They arrive in the most remote part of the hotel's garden where no one can hear them. The party, with its noise, is far. There are a couple of couches, a beach bed, and armchairs close to a small swimming pool. Vanessa tells Giorgio to sit on an armchair.

"Pretend to be my lover - she whispers to Giorgio not to be heard by Andrew - Be passionate, I want you to unchain Andrew's jealousy."

Giorgio thinks this is his big break, but the cage is becoming unbearable. Vanessa continues to be chatty and sexy, and his penis tries desperately to get hard, but the chastity device squeezes it painfully. He decides to ask Vanessa again. "Vanessa, may you open my cage before I sit, please?"

"No, my servant, it's too early. Let me have fun this night as a like."

Giorgio gives in. Every time he looks at her, at her vivid brown eyes, her graceful face, beautiful body and silky skin, he cannot say no. Like in this moment: she is so beautiful in her red dress, moving on her stilettos, seducing him and Andrew. How to say no?

"Ok, if you want it," Giorgio says while feeling the beginning of an erection crashing against the metallic device. He sits on the armchair, defeated.

Suddenly also Vanessa sits, but just on Giorgio's crotch.

"Uhhhghhh" he moans while the tips, pushed by those graceful forms, sting his penis just when the attempted erection has just started.

"Are you ok?" she asks smiling. Then, she starts moving sensually on him, caressing his neck and kissing his face. She perfectly knows what turns her servant on, and does it. Vanessa adores the feeling of Giorgio's cock trying to swell but be imprisoned and bitten by the metallic tips. So she turns Giorgio on over and over.

"Please, Vanessa..." he only says blushing with pain.

She laughs and caresses his shoulder with a finger: "Suffer for me, sweetie" she sensually says.

While continuing to flirt with Giorgio, Vanessa looks at Andrew, who stands in front of them. She sees that something is swelling between his legs too, and that the man moves strangely to avoid the pain. "Do you like to see me with my boyfriend, pervert man? Come in, little Andrew, I see you're horny... Let me see what the nasty drawing pins are doing to your jewels."

Andrew takes his clothes off and remains in underpants. He is visibly aroused.

"Ohhhh little Andrew, the drawing pins have not stopped you from enjoying the scene of me and my boyfriend... Come closer, little Andrew, don't be shy, and let me check in person what's happening there."

The man in underpants steps forward and stops next to Vanessa, who continues to move her delicious bottom on Giorgio's crotch, making him more and more upset and embarrassed. She leans toward Andrew and casts a malicious glance at him, before entering her hand into the man's underpants. The man gets more horny and Vanessa, to further turn it on, takes his penis out of the underpants and starts jerking it off. It is big and becomes bigger.

"Surprise! I made a mistake when calling you 'little' Andrew, many compliments, you are bigger than Giorgio!"

Andrew smiles for the first time.

"Have the drawing pins been so painful?" she asks sweetly.

"Yes - Andrew answers - but now your compliments are healing it. I'm so happy, Vanessa!"

"Good boy..." She puts the penis inside the underpants.

"May I take the drawing pins away?"

Vanessa smiles, shakes her head, and caresses the penis through the underpants.

Andrew feels the pins stinging his penis and balls. "No please, this is..."

"Silence please, I'm experimenting..."

The drawing pins bite Andrew's cock more strongly. "No, please, noooo!! Ouchhhhh!!"

The man bends for the pain and kneels in front of Vanessa.

"You'd like to see me again, Andrew?"

"Yes, madam."

"So you must learn to resist more than this, otherwise you're useless for me."

"Ok, I'll do my best."

"Lie down Andrew, just at my feet, on your back."

The man, always wearing his underpants with the drawing pins inside, executes.

Vanessa moves on Giorgio's crotch to find the right position, puts her feet on Andrew's underpants and starts pressing between his legs. Andrew starts moaning and asks to stop, but she goes on.

Giorgio groans too: "Vanessa, please, my penis is exploding, please stop!"

She smiles perfidiously and kisses Giorgio's neck: "I'd never stop in this moment, if you ask it you don't know me, Giorgio. Please, massage my back while I torture Andrew, this will increase my pleasure."

"Please, you know that massaging you gets me hard as nothing else, I can't with the device..."

"Oh, you can. Do it or I fire you, and Andrew will be my new servant."

Giorgio says nothing and massages Vanessa's back. He likes to see Vanessa from the back: her dark hair moving while she tortures Andrew, the golden earrings swaying on her beautiful naked shoulders, and her neck, the part which he adores.

Vanessa is enjoying the massage and in the meantime is pressing her shoes on Andrew's jewels. She feels the pins under her feet, and sees the man moaning devastated.

"Ahgghhhh! Please Vanessa, stop, I've the pins also in the balls!" The two men can't stop moaning and asking Vanessa to stop and she enjoys seeing both of them under her power.

She feels happy and eventually finishes. The two men continue to groan, but gradually less intensely.

Vanessa stands up and they both, even though with much pain between their legs, see how much beautiful she is. Vanessa is perfect, with her sensual eyes and face empowered by the golden earrings and the necklace. She notices how they are fascinated while staring at her, and knows that in hat moment she can do everything to them.

"Are your brains connected?" she asks smiling.

They continue to stare at her as spellbound. She walks between them, moving her hips, legs and arms sensually. Giorgio kisses the inferior part of her dress, which almost touches the floor. "I adore you," he stammers.

She smiles at him. "I know. Always worship me, and you will be rewarded."

