Amelia had only been in the Carribean colony for five days when the pirates attacked. She was twenty and had come from England to serve as part of the governor's household staff. She didn't even know everyone's name yet or the full extent of her duties. But none of that mattered any more.

The pirates had arrived at dawn and attacked the fort, making off with doubloons, jewelry, silverware--and women. As Amelia looked around her in the hold, she saw six other young girls tied up just the way she was and also stripped down to their bloomers.

What Amelia couldn't understand is why no one had been raped yet. I mean, there had been lots of groping and kissing while the pirates took each girl out of her dress and they did not do so gently. But then after that all the girl's wrists were bound and they were tied to poles below deck. Surely worse was in store for them later.

It was late afternoon when the captain made an appearance. He was accompanied by his first mate and he walked regally from girl to girl, quietly speaking orders to his second in command. Each girl was untied and made to stand and remove the remainder of her clothing. The latter did not always proceed smoothly and so the first mate was often forced to "help," forcibly tearing them from her body if necessary. He would then turn the girl around and place her in various positions as ordered by the captain.

The captain never touched the girls, always standing beside them with a quiet air of confidence and authority. One did not have to be told that he was in charge, it was obvious. He was about six feet tall with dark wavy hair and a magnificent build. It was already difficult not to tremble near him, but his good looks made it much worse.

When he finally made it down to Amelia, she quickly and immediately obeyed the order to strip. Unlike the other girls, she did not cower and try to cover herself. She knew she had a beautiful body and assumed that it was worse to fail this inspection than pass it. Having already seen the routine, she quietly turned and bent over, holding her ankles while the first mate poked and prodded at her vagina and asshole. She did not scream and pull away like the other girls, but nor did she push back against the finger that was exploring her. She was doing her best to show that she wasn't scared--which, of course, was not true.

When that was done, she then turned back to face them and the first mate took each of her breasts in turn, holding them up while the captain looked on. The first mate then ran both hands up and down each of Amelia's slender legs and (presumably just for himself and without the captain's permission) across her ass cheeks.

But then something happened that had not with the other girls. The captain stepped forward and leaned in until he was only inches from Amelia's face. She knew her legs were shaking, but she was still trying hard to put on an air of confidence. Then, while looking straight into her eyes, he took a finger and ran it across her soft, sexy lips. He lingered for a moment, and slipped his index finger inside her mouth. He kept it there for a moment.

Amelia's heart was racing as she tried to figure out what to do. She didn't know why, but she desperately wanted to taste it, to suck on it. Her knees were trembling. Finally and without any conscious intent, she ran her tongue softly over the finger.

The captain quickly withdrew his finger and without a word headed for the stairs that led to the main deck, the first mate in tow. "Oh no," thought Amelia, "what have I done?! I don't think that went well!"

After captain and his first mate left, the girls were all tied up again, still completely nude. They waited perhaps an hour before several crewmen came down to untie everyone and bring them up on deck. "All right, you whores, let's get moving!" barked the one apparently in charge.

Once up on deck, they found that it was a magnificent Carribean day. Under other circumstances, being naked would have been fantastic. The sun felt so good on Amelia's bare skin and she would have loved to have stretched out on the deck, soaking up the rays. But her captors had other plans.

A different group of pirates went to each girl, then stood quietly beside her as they watched the captain. No one came to Amelia, though. Finally, the captain nodded and the raping that Amelia had been anticipating for hours finally started. With each girls' wrists still tied, the pirates had their way with them. In moments, there were penises everywhere, some in a girl's mouth, some in her vagina, and others in assholes--and some girls with all three.

The sounds and smells of sex were everywhere. Pirates had girls pinned on their backs, bent over barrels, and on all fours. One girl had been tied to the main mast and was being abused every way the pirates could imagine.

Still, no one had touched Amelia. That was just as well, as she was not at all experienced in sexual ways and this was all so overwhelming. She suddenly realized that she had forgotten to breathe...and that she was dripping between her legs.

Then without notice, the captain raised his hand and all the activity stopped. Each pirate in turn pulled up his pants and went about what appeared to be a practiced routine. Each girl, some of whom were now absolutely covered in cum, was finally untied and they were gathered together near the railing. In the middle of the orgy, the ship had come up to a small but beautiful island.

Then two pirates rushed over carrying a plank, which was placed on deck so that it extended over the sea. The ship pulled closer to the island and the girls--all but Amelia--were lined up behind the plank. Some started pleading, promising to offer the crew every sexual pleasure they could imagine (and pirates can imagine a lot). Others stood quietly, awaiting their fate.

Finally, the first mate came down from the command deck and announced that the girls must now, in the pirate tradition, walk the plank. They were, he said, only a short swim from the island and this was a heavily trafficked sea lane. They would be rescued in manner of days.

"But I'm naked!" called out one of girls. Before she could continue, a nearby sailor administered a sharp swipe across her bare ass with a crop. She yelped and no one else made any comments.

