A very big improvement.

  1. Localization
    The third is the localization of the game. When we were working on casual games in the early stage, we found that many manufacturers had an English version all over the world, although the gameplay of ultra-casual games was very simple, just a little bit. But can the English version really take it all?

The current market conditions are actually not very optimistic. When we were doing promotion, we found that players in many places had very high spontaneity, so we targeted small languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. I suggest that if you really want to do the global market, the localization of the game language is very important. And you cannot use automatic translation, try to find some local people to do translation work.

  1. How to optimize game revenue

The last point I want to say is about game revenue optimization. When we were doing ultra-leisure overseas in the early stage, although we realized that the advertising revenue of games would account for a large part, we would blindly believe in the previous experience of doing heavy games-if the monetization is done well and the in-app purchase is good, then There should be a bigger breakthrough in income. So when we were working on the Android version of the game in the early stage, we spent a lot of energy to optimize the in-app purchase, and finally found that the gains outweighed the losses. It may be that the income from internal purchases increased by one thousand dollars today, but the realizable one fell by one thousand five. So I suggest that you have a clear positioning of the proportion of game revenue before the game goes live.

Then it is about the frequency of advertising tolerance. When we launched the Android version in the early stage, we did not consider the player's feedback on the advertising frequency in the short term, and then conducted a lot of tests, and finally found the player's tolerance for the game's interstitial ads and the best time interval for incentive videos. . The tolerance of Android players to interstitial ads in games is far lower than that of iOS-Apple players have more exposure to casual games and can accept them more rationally. Finally, it is about the realization of the early stage. We thought a lot about this part and stepped on a lot of pits. For example, how to adjust the advertising weight and how to set up these steps. In the end, it was found that the amount of work was too large and a lot of time was lost. Finally, we found the co-organizer http://Avid.ly to cooperate. If you are newbies and don’t have much experience, I suggest that you can hand over the pre-realization of the game to a professional team.

Pub: Feb 14 2021 11:20 UTC
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