Vanessa takes Andrew's underpants off and many pins fall on the floor. The man is now totally naked, lain on his back. She teases him by sweetly pinching his penis with her nails. Andrew smiles again, hoping this time will be different from the first one. Vanessa understands his fear: "Don't worry, this time you resisted much better, you deserve my touch."

"Thank you Vanessa - he says with a shining gaze - I feel I'm falling in love with you."

Vanessa smiles: "That's the right beginning, Andrew. Give me another proof, now...", she says, and presses her shoe on his testicles. First softly, then gradually in a stronger way. At the beginning Andrew is calm, but then she starts moaning.

"Good boy, resist... - she whispers - Repeat: I resist, this will help."

She presses more.

"I resist , I resist..." Andrew repeats five or six times, while Vanessa presses her show more intensely on his balls, just to test the boundaries of the man. And he resists. When she releases the pressure, Andrew relaxes, eventually. "Good boy - she says kissing his cheek - you may say to be in love with me, now."

Then she tells Giorgio to undress and looks at Andrew again.

Vanessa's hand goes back to Andrew's balls, caressing them sweetly: "You resisted, I see you have good will. Poor oranges... Did I hurt you? The pins must have been tremendous too..."

Andrew is aroused again and she suddenly stops, laughing.

"I will die, but happily," Andrew says desperate.

"Don't exaggerate - she answers - you will live, but for me. Many women complain of the male brain, but I disagree. I find it so fascinating. Male brain seems cold, rigid, but there is always an entrance, and I love to find it. Because once a woman gets in, she can turn it over and play with it how she likes. And this is what I love, enter and subvert male brains. I found Giorgio's brain entrance a couple of years ago, and now he's mine. This night I have found yours, and now you are mine. You wanted to know me in the lift, but it'd have been easy and ephemeral. After my treatment, instead, I will be in your brain forever. Look at Giorgio, now, you will understand better."

Andrew sees Giorgio totally naked, with his chastity device on his penis. "Oh my god... You have tormented him even more than me..."

Giorgio is crushed, and looks at Vanessa imploring: "Please Vanessa, can you take the cage away? Please, my penis was about to explode, when you were on it... "

"And you liked it..." she says.

"I liked you sitting on me, me massaging you, caressing your hair..."

"If you take all of this, you must also accept the idea of me mincing your sausage..."

"Please, may I be freed?"

Vanessa goes back to the couch and sits close to her servant. She examines his genitalia by lifting up his penis with her hand and showing Giorgio's jewels to Andrew. "Poor Giorgio, I know you hate to be humiliated in front of other men... Do it for me, sweetie," she says caressing his face sensually with a finger.

"Ok, Vanessa, I'll do it for you. But please, open it, the metallic tips almost squashed my penis..."

She smiles: "I felt your cock under my bottom trying to get hard, and failing... You have given me intense pleasure, Giorgio, would you repeat it? I sitting on you again, wearing this dress and these shoes, my golden jewels, you massaging me, and the metallic tips. Would you do all of this again?"

"Yes, even now, if you want."

"Good servant... Actually I see that your balls are blue and your cock is red, and so red! Should I free it, Andrew?"

"I think so, Vanessa, he has suffered a lot for you, he has deserved your reward."

"Mmmmm, slaves' solidarity?" She takes a small key from her stylish bag.

"Please! - Giorgio says nervously - I will thank you for the rest of my life, Vanessa!"

Vanessa provokes him by caressing softly the tip of his penis. Her finger enters between the iron bars of the cage and sensually follows the circumference of the end of Giorgio's cock.

Giorgio moans. His penis tries to erect but the cage prevents it. It swells and immediately goes down, stung by the tips. Vanessa laughs and looks at Andrew: "That's so funny!"

Giorgio sobs: "Please, Vanessa... I will do whatever thing you want, I promise."

"You already do whatever thing I want - she answers - Why should I do it?"

Giorgio does not respond and shakes his head.

"And what if I don't?" she asks piercing his eyes with her beautiful glance.

Giorgio sees her eyes so close to him, and shivers. He can't disappoint the woman he loves. "Nothing would change. I would remain yours forever."

"Good point, my servant!"

She eventually opens the cage, taking the two parts of the device away. Giorgio breaths a sigh of relief. He kneels in front of her, kisses her feet, and licks her shoes, like a mad dog. Vanessa caresses his head: "Good boy, go on, this is the right way of saying thank you to your mistress. You've not been requested to kiss my feet, but you are doing it, and this is a good demonstration of your devotion, I appreciate it so much! Now clean my stilettos, I want them to be perfectly shiny when we go back to the party."

Giorgio licks the stilettos until they are perfectly clean.

"Now come here, stand up," she says calmly when he has finished.

Giorgio stands up in front of her. Vanessa takes his red penis in his hand. "Ohhh, it's so battered..." Surprisingly, she kisses it and a wide smile appears on Giorgio's face.

"I love you," he only says.

"You're a good servant, I don't forget it..." She start masturbating Giorgio who is deliciously excited. When his cock is very hard and ready to cum, suddenly Vanessa stops and laughs seeing Giorgio's face changing in a second.

"Noooo... please!," he says.

"Yes! Let's go back to the party, I saw Tom there..."

"Who is Tom?" Giorgio asks.

"A handsome boy who chatted me up on the beach. Big muscles, sexy, strong, and black, as I like... Different from you! Your sufferance has turned me on and I want to know him better."

She starts walking and the two men follows her as hypnotized by that wonderful red dress sparkling in the dark and moving with an extraordinary charm.

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