And so, one by one, the girls walked out onto the plank and dropped completely naked into the warm waters below. The few that hesitated were encouraged by the sailor with the crop, who would swipe at their buttocks and thighs until they continued their progress.

Soon, all of the girls but Amelia were swimming naked toward the shore. Amelia steeled herself, expecting to be the main course at whatever came next. But, instead, she was completely ignored while the crew went back to their jobs. Without her noticing it, the first mate had come up behind her. "Come with me," he said, turning to go towards the captain's quarters.

After a knock, the first mate entered with Amelia, still completely nude with her bare feet padding across the wooden deck, right behind him. The captain was seated at his desk, writing something.

After the first mate left, the captain finally turned slowly to Amelia and said, "I'm sure you are wondering what is in store for you. As you should. You find yourself in a predicament. You are powerless and must do whatever I command of you, or you will meet a fate far worse than your sisters. Do you understand?" Amelia nodded quietly, fear welling up in her stomach.

"Good, good, that will make things much easier. And I tell you that as much as disobedience will be punished, good behavior will be rewarded. That has always been my philosophy and it is one of the reasons my crew is loyal."

"The other reason is that I make sure their sexual appetites are sated. We spend many months at sea and it is a dangerous life. They build up stress and frustration and need--like any man--an outlet. You saw how they devoured your fellow captives up on deck. This was only a small demonstration. If left to their own devices, they would go on fucking and abusing the young girls for hours, sometimes days. But, we are in a hurry to make our next port so I had to cut them short. That's where you come in."

"One tiny girl like yourself wouldn't survive a day trying to please this entire crew, with all of their depraved desires. But I noticed down below that you have a beautiful mouth and you demonstrated for me an instinctive knowledge of how to use it. So we'll be taking advantage of that talent until we have time to procure more female companionship for my men."

Amelia's head was swimming and her heart pounding one hundred miles per hour. What on earth was he talking about? She was having such a difficult time concentrating, between his magnificent shoulders and ruggedly handsome face and the fact that she was still completely, utterly nude. Nor had she stopped dripping as she noticed when she glanced down, seeing a small puddle between her pretty bare feet. Did he notice that? If he did, he didn't let on. His eyes never seemed to leave hers.

Still confused, she was led out of the captain's cabin and placed in one of her own. The door was locked, but there were a few skimpy garments for her to put on and a tray with the first meal she had eaten since the night before she was captured. She got dressed, ate, and slept for hours.

She had no idea how much time had passed when she next awoke, but she did feel somewhat refreshed and at least a little relieved. She still had no idea what they had planned for her, but they were giving her some privacy, clothes, and a meal.

She sat there pondering for only a short time when a knock came to the door. It opened immediately after and the first mate beckoned to her. As she started to leave, he told her to leave her clothes behind. "That's your only outfit and, trust me, you won't want to be wearing it for what comes next.

What the hell?!

So, she slipped out of her clothes, leaving them on her bed and following dutifully.

They walked up on deck, where you could just see the beautiful sunset. The air was warm and there was a refreshing breeze. She could tell eyes were following her as they made their way towards a box that was set up beside the main mast.

When they got to it, the first mate unlocked it and gestured for Amelia to get in. She hesitated and he pushed her in, laughing as he told her, "You'll figure it out!" He slammed and locked the door behind her.

It took her a moment for her eyes to get used to the dark, but when they did she made out a single round hole in the wall and a small bench. There was a strange odor in the box, not unpleasant but unfamiliar.

Suddenly, it got darker. It took her a minute to figure out why, but then she realized that her main source of light--the hole--was blocked. There was still light coming in from various cracks and crevices, but not a lot. Then she finally noticed that an erect penis was sticking into the hole! She just stared for a moment, then a voice outside called, "Come on, dammit!"

She hesitantly reached across and grabbed the penis by the shaft. It instantly felt as if it got even harder. Assuming that this is what the captain wanted her to do, she started jerking on it. She did so slowly at first, then, as the precum started flowing, faster. Just as she was accelerating, however, it pulled out.

"Suck it, whore! Suck it! That's what you're here for!"

Oh my God, could that be true? Amelia panicked--do they really want me to put their penises in my mouth? She had never done that before and while it made her tingle to think about it, there was still something in her that said it was wrong, immoral.

Still, what choice did she have? She dropped to her knees and leaned in towards the erect penis that was now back in the hole. She just barely put her lips on it, then ventured a tiny taste with her tongue. She held her tongue against the tip of his cock, tasting the precum. It was salty, warm, and musky. She started to drip again.

The sailor, however, had little patience for Amelia's tentative explorations. Suddenly and without warning, he thrust his cock towards her until Amelia's lips were resting against the base of his cock. He remained there for just a moment when she instinctively did what she did when the captain's finger was in her mouth: she ran her tongue over his cock.

The pirate went into a frenzy. He was fucking Amelia's mouth hard and fast, groaning and calling out, "Oh Jesus, oh Christ, I'm gonna cum!"

