It was finally the day to move into my apartment at college. We had realized last year that paying room and board was much more expensive than simply renting an apartment. I had also decided to take on some roommates to help pay the bill. So, I found a 3 bedroom for rent. Out of careful planning, I told my future renters/roommates that their move in day was the week after I moved in. I wanted to be able to pick my room, figure everything out and get settled before any ensuing troubles.

Everyone was helping me move. Dad drove the truck crammed full of my furniture and some boxes. Mom had her car full of groceries from a grocery run. Some friends of mine also came over to help with the physical labor of moving.

I decided to take the room in the back of the apartment so that I could seclude myself and study in the event there happened to be a small party or game night due to my new roommates. Once my bedroom was set up I went to the main living area to help with the sofa and TV. I quickly found that my friends had decided to 'test' my TV and game console. Turns out, it worked fine.

Mom was busy organizing the pantry as I walked to the kitchen. Dad was quick to follow, as were my friends. We all needed a drink. Mom handed us all glasses of water.

"How's everything going?" Mom asked.

"Well, his room is ready and everything is here. He just has to unpack and put his clothes away." Dad said. "I think I'll head home and start making dinner."

"The TV and game system work really well," laughed my friends. "We are going to head to the sports bar for some dinner and a beer if you'd like to join us!" They mentioned.

"Yeah, I'll do that!" I replied.

"As soon as I get finished with putting away these groceries, I'll be home to help with dinner." Mom added.

"I'll get some clothes put away, change, and I'll meet you guys at the bar. When are you going to be there?" I asked.

"Probably in about an hour. Long enough to go back, change, shower and get there." They replied.

"Perfect, see you there!" I yelled as I headed to my room to find some clothes worth wearing to the bar. The hard part was how I packed... I just threw it all in a box without folding anything. I should have listened to my mom and folded my laundry.

"I'm about done in the kitchen. Do you need anything else before I go help with dinner?" Mom yelled across the apartment.

"Nope. I'm good. I really appreciate the help!" I replied. I had found my new jeans and a nice button up to wear. I had already stripped down to my boxers and was about to put on my pants.

"I wanted to have a quick chat with you." Mom said as she walked into my room. "It's about this summer."

"Uh. Yeah. Sure. What's up?" I replied nervously. Sitting on my bed in my boxers was not how I expected to say bye to my mom.

"Well, I want you to be careful here at college." Mom said as she ran her finger down my chest. She then traced the top of my boxers and gently grazed across my cock over the fabric.

"You see, us older women can't get pregnant anymore. You shouldn't be cumming inside these young girls. You need to use protection." Mom stated as she handed me a box of condoms.

"I already figured that mom." I replied.

"Well. I want to make sure. Go ahead. Put one on. Show me you know how and then I'll leave you alone." She said.

"Uh..." I replied.

"Oh. I'm sorry, that's rude. You need some encouragement? I can do that." Mom said as she took off her shirt. Mom then slowly unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts are amazing. Her nipples were hard and a decent size. She was still freshly tanned from this summer as well. I couldn't help but stare as I felt my dick start to thicken.

"Oops. I almost forgot. Maybe this is better." She said with a grin as she raised up her arms to expose her armpits to me. She stepped closer and leaned in a bit, "kiss them. I liked it at the pool party. Do it again. Use some tongue. Kiss mommy's armpits." She teased.

I kissed her underarms and gave them a slight lick each time. She was freshly shaven and her armpits were warm. Mom reached down and rubbed by dick through my boxers. I was rock hard and starting to soak boxers. Mom looked down and smiled.

"I guess you need to take those off. Here, let me show you how to put on a condom." She said as she reached for the box of condoms. I proceeded to remove my boxers.

Mom took one out of the box, carefully opened it and held it up.

"You need to pinch the top, rest it on the tip of your dick and then unroll it all the way." She said. Mom then began putting the condom on me. She grasped my dick gently and placed the condom at the tip of my cock. Mom then started to unroll the condom by expertly jacking me off. Her grip was tight going down my shaft and loosened when going back up. It felt amazing and I could help but watch her tits jiggle a bit.

"There. That's it. But it will feel different than normal." Mom said. "Have you ever used a condom before?"

"Uh. No. Mistress Sarah was my first time." I replied honestly

"Oh. Well you need to know what to watch for then." Mom said as she turned around and took off her shorts. She was wearing a lacy thong that fit perfectly between her ass cheeks. As she bent over to pull her shorts off her feet as she turned her head to smile. "Don't worry. This ass will be on your face in a few."

Mom pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She scooted up so that she was seated on my chest with her red thong in my face. The fabric was pulled tight across her pussy and made a wonderful outline of her lips.

"Rub me until my panties are wet." She ordered.

I reached up with one hand and started rubbing my fingers up and down her slit that was visible through the panties. Mom started tugging on her nipples as I played.

"Ooh. That feels good." She said.

I kept going and added a bit of pressure. That's when I felt her panties start to get moist. It developed into a soaked area on her crotch.

