't know...

[SP42] Grunge Revival Kit

[SP43] Book Nook Kit

Mirrors uploaded by Masquerade

Download and install JDownloader2. Then copy the link below and paste it in JDownloader. If you get an error about bad/unsupported captcha - open the link yourself, select some host from a dropdown menu and then click the "dlc" button. It will download a small file - open it in JDownloader, that should add download links from the host you selected.

If some DLC is missing - that's probably because this filehost has a size limit. If a new DLC is missing - it's probably because Masquerade haven't uploaded it yet.

Multiple hosts:

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