The next stage came as a surprise to Amelia as hot, sticky sperm slammed against the back of her throat. She pulled back but he kept spurting, covering her beautiful chest. So this is why she had to leave her clothes!

"Dammit, next time finish me properly or I'll tell the captain!"

She wasn't quite sure what he meant by this but she had an idea. She'd be ready for the next sailor tomorrow.

Except that the next sailor wasn't tomorrow, he was right now! This penis was black as night as much have belonged to one of the African crew members. It was already six-inches long and he wasn't even hard yet.

Amelia wasted no time in taking it in her mouth and licking and slurping the enormous head. He responded quickly, getting thicker and longer. The feel of his veiny dick doing this in her mouth was something she could not have imagined before. It was incredible.

It was too big to put the whole thing in her mouth so she continued to suck on the first four or five inches and jerked on the rest.

He, too, soon reached the point of no return and started cumming. Even though Amelia was prepared this time, the size of the penis and the volume it was putting out were too much. She had to take her mouth off of it.

Mindful of the last pirate's threat, though, she continued jerking through the African's orgasm. She had nowhere to go to avoid the blast and her lovely face was soon glistening. She kept jerking, slowing her pace slightly, until he withdrew.

She was about to try to at least wipe some of the cum off her face when another cock appeared. Amelia heard the African exclaiming as he left, "The captain chose very well--I'll be back in a couple of hours!"

What? Amelia was assuming this would be an occasional affair. She didn't expect to have to serve the entire fifty-man crew all in one sitting, especially not if people came for seconds (or thirds).

She didn't time to think about this while this new cock beckoned to her. It was the smallest so far, but well formed. Now getting the hang of things, she took it straight into her mouth. It actually got much larger than she expected. She had little experience with men and did not realize how much larger a cock could get once stimulated. To have done to so this sailor gave her a strange sense of satisfaction and pride. "I've just started, but I'm not bad at this!"

She had more fun with this penis, alternately jerking, licking, and sucking. She repeatedly took him to the edge and then backed off. She could hear other pirates outside, "Hurry up, mate! We haven't got all night!" His simple but effective response was, "Fuck off!"

Fearing that a fight might break out if she continued her teasing, Amelia kept his cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the head and bobbing up and down on the shaft, until he came. This time, she kept the cock in her mouth the whole time while he was spurting. She was discovering that everyone's cum tasted a little different. None of them bad, but with different degrees of salinity and muskiness. She quite liked this one and swallowed it all, letting his cock go soft between her sweet lips.

"Aw, Jesus," Amelia heard him say as he left, "we'll never get any work done with her in the box!"

The idea that these pirates, who must have had hundreds of women in hundreds of ways, thought of her as exceptional made her feel proud. Up until now, the only realistic recourse for her was going to be someone's maid. This was not because of a lack of intelligence, beauty, or drive, but she was simply born into the wrong social class. Okay, so she had to end up in a box, naked and sucking cocks on a pirate ship to get some positive reinforcement, but it's a start!

The next cock that came in was of average length (or so she assumed, given her limited background) but quite thick. She was soon licking and slurping, almost worshiping it. This had the desired effect and he got harder and longer inside her mouth. But Amelia was getting frustrated...sexually frustrated. She could feel where she was dripping down the insides of both of her creamy white thighs. She needed relief, too. So she decided to try something. While still holding his cock firmly at the base, she turned around and backed up to it. It felt glorious as the head parted her lips and went deep inside her. Apparently, it felt good to him, too, as he suddenly accelerated and started pounding her so hard that the box was shaking.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he cried out as he came inside Amelia. The hot cum felt glorious and as he pulled out, so it poured out onto her clit and pussy lips. Her right hand immediately went between her legs and she started masturbating furiously.

Another cock had entered the hole by then, of course, and Amelia turned to suck it. With her left hand jerking him and her mouth and tongue working him into a frenzy, he came faster than any of the others. Amelia's right hand had done it's magic and she was coming, too. Still on her knees, she leaned back and continued to work her clit while aiming his cock at her open mouth.

After he left, she had to call out of the hole, "Give me a minute. I just came and I need to recover." This, of course, did nothing but enhance her reputation on board.

That first night was a long one and by the end Amelia's pretty knees were raw (they later made her a satin pillow). But, she loved every minute of it. She came three more times and when she exited the box, she was drenched in the crew's cum. She had to be careful as she got up to leave as her bare feet slid around in the mess she had made!

As she walked by the crew, they all thanked her and told her she was the best they ever had.

"Can I get you something to eat, miss?"

"You look lovely, miss!"

"God, you're gorgeous!"

And on and on. The captain let her take a dip in the warm Caribbean waters so she could wash up, then she had a meal and went to bed. She didn't bother putting any clothes back on as she didn't see the point (although later the captain ordered her to do so between box visits--the men were getting distracted and having accidents). She certainly didn't want to be a box girl forever, but it was a helluvalot better than serving meals to some snooty aristocrat.

And she ended up fucking the captain, of course. But that's a story for another day!

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