"Stick a finger in me." Mom begged.

I slid one finger inside her. She was warm and wet. I ran my finger in and out of her a few rapid times as I slightly curled my finger.

"Mmm. That's good. You've learned something this summer!" Mom said as she moved off of me. Mom slowly took down her thong and laid it on my night stand. "Just a little something to remember me by." She said.

Mom then climbed on top of me and positioned my dick at her opening. Mom then lowered herself onto me. She was right. It felt different. Rather underwhelming honestly. She started grinding her hips.

"Mmm. See how this feels. Oh. Oh." Mom gasped as she stopped and sat up straight. I was amazed at her beauty.

Mom went up on her knees to allow me to fall out of her. She grabbed my dick and said, "now, this is how it feels if your condom breaks." Mom then pulled off my condom and impaled herself on me again.

"Oh. That's nice. Feel the difference?" Mom asked as she curled her lips.

"Uh. Uh. Yeah. Damn." I replied.

Mom increased the speed that she was fucking me at, "then fucking cum inside me. Cum inside your mother's pussy!" She yelled. Mom new I needed a bit more so she reached her left arm across me to the right side of my head putting her armpit in my face.

"Uh. Uh. Cum in my pussy bitch!" Mom growled.

"Ohhh. Fuuuuck." I grunted at I blew my load into my mom's pussy. Her armpit was the last straw. Her smooth skin, slight stretch marks and glistening sweat on her armpit sent me over the edge. Mom's pussy was twitching on my cock because of how close she was to entering her own orgasm. Mom sat back upright to ensure I was in deep.

"You really do like armpits huh. I guess I'll have to send you some pictures after I get my laser hair removal like Lisa." Mom teased. "Now you know the difference in how it feels. Just make sure if a condom breaks, you know to stop. Mmmm. I also think you need to know how it tastes... one last time" mom said as she lifted off my dick. Mom threw a leg over my head and quickly positioned herself above my face, facing my feet. She had her left knee to my ribs and her right foot to my other. This ensured that her cum filled pussy was above my face and out of my tongue's reach.

"Lick it all up boy." Mom encouraged. "This is mommy's fetish. Lisa and I both get off on guys eating cum. Once I'm good and ready, you're going to feel my pussy grind your face!" Mom warned.

The first bit of cum was beginning to gather at her opening. Mom started to gently rock her hips to get it to drip. She looked down at me, "get it in your mouth and I'll reward you." She promised. Mom hovered her pussy just inches from my mouth as the first drop of cum fell from her pussy. It landed in my mouth with a salty hit.

"Mmm. Fuck that's hot!" Mom growled. She lowered her cum filled cunt onto my mouth and began gently rocking again.

"Fucking lick me clean!" She grunted. Mom shifted on my face as she reached to grab my my cock.

Mom was just holding my dick in her hand and slowly massaging me as she was grinding herself on my face.

"Mmm. Oh. Come on. Uh. Uh." She moaned.

Mom's pussy started to get excessively wet. I saw more of my cum oozing out of her and I tried to lick it up. Feeling, smelling and licking my own mother's wet cunt was getting me hard again. Having her hand on my cock while she was moaning added to it. I reached a hand up to guide her so that I could lick my cum from her pussy. I placed my thumb on her asshole as I grabbed a handful of her cheek to move her.

"Oh, you're a dirty young man. Oh god that's good." Mom said as I pressed slightly into her ass. "Uh. Uh. Lick your cum from mommy! Uh." She moaned.

After I finished with my salty cum, I pushed her slightly forward so I could lick her sweet asshole.

"Oohh. Fuck, make me cum!" Mom yelled as she started grinding my face again. Mom finally let go of my cock and placed her hands on my hips to help her move.

I felt my face get more wet as she kept grinding her pussy on my nose and mouth.

"Uh. OooOooOooh. Uh. Uh. Fuuuck!" Mom grunted as she started to cum. My face got flooded with her juice and she filled my mouth. She squirted with her orgasm. Mom kept shoving herself down onto my face hard with every pulse of her orgasm. Finally, she collapsed down onto me. Her wet pussy was in full display right in front of my face. I suddenly felt a warm and wet embrace on my cock. Mom started sucking on my dick! After I was at full attention, she stopped.

"Yum. We taste good." Mom said as she got off of me. "You'll need to take care of that later." She added while pointing at my hard dick. "Don't clean your sheets. I want you to smell us every night and need to get yourself off. If you send a picture to Lisa or me, we will send you one back." Mom teased as she placed one hand behind her head and glided a finger across her armpit.

"Sounds fair." I replied.

"Maybe I'll check my phone later tonight. I know you'll be out late but I'll be ready." Mom said as she put on her shorts without panties. "You still have my thong here also." She winked. "You'll be fine here at college. Just use those condoms no matter what any girl says. If you want condom free sex, you know who to call."

Mom started walking to the door, "don't forget you meet up with the guys, it's almost time." She said as she waived through the door.

I didn't have time to shower. I was going to the bar smelling like sex with my mom.

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